Aluminum Junction Box Manufacturer

Aluminum Junction Box Manufacturer

KDM is the best source of aluminum junction boxes since we offer top-quality and customized solutions to successfully meet all customers’ demands within an affordable budget. We also offer you a wide range of other services that will allow you to efficiently modify a typical aluminum junction box.

KDM Aluminum Junction Box

The aluminum junction box is the most used enclosure device for electrical installations. The general purpose of this aluminum junction box is to provide accessibility and protect all connection wiring from disturbing elements and substances that are harmful to the wiring materials. 

KDM aluminum junction boxes are purely made from solid aluminum. It is built with extreme toughness and sturdiness. We offer a lot of aluminum junction boxes regardless of their shapes and sizes that fit within the particular usage. However, you can also request customization of aluminum junction boxes for your specific needs.

Aluminum Junction Box By Series

Aluminum Waterproof Electronic Junction Box

The aluminum waterproof electronic junction box has better anti-corrosion performance; it protects instruments even in an adverse environment. This series enclosure is widely used in the liquid fluid, pressure, moisture, and sensor industries, with watertight and explosion-proof capability. 

Junction Aluminum Outdoor Cable Box

Junction aluminum outdoor cable box can be used in branch circuit wiring in wet, damp, or dry locations. It may be used as a weatherproof junction box, or as a housing for receptacles, and switches. Internal threads are suitable for all threaded fittings and threaded conduits.

Aluminum Electronic Junction Box
Aluminum Electronic Junction Box

The aluminum electronic junction box is made of aluminum alloy, which can resist the corrosion of various chemicals. And can resist electromagnetic interference and anti-static. The protection grade can reach IP67, and some specifications can reach IP68.

Electronic Aluminum Junction Box Enclosure
Electronic Aluminum Junction Box Enclosure

The electronic aluminum junction box enclosure is widely used in the inverter, waterproof power supply, controller, and other circuit boards shell installation, or as a chassis shell, it can be applied directly to the radiator.  Higher intensity, and lighter weight.

Aluminum Die Casting Junction Box
Aluminum Die Casting Junction Box

The aluminum die-casting junction box has good sealing performance, is waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion. The protection rank is up to IP67. It is widely used for medical equipment, precision instruments, etc. More durable, and has a beautiful appearance.

Electrical Hinged Aluminum Junction Box
Electrical Hinged Aluminum Junction Box

The electrical hinged aluminum junction box can be directly fixed to the wall or other flat boards with screws or nails via the screw holes in the base. It is convenient for the installation of terminal substitution rail, button box, small terminal, signal, relay, sensor, communication and joint box, etc.

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KDM Aluminum Junction Box Advantages

Safe and Secure
Safe and Secure

Aluminum junction boxes offer protection against accidental damage to the elements due to heat, loose connections, and short circuits. Also conceal the cables, keeping dampness free.


Most aluminum junction boxes are built from robust and sturdy materials like metal, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., and can withstand both high impacts and multiple challenging conditions. 

Aesthetic Appeal
Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum junctions allow for great visibility that facilitates easy connections even in dark conditions. These aluminum junction boxes are also available in various robust materials.

High Flexibility & Reliability
High Flexibility & Reliability

Utilizing an aluminum junction box during the installation monitoring system affords higher operation reliability and enhanced installation flexibility.

General Uses of Aluminum Junction Box

KDM sums up the most innovative idea in configuring a sophisticated aluminum junction box that is purposively useful in the following:

  • Provides complete safety in any electrical equipment against wetness and severe environment.
  • Typically advantageous in particular applications where corrosion is the issue.
  • Used as terminal wiring enclosures, instrument enclosures, and electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic control housing.
  • Applicable for machinery, production lines, automobiles, and other equipment. 
General Uses of Aluminum Junction Box
State-of-the-art Industrial Construction

State-of-the-art Industrial Construction

The entire composition of the aluminum junction box is done with professionalism and enthusiasm:

  • Smooth and continuous welded seams without cutouts.
  • Provided with welded brackets for enclosure mounting.
  • The cover is tightly secured with easily controlled aluminum clamps.
  • Seamless poured-in-place gasket.
  • Provides tapped studs for mounting interior panels. 
  • Every model larger than the measurement of 4″ x 4″ includes a removable 14 gauge inner panel.
  • Supplied with bonding stud on the door and grounding stud in the enclosure.

