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KDM is the brand you can trust when it comes to charging carts. We’ve been offering high-quality, long-lasting charging carts for more than decades.

  • Multiple device synchronization
  • Charging carts keep accessories in good condition and organized
  • Secure storage
  • Accommodate larger devices

KDM Charging Carts

KDM charging carts are ideal for charging both Android and iPad devices. It is equipped with a child-friendly design suitable for use in schools, libraries, exhibitions, airports, training centers, etc. By modifying the shelves and separators in the charging cart, all gadgets can fit comfortably in various sizes.

Charging carts reduce the risk of theft and keep the devices and accessories organized. And ventilated panels have been installed to increase air circulation and prevent gadgets from overheating. KDM provides a variety of features to meet clients’ requirements. 

If you require a customized charging cart with a logo, or if you’re not sure what you need, send us your detailed requirement, KDM can fabricate your charging carts into any style.

Product By Features

Mobile Charging and Storage Cart

Protect all gadgets with cushioned bays to avoid damage and vented panels to prevent overheating with this mobile charging and storage cart. This charging station is transportable and has four wheels, making it easy to move.

Heavy-Duty Smart Charge Mobile Storage Cart

A heavy-duty smart charge mobile storage cart is an ideal charging sequence determined via smart charging, which is environmentally friendly. Charges low-power gadgets first, while other devices are still being charged. rapid, automated, and secure.

Laptop and Tablet Charging Station Cart
Laptop and Tablet Charging Station Cart

A portable charging station for laptops and tablets, the laptop and tablet charging station cart is an excellent choice. This mobile storage charging cart features a moving handle and four heavy-duty rollers for convenient mobility.

Electronic Lock Charging Cart
Electronic Lock Charging Cart

With a charging cart, it keeps the classroom computers, tablets, and Chromebooks charged are ready to go. Four rubber casters and an attached grip handle make it simple to control the cart. The front of the gadget has an electrical lock, while the rear has a key lock.

Tablet Charging Cart
Tablet Charging Cart

The tablet charging cart makes it simple to keep tablets charged with two comfortable shelves, cables, and accessories. That is stored on a third top level. This cart has 32 charging outlets on the interior, as well as locking doors for security.

Multi-Device Charging Cart
Multi-Device Charging Cart

To keep the equipment safe, the multi-device charging cart contains a steel cabinet with a lockable door. Flow-through ventilation prevents overheating of electronics. Swivel casters, non-marking wheels, and a broad grip handle make it simple to transport.

Table Top Charging Cart
Table Top Charging Cart

In a safe, space-saving, portable tabletop charging cabinet, it can store and charge 16 devices at once. Ideal for schools, universities, workplaces, nursing homes, hospitals, airports, and other multipurpose settings.

Wall Mount Charging
Wall Mount Charging

Fully assembled wall mount charging has two doors open separately for access to either chargers or computers. The slim and sleek slanted slot design allows for charging and storage of 12 devices in minimal space.

Compact Charging Cart
Compact Charging Cart

Efficiently charge, store and transport up to 36 devices. Adjustable shelves and dividers in the cart to comfortably fit all gadgets of various sizes. Simply route power cords through convenient divider slots to keep the cart tidy.

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KDM Charging Carts Advantages

Built to last
Built to last

Each charging cart is fully welded and constructed using steel obtained from KDM, assuring a durable and robust structure.

24/7 Accessibility
24/7 Accessibility

Set the optimum duration using timed charging to efficiently charge all devices. At charging carts all users will benefit.

Secured Devices
Secured Devices

Charge carts improve security and also prevent the loss of gadgets while in charging. It reduces the risk of theft while also keeping all devices organized.

Time Saving
Time Saving

Charging carts can synchronize many devices at the same time. This is a time-saving method of putting material onto users’ devices. 

Additional Features

When purchasing charging stations or carts, there are a lot of features that need to consider, making them characterize versatility and efficient tools. The following states some of them:

  • Charging timers or zones
  • Cord wraps
  • Handles
  • Cable management
  • Color selection
  • External outlets
  • Power cord length
  • Shelf dividers
  • more

KDM customizes different types of charging carts with functional and well-assembled components. We assure satisfying properties of equipment to suit your necessities.

Charging Cart Feature
Charging Cart 2

KDM Charging Carts Options

Multiple types of carts come with various functions and capacities. The following defines several options to help you decide which suits your applications.

