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The Ultimate Guide to Cast Aluminum Letters

 Cast Aluminum Letters

I know you are probably looking for high-quality cast aluminum letters.

This guide explores everything about casting aluminum letters – from benefits, features, casting process, dimensions, and font sizes to uses.

You will find all information about casted aluminum letters right here.

Benefits of Cast Aluminum Letters

Letter G made from Aluminum
Letter G made from Aluminum

Over the years, aluminum has become a perfect choice for metal letter fabrication. It is due to the many benefits aluminum offer in casting metal letters.

  1. Aluminum letters are durable; hence they will serve you for a long time
  2. Weather resistance – aluminum letters are rust-resistant making them the perfect choice for most applications even in harsh or corrosive environments
  3. Lightweight– being lightweight, aluminum letters do not require many reinforcements. A feature that makes them suitable for areas where weight is a major concern
  4. High strength makes the letters suitable for most applications
  5. A wide range of surface finishes makes aluminum letters adaptable for most applications
  6. Aluminum letters are recyclable – this makes the letters a sustainable solution in today’s metal fabrication industry
  7. Letters made from aluminum are easy to clean and maintain
  8. The letters are attractive

As you can see, all these make aluminum letters affordable in the long run. With low maintenance and durability, you will benefit a lot from aluminum letters in the long run.

How to Cast Aluminum Letters

Casting aluminum letters is quite simple. It follows the normal metal casting processes.

That is to say – you will:

  • Step 1: Make a mold that resembles the type of letters you want to cast. The molds are mainly made from stainless steel
  • Step 2: There are many aluminum alloys you can choose for the letter casting process such as the 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, 6xx, or 7xx. Where “xx” is the number referring to the alloying elements. The aluminum grade will depend on where you want to use the letters.
  • Step 3: Melt the aluminum alloy in a furnace until it changes to a liquid state.
  • Step 4: Pour the molten aluminum alloy into the mold – it will form the mold’s shape.
  • Step 5: Allow the mold content to cool. You can remove the letter and apply any surface finishing.

Remember, you can also drill holes after casting for easy installation. Alternatively, you can add additional features depending on the specific requirements.

Casted Aluminum Letters
Casted Aluminum Letters

Where to Use Casted Aluminum Letters

You can use cast aluminum letters in many applications. However, the application will depend on the aluminum letter design.

For instance, you may choose:

  • Outdoor aluminum letters
  • Aluminum sign letters
  • Thick casted aluminum letters
  • Custom aluminum letters
  • Aluminum flat cut-out sign letter

So depending on the specific applications, there are:

  1. Aluminum letters for buildings such as storefronts, doors, marking warehouses, etc.
  2. Casted aluminum letters for storefronts
  3. Using aluminum letters for logos, symbols, or wall decorations
  4. Casted aluminum letters for signs or cast aluminum letters for advertising signs
  5. Casting aluminum letters for address marking

In short, you can use these metal letters for virtually any application depending on your specific requirements.

Casted Aluminum Letters on Wall
Casted Aluminum Letters on Wall

Surface Finished to Apply After Aluminum Letters Casting

The ability to apply a unique surface finish makes aluminum a perfect material for most metal letters. You can easily transform the general aesthetic appearance allowing you to have many designs.

Some common surface finishing you can consider include:

  • Powder-coated aluminum letters
  • Anodized cast aluminum letters
  • Painted aluminum letters
  • Brushed aluminum letters
  • Polished aluminum letters, etc.

Alternatively, you can as well leave the letters to have a natural finish.

Ideally, the surface finishes add beauty and certain performance characteristics. For instance, adding a protective layer make aluminum letters rust-resistant.

Powderc Coated Aluminum Letter
Powder Coated Aluminum Letter

How Casted Vs. Laser Cut Aluminum Letters Compare

Apart from casting, laser cutting is a modern and effective way to make aluminum letters. Although the two processes make quality metal letters, there are certain attributes you should know.

  1. Laser-cut letters require minimal surface finishing operations
  2. With the casting technique, you can get aluminum letters with more depth
  3. Cutting aluminum letters is faster than casting metal letters
  4. With casting metal letters, you can add unique features such as a hollow back section. This is not easy with laser cutting aluminum letters
  5. Again, casting offers unlimited design options such as prismatic and round shapes. It is a feature that may not be possible with laser-cut aluminum letters.

Normally, the cost for both processes may vary depending on the production needs and requirements.

Of course, for cut letters, you will use a laser machine.

How to Choose Cast Aluminum Letters Fonts and Sizes

Ideally, the font design and size will depend on specific applications. However, whenever you are specifying the aluminum letter sizes, it is important to consider the following:

  • Height
  • Average width
  • Letter’s depth

At the same time, there are many fonts to choose from such as;

  • Times new roman
  • Times bold italic
  • Roman round
  • Arial bold, etc.

You can discuss this with the aluminum letter manufacturers. They will help you get the best custom aluminum letters.

As a general rule, you may try these metal letter sizes tips:

For font size – for large surfaces, use bigger fonts. Or, if you want people to view the letters from a distance, then the font should be big enough. This is common for metal letters installed in elevated areas.

Line height – It works with longer words and short sentences that appear in different fonts throughout a document.

Tex color – Use black text on a white background if possible (or make sure your computer can display it).

Cast Bronze Letters Vs. Aluminum Cast Letter Comparison

Although both bronze letters and aluminum letters are popular today, there are essential facts worth noting such as:

  • Aluminum letters are light in weight than bronze letters
  • Bronze letters have brownish color while aluminum letters’ natural color is silvery white

Parts from the natural color and weight, both aluminum and bronze colors are perfect for most applications.

Ways to Mount Casted Aluminum Letters

Aluminum Letter Mounting Options
Aluminum Letter Mounting Options

There are many ways and techniques you can use to mount casted aluminum letters. Some common options include:

  • Using special adhesive for metal letters
  • Slush stud mounting
  • Jam nut mounting
  • Spacer mounting
  • Rail mounting mechanism
  • Welding where possible
  • Screws for mounting

Ideally, there are many techniques you can use to mount the letters. However, you should consider whether you want to use a permanent or temporary mounting mechanism.


1. What is the Thickness of Casted Aluminum Letters?

The thickness may vary from ⅜” to 1.5”. Still, you can customize all these dimensions depending on your unique requirements and specifications.

2. Are there Casted Aluminum Letters with Illumination?

Yes, you can add LED for illumination.

Some aluminum letters have glittering or reflective paints.

3. Are there Hand-finished Cast Aluminum Letters?

Yes, there are many hand-finished aluminum letters. Such letters have the following benefits:

  • You can apply a unique decorative finish through filing, polishing, or sanding
  • Production costs may be low but it is not suitable for mass production
  • Hand-finishing may be prone to quality issues, especially if not handled by experts
  • Increases value for finished aluminum products

4. How Do You Check the Quality Of Cast Aluminum Letters?

There are many ways to verify aluminum letters’ quality such as:

  • Check for uniform texture, paint, or finish
  • Ensure there are no cracks on the letters
  • They should not have any inconsistent marks
  • The letter’s thickness should be uniform unless stated otherwise
  • The finish and size should be uniform unless stated otherwise.

If you should casted aluminum letters from a reputable manufacturer, quality will always be a guarantee.


Casting aluminum letters are efficient and cost-effective. It gives you unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and uniqueness.

At KDMFAB, we help you get quality and reliable metal letters. Whether you want stainless steel, bronze, or aluminum, KDM has the perfect solution for you.

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