KDM Aluminum Junction Box Surface Treatment

The aluminum junction box is among the essential items in executing an electric project and installation. However, to make all aluminum junction boxes last longer, KDM utilizes a different surface treatment that applies to the devices to guarantee its endless benefits. This must include the following:

  • Both the cover and the enclosure are natural unfinished aluminum.
  • The removable inner panel of the aluminum junction box is firmly and uniformly finished with a white powder coating. 

If your project or business requires specific surface treatment for the aluminum junction box, you can count on us, KDM!

KDM Aluminum Junction Box Surface Treatment

Choose KDM To Custom Your Aluminum Junction Box

Choose KDM To Custom Your Aluminum Junction Box
Choose KDM To Custom Your Aluminum Junction Box

KDM has unmatched expertise in performing research, design, and manufacturing processes. Our company has the most advanced and high-technology production machinery and equipment. It is made from the finest industrial-grade aluminum materials. Our aluminum junction box product is manufactured with utmost precision under the supervision of highly experienced professionals and engineers. KDM has appointed qualified personnel who are responsible for carrying out the manufacturing operations. 

The KDM aluminum junction box is manufactured with various technical specifications and parameters. We can design and customize any aluminum junctions we acquire to your needs. As an experienced manufacturer, we can fulfill all customers’ standards.

KDM - Your Professional Aluminum Junction Box Provider

KDM Aluminum Junction Box Features
KDM Aluminum Junction Box Features

KDM offers top-quality performance aluminum junction box with outstanding features and qualities such as:

  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Precise designs, shapes, and thicknesses
  • Tensile strength and extreme durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High impact resistance 
  • Designed with elevated waterproof and dust-proof 
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations
  • Corrosion-resistant
KDM Manufacturing Proficiency

KDM ensures the highest quality of aluminum junction that will benefit for decades. As we work on our aluminum junction box, we perform different manufacturing procedures to achieve its perfect assembly:

  • Research and Design
  • Comprehensive material selection
  • CNC machining and processes
  • Die production
  • Laser cutting
  • Bending and welding
  • Full-scale inspection and verification

KDM - Custom Aluminum Junction Box Advanced Services


KDM is committed to maintaining and expanding our technological superiority in the aluminum junction box businesses. KDM is the best option for your needs in terms of aluminum junction boxes.

Are you seeking the manufacturers of aluminum junction boxes that accept OEM and ODM orders? Need someone that can produce what you want and have a custom material to your aluminum junction box specification. Then our OEM/ODM service is for you. Contact us now.

National Manufacturer
National Manufacturer

KDM is a high-tech national manufacturer. Considering our superior quality, affordable rates, and excellent service, we are exporting aluminum junction boxes worldwide.

We provide products that are high-quality, timely, and cost-effective. KDM have won a high reputation among clients. Welcome to our services. 

Multiple Applications Services
Multiple Applications Services

Aluminum junction boxes find use in numerous applications in industrial and residential applications like communication, steel smelting, electrical industries, and many more.

KDM is a well-known brand of aluminum junction box manufacturer. We provide more than a hundred to a thousand distinct junction box models, including aluminum junction boxes. 

KDM - Aluminum Junction Box Supplier in China
Expert Aluminum Junction Box Supplier in China

KDM is the largest supplier of all kinds of aluminum junction boxes that are used in different fields of electronic, electrical, communication, industrial, and research projects. The hard work of our QC team employees guaranteed the custom designs and stable quality. Send your inquiry now.

  • “KDM Company is highly suggested if you’re seeking a qualified and reputable supplier of aluminum junction boxes for your business or project. They provide aluminum junction boxes that can work precisely and effectively.”

  • “We will always be grateful for KDM’s excellent service. Choosing KDM as my trusted manufacturer was easy for me since they supply aluminum junction boxes that are acceptable for my expectations.”

  • “The aluminum junction box is really simple to use and safe to deal with. KDM was an acceptable producer for me because they are consistently productive.”

Aluminum Junction Box: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Aluminium junction box plays an integral role in modern electrical wiring systems. At times, choosing a safe junction box can be an overwhelming task. A reason this guide explores all vital aspects about Aluminium junction box.

What Is Aluminum Junction Box?

