Aluminum Front Panel Manufcaturer
Aluminum Front Panel Manufcaturer in China
KDM has been your expert aluminum front panel manufacturer in China for more than a decade.
Aluminum Front Panel Manufacturer
Manufacturer of Aluminum Front Panel

Aluminum Front Panel Manufacturer in China

KDM has been delivering different types of aluminum front panels for over 15 years. We manufacture aluminum front panel with advanced benefits including:
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is a long-lasting material that is yet malleable and comes in a wide range of thicknesses.
  • Impact resistance: The aluminum front panel has good general impact resistance and can be strengthened with further processing.
  • Readability: Aluminum panels can be made in a one-piece or two-piece form, with both providing great quality and legibility.

Aluminum Front Panel

Aluminum Control Processing Front Panel
  • Lightweight
  • Fireproof and weatherproof
  • Has excellent strength and corrosion resistance
  • Environmentally-safe
  • Suitable for electronic products, electrical appliances, machinery, etc.
Aluminum Amplifier Front Panel
  • Ideal to use for integration of audio projects
  • Available in custom sizes, surface finish, and structure
  • Exceptionally had flat and smooth surfaces
  • Made from high-strength aluminum
  • Not easy to get damaged or break
Aluminum Front Back Top Panel
  • Easy for installations
  • Serves as a safety barrier for mounting display devices
  • Safety protects all critical electronic parts
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Durable for long-lasting use

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Production Facilities

Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
Advanced Manufacturing Equipment
KDM uses the most high-tech equipment and machinery for the massive production of aluminum front panels. Highly beneficial in improving the quality value of all products.
Product Sample Development
Product Sample Development
KDM fabricates aluminum front panels in various structural designs, sizes, surfaces, finishes, etc. We can provide all the aluminum front panel sample models and other related products for your reference.
100% Guaranteed Quality
100% Guaranteed Quality
KDM assures that all-aluminum front panels are guaranteed high quality. KDM adheres to all industrial product standards and certifications. We ensure that all products undergo strict quality inspection to ensure quality consistency.
Fast Lead Tim and Shipping Arrangement
Fast Lead Time and Shipping Arrangement
The aluminum front panel is ready to ship anytime. KMD is trusted to supply the fastest and safest deliveries of all aluminum font panels in global market necessities.

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Features

Long-Lasting Use
KDM aluminum front panel is fabricated with extreme strength and durability—highly reliable for long-lasting use. It is a perfect front panel to use due to its ability to withstand much longer against rust, corrosion, abrasion, rubbing, environmental conditions, etc.
Superior Quality
The aluminum front panel is made from the selected aluminum materials. It is unsurpassed lightweight and robust. Many fabrication companies chose these materials because of their machinability and versatility in forming different front panels.
Wide Range of Application
All aluminum front panel offers high-efficiency performance. Many companies prefer to choose aluminum front panels since it ideally used for aircraft, enclosures, marine, military, transportation, and other applications.
KDM aluminum front panel guarantees affordability. Be considered less expensive than any font panel made from other metals materials—a perfect choice for your projects and businesses.
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Aluminum Front Panel
  • Aluminum Front Panel

KDM Aluminum Front Panel Specification

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Aluminum Front Panel: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are probably looking for high quality and durable aluminum front panel.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about aluminum from panel – from features, benefits, designs, uses, printing to engraving.

You will find all information you are looking for about aluminum front panels right here.

What Is Aluminum Front Panel?

It is a type of display component used in a wide range of electronics, devices and instruments that showcase and allow alteration of different machine parameters.

Ideally, it serves as a user interface with a wide range of control inputs like knobs, push buttons, sliders, and output indicators.

It also consists of various symbol displays, indicator lamps, toggle switches, digit displays and dials.

Aluminum front panels produce different items like graphs, charts, image displays etc., depending on the specific instrument’s configuration.

aluminum front panel

Aluminum front panel

Moreover, you can feed inputs into the system of the equipment device using a keyboard or mouse through the aluminum front panel.

Benefits Of Aluminum Front Panels

Essentially, aluminum is regarded among the leading versatile materials often used in panel fabrication.

Besides, this material is always available in a wide range of configurations, making it one of the best choices for making front panels.

Some main elements making aluminum front panels beneficial in different applications include the following;


Of course, front panels require a lightweight material, given the nature of their application.

Aluminum offers longevity and still guarantees exceptional malleability, albeit available in different thicknesses.

Hence, you can mold front panels to suit the specific contours of the instrument or machine and ensure it matches the surface profile accordingly.

Reflectivity and Ductility

Ordinarily, front panel requires a good light reflector and a ductile material.

Hence, it becomes easy to fit it as a front panel material because it provides a light fitting and can reflect light.

Corrosion Resistance

Naturally, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material that generates a protective coating.

The layer formed on a surface of this material is extremely thin and usually generated when aluminum comes into contact with an oxidizing agent.

Aluminum Front Panels

Therefore, the protective oxide coating prevents aluminum from corroding, thus an ideal choice for manufacturing front panels used in different environments.


