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KDM has been manufacturing top-notch aluminum gaskets for 10+ years. We produce aluminum gaskets in various wide designs for comprehensive uses. Features are both environmentally friendly and inexpensive. Call KDM today!


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Aluminum gaskets are essential components for various devices. It is primarily used in valves and pipework assemblies, oil-field drilling, and the petrochemical industry. The gasket comprises good weather-resistant fire, water, sound, and heat insulation. It also withstands aging and UV. KDM aluminum gasket has excellent properties over other gasket materials.

We manufacture aluminum gaskets made of a variety of grade materials. Aluminum 3003, Aluminum 5052, Aluminum 6061, and Aluminum Bronze, to name a few. Gasket thicknesses, style, functions, and specifications can be customized per design. You’ll get a competitive price aluminum gasket at KDM. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Aluminum Cylinder Head Gasket

The aluminum cylinder head gasket has high-quality finishing. It features a flat, level surface that allows good fitment. Robust construction prevents defects.

Aluminum Spacer Gasket
Aluminum Spacer Gasket

The aluminum spacer gasket is available in different thicknesses. 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 6.0mm are some options. You can also choose your own desired sizes.

Aluminum Cylinder Block Gasket (1)
Aluminum Cylinder Block Gasket

The aluminum cylinder block gasket won’t degrade at high temperatures. It’s available in a variety of heights. Effectively closes any gaps between block and head.

Aluminum Ring Gasket
Aluminum Ring Gasket

KDM aluminum ring gasket meets ASME B16.20 specifications. Its heavy-duty and high-pressure gaskets are used mainly in valves, offshore, and onshore petrochemical fields.

Aluminum 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket
Aluminum 2-Bolt Exhaust Gasket

KDM aluminum 2-bolt exhaust gasket is made of extremely lightweight aluminum. Provide excellent performance, a good sealing effect, and long service life.

Aluminum Drain Plug Gasket
Aluminum Drain Plug Gasket

The aluminum drain plug gasket is sturdy and abrasion-resistant. It restores functionality. They are designed to fit and function just like the original parts.

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KDM Aluminum Gasket Features


The aluminum gasket is resistant to a corrosive environment. It can withstand even the most hostile maritime, chemical, and acid conditions.


KDM aluminum gasket has superb environmental credentials. It can be recycled entirely without losing its quality and excellent properties.

Extremely tight sealing
Extremely tight sealing

Even on rough, deformed, or uneven flange surfaces, aluminum gaskets are incredibly flexible. It offers a great seal while remaining simple to install.

Withstand high temperatures
Withstand high temperatures

Aluminum gasket can withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. Can tolerate high temperatures and are resistant to chemicals.

KDM Aluminum Gasket Working Performance

The aluminum gasket is used to seal gaps between two components of mechanical assembly. It stops leaks in the system that are frequently under pressure. Thus, preventing gasket failure and performance loss. Whether they involve gas, water, oil, gasoline, or other products.

It has a specific internal diameter, an external diameter, and thicknesses. The manufacturing varies from each item to another. Please feel free to send us your detailed requirements.

  • Withstand a variety of pressures
  • Avoid material and power loss
  • Function appropriately in harsh environments
KDM Aluminum Gasket Working Performance
Aluminum Gasket Manufacturing Process

Aluminum Gasket Manufacturing Process

KDM produces aluminum gaskets in a wide variety of designs for a range of applications. Different types of production processes offer their benefits. We use the following method to make our aluminum gaskets.

  • Punch Press. It utilizes automatic equipment to cut and pierce metal, creating a precision aluminum gasket. It quickly and safely cuts and shapes gasket with CNC technology.
  • Waterjet Cutting. This technology uses high-pressure water that is blasted via a narrow nozzle. This results in clean and accurate cuts on various aluminum gasket thicknesses. Recommended use for intricate design and forms.
  • Bespoke Die Cuts. Most common and efficient method. It uses a metal die and a cutting machine to create different shapes. As a result, the tolerances are consistent and have few errors.

Key Advantages of KDM Aluminum Gaskets

KDM manufactures aluminum gaskets intended for high-pressure uses. It can withstand moderately high temperatures. Below are some lists of advantages when you choose KDM aluminum gaskets.

  • Manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • Quality check before, during, and after production
  • Applicable to multiple working conditions
  • Powerful stress compensation
  • Flawless sealing abilities
  • Simple installation
Key Advantages of KDM Aluminum Gaskets

Choose KDM to Aluminum Gasket Manufacturing

Aluminum Gasket Supplier
Aluminum Gasket Supplier

KDM focus on the fabrication of various metals, like an aluminum gasket. We are well-equipped with cutting-edge production lines. An advanced control system is also utilized to develop aluminum gaskets. There are different techniques and surface treatments to choose from. Our team guarantees to achieve a unit good appearance and high performance.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we offer OEM/ODM support. Regardless of your requirements, KDM will provide a satisfactory solution. We can make custom gasket in any shape, size, and finishes. Quality inspection from start to finish is executed. Get in touch now.

