0.7mm Aluminium Sheet

Dimension Specification
Alloy 6061, 5052, 3003, 5251, 7075, 6082, 2024, 5754, 4047
Temper T351, H112, T651, T7451, H112, h2-h4, H111, H116, hx1-hx9, T651, T4, T6
Thickness 0.7mm
Max width 4ft
Max length 10ft
MTR yes
Shape Sheet
Custom capabilities yes
Exterior finish Polished, powder-coated, anodized


Aluminium sheet of the 0.7mm thickness or of gauge 22 is versatile for many projects. It can be made from a soft aluminium alloy for engraving, embossing, stamping and precision metal working.

The thickness makes it easy to cut with metal shears, scroll saw, or a fret saw.

0.7mm Aluminium Sheet Fabrication

You can select from a range of available sizes, or request a custom size for your 0.7mm thickness aluminium sheet. These products are easy to cut, drill, bend, and shape. You can choose one of our designs or show us your own; we fabricate any metal part from aluminium sheets. Whether you need fabrication for blank sublimation aluminium sheets, anodized 0.7mm sheets, or custom OEM/ODM 22-gauge aluminum, KDM can deliver everything.

0.7mm Aluminium Sheet Fabrication
Can You Cut 0.7mm Aluminium Sheet?

To cut 0.7mm aluminium sheets, we can use stamping and laser cutting.

What Thickness Does Aluminum Sheet Come In?

We offer aluminium sheets of thicknesses ranging from 0.7mm to 10mm thick.

What Size Are Aluminum Sheets?

Common sizes include 1ft x 1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 1ft x 4ft, 2ft x 2ft, 2ft x 4ft, 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft, and 4ft x 10ft.

What Is The 0.7mm Aluminium Sheet Price?

Depending on the alloy, a metric tonne of 0.7mm thickness aluminium can cost around $2500-3000.

What Is the 0.7mm Aluminium Sheet Weight?

A single sheet of 0.7mm thickness aluminium that is 1m x 1m weighs about 1.8 kg.

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