Aluminum Front Panel Manufcaturer
Aluminum Front Panel
KDM has been your expert aluminum front panel manufacturer in China for more than a decade.
Aluminum Front Panel Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Aluminum Front Panel

Aluminum Front Panel Manufacturer in China

KDM has been delivering different types of aluminum front panels for over 15 years. We manufacture aluminum front panel with advanced benefits including:
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is a long-lasting material that is yet malleable and comes in a wide range of thicknesses.
  • Impact resistance: The aluminum front panel has good general impact resistance and can be strengthened with further processing.
  • Readability: Aluminum panels can be made in a one-piece or two-piece form, with both providing great quality and legibility.

Aluminum Front Panel

Aluminum Control Processing Front Panel
  • Lightweight
  • Fireproof and weatherproof
  • Has excellent strength and corrosion resistance
  • Environmentally-safe
  • Suitable for electronic products, electrical appliances, machinery, etc.
Aluminum Amplifier Front Panel
  • Ideal to use for integration of audio projects
  • Available in custom sizes, surface finish, and structure
  • Exceptionally had flat and smooth surfaces
  • Made from high-strength aluminum
  • Not easy to get damaged or break
Aluminum Front Back Top Panel
  • Easy for installations
  • Serves as a safety barrier for mounting display devices
  • Safety protects all critical electronic parts
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Durable for long-lasting use

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Production Facilities

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
KDM uses the most high-tech equipment and machinery for the massive production of aluminum front panels. Highly beneficial in improving the quality value of all products.
Product Sample Development
Product Sample Development
KDM fabricates aluminum front panels in various structural designs, sizes, surfaces, finishes, etc. We can provide all the aluminum front panel sample models and other related products for your reference.
100% Guaranteed Quality
100% Guaranteed Quality
KDM assures that all-aluminum front panels are guaranteed high quality. KDM adheres to all industrial product standards and certifications. We ensure that all products undergo strict quality inspection to ensure quality consistency.
Fast Lead Tim and Shipping Arrangement
Fast Lead Time and Shipping Arrangement
The aluminum front panel is ready to ship anytime. KMD is trusted to supply the fastest and safest deliveries of all aluminum font panels in global market necessities.

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Features

Long-Lasting Use
KDM aluminum front panel is fabricated with extreme strength and durability—highly reliable for long-lasting use. It is a perfect front panel to use due to its ability to withstand much longer against rust, corrosion, abrasion, rubbing, environmental conditions, etc.
Superior Quality
The aluminum front panel is made from the selected aluminum materials. It is unsurpassed lightweight and robust. Many fabrication companies chose these materials because of their machinability and versatility in forming different front panels.
Wide Range of Application
All aluminum front panel offers high-efficiency performance. Many companies prefer to choose aluminum front panels since it ideally used for aircraft, enclosures, marine, military, transportation, and other applications.
KDM aluminum front panel guarantees affordability. Be considered less expensive than any font panel made from other metals materials—a perfect choice for your projects and businesses.
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Aluminum Front Panel

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Specification

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