Aluminum junction box is an area which is enclosed my use of an aluminum material that offers protection to the electrical wiring system in order to avoid destructions.

aluminum junction box

Aluminum junction box

It is generally a meeting point for different electrical wires.

How Do You Choose Material Grade For Aluminum Junction Box?

Environmental Considerations

Aluminum junction box must be able to withstand different conditions when exposed to certain environment.

Exposure to conditions like ultraviolet rays, airborne debris, different temperatures, and other environmental elements.

All these have significant impacts or effects to the aluminum junction box, hence determines where the aluminum junction box has to be situated.

Appropriately Sized Aluminum Junction Box

Based on the size of the area to which the aluminum junction box has to be fixed, its size has to be considered.

Small areas will not be able to accommodate large sized junction boxes.

Modification Need

Aluminum junction box that might need modifications such as change of shape and size might affect the need to purchase them.

Boxes that can easily be fixed to the areas to which they have to be put require less time and are cost effective In the long run.

Other modification needs might comprise creating punches to the aluminum boxes that have not been fixed with the required punches.


Aluminum junction box price will always affect the budget.

Prices might vary due to the size of the junction box, the enclosures used and the place of purchase.

Aesthetic Value

Different clients prefer aluminum junction boxes that are highly branded and designed to look more attractive and decorated.

This is in order to fit into their environments or expectations.

Weight Considerations

Aluminum junction boxes, just like plastic junction boxes are light in weight. Therefore, they are easier to lift them and fix to the required place of work.

Why Choose Advantages Of Aluminum Junction Box?

Light Weight

Due to its high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum made surfaces are lightweight but strong in nature.


Compared to other materials used in enclosure constructions, aluminum has a better fracture toughness, making it a very strong element than the rest.

Resistance To Corrosion

Aluminum is very resistant to almost all corrosive substances for instance, salt water which is known for causing corrosion and also weathering.

Even when exposed to long periods of ultraviolet rays, there is no side effect.

Survives In High Temperatures

It retains its characteristics in wide variety of temperatures.

During cold weather, its surfaces do not turn fragile and brittle but increases in tensile strength without losing its ductile nature.

Its low coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum allows it to sustain high temperatures without it distorting.

Electron Protection

Since aluminum has the highest electrical conductivity-to-weight ratio compared to any other metal, it is an excellent enclosure.

Also, aluminum is a good efficient reflector for electromagnetic wavelengths of radio and radar.

Good Heat Dissipation

Due to its high thermal conductivity, it is heavily used in heat sinks and heat exchangers.

It also moves heat away in electronics in shipping cases.

Survives In Harsh Conditions

Water vapour cannot diffuse through an aluminum coated surface.

It is widely used in secondary activities like drilling, laser cutting, riveting, and welding among others.

It is always easier to modify than other materials.

Attractive And Excellent Finishes

Aluminum can be used in all types of finishes be it mechanical or chemical

Safe To Use

It is a non-toxic substance, an odourless substance, tasteless, non-absorbing, non-sparking, non-magnetic and non-flammable substance.

These factors make it possible to use aluminum widely in different areas like sanitary areas, food centres, and many volatile areas.

What Are Aluminum Junction Box Components?

Cable Glands and Accessories

Cable glands offer protection of the electrical devices in the aluminum junction boxes.

Cable glands act work by sealing and terminating device to ensure the protection is effective.

Also, they offer environmental protection as well to the electrical equipment as well in the junction box.

Protection extends to excluding dust and moisture in to the electrical accessories.

Wires Or Wirings

Multiple wires split power to different multiple outlets.

One aluminum junction box might compose of one power inlet, but the power will be split via different multiple wires to be supplied to different inlets.

Different wires in the junction box include hot wires which are black in colour, neutral wires which are in white colours and grounding wires which are green or copper.

In some cases, red wires are commonly used as well.

Enclosure Accessories

Majorly, the aluminum junction boxes have enclosure accessories that offer protection to the circuit breakers, the control panel and any available contactors.

Control Panel

The control panel in the aluminum junction box controls the flow of electricity from one source of power to the outlet that it is directed.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers, as the name suggests, protect electric circuit from damage which is by overload or overcurrent flowing in the circuit system.

It interrupts the flow of the current after detecting a fault flow in the circuit.