  • Stationary Carts: Stationary mounts into a table, countertops, or a desk, suitable for charging tablets and laptops. 
  • Mobile Charging Carts: This cart has wheels for easy moving to other building locations.
  • Wall Mount Carts: A charging cart that mounts into the wall of classrooms or buildings where the equipment is used every day.
  • Floor standing Carts: It is usually installed in centralized locations, like hospitals’ nursing stations.
  • USB Charging Carts: This charging station supports wireless and wired advanced software. They are suitable for smartphones and laptops.

KDM Customized Specification

KDM is an expert in manufacturing charging stations or carts with different required specifications. Below are some requirements and properties we consider when customizing the equipment.

  • Charging station sizes
  • Capacity
  • Metal materials
  • Charging carts’ mobility
  • Security
  • Recharging capabilities
  • Ventilation
  • more

Feel free to communicate with us for more information and assistance. Expect a quick response from our service team!

Charging Cart Specs

Choose KDM To Custom Your Charging Carts

Charging Cart
Charging Cart 6

In KDM, we offer secure, convenient, and modern charging carts or charging stations to incorporate advanced technology into any workflow purposes. All our charging coaches are ideal for securing and storing devices.

In accord with distinct needs and demands, the KDM charging carts are the perfect portable solution since it is customizable. Each charging station adheres to advanced UV sanitization, killing all harmful bacteria and germs.

For varying weather temperatures (hot or cold) applications, our KDM charging cart comes with innovative fan management. Along with the wide range of customization options, each product adheres to set charging standards.

Also, for added convenience, it comes with advanced controls. It is a perfect solution for effective remote management. Consequently, the feature improves product performance, increases productivity, improves security, saves time, and reduces maintenance.

Drop us an email now for additional product references. We will be more than willing to do business with you.

KDM Custom Charging Carts

1 Charging Cart
Charging Cart Other Advantages

To effectively utilize any space while providing a multi-purpose charging solution, the KDM charging cart is the best option. It can accommodate different accessories and devices in a packed and sturdy design.

  • Better Cable Management: The internal cord clips accessory neatly organizes the cable quickly and correctly positions cords. 
  • Ensures Safety: Each cart adhered to international production standards and gained certifications.
  • Innovative Agile Power: A digital cycle timer ensures safe charging every ten minutes in operation.
  • Quality grade materials: All charging carts utilize top-grade material for added durability and safety.
    It also includes lightweight designs, fast charging, and endless customization possibilities.
Charging Cart 8

In KDM, we endeavor to render our clients quality, cost-effective, functional charging carts that will fit every need and demand in the market. Moreover, the product is ideal for:

  • Chromebooks
  • Ipads and Ipad mini
  • Laptops
  • Cellphones
  • Cable management
  • And more

The KDM charging cart modular configuration can support multiple and various device investments. A must-have for a minimal and effective charging system.

Custom Charging Carts

36-Device Charging Cart
36-Device Charging Cart

These charging carts quickly charge Chromebooks, laptops, or tablets. It has clip-in dividers that keep the cable and provides a secure lock.

30-Device Charging Cart
30-Device Charging Cart

The 30-device charging cart is lightweight and compact. It can guarantee smooth mobility for managing most devices anywhere. The carts have locking access doors to provide additional security.

16-Device Charging Cabinet
16-Device Charging Cabinet

The 16-device charging cabinet comes with adjustable and removable slot dividers. The mountable and stackable design allows for easy and quick configuration.

18-Device Charging Cart
18-Device Charging Cart

These types of charging carts have safety features like UV sanitization tested to kill an average of 99.99% of viruses and germs. It is designed to keep the device clean, safe, and charged.

42-Device Charging Cart
42-Device Charging Cart

These types of charging carts can accommodate devices for larger classrooms. These systems can evaluate which devices reroutes power and need to be charged.

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KDM - Charging Carts Manufacturer in China

Charging Carts Manufacturer with 15+ Years of Experience. Numerous Designs and Style Options For Your Selection.

  • I had a great experience with KDM. Their team helps us in providing suggestions and is very timely to turn quotes.

  • KDM is always willing to work with us to get our design improved. Good lead times and we get quick communication from the team.

  • The staff at KDM did an awesome job on our charging carts. Very precise, great delivery, and price, too! Thanks, guys!

Charging Carts: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Charging cart is a type of cabinet designed for housing and charging dozens of devices simultaneously.

