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KDM can be your trusted constant manufacturer of custom aluminum shims. Various thicknesses and gauges are available to suit specific applications.

  • Designed with corrosion resistance
  • High-durable
  • Wide range selections
  • Available in different sizes

KDM Aluminum Shims

The aluminum shims are highly made from aluminum alloy, providing lighter material and corrosion-resistance features. There are numerous sizes and shapes available to fit particular usages. The aluminum alloy shim compositions made them more durable, reliable and well finished.

KDM offers typical aluminum shims, like alignment shims, shim washers, Shim plates, etc. This metal shim comes with different aluminum grades, applicable for most industrial applications. Your requests are always our priority.

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Aluminum Spherical Shim

The aluminum spherical shims are in demand in the automotive industry. They are also available in different styles, like wedge, split, or countersunk.

Aluminum Spring Flat Shim
Aluminum Spring Flat Shim

The aluminum spring flat shim has Ni-plated or black oxide surface finishes. Their thicknesses and grade are customized according to your needs.

High Precision Aluminum Shim
High Precision Aluminum Shim

The high-precision aluminum shims are manufactured according to customers’ requested sizes. They are available in about 0.01mm to 10mm thicknesses.

Aluminum Window Packer Shim
Aluminum Window Packer Shim

Aluminum packer shims are typically installed in windows or door areas. They are also available in different materials, like brass and stainless steel.

Custom Colored Aluminum Shim
Custom Colored Aluminum Shim

The customized colored aluminum shims are ideal in black oxide, electrophoresis, or zinc-plated surface treatments. Various color options are available.

Aluminum Cup Head Shim
Aluminum Cup Head Cone Shim

Aluminum cup head shims are ideal for different industries, like food & beverage, retail, mining, automotive, etc. They are customizable and have low costs.

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Custom Aluminum Shim Advantages

Low Cost
Low Cost

Aluminum is a readily available and easily recycled raw material, resulting in inexpensive production costs. The aluminum retains all its inherent properties.


The lightest material for shims and foil is aluminum. Aluminum is a valuable industrial metal because of its low weight and malleability.


Since businesses can reuse the waste material from aluminum shims, they are far more ecologically and economically beneficial than other materials.

Improved Qualities
Improved Qualities

Aluminum and foil are common constituents of aluminum shims. In this way, the features of the shims improve their mechanical properties.

Various Aluminum Grade for Shims

Various aluminum grades are utilized for manufacturing custom shims, which include the following:

  • Grade 1110: A 99% pure aluminum material featuring corrosion resistance.
  • Grade 1145: This provides comparable convenient formability with enhanced aluminum concentration.
  • Alloy 2024: It has excellent strength by adding copper and extreme machinability.
  • Alloy 3003: These grades are not treatable yet have high corrosion resistance.

The Alloy 5052 and Alloy 6061 are also available.

Aluminum Shim
Aluminum Shim

KDM Manufacturing Capabilities

KDM ensures the highest quality aluminum shim and other related components. We can perform the following processes to satisfy your needs.

  • CNC punching
  • Laser cutting
  • Circle shearing
  • Die production & design
  • Bending
  • Grinding
  • Wire EDM machining
  • Abrasive cutting

Laminated Aluminum Shims

In KDM, we provide capabilities in utilizing aluminum-made laminated materials, such as shims. Using laminated aluminum shims achieves excellent benefits like cost savings, various tolerances, quick rate, and lesser assembly time. 

Also, there are various selections for laminated shims that fit specific applications. They are mainly suitable for exposure to lesser 300°F usages without pressure. KDM professionally customize them according to your request and necessities.

Aluminum Shim

Choose KDM to Customize Your Aluminum Shims

Aluminum Shim
Aluminum Shim Cutting

KDM specializes in fabricating various sheet metals, including aluminum sheets. We are a fully equipped company, performing accurate manufacturing processes quickly. Our factory has robotic welding, forming, shearing, drilling machines, and more. We ensure a high-quality yet low-cost variety of aluminum components.

