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KDM 316 stainless steel sheet is a known grade of stainless steel with a large proportion of molybdenum. The molybdenum gives a high level of corrosion and rust tolerance. This makes it particularly appropriate for use in the chemical industry and other related fields, as well as in undersea applications. It has strong tensile strength and hardness, making it a long-lasting option that is durable.

You can use this food-safe steel sheet for agriculture production and dairy processing. It is also safe to use with delicate electronic equipment because it is non-magnetic.

Material 316 Stainless steel
Tensile Power 515
Temperature Conduction 16.3 W/m at 100°c
Length x Width 500mm x 300mm
Hardness 95 HB
Design Solid design
Surface color Silver
Thickness 0.5mm


2B Finished 316 Sheets
2B Finished 316 Stainless Sheets
2D 316 Sheets
2D 316 Stainless Steel Sheets
1D Sheet Finish
1D Stainless Steel Sheet Finish
Mill Finished 316 Sheets
Mill Finished 316 Sheets
Polished 316 Stainless Sheets
Polished 316 Stainless Sheets
Patterned 316 Stainless Sheets
Patterned 316 Stainless Sheets
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Wide Range of Applications

The 316 stainless steel sheet is widely used in fabricating equipment that requires extreme corrosion resistance. They are used in highly acidic and marine environments, surgical tools, undersea machinery, pharmaceutical, food industry, architectural, oil/gas, aerospace, cryogenic, and industrial applications. To fit exactly your needs, its sizes and patterns can be customized.

Wide Range of Applications
Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties

  • Yield Point = 25,000 psi
  • Elongation = 40% in 2″
  • Flexibility = 29,000 ksi
  • Compactness = 70,000 psi
  • Shearing Durability = 11,500 psi
  • Density = .29 lb/in

Advantages of 316 Stainless Steel Sheet

KDM supplies 316 stainless steel sheets with numerous advantages associated. Its advantages are as follows:

  • Outstanding formability
  • High creep resistance
  • Corrosion protection
  • Improved resistance to heat
  • Tensile strength
  • High-temperature resistance
Advantages of 316 Stainless Steel Sheet

316 Stainless Steel Sheet Projects

  • I ordered some 316 stainless steel sheets with custom cuts a few days ago, and today it showed up. The final product surpasses my expectations. Perfect cutting. Excellent experience working with you! Many thanks, KDM.

  • Wow. KDM supplied me durable and proven rust-resistant 316 stainless steel sheet. It’s such an honor to work with your team!

What is a 316 Stainless Steel Sheet?

The austenitic family of stainless steel includes sheets made of 316 stainless steel. 316 grades have better corrosion resistance than 304 grades because they contain more nickel than 304 grades.

How Much 316 Stainless Steel Costs?
Average Cost: High Cost: Low Cost:
0.51 USD/LB 0.65 USD/LB 0.4 USD/LB
Which Works Better, SS 316 or SS 304?

The 316 stainless steel is more resistant to salt and other corrosives than 304 stainless steel. Therefore, 316 is a preferable option if you’re making a product that will frequently be exposed to chemicals or a marine environment.

Does Stainless Steel of the 316 Grade Rust?

Although stainless steel can corrode, it does so more slowly. After a while, 316 stainless steel will corrode. The corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance of 316 stainless steel have significantly increased thanks to the addition of the Mo element.

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