7075 Aluminum Sheet

The aluminum sheet from the 7075 alloys contains 1-8% zinc, making it the strongest aluminum alloy. It can have tempers up to H321 and T761.

We can process the metal with cold working or heat, as well as some stretching to improve its stress tolerance. This alloy is often used in aerospace, defense, and automotive applications.

We offer 7075 aluminum sheets of any thickness, length, and width. Full size and custom cut lengths of 7075 sheet and plate stock are available.

7075 Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

KDM masterfully fabricates all sorts of parts from high-grade 7075 aluminum sheet metal. As it is the hardest alloy, it can be difficult to machine, but our factory has just the right equipment to do it.

We use top-tier press brakes, bends, drills, and CNC machinery. What’s more, our professional engineers will aid you in designing the best precision parts for demanding industries like aerospace and military.

7075 Aluminum Sheet
Is 6061 or 7075 Aluminum Stronger?

7075 aluminum sheet is much stronger than a 6061 aluminum sheet.

Is 7075 Aluminum Stronger Than Steel?

No, steel is heavier and harder than 7075 aluminum.

What Does 7075 Mean in Aluminum?

Zinc serves as the main alloying ingredient in aluminum alloy 7075, which is heat treatable.

What Is 7075-T6 Aluminum Used for?
  • Aircraft fittings
  • Gears and shafts
  • Fuse parts
  • Meter shafts
  • Missile parts
  • Bike frames
  • All-terrain vehicle (ATV) sprockets
Is Titanium Stronger Than 7075 Aluminum?

7075-T6 aluminum is lighter and has greater tensile strength, strength-to-weight ratio, and Brinell hardness than titanium.

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