You can create aluminum panels with one part or two-part construction and still attain excellent readability and resolution.

Besides, it is easier to customize color, graphics and finishes to meet desired needs of the application and enhance aesthetics.


Aluminum is 100% safe for the environment, given that it is non-reactive.


Aluminum front panels guarantee a longer service lifespan since the base material can endure even the harshest outdoor conditions.

Moreover, color graphics on this element are UV-resistant hence maintaining the vibrancy for several years.

Fabricating Aluminum Front Panels

Since aluminum metal offers exceptional malleability, it implies you can easily fabricate it using different techniques to attain the desired surface profile.

The common ways you can use aluminum front panels fabrication include the following;

Cutting Aluminum Sheet According To Dimensions

Often, aluminum material used for making front panels is usually available in large sheets.

Thus, you need to cut the metal sheet to get the right size for your front panel.

Since the sheet metal is relatively thin, you can use different techniques to cut and attain the right profile for your demands.

cutting aluminum

cutting aluminum

The common cutting technique often used is CNC machining.

CNC cutting guarantees accuracy, and it is reasonably fast hence ideal for cutting aluminum front panel sheets.

You may also use plasm cutting, which uses an accelerated jet of hot plasma to cut through this material.

Alternatively, laser beam cutting can be essential since it is fast and guarantees accuracy.

In a nutshell, the specific method you use for cutting aluminum sheets based on required dimensions should guarantee desired results.

Forming Aluminum Sheet Metal For Front Panel

After cutting the aluminum sheet metal into desired sizes for your respective front panels, the next step involves forming it.

Forming is quite broad, and in this case, it entails drawing, forging, rolling, bending and stretching the sheet metal.

The essence of forming the aluminum sheet metal here is to create a structural front panel that fits the surface profile of your equipment.

Joining Or Assembling Aluminum Sheet Metal Front Panel

This fabrication operation entirely involves assembling the different formed aluminum sheet pieces into a single functional unit.

Besides, it entails inserting or attaching different components like knobs, symbols and buttons on the surface of the aluminum front panel.

Several methods come in handy when joining the sheet metal to make a front panel, depending on its actual design.

The common techniques, however, include using permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Such adhesives create strong assemblies, given they spread across the entire bond joint, increasing fatigue resistance.

Fabricating Aluminum Front Panels

Joining this component also includes stud insertion, which is a technical process that requires the right tools and skills.

Stud insertion allows the unit to attain the necessary strength and configuration based on the design construction of the aluminum front panel.

Uses Of Aluminum Front Panel

You can use aluminum front panels in different applications across various industries.

However, they usually come in different specifications depending on the specific use it is designed for.

Nonetheless, aluminum material provides an excellent balance of customization abilities, cost and durability.

But the major applications of this component include the following;

Defense And Aerospace

Ordinarily, in most aerospace and military applications, durability is often a significant concern in their specific equipment.

Moreover, the equipment must have readable controls all the time with front panels fabricated to meet the required industrial standards.

Hence, reliability, durability and excellent surface finish of aluminum makes it a suitable choice for front panels for various equipment in aerospace and military.

Aluminum Front Panel

Transportation And Heavy Machinery

Large trailers common in shipping industry use aluminum since it is lightweight, durable and strong under strenuous circumstances.

Thus, using front panels of similar or greater features to your underlying equipment is essential in ensuring your panels last longer in the expected equipment lifespan.

Offshore Marine Cranes

Ordinarily, offshore conditions are often extremely strenuous; thus, it requires equipment with material that can endure such rigorous conditions.

Besides, these machinery are operated under harsh conditions; thus, aluminum front panels come in handy in guaranteeing efficiency, performance and longevity.

Factory And Warehousing Settings

Labeling of vital operations and safety of related information are fundamental aspects of effective facility management.

Often, such notifications are permanent; thus, aluminum front panels offer a valuable way to affix important details directly equipment surface.

This allows the operators to easily and reliably work with the controls.

Industry And Packaging

Many instruments used in various industry and packaging settings use aluminum front panels as a display interface.

They come in handy in such operations since they facilitate efficiency in accomplishing the respective processes.

Medical Field

A wide range of medical apparatus used in diagnosing different ailments also use aluminum front panels.

Ordinarily, these panels are durable, easy to clean, and non-reactive hence safe to use in such environments.

Computing And Information Technology

Most equipment used in computing and ICT are designed with aluminum front panels.

Such panels offer aesthetics, convenience, longevity and reliability since they are strong, lightweight and attractive.

Aluminum Front Panel Surface Finish Options

You can create different finishes on the surface of aluminum front panel.

Of course, this is important because it allows you to get customized option you desire for your application.

The common surface finishing options you may consider for such panels include the following;

  • Matte – It has a low gloss percentage thus do not necessarily reflect too much light.

Thus, it is an ideal finish to choose for hiding aluminum front panels with surface imperfections.

  • Satin – This one exhibits a silky or velvety appearance and excellent durability.