Moreover, KDM provides OEM and ODM services. We have professional engineers that can design your needed aluminum shims. Our expert R&D team performs various procedures, including research, designing, and assembling custom aluminum shims.

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KDM - Your Aluminum Shims Supplier in China

Aluminum Shim

KDM can customize different shapes, sizes, thicknesses, and additional details to suit distinct usages. Due to the advantageous features and wide varieties of aluminum shims, they are in demand for most industrial applications, such as follows:

  • Architectural
  • Construction equipment
  • Aerospace
  • Mining equipment
  • Material handling
  • Steel mill equipment
  • Medical components
  • more
Aluminum Shim

To fit different applications, we design different types of aluminum-made shims. We assure their accurate features with satisfying finishes and sizes. KDM offers the following: 

  • Shim plates
  • Bearing shim
  • Shim washer or spacer
  • Alignment Shim
  • Shim ring
  • Slotted shims

Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries, and let us know your needed shim types!

Why Choose KDM Services

Customization Services
Customization Services

There are no limits to what KDM can do when making aluminum shims. Just send us your required applications, and we will do the rest of the custom designs and measurements. We ensure satisfying aluminum-made shims with our professional workers using advanced manufacturing equipment.

Worldwide Delivery
Worldwide Delivery

Here in KDM, our aluminum shims are the perfect material for use across the globe. It is ideal for applications that require high accuracy. The product is suitable for worldwide shipping. We guarantee secured packaging components and deliver them without damage.

Quick Quote Service
Quick Quote Service

We employed an enthusiastic and diligent sales representative to help you calculate the product cost quickly. It will help your business analyze ahead for a profitable purchase. You can also expect a quick and satisfying response to your inquiries.

Aluminum Shim Provider
Your One-Stop Aluminum Shims Provider in China

KDM can manufacture aluminum shims to any precise size or gauge. That includes bespoke designs adapted to your demands, at a fair price. KDM can be your aluminum shim supply solution for your business and projects. Keep on touching us now!

  • “Having dealings with KDM was a satisfying experience. They can provide the necessary help, prompt delivery, and high-quality aluminum shims. My future investments will be in KDM!”

  • “When investing with KDM, I can always count on receiving high-quality components that perfectly fit my designs. KDM comes highly recommended by me to other business owners.”

  • “The KDM has been an excellent provider of aluminum shims for our company; their good communication consistently stands behind any agreements. Once again, many thanks to the wonderful staff at KDM.”

Aluminium Shim: The Ultimate Guide

Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects of aluminum shim. Before choosing aluminum shim, you should consider material grade, standard size, feature and classification, just to mention a few.

What Is Aluminum Shim?

An aluminium shim is a thin strip made from aluminium used to position parts, make them suitable or minimize wear.

It is used mainly to fill up space in an object to adjust a component.

Aluminium shims are suitable for various industrial and practical applications and are corrosion resistant.

aluminum shim

aluminum shim stock

Material Grade To Use For Aluminum Shim

The following are the material grade to use for aluminium shims:

  • 1100 H19

It is practically pure aluminium with low resistance. It has exceptional corrosion resistance, excellent welding properties, and good formability.

Heat treatment is unable to make it harder.

  • 1145

Grade 1145 is equivalent to Grade 1100. It offers similar formability while having a higher aluminium content; 99.45%

  • 3003 H14

The manganese additive is more potent than Grade 1100 H19 and has excellent corrosion resistance. It cannot be heat treated.

  • 6061 T6

Due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability, grade 6061 T6 is undoubtedly the most popular. It can be heat treated.

  • 5052 H34

High corrosion resistance, high formability, and Weldability are all attributes of grade 5052 H34. It cannot be heated.

  • 2024 T3

Since copper has been added, grade 2024 T3 offers greater strength and good machinability. Copper makes it less resistant to corrosion.

It is extensively utilized in the aerospace sector.

Uses Of Aluminum Shim

Some of the uses:

  • To level objects

Shim can be pushed between two objects to level the region if the object is not level.

