5251 Aluminum Sheet

A medium-strength alloy with good formability is aluminum alloy 5251. It is well known that alloy 5251 has great ductility and is easily cold worked in the annealed condition. Additionally, it has a strong resistance to corrosion, particularly in marine conditions. This alloy has magnesium in it and is strengthened by cold working, with common tempers H22, H24, and H26.

Common applications for 5251 aluminum sheets and plates are:

  • Boats
  • Marine structures
  • Aircraft parts
  • Vehicle panels
  • Furniture tubing
  • Containers

Properties of 5251-H26

Proof Stress >170 MPa
Tensile Strength ~ 250 MPa
Brinell Hardness 69

5251 Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

KDM manufactures numerous OEM items for various purposes using high-grade 5251 aluminum. Our engineers can design, fabricate, and deliver custom aluminum products for any application. Your 5251 aluminum sheet fabrication product will be available in various surface treatments like powder-coating, anodizing, and more.

5251 Aluminum Sheet
How Strong Is 5251 Aluminum?

The 5251 aluminum alloy has an ultimate tensile strength of 230-270 MPa, making it moderately strong when compared to other aluminum alloys.

What Is the Major Alloying Element Used in Aluminum Alloy 5251?

Magnesium, with 1.7-2.4% content.

What Is NS4 Aluminum?

NS4 aluminum is another way of denoting 5251 aluminum.

What Is the Hardness Designation for H24?

H24 is the tempered type. In H24, the material is hardened by rolling, then annealing to half hard. In H26, it is hardened by rolling, then annealing to three-quarter hard. In H22, it is hardened by rolling, then annealing to quarter hard.

What Is the Difference Between 5052 and 5251 Aluminum Sheets?

The specified strength of 5251 is less in the typical H32 and H34 tempers than it is in 5052 for the same tempers. The yield strength of 5251 is also significantly lower than that of 5052 because it has lower magnesium content.

  • Aluminum Car Panel
    Aluminum Car Panel
  • 5251-H22 Aluminum Sheet
    5251-H22 Aluminum Sheet
  • Marine Construction Parts
    Marine Construction Parts
  • 5251 Aluminum Plate Fabrication
    5251 Aluminum Plate Fabrication
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