Aluminium Access Covers Manufacturer in China

Aluminium Access Covers Manufacturer in China

KDM is one manufacturer of a wide range of aluminium access covers that are suitable for both internal and external use. Our access covers are recognized globally for their aesthetic finish, excellent corrosion resistance, high durability, and odor resistance.



KDM Aluminium Access Covers

KDM is offering a large selection of aluminium access covers that are suitable for industrial and commercial applications. They are used for providing easy access to underlying building services and ducting. Our access covers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. They also come in single, trench, duct, and multi-span configurations. We can also manufacture them based on your designs and specifications.

We mainly use aluminium metal because of its high corrosion resistance, attractive surface, and lightweight nature. In comparison to steel or cast-iron access covers, the access covers that are made from aluminum have more benefits. They are featuring durable aluminum construction, excellent weather resistance, lightweight design, corrosion resistance, water-tight, and so much more. Moreover, they are ideal for outdoor and indoor usage.

If you have any questions regarding our aluminum access covers, feel free to contact us!

KDM Aluminium Access Covers

Light-Duty Aluminium Floor Access Covers

The light-duty aluminium floor access covers are made from 5000 series aluminium alloys. They can provide easy access to underfloor building services by using lifting keys.

Heavy-Duty Aluminium 6063 Access Cover
Heavy-Duty Aluminium 6063 Access Cover

The heavy-duty aluminium access covers are manufactured from anodized 6063 aluminum alloy. They have excellent corrosion resistance and high load-bearing capacity.

Square Aluminium Access Cover
Square Aluminium Access Cover

The square aluminium access covers can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications. They come with lifting handles, fixing screws, and rubber seals.

Round Aluminium Access Cover
Round Aluminium Access Covers

The round aluminum access covers have a recessed design, round shape, and reinforced backside. They have excellent load-carrying performance and ease of installation.

Rectangle Aluminium Access Cover
Rectangle Aluminium Access Cover

The rectangle aluminum access covers are manufactured using high-quality and heavy-duty aluminum metal. They have anti-rust, anti-theft, and durable designs.

Aluminium Access Cover with Diamond Tread
Aluminium Access Cover with Diamond Tread

The aluminum access covers with diamond or raised tread have excellent resistance to slipping. They can provide increased traction and safety.

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KDM Aluminium Access Cover Advantages

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

The aluminium access covers are made from corrosion-resistant aluminium. Due to that, they can withstand corrosive environments. Also, they have surface coatings that increase their resistance to corrosion.

Excellent Weather Resistance
Excellent Weather Resistance

Our access covers have excellent resistance to a variety of weather conditions. For that reason, they are suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor applications. They can withstand rain, sunshine, and other outdoor elements.


The aluminium access covers are made from premium quality and heavy-duty aluminium material. Because of that, they are extremely durable yet light in weight. And since they have a lightweight nature, they are easy to open.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

KDM can provide customization services to meet your specific project or business requirements. You can tell us your required designs, sizes, materials, and other features and specifications. Also, you can send your own drawing.

Aluminium Access Cover Materials

The aluminium access covers from KDM are fabricated using different grades of aluminium material due to its lightweight nature, good machinability, and strong corrosion resistance. Some of the grades of aluminium we use include:

  • Aluminium Alloy 6063 – This type of aluminium has alloying elements such as silicon and magnesium. It is weldable, heat treatable, easy to anodize, and has good mechanical properties, high corrosion resistance, and good surface finish.
  • Aluminium Alloy 6082 – The aluminium alloy 6082 has the highest strength among the 6000 series alloys. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high hardness, and can withstand higher levels of stress.
  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 – This type of aluminium is highly resistant to cracking, stress, and corrosion. It has great formability, good strength-to-weight ratio, and great weldability.

Other types of aluminum can be used depending on your needs or specific applications.

Aluminium Access Cover Materials
Aluminium Access Cover Applications

Aluminium Access Cover Applications

The aluminium access covers are designed to withstand various weather conditions and corrosive environments. Due to that, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They are widely used in:

  • Kitchens
  • Shopping centers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Car showrooms
  • Hospitals & other hygiene sensitive environments
  • Airport terminals & railway stations
  • Educational establishments
  • Storage areas, courtyards, and other areas that are subject to light vehicular traffic
  • Sports stadia & athletic centers
  • Railway stations
  • Civic & public buildings with areas of heavy pedestrian traffic

Various Options

The aluminium access covers have many different optional designs that can be added depending on the application and your needs. Some of the options include:

  • Slip-Resistant Coating – Our access covers can be added with a slip-resistant coating to enhance their resistance to slipping in inclined areas, wet areas, and other areas where slipping may be an issue.
  • Round or Slotted Holes – Slotted or round holes can be added to the access covers to allow drainage and ventilation.
  • Diamond Tread – Diamond or raised tread can be designed on the access covers to provide increased safety and traction. It can also reduce the risk of slipping.
  • Tile Recess – The access covers that have a tile recess are used to match the surrounding floor finish. The recess also makes your access easy and fast.
  • Smooth Plate – The access covers can have a smooth finish for an aesthetic surface.
Various Options
Why Choose KDM

Why Choose KDM

  1. Leading Manufacturer – KDM is one of the leading sheet metal fabrication manufacturers in China with over 10 years of experience. Our aluminium access covers have been exported all over the world.
  2. Quality Control – We aim to provide quality aluminium access covers. Due to that, our access covers go through strict tests before leaving the factory. We have a quality inspection during the production, warehouse quality testing, and before shipping, we also perform a quality inspection.
  3. Service Team – KDM has a professional and helpful customer service team that can answer your questions at any time.
  4. Fast Delivery Time – At KDM, we ensure to supply our customers with the fastest time of delivery.

KDM | Your Trusted Aluminium Access Cover Manufacturer in China

Your Trusted Aluminium Access Cover Manufacturer1
Your Trusted Aluminium Access Cover Manufacturer

When it comes to aluminium access covers, KDM is the ideal choice! KDM is an ISO-certified manufacturer that has more than 10 years of experience in supplying all kinds of high-quality aluminium access covers. All of our access covers are completely tested and comply with the requirements of many international quality management systems.

In addition, we are using the most durable and finest raw materials to produce the aluminium access covers. We follow strict quality control in every production process of the hot forging. And to provide quality access covers, we use unique processing methods such as hot forging, anodizing, CNC machining, stamping, laser cutting, as well as various surface treatments to enhance the corrosion resistance and longevity of the access covers.

To meet your exact project or business needs, we are also offering custom access covers. We are capable of producing access covers based on your specific requirements.

You can freely contact us for more information about our custom aluminium access covers.

KDM Aluminium Access Cover


The aluminium access covers are designed with a lot of unique features such as:

  • Strong corrosion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Odor-resistant
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Superior finish
  • High rigidity
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Easy to lift
  • Attractive modern appearance
Compatible Floor Finishes
Compatible Floor Finishes

The aluminium access covers can be installed on various types of hard flooring finishes such as:

  • terrazzo floors
  • concrete floors
  • carpeted floors
  • epoxy floors
  • wooden floors
  • floors with ceramic tiles
  • parquet floors
  • marble floors
  • resin floors

Custom Aluminium Access Cover to Skyrocket Your Business

Recessed Aluminum Access Cover
Recessed Aluminum Access Cover

The recessed aluminum access covers have super load-bearing, rust resistance, long-time service, anti-theft design, and excellent durability. They are also easy to assemble and dismantle. Also, they are compatible with terrazzo floors, concrete floors, epoxy floors, and other types of floors.

Smooth Aluminum Access Cover
Smooth Aluminum Access Cover

The smooth aluminum access covers are manufactured from anodized and high-grade aluminum metal. They are produced through laser cutting, welding, surface treatment, etc. Moreover, they have a smooth surface, strong carrying capacity, excellent corrosion resistance, and lightweight design. They are commonly used for indoor applications due to their aesthetic finish.

Aluminum Access Cover with Round Holes
Aluminum Access Cover with Round Holes

The aluminum access covers with round holes are designed for drainage and ventilation. They are corrosion-resistant, economical, lightweight, and have high strength. The amount and diameter of the holes can be customized in accordance with your specifications.

Aluminum Access Cover with Slotted Holes
Aluminum Access Cover with Slotted Holes

The aluminum access covers that have slotted holes are commonly used in driveways, sidewalks, and pedestrian walkways. Their slotted holes are designed for drainage. Furthermore, they have a modern appearance, corrosion protection, high durability, and high hardness.

Choose KDM to Grow Your Business!
Choose KDM to Grow Your Business!

Here at KDM, we offer an extensive range of high-quality aluminium access covers in order for you to find suitable products for your business. We are also offering custom access covers at competitive prices to suit your exact needs. Just send us your own design and leave the rest to us!

  • “I am really satisfied with the aluminium access covers from KDM! We have tested them and they are easy and quick to install. Also, they obviously look high-quality and durable. I am impressed by how they are seamlessly constructed. Big thanks to KDM!”

  • “KDM is a really great partner when it comes to aluminum access covers. They are capable of manufacturing access covers that are in line with your requirements. Their access covers are also made from high-quality materials. Aside from that, they have excellent pre-sales and after-sales services.”

  • “If you are looking for quality and cost-effective aluminum access covers, I would like to recommend KDM to be your supplier! We have been teaming up for many years and they really help my business improve. They really great customization ability. Also, they use the most durable materials to produce the access covers.”

