6082 Aluminum Sheet

The 6082 aluminum sheet or UNS A96082 is distinctive in its excellent corrosion and impact resistance. The 6082 alloys of aluminum are frequently used for trusses, cranes, bridges, beer barrels, milk churns, and automobile components. Magnesium and silicon make this alloy solid and resistant to corrosion. The common temper types for 6082 aluminum are T6, T4, and T651.

The sheets have 85 MPa yield strength and 150 MPa tensile strength. The material also has a 40 Brinell hardness score, according to ASTM B209 / ASME SB209 specifications.

6082 Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

As a leading metal fabrication manufacturer in China, KDM can supply any product from 6082 aluminum sheet metal. Depending on your needs, we strategize the fabrication process accordingly.

As a result, you will receive your automotive parts or beer barrels—whatever you request—machined in the perfect way. Our CNC, welding, bending, forming, and cutting tools will supply your 6082 aluminum parts.

6082 Aluminum Sheet
What Is 6082 Aluminum Used for?

The 6082 aluminum sheets are made from a structural alloy, meaning that it is commonly used for machining. For example, to make trusses, bridges, cranes, ore skips, and more.

What Is the Difference Between 6061 and 6082 Aluminum?

The 6082 aluminum sheet has more manganese and is stronger than the 6061 aluminum sheet.

What Is the Difference Between 6063 and 6082?

Grade 6082 has much more manganese content than 6063 does.

Can You Weld Aluminum 6082?

Grade 6082 aluminum sheet provides good weldability. However, note that the strength located at the weld zones will be reduced.

Can 6082 Aluminum Be Anodized?

This series is generally not anodized.

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