6061 Aluminum Sheet


Aluminum of the 6061 grade is made from magnesium and silicon, making this versatile alloy highly weldable and strong. However, it is not very bendable. Heat treatment and pre-stretching enhance the corrosion resistance and performance of the 6061 aluminum sheet. Aluminum 6061 has the main tempers of T6, T4, and T651, meaning that this alloy is thermally treated.

Aluminum sheet 6061 is a good material to use while creating precision machinery, computer, communications, and consumer electronic products, molds, marine, and automotive applications, structural frames, and base plates.

Ultimate tensile strength>205 MPa
Compressive yield strength55.2 MPa
Elastic modulus68.9 GPa
Bending ultimate strength228 MPa
Bending yield strength 103 MPa
Brinell hardness95
Fatigue limit14%

6061 Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

KDM offers a wide range of fabrication services like cutting, welding, bending, forming, and stamping. Laser-cutting intricate aluminum parts and custom tools are another common manufacturing solution for 6061 sheets. Moreover, we will expertly augment the surface of your 6061 aluminum metal sheet. This may mean a decorative finish or a chemical treatment.

6061 Aluminum Sheet
How Much Is a Sheet of 6061 Aluminum?

The price depends on thickness and size. The average cost ranges from $50-100.

What Does 6061 Mean in Aluminum?

Aluminum from the 6000 series of the 6061 alloy is a precipitation-hardened aluminum alloy combined with magnesium and silicon.

What is Aluminum 6061-T6 Used for?

Aluminum temper, or level of hardness, T6 has a strong strength-to-weight ratio. It is therefore utilised for engineering and structural applications like boats and furniture.

Is 6061 Aluminum Stronger Than Steel?

Despite the fact that mild steel is harder than 6061 aluminium, aluminum is more flexible under impact than mild steel.

Will 6061 Aluminum Rust?

No, 6061 aluminum sheets are corrosion-resistant.

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