Aluminium Access Covers: The Ultimate Guide

There are many aluminum access cover designs in the market. However, choosing suitable aluminum access covers depends on in-depth understanding of features, design, material grade and specifications.

This guide has all information about aluminum access covers – let’s dive right in.

What Are Aluminum Access Covers?

An access cover is a removable lid that is placed over any man-made opening for the purpose of restricting access. Access covers can be made from materials like aluminum or stainless steel or composite materials.

Therefore, aluminum access covers are those that are made from aluminum material. Most aluminum access covers are either rectangular or square in shape and are hinged or connected to a lifting mechanism.

Aluminum access cover

Aluminum access cover

Aluminum Access Covers Vs. Stainless Steel Access Covers

Aluminum Access Covers

Aluminum Access Covers

These are access covers made from aluminum material. Aluminum access covers are non-magnetic with low density and good conductivity properties. These access covers are lightweight with high ductility properties.

Aluminum access covers are usually used in industries such as transportation, electrical and households. Aluminum access covers can work better in cold temperatures because when it gets cold, the material becomes even stronger.

Stainless-steel Access Covers

These are access covers made from stainless-steel material.

Stainless steel access covers are usually magnetic, with high tensile strength and can be made with any of the stainless-steel grades. They can resist heat and are very durable with low maintenance requirements.

They are also resistant to corrosion and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Access covers made from stainless-steel can be used in industries such as automotive, architecture and for household applications.

Benefits Of Aluminum Access Covers

Aluminum access covers are light weight under 16kg and are easy to handle and also ensures safety. They are cost effective since they are durable and can offer their services for a very long period of time.

Apart from safety, aluminum material is heat resistant and can protect the enclosed components from damage by heat. Aluminum access covers are corrosion resistant and can ensure the safety of the enclosed applications.

They are made of a rubber seal for preventing odor.

Besides, they are also designed with a recessed lockbox which is also very easy to handle.

Some aluminum access covers are coated with an anti-slip coating.

Another benefit is the aesthetic appearance where the access cover matches the appearance of the surrounding space finishing.

They are also designed with fall through prevention gates for safety reasons.

Aluminum access covers help save on space by enclosing components and offering a covering for them leaving space for other purposes.

They also offer ease of accessibility through keyed lifting slot and recessed lifting handle.

Grating design enables personnel the ease of maintenance and cleaning without the risk of falling.

Choosing Material Grade For Aluminum Access Covers

 Tilable aluminum acces cover

Tilable aluminum access cover

When choosing an aluminum grade for making access covers consider the following factors;

Corrosion Resistance

Aluminum alloys with excellent corrosion resistance are 6061, 5052 and 1100 alloys.


Alloys such as 7075, 2024 and 2011 have high strength while others like 1100 and 3003 have medium strength.


Any aluminum alloy which is resistant to corrosion and strong can offer durability.

End-use Applications

The end use application is also an important factor to consider since not all grades of aluminum can serve the same purpose.


The grades of aluminum that have excellent formability properties include alloy 1100 and alloy 3003



Alloy 2011, 6061 and 3003 can be easily machined while others are hard to machine.


There are two grades of aluminum with excellent weldability including alloy 1100 and allow 3003.

How To Choose Aluminum Access Covers

Aluminum access cover

Aluminum access cover

Aluminum Access Covers Should Have A Fall Prevention Grating

The safety grating panels are fixed underneath the access covers to eliminate the risk of falling when working around the manholes. Engineered grating system is meant to prevent falls during cleaning and maintenance.

The grating system should be made of marine grade aluminum since this is of good quality.

They Should Be Designed With Recessed Lock System

Recessed Lock System

The recessed lock system also made with aluminum is fixed beneath the access cover for purposes of offering a safe and secure lock system. A lock box designed is generally meant to offer security to the aluminum access cover and the grating system beneath and the components.

This choice will depend on the application of the access cover, for instance, when working in pumping stations, overflow chambers etc.

Consider A Spring Assist When Choosing An Aluminum Access Covers

The spring assist is usually necessary when handling heavy aluminum access covers and safety grating. Spring assist is a special consideration for aluminum access covers when handling applications such as flowmeter pits, valve pits, overflow chambers etc.

Consider Locking Mechanism Of 900 Access Cover

This enables the covers to fully opened and can be held at an upright position during cleaning and maintenance for the manhole applications. Consider this feature especially when dealing in valve pits, water pumping stations, overflow chambers etc.

An Aluminum Access Cover Should Have A Slab Skirting

This is usually meant for forming a concrete opening under the access cover frame to offer protection from any element that can cause harm. This choice will depend on the application of the access cover, for instance, when working in pumping stations, overflow chambers etc.

