Aluminum Plaques

We offer aluminum plaques of exceptional quality available in a variety of styles and sizes. When working with us, you can rely on skilled craftsmanship to transform your concept into a vintage or modern aluminum plaque that’s ideal for your application.

Aluminum plaques are 10% cheaper than their bronze counterparts and have the added benefit of weather-resistance. KDM aluminum plaques offer a durable metal plaque at a reasonable price—perfect for memorial and dedication plaques as well as address markings and building identification. Whatever your needs and requirements, we will provide you with the best aluminum plaques.

Types of Aluminum Plaques We Fabricate

Bench & Garden Plaques
Bench & Garden Plaques

Aluminum plaques give character to benches, gardens, and parks. We offer special installation options like wall-mounted, pole-mounted, and pedestal-mounted for our aluminum plaques. This way, you will receive the perfect product for your application.

Memorial Plaques
Memorial Plaques

The most long-lasting method of keeping someone’s memory alive is through memorial plaques. A lasting and attractive approach to create a memorial tribute is by etching, engraving, or machine-tooling a solid, high-quality aluminum plaque.

Historical Plaques
Historical Plaques

To educate youth and maintain memory of a certain historical event, aluminum plaques are often installed. We can manufacture a variety of custom aluminum plaques with small text, photos, stylized borders, and more.

Fire Department & Police Plaques
Fire Department & Police Plaques

Aluminum plaques for fire department facilities and police stations withstand all sorts of conditions. Starting from rain and snow, all the way to vandalism, high heat, high impact, chemicals, and more.

Donation Plaques
Donation Plaques

Donation plaques in schools, universities, municipal buildings, art galleries, and other places help thank donors for financial help. This is why these plaques are important and carefully fabricated at our factory using high-quality aluminum.

Address Plaques
Address Plaques

In many different categories, building plaques are a very popular sort of plaque. Aluminum mailbox numbers, navigation signs, address plaques, and other signage can be fabricated with us. Our high-quality and long-lasting building plaques are available for you.

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How to Order Your Aluminum Plaques


Select the style, dimensions, and other requirements for your plaque, and we’ll put together a quote for you. Our plaque experts are available by phone or email if you need assistance making a decision or have questions, and they will assist you in choosing the best plaque for your needs.


You give us the text, graphics, or images, and we’ll make the first plaque proof. You are welcome to offer any necessary adjustments or comments, and we will revise until you are satisfied. We may also assist you in choosing border styles, backdrop hues and textures, coatings, and mounting techniques.


Payment plans are arranged after the artwork is complete in order to start production. We accept Visa, PayPal, Western Union, and other forms of payment.


After your approval, we will begin MOQ- or mass-production. Your aluminum plaques will be inspected for quality, carefully packaged, and shipped to your location.

Aluminum Plaques Fabrication

Aluminum Plaques Fabrication
Aluminum Plaques Fabrication

You can choose from many alloys of aluminum for the base of your plaque. Next, we can manufacture the plaque design using several techniques, like:

  • CNC precision tooling
  • Etching
  • Laser engraving
  • Embossing

We utilize cutting-edge computerized CNC milling machines to take or carve away any extra metal, which is subsequently recycled. This allows for extreme precision. During etching, your plaque’s design is cut into a chemical-resistant mask that is then put onto aluminum, which is immersed in a substance that eats away at the exposed metal. Advanced laser engraving burns the design into aluminum. Embossing presses and stamps it into the surface, resulting in a fast production rate—ideal for large orders.

After, the plaque can be finished, anodized, and painted once the design has been applied to it.


Custom Personalized Aluminum Plaques


All aluminum plaques come with a typical brushed grain finish. You can opt to paint the raised aluminum portions to match your branding or select a polished aluminum finish. For a plaque that is truly unique, you may also select from a variety of backdrop textures and colors. Background textures include leatherette, sand, stipple, and smooth.


Which aluminum plaque style, text, and font are right for you can be determined by whether your design calls for raised or recessed lettering. Our precision tooling works equally well for both types of lettering, whereas recessed text is often produced by engraving. You can select any font or give us your custom font.

Mounting Option
Mounting Option

We offer all sorts of mounting options: surface mounts, post mounts, and garden stake mounts. Post mounts also include post cap mounts. Wall mounts include blind mounts, solid wall mounts, hollow wall mounts, and wood mounts.


We manufacture the standard rectangular, square, oval, and circular aluminum plaques. Besides these, we also fabricate custom shapes like quatrefoil, and more. Simply give us your idea, and our designers will make it a reality.


The standard sizes for aluminum plaques are 4×6″, 6×8″, and 8×10″. You can also request your custom dimensions and layout.

Plaque Borders
Plaque Borders

Any plaque would look fantastic with a standard border option such a single line, double line, inset line, ivy, or beveled edges. Additionally, you can always request a custom border to the plaque in accordance with your idea.

Photo or Portrait
Photo or Portrait

We offer many portrait techniques that suit your style and budget among the many available. You have options like intricate flat relief portraits, etched inserts, and ceramic inserts.