Custom Aluminum Gasket Capabilities

KDM also specializes in bespoke aluminum gasket production. We offer the highest-quality metal gaskets with more than a decade of engineering expertise. Here’s how we do it.

  • Helps input and design, prototyping
  • Makes suggestions on seal modifications
  • Pre-production and mass production
  • Quality check on each component
  • Custom packaging and labeling
  • Orders to be shipped within two weeks
Recommended Industry Applications

Our products and services have been a leading choice for various industries. Companies, brands, retailers, and other b2b customers rely on us. Below are most of our customers are parts of.

  • Chemical processing industry
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical Industry
  • Research and Development Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry, etc.

Why 1000+ Customers Trust KDM

Advanced Fabrication Equipment
Advanced Fabrication Equipment

We have a variety of cutting-edge manufacturing tools for aluminum gaskets. There is punching machines, CNC machines, and more. With different fabrication techniques, KDM can make better results for you.

Professional R&D Team
Professional R&D Team

For the research and aluminum gasket development, KDM has a skilled staff team. They will help you enhance your product and create better possibilities. We can create customize components and specialized solutions.

Quality Certification
Quality Certification

We are accredited with both national and international standards. KDM holds CE, RoHS, and SGS certifications. In addition, we got approval from ISO9001:2015, AS9100D, and other industry standards.

Rigorous Quality Control (1)
Rigorous Quality Control

KDM has a strict quality control system. To meet your various aluminum gasket needs, we continue to work on improving. We have a team to do quality inspections from start to finish.

Aluminum Gasket Factory
Your One-Stop Aluminum Gasket Manufacturing Solution

KDM specializes in the research and development of aluminum gaskets. We offer small-batch, medium-to high volume production. Can also customize solutions through our advanced production system. Contact now.

  • “Been working with KDM for the past five years. And they never fail to satisfy us. The aluminum gaskets are extremely durable. Thus, it makes installation simple and easy. My customers have good feedback on gasket quality and effectiveness. Great job, KDM.”

  • “We are delighted with the recent cooperation. The series of aluminum gaskets are adaptable, attractive, simple to install, and maintenance requirements are minimal. Your team is very professional and very courteous too. We appreciate a job well done.”

  • “I’m highly delighted with KDM aluminum gaskets and service. The team was outstanding from beginning to end. They took care to complete everything swiftly and accurately the first time. The overall experience was good. They did everything smooth.”

Aluminum Gasket: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are probably wondering how to choose aluminum gasket. Or, you would like to know where you can use aluminum gasket. Well, this guide explores everything about aluminum gaskets – keep reading to learn more.

What Is Aluminum Gasket?

A gasket refers to a seal made of flexible material that inhibits liquid or gas leakage between two surfaces.

That said, gaskets made from Aluminum are Aluminum gaskets. They are mainly recommended for applications that require high pressure.

You are likely to come across gaskets in a variety of industrial applications. Their main purpose is to provide a tight seal between two joined parts.

Gaskets work by sealing the gap between parts whose surface tolerance would result in leakages either from or into the joined parts.

 aluminum Gaskets

aluminum gaskets

Uses Of Aluminum Gasket

The main function of an Aluminum gasket is to seal a gap between two surfaces.

As such, the seal prevents oil, water, gas, and fuel leakages among other products that are under pressure.

If something requires a seal and cannot be moved, it is most likely using a gasket.

Aluminum Gasket

Aluminum gaskets are used in a variety of industrial applications such as gas, food processing, plumbing, and machinery just to mention some.

Their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure has facilitated the functioning of the current advanced technology.

For Aluminum gaskets to function as desired, there must exist a significant amount of pressure between the joining parts.

The pressure can be achieved by using fasteners and screws.

Aluminum is malleable and this explains why an Aluminum gasket is capable of meeting several design requirements.

Advantages Of Aluminum Gasket

One of the major advantages of the Aluminum gasket is the prevention of leakages in both extreme temperatures and pressure.

Also, Aluminum gaskets act as safety equipment by managing applications that use gas or fluid systems functioning under high pressure.

Aluminum Gasket

In addition to that, this device reduces any risks of contamination by providing a tight seal.

Aluminum being a non-corrosive material is beneficial in applications where corrosion would otherwise affect the other element.

It has the ability to resist corrosion owing to passivation.

To get more clarity on the term, passivation is a process that involves coating the metal with a thin film.

This is done to prevent Aluminum from the effects of chemical procedures.

When you want to save on costs, you’d want to consider an Aluminum gasket since it has minimal maintenance requirements.

As a matter of fact, Aluminum is a lightweight material.

This means that the transport and shipping costs will be greatly minimized for Aluminum gaskets.

And I must tell you that Aluminum gaskets don’t lose their properties or quality when undergoing recycling.

It is also a fairly ductile material, a property that allows it to form different shapes without breaking.

So generally, all these properties contribute to the final costs which tend to be cheaper as compared to gaskets made from other materials.

Aluminum Gasket Material Grade

Gaskets are categorized according to several variations such as intended use, cost, anticipated exposure to chemicals or corrosives, and materials.