Often, it is ideal for industrial or high involving applications where a moderate light reflection is required.

  • Gloss – It is a shiny surface finish option commonly used in aluminum front panels where high reflectivity is a concern.
  • Brushed – This finish is attained by polishing aluminum front panel using a fine bristle brush on wheel and moving it same direction in its entirety.

It is then softened using a greaseless compound that forms a dull matte resembling stainless steel.

Aluminum Front Panel Surface Finish

  • Powder-coated – It is a surface finish with fused solid particles forming a layer on the aluminum front panel surface.

This finish is strong and enhances corrosion resistance of the component used under harsh conditions.

Printing On Aluminum Front Panels

Aluminum material is relatively soft; hence you can print on the surface using different techniques.

Ideally, you can print on aluminum front panels directly using ink or laser.

However, digital printing methods are often used on this component since it guarantees several advantages.

For instance, you can easily reproduce complex graphics down to finest detail on aluminum front panel using digital printing.

printed aluminum front panel

printed aluminum front panel

UV printing is the best printing process for this component since it guarantees ultimate scratch and UV resistance.

Moreover, the process is cost-effective and gives you the freedom to design and print any type of graphic.

Printing aluminum front panel is beneficial because you can use it as a branding tool by using your company’s logo and typeface.

You can also print a white background behind the images on colored aluminum front panels.

It helps to reproduce light colors, especially for the logos, photos and graphics.

Engraving Aluminum Front Panel

Ordinarily, types of aluminum materials used for making front panels are relatively thin.

Hence, it means you can easily engrave them using the most basic tools as long as you have the skills.

For instance, the tip of a ballpoint pen can engrave aluminum front panel.

Also, you can use a blunt metal stylus containing varying size tips if you want to attain complex engravings.

However, to create durable engravings on these front panels, you need to use professional engraving equipment.

Engraving aluminum front panel

Engraving Aluminum front panel

Such equipment guarantees better positioning of complex objects like fonts, graphics, logos and symbols among others.

Some aluminum front panel engravings also require coloring depending on the surface finish and desired final look.

Aluminum Sheet Front Panel Accessories

You can integrate several accessories into a typical aluminum sheet metal.

Mostly, the specific ones are dependent on the type of application they are used on.

The common ones, however, include the following;

Studs And Standoffs

Aluminum front panels use a wide range of threaded studs and standoffs.

Usually, these studs and standoffs come in handy in ensuring you fix the front panel into the required surface profile of particular equipment.

The studs and standoffs are available in different lengths and threads, but you can always request customized designs.

Side And Housing Profiles

These refer to systems used in constructing reliable, efficient and cost-effective envelopes of a wide range of aluminum front panel designs.

Often, they are used for cladding the front panels accordingly to fit the demands of specific equipment you are using them on.

You can find them in different lengths and thicknesses based on the dimensions of the sheet front panel you are cladding.

Assembly Kit

It is an accessory used for combining different parts of aluminum front panel to form an ultimate part.

Assembly kit comes in handy when integrating different components of aluminum front panel to form a functional unit.

Screw Pack

Screw Pack

This consists of a wide range of screws used for securing the aluminum front panel on the surface material of a specific profile.

They are available in different sizes, designs and thickness depending on your application demands.

One-part Vs Two-part Aluminum Front Panels

Usually, you will find aluminum front panels in two major design construction; one-part and two-part.

One-part aluminum front panel construction comprises a single but relatively thick aluminum sheet material.

It contains different graphic elements and is specifically fabricated to your panel profile using one or more machining processes.

One part aluminum front panel

one part aluminum front panel

On the other hand, a two-step aluminum front panel design construction is modelled from a reasonably thin aluminum sheet metal.

It is then attached to an identically fabricated thicker aluminum back panel to support it.

You can as well use a similar fabricated supportive stainless steel back panel to attach the thin aluminum sheet metal.

Aluminum Grade Material For Front Panels

Aluminum sheet metal is available in a wide range of material grades.

Hence, it means only a few can suit the specifications of making an ideal front panel based on the quality and properties.

Notably, most aluminum grades are quite versatile and can be used in making various front panels.

But the suitable grade is largely dependent on the specific application of the aluminum front panel.

However, the most suitable grades to always consider for this component include the following;

Alloy 1100

It is commercially pure aluminum grade, relatively soft and ductile with excellent workability.

The properties of this aluminum grade make it suitable for making front panels that are fairly difficult to form.

Alloy 1100

Alloy 1100

It is non-heat-treatable, but you can weld it using any technique.

Furthermore, alloy 1100 has exceptional corrosion resistance, thus ideal for making front panels used in extremely strenuous applications.

Alloy 5052

It is the highest strength aluminum grade of the more non-heat-treatable category.

Ordinarily, this aluminum grade has higher than other grades.

Moreover, it exhibits ideal resistance, especially to harsh conditions such as marine atmosphere.

Alloy 5052

Alloy 5052

It also exhibits exceptional workability; thus, you can easily form or draw it into complex shapes.

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