Anodized Aluminum Labels

Our anodized aluminum labels are strong and guaranteed to last thanks to our technology. Businesses that need tags and labels with outstanding abrasion resistance use KDM anodized aluminum labels. An anodic coating that is resistant to weather and has high resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and solvents seals the graphics beneath it. We can include a high-bond adhesive with the labels.

These anodized labels are the identical ones that navy ships specify. Other uses include OEM plates, service badges, and equipment identification. Choose us for guaranteed regulatory compliance, asset identification, and brand representation. Whatever you need, KDM will create the perfect aluminum labels for you.

Dome Labels
Dome Labels

A raised dome form creates a 3D effect on anodized aluminum labels.

Cable Labels
Cable Labels

Flexible anodized aluminum labels to wrap around cords and cables.

Equipment ID Labels
Equipment ID Labels

Unique anodized aluminum labels to tag and maintain all your assets.

Nameplate Labels
Nameplate Labels

Anodized aluminum nameplates contain all information about an asset.

Date Labels
Date Labels

Perfect anodized aluminum tags for audit dates and other such information.

Tamper-Evident Labels
Tamper-Evident Labels

Secure and prevent theft with anodized aluminum tamper-proof labels.

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Industries Using Anodized Aluminum Labels

  • Military

    Anodized aluminum labels and nameplates are perfect for challenging environments and management of military equipment.

  • Energy

    Warning labels and organization labels used in the energy industry often use anodized aluminum labels.

  • Marine

    The resistance to corrosion characteristic to anodized aluminum is ideal for various marine applications.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace-grade anodized aluminum labels are used for asset managements, safety labels, and regulatory compliance.

  • Industrial

    Heavy equipment management in a factory is reliant upon labelling with anodized aluminum tags. The manufacturing assets are always labelled accordingly.

  • Storage

    Anodized aluminum labels help modernize inventory control and product identification in any storage or warehousing business.

Common Uses of Anodized Aluminum Labels

Product identification
Product Identification

A good material for asset marking and product identification is anodized aluminum. These labels can be applied to almost any surface and printed with barcodes for better inventory control.

Asset management
Asset Management

Anodized aluminum labels are perfect for data plates with crucial information about an asset. Instructions, serial number, and anything else can be included for easier asset management.

Safety and auditing
Safety and Auditing

KDM labels can be used to track auditing and testing information about an asset. Also, warning labels are commonly made with an aluminum substrate and an anodic layer.


Improve your brand representation with our anodized aluminum labels. These labels are durable and offer a professional appearance ideal for building a brand image.

Anodized Aluminum Label Specifications

MaterialAnodized aluminum, any alloy
Thickness0.008″, 0.012″, 0.020″, 0.032″, 0.063″
FinishMatte, satin, brushed, mirror
AttachmentPressure-sensitive adhesive, holes for rivets
DesignAll fonts, graphics, your logo
ColourBlack, blue, red, gold, green, bronze, custom
Standard Size4” x 1”, 4” x 2”, 4” x 4”, 1.25” x 0.75”
Anodized Aluminum Label Specifications
Benefits of Anodized Aluminum Labels

Benefits of Anodized Aluminum Labels

Due to its small weight, low cost, and durability, anodized aluminum is a common material used to produce many items such as tags, labels, and signage. Moreover, anodized aluminum has other advantages.

Resistant: anodized aluminum labels are highly durable and can effectively resist corrosion, humidity, abrasion, cold temperatures, and more. These labels are perfect for outdoor, marine, and industrial applications.

Label clarity: due to the anodic layer, the printed information or image is well-protected from abrasion and fading. Your label will remain in great condition even after years of use in harsh environments.

Colour Selection: a wide range of colour graphics can be used to process anodized aluminum labels. You can select any custom colour. However, keep in mind that the main disadvantage of colour graphics is their decreased UV resistance.

Strength: anodized aluminum has high surface strength and tensile strength despite being thin. These labels will not fracture or chip away while in use.

Why Choose Our Anodized Aluminum Labels

  • Long performance guarantee
  • Durable embedded or engraved prints
  • Great prices
  • Countless customization options
  • Marine-grade and aerospace-grade aluminum
  • Guaranteed legibility
  • Automated asset tracking
  • High-resolution printing
  • Quick turnaround
Why Choose Our Anodized Aluminum Labels

Anodized Aluminum Label Fabrication

Anodized Aluminum Label Fabrication
Anodized Aluminum Label Fabrication

At KDM, we specialize in customizing your anodized aluminum labels. They are available in a number of stock sizes and shapes as well as custom sizes. Using laser cutting or stamping, we will prepare the aluminum blanks. Next, we use special techniques that yield your design. We work with photo developing, chemical etching, engraving, embossing, CNC milling, and screen-printing. On our aluminum, we then seal the print with anodizing. We provide clear and coloures anodized aluminum. In order to match your needs and budget, we work with you to determine the ideal combination of size, shape, and technique.

Quality Testing

UV Resistance

After 400-hour Weatherometer Test, which is roughly equivalent to 20 years of outdoor exposure, there is minimal effect on the label.

Abrasion Resistance

After 7000 cycles on a Taber Abraser with 1000 gm. of stress, the surface is slightly dull, but the image was still readable.

Temperature Resistance

Aluminum labels withstand 500-800°F during a 24-hour oven exposure.

Corrosion Resistance

After 700 hours of exposure to 5% salt spray at 95°F, the anodized surface shows no effects.

Chemical Resistance

Exposure to various chemicals does no damage to the anodized aluminum labels.

  • “Thanks for the high-quality anodized aluminum labels! So far, they perform really well against corrosion, and the barcode clarity is superb.”

    JH, Canada
  • “These labels helped us modernize our warehouse. After 1.5 years of use, there are still no signs of damage or fading.”

    DM, Italy
  • “Excellent resistance to harsh environments. Although our design has small font, it is perfectly clear and legible.”

    MG, Poland
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