It allows you to keep everything organized and always ready to use.

This guide explores different aspects surrounding charging carts to help you understand and make an informed purchase decision.

What Are The Available Types Of Charging Carts In The Market?

Laptop Charging Cart

Laptop Charging Cart

You can always find charging carts in various designs depending on a wide range of factors.

The common elements determining designs of this component include the following;

  • Types of devices need to be charged
  • How and where the charging cart will be used
  • Number of devices that need to be charged

Ideally, different manufacturers produce various charging carts, both standard and custom.

But the popular standard designs include the following;

a) Mobile charging cart – It features wheels that facilitate convenient movement to other locations within the building.

A Mobile Charging Cart

A Mobile Charging Cart

b) Stationary cart – This design of charging cart is mounted on different surfaces such as desks, countertops and or tables. It is essentially fixed in one spot rather than moving to different locations.

A Stationary Cart

A Stationaty Charging Cart

c) USB charging cart – It is a charging station that supports wired and wireless advanced software ideal for laptops and smartphones.

USB Charging Cart

USB Charging Cart

d) Wall mount carts – This type of charging cart is mounted to wall surfaces in various settings where it is used.

Wall Mount Charging Cart

Wall Mount Charging Cart

e) Floor standing cart – It is fixed in centralized locations in different settings such as nurses stations in hospitals.

A Floor Standing Charging Cart

A Floor Standing Charging Cart

What Makes Charging Carts Great Investment?
  • This component offers a wide range of advantages in an ideal world, such as the following;
  • Prevents Theft Cases – Using this component minimizes theft cases since it locks your devices away from thieves and unauthorized users.
  • Synchronizes Multiple Devices – It can synchronize different gadgets simultaneously, which is imperative in saving time.
  • Saves Money – In the long run, using a charging cart helps you save a significant amount of money. It reduces need for additional resources for managing and maintaining devices, chargers and accessories losses.
  • Enhances Tidiness And Organization – This component eliminates need for messy cable ties and plug sockets. Essentially, you can charge several devices using one wall plug, keeping cables safe inside charging cabinet.
  • Improves Customer Service – If your business is more of physical customer interaction like in a restaurant, this component comes in handy. For instance, it ensures the devices are always fully charged for the customers to use efficiently.
What Are The Ideal Features Of Charging Carts?

Typical charging cart comes with different features that make it versatile and efficient.

The main features, nonetheless, include the following;

  • Built-in cable management system to reduce cluttering and promote better organization
  • Dual charging zones to prevent power overloads
  • Multiple surface color finish
  • Cord wraps
  • Adequate storage space
  • External outlets for powering the different equipment such as monitors and projectors
  • Handles for convenience when moving around with the cart
  • Fire-resistant design
  • Indicator LEDs
  • Detachable shelf dividers
  • Locking doors
  • Pass-through ports
  • Mobile or stationary options
  • Solid construction
  • Syncing capability
  • Heat dissipation system to prevent overheating

A Mobile Charging Cart With A detachable Shelf

A Mobile Charging Cart With A Detachable Shelf Design

What Charging Options Do Charging Carts Offer?

The main charging options available in charging carts are AC and USB.

USB charging is ordinarily suitable for charging relatively small devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Most carts with USB charging options have 16, 32 or 48 USB ports.

The ports provide up to 2.4amps of high-speed charging for every device you are charging.

However, some device models use a simple USB cable for charging.

Additionally, USB charging carts support wired and wireless synchronization for software upgrades and data back up and returning devices to standard configurations.

A 32 Port AC Charging Cart

A 32 Port AC Charging Cart

On the other hand, AC charging carts are ideal for larger devices such as laptops plugged into the outlets.

But you can also charge tablets and smartphones on AC charging carts using the specific adaptors designed for such devices.

A typical AC charging cart also supports wireless syncing.

What Are The Components Of Charging Cart?

It has myriad components depending on the specific design.

However, the most common parts of a charging cart include the following;

  • Cooling fan
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Electrical unit and assembly
  • On/Off switch
  • Digital timer
  • Contoured shelf corners
  • Nonslip mat
  • Padded handles
  • Recessed power panel
  • Removable dividers
  • Sliding shelves
  • LED lights
Which Materials Are Used For Constructing Charging Charts?

Charging carts feature different parts and components manufactured using a wide range of materials.

The notable construction materials for different parts include the following;

  • Steel – It is pretty common, especially for constructing the main components of charging carts such as frame, sides, dividers, shelves, panels etc.