Terminal Box

A terminal box houses specific connections of an electrical structure.

It always lacks a room for further expansion.

Display Monitor

It is mainly on a monitor that all the information of the aluminum junction box is displayed.

Is Aluminum Junction Box Durable?

Yes. Aluminum junction box is durable due to the factors an aluminum material comprises of;

Highly Resistant To Chemical Corrosion

Aluminum material is highly resistant to corrosion due to its ability not to react with different chemicals subjected to it.

Hence, the aluminum junction box is durable and reliable.


Aluminum material does not allow water to pass through it. Aluminum repels almost all liquid exposed to it.

Ability for an aluminum material to repel water makes an aluminum junction box durable since it can be fixed outside the house unlike metal junction box.


Aluminum material is way stronger compared to plastic coatings.

Hence, aluminum junction box is strong and can survive in different conditions, for instance areas with a lot of moving objects and workshops.

Strength offers protection to moving objects that might hit the aluminum junction box from time to time.

How Do You Fabricate Aluminum Junction Box?

Fabricating aluminum junction box considers different specifications based on the customers’ needs.

Processes or capabilities applied

Material procurement

Laser Cutting or Shearing

Aluminum material is cut into different sets of sizes required based on the specifications given either from the client or the company.

Press Braking

Aluminum material is bent into the desired shape.

Material is placed on a die and pressed by the punch which then bends the sheet to the selected degree.

Welding Aluminum Parts

Different cut points are joined by use of a welding machine.

Any other additional non cut aluminum material that should be included on junction box is fixed as well to acquire desired complete aluminum material.

The material then undergoes machining process.

Drilling /Tapping or Boring Is Done Based On The Dimensions Required.

It majorly entails creating holes on the aluminum junction box based on their function.

Assembling Process

Different components are sourced and are them put together to make a panel.

Gaskets are fixed together with hardware to make a complete circuit in the aluminum junction box.

Units are labelled to meet customer requirements.

Overall Part Dimensions

Aluminum material dimensions are given based on the material thickness, the height of the junction box, its length and the width.

An aluminum junction box can be fabricated into different custom sizes.

You can apply different finishing depending on unique requirements of customers.

Which Aluminum Junction Box Surface Finishes Are Available?

Mechanical Surface Finishes

Since aluminum is a metal; it is susceptible to the mechanical finishing processes that are commonly used to other surfaces.

It applies processes that alter the metal by abrasion.

Abrasion includes polishing, grinding, blasting and buffing.

Finishing can also apply to texture by mechanical force like embossing or shot peening.

Due to the soft nature of aluminum surfaces, lubrications and low pressure application is required.

Chemical Finishes

Rely on certain chemical reactions which should be distinctive to the aluminum specifications.


It is a treatment that gives different degree of surface finishing processes.

Chemical Brightening

It gives a high surface lustre appearance.

Conversion Coatings

It promotes surface films desirable for functional or aesthetic purposes.

Immersion Plating

It deposits a metallic surface coating.

Powder Coating

It entails application of powder to the surface to give it a suitable appearance.


Is an Electrochemical process providing additional protection, apart from the natural surface.


It can be done by use of wood finishing.

Technicians opt to wrap profiles in a thin film with a pattern on it, which is transferred to the extrusions by sublimation process.

Are There IP Rated Aluminum Junction Boxes?

Yes, some of the IP ratings include.


It is a waterproof aluminum junction box.

Its enclosure is moulded in polycarbonate flame retardant material.

The enclosure is supplied complete with case fixings, screws and sealing gasket, hence protection against water and dust particles.

It contains a recessed area on the lid for screen printing and labels.


It is weather proof with an enclosure suited to be used outside for any outdoor installations.

Also, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is protected against rains and saltwater.

Designed in a manner that it is resistant to temperature and any other impact

It is suitable for offshore applications.


They offer protection to water and dust.

It is fitted with mounting plates.


It is weather proof with an enclosure suited to be used outside for any outdoor installations.

Also, it is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and is protected against rains and saltwater.

Designed in a manner that it is resistant to temperature and any other impact

It is suitable for offshore applications.

Do You Have NEMA Rated Aluminum Junction Box?

NEMA 4X Aluminum Electrical and Battery Enclosure

It has a back plate.

Aluminum 4X can survive in all weather and offers corrosion protection. Spring latches and cable glands are made of aluminum.

