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The 304 stainless steel sheet is a flat sheet made of 304 stainless steel grades. It has great mechanical qualities and is resistant to many corrosive substances. However, for applications where sanitation and cleanliness are key considerations, the 304 stainless steel is helpful.

KDM provides superior quality 304 stainless steel sheets which is the most economical yet popular stainless steel. It provides excellent corrosion resistance to a variety of chemical corrosives, industrial settings, and maritime conditions. When worked, 304 stainless sheets may become slightly magnetic, and they cannot be heated.

Specifications: AMS 5513/5511, ASTM A240, and AISI 304/304L
Workability: With the right tools, it is simple to weld, cut, form, and machine.
Mechanical Properties: Nonmagnetic, tensile strength of 85,000 psi, yield strength of 34,000 psi
Surface Finishes: 2B Mill (Matte), #4 Brushed (Appliances), and #8 Mirror


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304 Stainless Steel Sheet By Sizes

  • 1ft x 4ft
    1ft x 4ft
  • 2ft x 2ft
    2ft x 2ft
  • 2ft x 4ft
    2ft x 4ft
  • 4ft x 4ft
    4ft x 4ft
  • 4ft x 8ft
    4ft x 8ft
  • 4ft x 10ft
    4ft x 10ft
  • Cut to Size
    Cut to Size


The 304 stainless steel sheet is widely used in fabricating different equipment for numerous industries.

  • Food processing machinery, especially for brewing beer and processing milk
  • Containers for chemical transportation
  • Heat exchangers
  • Woven or welded screens for water filtering, quarrying, and mining
  • Nut and bolt fasteners
  • Kitchen stools, sinks, troughs, tools, and gadgets
  • architectural trim, railings, and paneling
  • Springs

In order to fit your applications, we can custom-make them according to your ideal sizes, patterns, finishes, and more.

304 Stainless Steel Sheet Characteristics

304 Stainless Steel Sheet Characteristics

  • Excellent weldability
  • Easily machined and grind
  • Excellent bending and forming
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Good formability
  • Good heat resistance

304 Stainless Steel Sheet Projects

  • I wanted to let you know that the 304 stainless steel sheets I ordered for my company arrived and are all wonderful. I appreciate all of your company’s work and assistance leading up to its arrival. I’m grateful.

  • I’d want to express my gratitude for your fantastic service and merchandise. My orders arrived earlier than expected, which allowed me to start working on my projects. Thank you, KDM!

  • I just received my orders from KDM, and I couldn’t be happier. The cuts were flawless and in good condition. You expertly handled my 304 stainless steel sheet orders. I sincerely appreciate it.

What is the Thickness of 304 Stainless Steel Sheet?
Gauge: Thickness Tolerance: Thickness:
16 gauge ± 0.006 | ± 0.15mm 0.063″ | 1.59mm
14 gauge ± 0.007 | ± 0.18mm 0.078″ | 1.98mm
12 gauge ± 0.009 | ± 0.23mm 0.109″ | 2.78mm
11 gauge ± 0.005 0.120″ | 3.05 mm
How Much Does 304 Stainless Steel Cost Per Kg?

During the months of August 21 and July 22, the cost of 304 SS Sheet items ranges from $200 to $250 per kg.

Are All 304 Stainless Steel Uniform?

This is true for stainless steel grades 304 and 304L. Although these two alloys are extremely similar, there is one significant distinction. The maximum carbon percentage for grade 304 stainless steel is 0.08%, but the maximum carbon content for grade 304L stainless steel is 0.03%.

Rust Occurs in Stainless Steel 304?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that 304 stainless steel sheets can corrode but won’t rust under typical atmospheric circumstances. Only harsher settings or circumstances where the steel’s composition contains impurities cause stainless steel to corrode.

SS 304 or 316, Which is the Superior?

For example, 316 stainless steel is more resistant to salt and other corrosives than 304 stainless steel. Therefore, 316 is the best option if you’re making parts that will frequently be exposed to chemicals or a marine environment.

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