  • To fill gaps

It is used mainly in construction to fill an opening in the material to close the gap; hence the material becomes blush.

  • To adjust clearance

In manufacturing, the shim is used to minimize the clearance between objects.

  • To align pipes

Shims are used in plumbing to align pipes when doing repairs.

  • Shims are used in computer manufacturing to protect the processor on a computer by keeping it apart from the heat sink.
What Is Aluminum Shim Stock?

Aluminium shim stock is a roll of thin gauge metal or foil used to make shims.

To enable precise positioning modifications, thin gauge cut sheet metal can be as light as 0.0005 inches (0.0127 mm).

Since the shim stock is so thin, standard equipment like metal shears may be readily used to cut it into unique shapes.

aluminum shim stock

aluminum shim stock

Stamping, laser cutting, water jet cutting, machining, or other metal fabrication methods can tailor the shim stock for more complicated geometries or attain higher accuracy.

Types Of Aluminum Shims

Arbor Shims

Arbor shims are created to prevent pivotal motion in assembled elements.

Shims are used in machinery adjustment and assembled for particular tolerances for an accurate fit.

Arbor shims

Arbor shims

They are measured by inner diameter, outer diameter and thickness.

Shim Rings

Shim rings, also known as tolerance rings, are used to establish a firm grasp on stamped, moulded, or worn housing bearings.

They’re frequently used with retention rings to minimize play between machined parts.

shim rings

shim rings

Shim rings’ thickness and inner and outer diameter are all measured. Shim rings are identifiable by their inner diameter and thickness when placing an order.

Variable Shims

Variable shims are classified into lengthening and shortening as they are used to shorten and lengthen shoulder bolts’ essential length.

They are primarily used in die and punch assemblies.

Lengthening shims are positioned at the shaft’s base over the threads while shortening shims are placed over the post under the head of the screw to shorten it.

variable shim

variable shim

They are measured by their inner and outer diameter and thickness.

Slotted Shims

Slotted shims exist in a variety of forms and have several uses. They all have an open slot, frequently in the shape of a U.

They can be used as standard spacers or placed around existing bolts and screws. Several types of slotted shim are equipped with tabs for more straightforward insertion.

Shims with slots are measured according to thickness, width, slot depth, and width. Shim height too is evaluated, but the additional tab length (if any) is not considered.

 slotted shims

slotted shims

Additionally, the tapered opening is not included in the slot width calculation because it is determined from the slot’s narrowest point.

Shim Stock

Shim stock is a thin, precise stock material used to make tailored shims.

It is a versatile material that may be quickly and easily cut with metal shears or scissors to desire sizes.

shim stock

shim stock

Shim stock is frequently employed for support, levelling, and fit modification.

The dimensions of shim stock are thickness, length, and width.

Recommended Thickness Of Aluminum Shim

Although the recommended range is 0.15 – 1.9 mm, the thickness of aluminium shim stock typically varies from 0.25 to 1.0 mm thick.

Advantages Of Aluminum Shim
  • An aluminium shim can lessen the harm that spaces between parts and loose moving parts do to equipment.
  • Aluminium shim eliminates extra gaps to guarantee the functions are accurate enough.
  • It lessens erosion. Thus, you can significantly lengthen the lifespan of your engine.
  • Economical to purchase and maintain.
Fabricating Aluminum Shims

The following are methods available for fabricating aluminium shims:


Forming as a method of aluminium shim fabrication distorts or bends the material to produce components and parts.

Forming also involves a comprehensive method using CNC press brakes known as rolling to form material parts.

The workpiece is shaped into the desired form by repeatedly feeding aluminium shims through parallel rollers.

Aluminium shims lose their form and not their mass through this fabrication process.

CNC Punching

Punching is a fabrication process in which a material is removed from a piece of aluminium shim by applying a great enough shearing force.

This process produces cutouts and holes of different sizes and shapes.


Bending is a process that involves aluminium shim bending to fit in with the required specifications.