It contains louvered vented door with insect guard and a continuous hinge.

It is mostly mounted on walls and poles too.

Also, it contains raised water deflecting top edge.

4X aluminum junction box is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fittings.

NEMA 7 aluminum junction box

It is majorly for explosion-proof places.

Which Features Should You Look For In Aluminum Junction Box?

Quality Of Protection

Aluminum junction box must have a high level of protecting all components init.

Protection might be by water repelling, dust protection and chemical corrosion protection.

Sizes And Shapes

Different clients might prefer different shape appearances. Shapes might be oval, rectangular or round.

Its sized is majorly considered due to the ability to fit into a certain area. Small area fittings might require a small aluminum junction box due to less spacing.


Aluminum junction boxes to be used in very complex fittings might require more technical considerations compared with those to be fitted in less technical places.


Prices always affect budgeting.

A budget is important in order to help one prepare for the type and size of aluminum junction box to purchase.


Material used for finishing impact the desire of the client.

Different clients prefer different type of finishing. Rating systems or level

NEMA ratings indicate the type of aluminum junction box that suit in particular areas or conditions.

It will also indicate whether the material is suitable for hazardous or non-hazardous locations.


It offers air circulation.

Which Types Of Hinges Are In Aluminum Junction Box?

Screw-on Concealed Hinge

It is a concealed type of hinge for outdoor utility aluminum junction box

screw on concealed hinge

screw on concealed hinge

Also, it is applicable in machine covers like industrial generators.

Adjustable Torque Hinges With Leaf Screw

They are embedded used in electrical aluminum junction box.

adjustable torque hinges with leaf screw

adjustable torque with leaf screw

Countersunk Leaf Hinge

It is an external hinge type that serves data centres.

Weld-on Bullet Hinge

 countersunk leaf sink

countersunk leaf hinge

It is an embedded hinge type for transportation facilities like trucks.

How Does Aluminum Junction Box And Plastic Junction Box Compare?

Aluminum junction box is not commonly found in the market due to its high prices compared to plastic junction box that is commonly found in the market.

Aluminum junction box is durable than the plastic junction box in the long run.

This is especially in construction sites where aluminum junction boxes are more recommended than the plastic junction boxes.

Aluminum unction boxes offer a different variety of finishing compared to the plastic junction boxes.

 plastic junction box

plastic junction box

Aluminum junction box is made of an aluminum coating while a plastic junction box is made of a thermoplastic material.

Both offer protection to their respective components.

Can You Die Cast Aluminum Junction Boxes?


Aluminum junction boxes can be die casted in order to offer protection to very sensitive electronic assemblies, both indoor and outdoor environments.

An aluminum junction box enclosure offers a natural level of shielding for the devices and the applications.

die cast aluminum junction box

die cast aluminum junction boxes

Aluminum junction boxes offer both water proof enclosures which meet the NEMA type 4X and the IP67 requirements.

Die casted aluminum boxes are found in transportation, manufacturing, and electrical industries.

Which Are The Common Aluminum Junction Box Closure Options?

Fibre Optic Splice Closure

It is suitable for fibre optic splice cable and protection.

fibre optic splice closure

fibre optic splice closure

It can be aerial hanged, walled or pole hanged.

The closure and the foundation is sealed by silicon gum that makes it tight.

Stainless Steel Sealing Option

Stainless steel can be used to seal the aluminum Junction Box as it is fixed on the opening part to offer protection against dust and water.

Leaving It Open

Aluminum junction box can be left open suppose it should be dried off or cleaned.

Also, it can be left open if there is need to use it immediately.

How Does Stainless Steel Junction Box Vs Aluminum Junction Box Compare?

Stainless steel junction box is stronger.

Therefore it is durable than the aluminum junction box since it has tensile strength of 505MPa compared to aluminum with has a 276MPa tensile strength.

Aluminum junction box is more resistant to corrosion than the stainless steel junction box since it repels oxidation processes.

Stainless steel junction box is more expensive than the aluminum junction box when you compare the same mass weight of both elements.

stainless steel junction box

stainless steel junction box

Aluminum junction box is easier to bend when and loss its shape compared to stainless steel junction box due to its hard nature to crack or bend when hit.

Aluminum junction box is more difficult to weld than the stainless steel junction box.

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