A Steel Charging Cart

A Steel Charging Cart

  • High-pressure laminate – This is a surface finishing option guaranteeing reliability and resistance to scratches, impact and stains.
  • European hinges – Common in concealed charging carts designed to enable doors to open and close easily. They reduce risk of damage and create a seamless external appearance.
  • Mounting hardware – It is designed for mounting the charging cart to walls, floors and other furniture.
  • Aluminum – Different components such as the frame and panels are constructed using aluminum.

 An Aluminum Frame On A Charging Cart

Aluminum Frame On  A Mobile Charging Cart

What Factors Do You Consider When Buying Charging Carts?

Quite a lot of factors depending on various aspects surrounding the type and actual use of the charging cart.

The notable factors to consider, however, include the following;

  • Fitting – The unit must fit into the charging bays appropriately. Ideally, charging carts come in different sized slots depending on model.
  • Space – Ensure you check how large of a footprint the cart is likely to cover. Some designs are slender and hence take up less space.
  • Number of devices – Determine how many devices the charging cart can accommodate and whether it meets your demands.
  • Color – You can always choose the perfect color that meets your preference from the available options.
  • Budget – Choose a charging cart that fits within your budget.
  • Functionality – You need to establish whether you need the charging cart merely for charging or synchronization.

Customization – If you have specialized devices to charge, you can always go for a customized unit, depending on your preferred design.

Where Are Charging Carts Commonly Used?

You can find charging carts in several settings, mostly where devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones are often used.

However, the common areas where you use of this component is quintessential include the following;

  • Education – It is used in different learning institutions to enable students and instructors to access learning devices effectively ad easily.
  • Healthcare – Hospitals and related facilities use charging carts for ensuring the devices remain in use for undertaking different aspects of patient records.

A Charging Cart Located In a Hospital

A Charging Cart Located In A Hospital

  • Retail – Most retail centres and outlets use this component always to ensure the devices are fully charged, reducing inconveniences when serving customers.
  • Office – Different office outlets use charging carts to charge laptops and tablets in various office operations.
  • Manufacturing – You will find this component in various manufacturing industries for charging a wide range of devices used in supporting different manufacturing machinery.
How Secure Is Charging Cart?

Exceptionally secure.

An ordinary charging cart has different security features such as locking doors, reprogrammable locks and fire-resistant materials.

Thus, it implies your devices will always stay safe from burglars since they can’t access this component without authorization.

Besides, the devices inside this cabinet are also safe from environmental elements because it features a design construction that considers all such aspects.

For instance, charging carts feature heat dissipation systems that ensure they hardly overheat during charging to damage the devices.

The Locking Doors Enhance Security While Charging

The Locking Doors Enhance Security While Charging Devices

How Durable Are Charging Carts?

Highly durable.

Of course, the design construction and the materials used for making the component make it immensely durable.

For instance, steel is generally hardy, and a charging cart manufactured out of it can withstand different environmental and mechanical conditions.

Is There Size Limitation For Charging Carts?


You can find charging carts in different sizes.

Usually, the available sizes are based on the number of devices it can hold.

What Is The Cost Of Buying Charging Carts?

Often, the cost of purchasing charging carts varies depending on a wide range of factors.

For instance, bigger units with more device-holding capacity tend to be pricier than smaller ones, which can hold a few devices.

Also, the different features and design of the unit determine the actual cost.

Custom units are usually more expensive than ordinary designs.

Besides, the specific model and brand you are buying also influence the buying price of this unit.

Some companies are relatively costly than others based on various aspects that determine the market.

Therefore, there is no substantial cost for purchasing this component.

It depends on numerous factors like the few ones mentioned above.

But the starting price for budget designs starts from as low as $200.

However, you can find a premium design for as high as $1,000.

This Small USB Charging Cart Will Cost Less Than A Bigger one That Holds More Devices

This Small USB Charging Cart Will Cost Less Than A Bigger one That Holds More Devices

What Are The Suitable Surface Finishing Option For Charging Carts?

They are quite a lot, but the best one depends on various factors such as the setting and your preference.

The essence of surface coating on charging carts is to extend their durability by preventing them from rust and corrosion.