Aluminum material has three main material grades for gasket applications; 3003, 1100, and 6061.

Others include 1060, 5086, 5154, and 5052.

The type of grade you select defines the end-use application as well as the price.

Each one of these grades has unique benefits and properties.

For example, 1100 costs are lower as compared to 6061. However, it is unsuitable for high-temperature applications.

On the other hand, when producing solid gaskets, stronger alloys will be needed.

Normally 3003 and 5052 would be suitable for such applications.

Not only is the 3003 aluminum readily weldable but also can be used in several applications.

However, it has less corrosion resistance as compared to 1100 and 6061 aluminum.

The 1060 and 6061 alloy aluminum grades are normally ideal when producing high-end products.

This is because they have a higher-yielding and tensile strength thus facilitating the use of gaskets in high-performance applications.

Given that the 6061 aluminum grade has better resistance to corrosion than the 3003 aluminum, it can be used in high humidity situations.

1100 aluminum is made with 99% min purity and this explains why it’s considered to be the purest form of aluminum.

Not only does it have great ductility but also workability making it a suitable option for difficult forming procedures.

You also need to have it in mind that it is best for applications that need thermal conductivity.

Other than that, Aluminum 1100 can easily be shaped into a variety of products and shapes.

This explains why it is used in several applications and industries including lighting, construction, and plumbing among others.

Types Of Aluminum Gaskets

There are several types of aluminum gaskets which are not limited to;

  • Natural O type aluminum gasket
  • Ring aluminum gasket

ring aluminum gasket

Ring aluminum gasket

  • EPDM aluminum door and window gasket
  • Industrial aluminum gasket
  • Aluminum gasket for automobile industry
  • Power weeder gasket

power weeder gasket

powder weeder gasket

  • Round aluminum gasket
  • Aluminum gasket for POY
  • Wire mesh gaskets
  • Aluminum gaskets for UPVC
  • Aluminum edge gaskets
  • Aluminum cur gaskets
  • Wire mesh aluminum gaskets
How To Choose Aluminum Gasket

When choosing an aluminum gasket, there are certain considerations that need to be made to achieve maximum efficiency.

Aluminum Gasket

To begin with, you want to start by knowing the type of gasket you want.

Some of the popular types of gaskets include;

  • Solid gaskets
  • Spiral wound gaskets
  • Rubber and plastic gaskets
  • Kammprofile gaskets
  • Jacket gaskets
  • Silicone gaskets

Having chosen your ideal type, it’s time to test its ability to withstand different temperatures and weights.

Conduct this evaluation under different pressures by using a hot compression test.

Also, it is important to test the chemical resistance of your gasket.

Be sure to conduct this test using the corrosive fluid it will be working with in order to know the reaction.

As a rule of thumb, it’s important to know the type of liquid you will be using when choosing an aluminum gasket.

Another important tip is selecting the right type of aluminum material grade.

Your choice will depend on the use of your aluminum gasket.

For example, the 6061 aluminum is great for producing high-end products.

On the other hand, aluminum 1100 is not a suitable option for use in high-temperature applications.

If you want to make a wise selection of the aluminum gasket material, trust me you will need to understand the properties of the aluminum material grade.

One last related piece of advice, be sure to consider the roughness of the sealing surfaces.

Remember, impurities will be filled up the sealing surface to prevent leakage.

To sum up, you will not only need to consider;

  • The conditions and environment of the operation (operating pressure and temperature)
  • Compatibility of the medium
  • Type of material grade
  • Mechanical features of the joint

Not forgetting to consider the maintenance of the joint as well as the properties of the type of gasket you have chosen.

Having done these, you can proceed to contact your manufacturer.

Aluminum Gaskets Vs. Non-metallic Gaskets

Gaskets can either be metallic, non-metallic, or semi-metallic. Aluminum gaskets are categorized under metallic gaskets.

aluminum gaskets

Aluminum gaskets

Normally, metallic gaskets are either fabricated from one metal or several metals combined and used for high-quality surface sealing.

Aside from that, not only do aluminum gaskets have the ability to resist high temperatures and chemical exposure but also high pressures.

That said, aluminum gaskets are widely used in high-temperature, medium, as well as high-pressure applications.

Non-metallic gaskets are manufactured from mica sheets, fiber sheets, glass fibre, compressed non-asbestos sheets, and ceramic fibre among other materials.

As compared to the aluminum gasket, non-metallic gaskets have greater corrosion resistance.

non metalic gaskets

non metalic gaskets

In addition to that, it is easier to compress non-metallic gaskets under bolt load.

For that reason, they are not only used in high corrosive applications but also in several other low-pressure applications such as;

  • Compressors
  • Pipe flanges
  • Heat exchanges
  • Bonnet valves

Not much needs to be said, aluminum gaskets are ideal for extreme temperatures and pressure.

Non-metallic gaskets are suitable when using highly corrosive materials.

I know you may find this useful: aluminum sheet metal fabrication.

For all your aluminum gaskets, contact us now.

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