The following are the factors to consider before the aluminium shim bending process:

  • Mechanical strength
  • Surface areas that are analytic for appearance.
  • Length, the expected deviations, and tolerances on the inside and outside dimensions.
Standard Material Tolerances Of Aluminum Shim Stock

The following are the standard material tolerances for aluminium shim stock:

Tolerance                                                 Shim stock thickness

+/- 0.00008                                                   0.001”

+/- 0.0001                                                0.002”

+/- 0.00015                                              0.003”

+/- 0.0002                                                0.004”

+/- 0.00025                                              0.005”

+/- 0.0005                                                0.010”

+/- 0.0005                                              0.015”

+/- 0.0005                                              0.020”

+/- 0.00075                                            0.025”

+/- 0.0001                                              0.050”

+/- 0.0002                                              0.075”

+/- 0.0002                                              0.100”

+/- 0.0025                                              0.125”

Aluminum Shim Vs. Thrust Washer

Aluminium shim and thrust washer safeguard machined elements, function as a buffer, or minimize vibration.

Aluminium shims occupy space and level horizontal and inclined surfaces of interface components, whilst thrust washers disperse the weight of a bolt or screw

Thrust washers have rollover and breakout edges because of the stamping process. They are economical compared to aluminium shim.

thrust washer

thrust washer

Shims have symmetrical faces, flat margins, and smoother corner edges. The aluminium shim is exceptionally balanced and of a constant thickness.

Standard Finishes On Aluminum Shim


This type of surface finish increases the thickness of an aluminium shim layer through the passive electrolytic process.


Aluminium shim is exposed to an acid solution to create a passive component by removing air from the surface.

The reactivity of the component’s surface is changed by the elements left behind to form more rust and corrosion resistance finish.

Passivation is considered the best next step because methods such as cutting, grinding, and welding alters the component surface.

Before the passivation process is applied, it is essential to ensure that the shim is cleaned; if not, the process will be unsuccessful.

The benefits of passivation are corrosion resistance is improved


Type of a surface finish in which paint is coated on the aluminium shim that functions as concrete hurdles against environmental conditions.

Painting is done in two modes:

  • Electrostatic
  • Painting by cataphoresis
  • Chemical film

Shims that will be painted frequently go through a chemical film preparation method.

Black Oxide

This method is a transformation coat that provides minor corrosion resistance and aesthetics and is sometimes known as blackening.

Black oxide has the benefit of not altering the shim thickness.

Features To Look For In Aluminum Shims

The following are the features to look for in aluminium shims:


The maximum strength the aluminium shim can endure renders it durable, thus an important feature to consider.

Corrosion Resistance

If the aluminium shim does not rust, it is corrosion-resistant.

The properties of resistance to corrosion help reduce the maintenance cost of treating the rust forming on the surface of the aluminium shim.

Formability And Weldability

Its ease of machinability is a crucial feature when choosing an aluminium shim.


Its ability to form into deferent shapes and sizes without weakening.

What Is Aluminum Tapered Shim

A tapered shim is a triangular-shaped piece of material that slips into any opening to fill it and stop the object from moving any further.

aluminum tapered shim

aluminum tapered shim

Tapered shims are employed when tight tolerance assembly is required, and the joining components are bent or angled; a typical straight shim cannot be utilized.

How Aluminum Shim Compare To Aluminum Gasket

The aluminium gasket is a hydraulic seal that prevents leaking from or into the attached components.

At the same time, they are compressed by filling the area between two or more workpieces.

In contrast, an aluminium shim is a thin strip made from aluminium used to position parts, make them suitable or minimize wear.

The aluminium gasket is a bendable substance used to produce and maintain a static seal in an assembly under diverse operating circumstances.

Aluminum Gasket

Aluminum gasket

In contrast, the aluminium shim is used to fill up space in an object mainly to adjust a component.

Benefits Of Laminated Aluminum Shim
  • Quick manufacturing line modifications and field repairs
  • Dimensional precision without manufacturing elements
  • There is no need to grind
  • Minimize assembly time
  • Reduce costs and increase accuracy by keeping fewer goods in stock.

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