Nonetheless, the common options often incorporated into this unit include the following;

  • Powder-coated – This type of surface coating is applied on the charging cart’s materials as free-flowing dry powder. It is quite durable and hence ideal in relatively harsh applications.
  • Anodized coating – It is a coating substance applied on surface material through an electrochemical process, which converts metal surface into corrosion-resistant, durable and decorative anodic oxide finish.
  • Electroplated coating – This surface coating is applied through a process employing an electrical signal offered by an external power source. The essence is to minimize cations of the unit’s surface in solution and forms a metallic coating.
What Types Of Devices Can You Charge In Charging Carts?

The main devices to charge in charging carts include the following;

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Chromebooks
  • Ipads and Ipad mini

A Chromebook Charging Cart

A Chromebook Charging Cart

What Are The Ideal Colors For Charging Carts?

They are available in different color hues, but the popular ones include the following;

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Dark grey
  • Brown
  • Charcoal grey
  • White
  • Platinum grey
  • Chocolate brown

However, you need to understand that you can always find charging carts in as many colors as possible since many manufacturers can customize them.

What Are The Suitable Ratings For Charging Carts?
  • IP rating
  • CE compliant
  • UL certified
  • CSA certified
  • RoHS Standard
  • IEC rating

Charging carts compliant with these ratings are vital since they are safe to use for charging different devices.

Besides, it implies it meets the quality standards that meet the industrial, legal, health, and safety requirements.

How Many Devices Can You Charge In Typical Charging Cart?

It depends on the specific design of the charging part you are purchasing.

Ordinarily, you can find one that can support up to 10 similar devices.

Other available options include 18, 20, 24, 30 and 32-unit carts.

Essentially, these carts can accommodate similar individual devices and charge them simultaneously.

Also, you can get a customized charging kit designed to suit your specific requirements in terms of your preferred number of devices to charge.

 A 32- Unit Charging Cart

A 32 – Unit Charging Cart

Can You Convert Charging Station To Charging Cart?


However, the conversion efficiency depends on a specific model from a particular manufacturer.

In many instances, the conversion is often facilitated using a kit that consists of smooth-rolling casters, cord wrap and a wide-grip handle.

What Is Unique With Charging Carts With Antimicrobial Protection And UV Sanitation?

Charging carts with antimicrobial protective and UV sanitation is often hospital-grade.

They provide a simple way to reduce the existence of germs on devices such as Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.

Ideally, microbes’ reduction on device surfaces is particularly appreciated by healthcare and education facilities.

These types of charging carts come with device ultraviolet sanitization and LED indicating when doors are closed.

Moreover, they feature powder-coating with FDA-compliant silver ionic technology that is 99.9% effective in inhibiting microbe growth on surfaces.

Are Charging Carts Fire-Resistant?


The design construction of charging carts ensures they inhibit fire from destroying the unit.

Essentially, the materials and other components integrated into this unit during manufacturing process make it fire-resistant.

It also undergoes a wide range of tests to determine its fire-resistance ability and ensure it meets the required standards.

Of course, this is integral because it guarantees safety of devices inside the unit while charging.

What Are The Warranty Terms When Buying Charging Carts?

It usually varies from one company to another.

Ideally, different manufacturers peg their warranty terms and conditions on different aspects surrounding the unit.

However, it is imperative to ensure you ascertain the exact details surrounding the warranty of a specific charging cart you are purchasing.

Some companies provide a warranty based on the technical aspects of the unit, whereas others give a comprehensive warranty.

In a nutshell, there is no definite warranty terms for charging carts.

Nonetheless, always ensure you get a valid warranty when buying this unit from your preferred manufacturer.

What Other Options Can You Use For Charging Multiple Devices

Different manufacturers provide a wide range of alternatives you can use for charging multiple devices.

However, the main options include the following;

  • Charging towers – It offers high-speed AC charging and safe storage for up to 20 laptops or tablets.
  • Rack mount charging stations – This unit features 16 or 32 USB or AC ports that offer efficient charging in rack settings.
  • Desktop charging stations – It offers charging, cord management and secure storage for more than 10 devices.

A Charging Tower Station

A Charging Tower Station

What Are The Drawbacks Of Charging Carts?

This unit has a few disadvantages, which include the following;

1. The initial purchasing price can be quite costly depending on the specific model and design of the charging cart you are buying.

Of course, this can be disadvantageous, primarily if you are operating on a tight budget, because it implies you will possibly need to compromise on many aspects.

2. Some models are somewhat energy-efficient and tend to consume a lot of power, which in the long run tends to be costly.

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