2024 Aluminum Sheet

The 2024 aluminum alloy is considered to be an aerospace-grade alloy due to its high strength and fatigue resistance. It is used both in its annealed and heat-treated states. However, this alloy does not have very strong corrosion resistance, thus needing an anodizing finish. Such properties arise from the copper content in the aluminum alloy. Aluminum 2024-T3 sheets have a tensile strength of 70 KSI and a yield strength of 50 KSI.

You can request our 2024 aluminum sheet in any thickness and dimension.

Properties of 2024 Aluminum Plate

Elongation 19%
Tensile Strength 68 KSI
Yield Strength 47 KSI

2024 Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

KDM is a professional metal fabrication supplier in China, and we provide expert services working with all types of metal, including 2024 aluminum sheets. This metal requires special care—an anodizing finish to improve its resistance to corrosion—and we can supply that. You can request our 2024 aluminum sheet in any thickness and dimension. Then, our engineers will create your ideal metal parts from the material.

2024 Aluminum Sheet
What is 2024 Aluminum Plate?

The 2024 aluminum alloy uses copper as its main alloying element. Commonly, 2024 aluminum plates are used in applications where a high strength-to-weight ratio and good fatigue resistance are required. Because of its below-average corrosion resistance, the 2024 aluminum plate is often clad or anodized. The 2024 plate has several applications including truck and aircraft wheels, suspension parts, fuselage parts, and more.

Our 2024 plates can have the T3 and the T351 tempers, hardened through heat treatment, cold working, and stretching.

How Much Does Aluminum 2024 Cost?

The price depends on your requests, but the average prices for 2024 aluminum sheet metal are around $35-140.

What Is 2024-T3 Aluminum Used for?

It is often used in the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries.

Is 2024 Aluminum Stronger Than 6061?

The 2024 aluminum alloy is stronger than 6061, especially in yield strength.

What Is 2024-T3 Clad Aluminum?

It is a type of 2024 aluminum alloy that has been heat-treated according to T3 hardness temper. Cladding, or alclad, means that a high-strength alloy (like 2024) was covered with a layer of pure aluminum to improve overall resistance to corrosion.

How Do You Heat Treat Aluminum 2024?

A sheet of aluminum 2024 is heated to 920°F, quenched in cold water, and left to age or dry. The process is repeated for greater hardness.

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