  • “The aluminum etched plaques I ordered to update historical monuments were just perfect and they were delivered very quickly. Superb craftsmanship, helpful support team, and affordable prices. I love it.”

    SN, USA
  • “In helping me create the perfect address aluminum plaques, KDM did a fantastic job. The plaques not only surpassed my expectations in terms of quality but also fulfilled my design preferences.”

    JC, France

  • Bronze Plaque Round Plates
    Bronze Plaque Round Plates
  • Embossed Wooden Shield Metal Plaques
    Embossed Wooden Shield Metal Plaques
  • Brushed Stainless Steel Plaques
    Brushed Stainless Steel Plaques
  • Engraved Metal Plate Plaques
    Engraved Metal Plate Plaques

Aluminum Plaques FAQs

Is Aluminum The Best Metal For Plaques?

Metal alloys like bronze, brass and stainless steel work well for etched plaques.

These alloys’ strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance make them stand out.

Other materials like granite, marble, glass, and aluminium are also used for memorial and commemorative plaques.

aluminum plaque

aluminum plague

How Does Aluminum Plaques Compare To Bronze Plaques?

Bronze Plaque

A cast bronze plaque has the advantage of being extremely durable. Copper and tin make up the majority of the alloy that is bronze.

It is stronger and tougher than other materials, with stainless steel being the sole exception.

Because of this, bronze plaques are a great option for outdoor signage and monuments.

The bronze plaque is protected further by a clear lacquer coating and is durable in various weather situations.

Bronze plaques hold up well to strong foot activity if you’re searching for a plaque that will be positioned beneath the foot.

Bronze is the most classic plaque material, giving your product an appearance of strength, distinction, and class.

Since a real chemical patina lasts longer than paint or stain, it is applied to bronze plaques to give them their distinctive sheen.

Advantages of bronze plaque:

  • The Strength and resilience
  • Looks traditional and timeless
  • The capacity for exquisite detail
  • Lustrous finish and chemical patina
  • Installation on walls and installation underground

Aluminium Plaque

Plaques made of Aluminum have a few advantages of their own.

Usually, Aluminum is a considerably softer metal than cast bronze, but it weighs a little less and is still resistant to various climate factors.

Aluminium plaques would look fantastic on a contemporary building with a material palette of glass and steel because of their sleek, silver colour.

Aluminum plaque

aluminum plaque

Aluminium plaque may be attached to nearly any wall, stone, or platform and are strong enough to be used for interior and exterior plaque installations.

However, because it is a soft metal, it is not suggested for plaques buried in the ground or placed in locations with a lot of foot traffic.

Aluminium plaques are a fantastic option for logo design or other graphic signage when the corporation’s colours are essential to the overall design.

This is because the background of the plaques can be painted in almost any colour.

The merits of aluminium plaques include:

  • It is lightweight.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Contemporary colour scheme
  • Background colours
  • Installation on a wall only

bronze plague

bronze plague

Why Choose Cast Aluminum Plaques?
  • You may select an aluminium cast plaque since it is lower in weight and offers the same lifetime warranty as other materials.
  • It is a wonderful choice if you’re on a tight budget because it is lightweight and inexpensive.
  • The cast aluminium plaque also features a traditional silver finish on the metal, which you may polish or paint to get the look you want.
How Do You Choose Aluminum Plaques Options And Designs?

In order to get your aluminium plaque design from conception to the finished product, a highly qualified team will often meet with you first.

We will then be able to use your design concept to create an execution strategy.

We will email you proof of your design for approval once we have mapped out your design, as it will appear on your selected plaque.

If you have an idea for an engraved aluminium plaque, our highly skilled team can typically take your design and implement it from paper to plaque.

Whereby we are mostly a custom foundry and can make whatever you can think of.

Even if you don’t have a specific design in mind, we can come up with what you need by sketching the idea.

Normally, we wait for your approval of the final design before starting the casting process.

What Are The Mounting Options For Aluminum Plaques?

Fasteners are often used to mount aluminum plaques.

We provide various mounting solutions, such as an aluminium plaque with a hidden stud on the back that may be glued to a wall.

Toggle bolts, wood screws, and metal bolts are also available as options.

Why Anodize Aluminum Plaques?

They are typically anodized to make them suitable for outdoor use and to avoid rusting.

Normal anodizing results in a uniform coating, but regrettably, in many instances, small fissures in the coating cause the aluminium plaque to deteriorate.

anodize aluminum plagues

Anodize Aluminum Plaques

Why Choose Engraved Aluminum Plaque?

Engraved Aluminum Plaque

Usually, adding finely detailed photographs to your plaque is excellent with anodized aluminium plaques.

It can be used on polished granite as well as Aluminum.

Engraved aluminum plaque

engraved aluminum plaque

Cast Aluminum Plaque

Cast Aluminum is a good approach to making a high-quality and long-lasting aluminium plaque since it is often shaped using a tried-and-true procedure.

cast aluminum plaque

cast aluminum plaque

Precision/Tooled Aluminum Plaque

tooled aluminum plaque

tooled aluminum plaque

Precisely tooled aluminium plaques are the finest option when you need a quick turnaround or have complicated patterns.

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