Consider Aluminum Access Covers That Have Penetrations

These are access points meant to offer safer operations that can access valves and other instruments at the ground level even if you don’t lift the cover. Consider this feature especially when dealing in valve pits, water pumping stations, overflow chambers etc.

Uses Of Aluminum Access Covers
Bilco J-6AL Floor Access Door, dist. by Best Materials®
Bilco J-6AL Floor Access Door, dist. by Best Materials®

Aluminum access cover

These covers can be used in valve pits, flowmeter pits, overflow chambers, grease traps, electrical pits for;

Checks And Maintenance

Checks And Maintenance

In industrial spaces, aluminum access covers are used for covering electrical wires and cables. When multi-flap aluminum access covers are used, they can allow access to some portion of whatever it is they are covering. When single flap aluminum access covers are used, there is a direct access to the application being covered.

Efficiency And Accessibility

When aluminum access hatch covers are used, the significantly enhance the efficiency when servicing. They provide easy access allowing the leaf covers to open just with a slight pull after the system has been unlocked.

Security And Safety

The components inside are kept safe and secure because most of them come with locking systems. Aluminum access covers also offer fire resistance especially those used for industrial or commercial purposes.

Saving On Space

When components are gathered together and enclosed and covered using aluminum access covers, space is saved for other applications. This also prevents these components from being damaged.

Increase The Aesthetics Of The Spaces

Aluminum access covers are lightweight and have a beautifully attractive look that match the surrounding area of application.

Parts Of Aluminum Access Cover

Safety Grates

The safety grating panels are fixed underneath the aluminum access covers to eliminate the risk of falling when working around the manholes. This part is also made of aluminum because of the strength and durability.

Recessed Hinged Lockbox

This component is designed beneath the aluminum access cover and it offers a safe, easy and secure mechanism that can house padlocks. The locking mechanism secures the aluminum access cover from the ground.

Spring Assist

Spring Assist

This part is preferably made from 316 stainless steel and it a system that helps handle the heavy weight of the access covers. It offers a safe lifting system that would prevent any injuries to the operator.

Lift Assist System

This uses a pneumatic system that can easily open the aluminum access covers.

Recessed Lifting Handle

This section is specifically included in the aluminum access cover to minimize potential trip hazards.

Slab Skirting

This is meant to offer an opening beneath the aluminum access cover frame for slab protection from surrounding elements. Slab skirting is also meant to offer a finished look for beneath the aluminum access cover.

Grating Panel Lock

The grating panel lock mechanism is used for keeping the safety grates open. It also aids to prevent the aluminum access cover from closing during maintenance before the grating is closed.

Keyed Lifting Slot

A penetration in the access cover that provides a way to use a mechanical lifting handle to avoid manual handling. Lift handle can also be used for access covers that are not that heavy.

Grating And Cover Penetrations

These penetrations allow for easy access of the parts beneath the access cover without having to lift the cover.

Frame Designs

Frame designs come in two categories;

Channel frame- is preferred when the contents beneath the aluminum access covers are not supposed to be in contact with water.

This type of frame is designed to collect rain water and drains it through a drain coupler. Angle frame- this can be the best choice if water entering into the enclosed part is not a problem.

Designs Requirements For Aluminum Access Coversa

For channel frame aluminum access covers, the design must have the following;

  • Hinges made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • The hold open arm should be made of stainless steel.
  • An aluminum safety grate system to prevent fall through accidents.
  • Lift assist much be made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • An aluminum channel frame that has a drain coupler.
  • That lift handle can be made with stainless steel.
  • Plate cover to be made of aluminum diamond.

For angle frame aluminum access covers, the following must be considered in the design;

  • The hold open arm is made of stainless steel
  • Hinges are made of heavy-duty stainless steel
  • The padlock clip is exposed
  • The lift handle is made of aluminum
  • The frame id made up of extruded aluminum.
  • Plate cover is also made up of aluminum.
Security And Safety Features Of Aluminum Access Covers

The safety features designed in the aluminum access covers include;

  • Safety grating systemThis is meant to prevent falls into the enclosed section.

They are made up of marine grade aluminum to prevent corrosion and also be able to withstand any kind of weight.

  • The access covers cannot be closed before the grating system has been closed to offer protection for the next user.
  • Inspections and light maintenance can be done as the safety grate is left in place.
  • The grates are coated with a bright color like orange for easy identification.
  • Self-engaging safety bar which prevents the access cover from closing by mistake.
  • A safety chain can be used for creating a barrier when the covers are open.

Security features in an aluminum access cover include;

  • Recessed padlock clip- this keeps the lock in a protective cover and provides a resting flush with the closed cover.
  • Exposed padlock clip- it can be used when a flush cover profile is not required.
  • Slam lock-automatically locks the cover when it has been closed.

You can also learn more about manhole cover.

For all your aluminum access covers, contact KDM now.

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