Aluminum Manhole Cover

Manhole covers, frames, and storm rings are an essential tools for securing the sewer system while still allowing access for maintenance workers. Round aluminum manholes are the best fit for most openings.

Other manhole covers often stop fuel from leaking out of a tanker. Such aluminum manhole covers often have P/V vents and automatic air regulation to stabilize pressure. They are perfect for diesel, petroleum, and kerosene transport.

We fabricate all types of aluminum manhole covers, which offer high strength and performance, as well as light weight.

Aluminum Manhole Cover Products By Size (7)

Aluminum Manhole Cover Products By Type (5)

Aluminum Manhole Cover Advantages


Aluminum, unlike steel, will not rust outdoors. This makes our aluminum manhole covers perfect for marine applications and humid environments.

Great Load Bearing Capacity
Great Load Bearing Capacity

Our aluminum manhole covers withstand damage from pounding on the ground and are specially designed to have maximum load-bearing capacity.


Aluminum maintains great performance, while being lightweight when compared to steel (~50lb vs 220lb).

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Our designs ensure that KDM aluminum manhole covers are easy to install and service. Dummy-proof notches and bolt alignments do the job.

Fully Customizable
Fully Customizable

You can customize any feature, diameter, colour, bolt size, pattern, and more.

Customize Your Aluminum Manhole Cover

Our factory capabilities allow for wide customization options regarding manhole covers. KDM engineers will work with you to develop the ideal design with all the right features.


  • Blinding holes
  • P/V vent
  • Emergency exhausting design
  • Lockable bolt-down design
  • Custom diameter
  • Round, square, and rectangular cover shapes
  • Base seals
  • Top pattern design
Customize Your Aluminum Manhole Cover (2)

KDM Aluminum Manhole Cover Fabrication

KDM Aluminum Manhole Cover Fabrication 1
KDM Aluminum Manhole Cover Fabrication 2

We fabricate aluminum manhole covers using 3D design, laser-cutting, CNC milling, and precision welding. Using high-end manufacturing tools and equipment, we supply the best quality of aluminum manhole covers possible. In addition, we can anodize aluminum, apply engravings, embossments, and powder coating.

Our factory fabricates aluminum manhole covers according to international safety requirements, so you can be sure their performance.

  • Resin Composite Manhole Cover
    Resin Composite Manhole Cover
  • Stainless Steel Manhole Cover
    Stainless Steel Manhole Cover
  • Water Tank Manhole Cover
    Water Tank Manhole Cover
  • Sewer Manhole Cover
    Sewer Manhole Cover

Aluminum Manhole Cover FAQs

How Do You Choose Aluminum Manhole Cover
  • It should also have a compact design.
  • The aluminum manhole cover should be water and odor proof.
  • It should come with two lifting keys for easy opening, installation instructions, spare screw caps and locks.
  • The aluminum manhole cover should have a long service life.
  • Choose an aluminum manhole cover that is very cost effective.
  • The aluminum manhole cover should have two seals, a T-rubber seal into the outer frame and one seal at the base.

The t-rubber seal prevents dirt between the cover and the frame and provides an additional odor barrier.

  • An aluminum manhole cover should come with a reinforced mesh in the cover.

aluminum manhole cover

aluminum manhole cover

How Do You Measure Size Of Aluminum Manhole Cover?

The measurements are typically in millimeters.

To get the correct size, take measurements of the clear opening, rather than the size of the cover.

The clear opening size is the size of the manhole itself.

You take the measurements from the inside walls of the manhole from one side to the other.

If the hole is not circular but a square or a rectangle, take measurements of both the height and width from inside the walls of the frame.

Take measurements of the height of the frame too.

You need to also take measurement of the depth of the brickwork. This is where the cover will be sitting in and is referred to as frame depth.

By taking the above measurements, you will get the accurate size of the manhole cover.

You should not make the mistake of assuming the size based on the previous manhole cover.

How Do You Determine Weight Loading Of Aluminum Manhole Cover?

Knowing the weight loading you need is a very important factor.

The weight loading of an aluminum manhole cover depends on where you will install the cover.

The weight load of the cover will affect its service lifespan.

To determine the weight loading, you need to think about the traffic that will pass through the aluminum manhole cover.

It can be a highway or pedestrian area among many others.

If it is a busy area with heavy-weight vehicles you need a heavy-duty manhole cover.

Recessed Aluminum Access Cover Vs Solid Top Covers; How Do They Compare?

Recessed covers have a cut-out in the tray to allow for cement or brick paving to blend with the surroundings.

recessed aluminum access cover

Recessed aluminum access cover

 Only the outline of the cover on the ground is visible.

These types of covers are common in swimming pools, pedestrian areas, and gardens among many other places.

On the other hand, solid covers are made to be very visible. They are the standard everyday manhole covers.

solid top cover

solid top cover

They have several markings and information on them such as the manufacturer.

Which Are The Seal Options For Aluminum Manhole Cover?

There are three types of seals for the aluminum manhole cover.

The type of seal you choose will depend on where you will use the manhole cover.

The seal options include;

  • Unsealed/no seal cover. Just as the name states, this type of cover does not have a seal.

Instead, the cover just slots into the frame. This type of cover cannot contain air within the manhole because of the lack of a seal.

This kind of cover is not suitable for manholes with bad smells.

  • Single seal covers. These kinds of covers have a tongue and groove joint.

The two make a very airtight seal between the cover and the frame. The airtight seal ensures any odors are kept inside the manhole.

  • Double seal covers.

These types of covers are almost similar to single covers. The main difference is these have a double tongue and groove joint.

The double seal covers are better at ensuring odors stay in the manhole. These types of covers are common in buildings.

Is There Weight Rating For Aluminum Access Covers?

Yes, there is.

  • 5 tonnes for only pedestrian use
  • 5 tonnes for domestic driveways
  • 10 tonnes for service areas
  • 17 tonnes for small rigid commercial vehicles
How Does Aluminum Manhole Cover Compare To Steel Manhole Cover?

Both aluminum manhole covers and steel have properties that make them suitable for manhole covers.

The aluminum cover is lightweight compared to the steel cover, but even though it is lightweight, aluminum has a better strength-to-weight ratio.

aluminum manhole cover

aluminum manhole cover

Steel manhole cover has very much resistance to heat compared to aluminum. Aluminum manhole cover has an advantage over steel in cold temperatures.

steel manhole cover

steel manhole cover

Regarding corrosion resistance, both aluminum and steel are corrosion resistant.

They do not rust easily unless exposed to certain conditions.

How Do You Specify Aluminum Access Cover?

To be specific on the aluminum access cover make sure you mention the following;

  • The type of aluminum access cover you want, there are several types and the kind you choose depends on the area of application.
  • The standard size.

There are several sizes available to choose from but you should choose one according to the size of the opening area.

  • The load type. Be specific on the weight you want; it can either be light, medium, or heavy duty.
  • The thickness should be according to the traffic in the area where the manhole is.
  • The material.

There are several aluminum types with different properties. Choose one that will best suit you.

  • The recess depth.
  • The type of seal you want. As you specify this make sure it will be appropriate for where you will use it.
  • The finish type. You can be specific on the type of finish you want depending on where you will use the access cover.
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