2mm Aluminum Sheet

The usage of aluminium sheets and plates is widespread in many industries, including manufacturing, transportation, architecture, autos, and medical equipment.

We will provide you with MTRs, 3D drawings and technical models, as well as high-quality manufacturing and 2mm thick aluminium sheet fabrication.

Dimension Specification
Surface finish Milled, polished, brushed, sand blasted, checkered, engraved, anodized, perforated, reflective


Material type 6061, 5052, 3003, 5251, 7075, 6082, 2024, 5754, 4047
Temper 0-H112,T3-T8, T351-851
Thickness 2mm or 0.08”
Gauge 12
Width 20-3000mm
Length Custom
Application · Utensils

· Construction

· Cabinets

· Appliances

· Aerospace parts


Fabrication Weld, bend, cut, stamp
How strong is 2mm aluminium?

2mm aluminium sheet is moderately strong. The strength would vary depending on the alloy that you use.

How do you cut a 2mm thick aluminium sheet?

A sheet of 2mm thick aluminium can be cut using a laser, stamping, special saws and knives.

How do you bend 2mm aluminium sheets?

To bend 2mm aluminium, we would use a press brake. Our factory has all the right equipment to do it.

What is the 2mm aluminum sheet price?

A 2mm aluminum sheet costs about $3 for a kilogram.

What is the 2mm aluminum sheet weight?

A 2mm aluminium sheet (1m x 1m) weighs about 5.4kg.

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