1.2mm Stainless Steel Sheet

The stainless steel plate’s surface is spotless and smooth. It is extremely robust, plastic, and mechanically strong. Acid, alkaline gas, solution, and other media cannot corrode it. Although it is an alloy steel that resists rusting well, it is not completely rust free. Acid steel plate is to point to acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical etching medium corrosion steel plate whereas stainless steel plate is to point to the weak medium such as atmosphere, steam, and water corrosion steel plate. Since the turn of the 20th century, stainless steel plates have been around for over a century.

Standard ASTM, EN, DIN, GB, ISO, JIS
Finish BA, 2B, NO.1, NO.4, 12K, HL, 8K
Grade Any
Certificate BV, ISO, SGS
Thickness 1.2mm
Dimensions Custom
Services Bending, welding, laser-cutting, CNC machining, forming
Application ·         Construction

·         Petroleum and Chemical

·         Food

·         Electricity

·         Machinery

1.2mm Stainless Steel Sheet by Finish

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1.2mm Stainless Steel Sheets by Standard Size

Product Installation

We offer full online support and advice for installation and maintenance of your product fabricated from 1.2mm stainless steel. You can use adhesives, bolts, brackets, and rivets to secure your product in place. We will provide a range of services to meet your needs, including after-sales installation support.

Product Installation
1.2mm Stainless Steel Sheet Fabrication

1.2mm Stainless Steel Sheet Fabrication

At KDM, we manufacture all sorts of products made from 1.2mm stainless steel sheets. Depending on your design and specifications, our engineers will perform the best services to create your ideal product. We offer laser-cutting, stamping, embossing, welding, bending, forming, and various surface treatments. Our advanced machinery and equipment are always ready to take on your project in prototyping or mass production.

Contact us today and receive the best deal for 1.2mm stainless steel sheet fabrication price in China!

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