Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

KDM provides a one-stop solution for your custom aluminum frame fabrication. With 10+ OEM experience, we became famous for delivering superior aluminum products and reliable services. From designing, rapid prototypes, and production, KDM is capable of accomplishing almost everything.


Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

KDM is an expert custom aluminum frame fabricator in China. We customized all-aluminum frames used to encircle or frame particular equipment or device. Our team is capable of serving a broad range of applications such as aerospace, medical, defense, building and structural, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, food processing, and more.

Our aluminum frames are manufactured exactly to meet various demands of industries. Professional engineers and technicians guarantee reliable and cost-effective processes. We performed several aluminum fabrication techniques that will satisfy your needs. It includes bending, cutting, forming, and welding, among others. KDM has complete production capabilities, 24/7 online assistance, and high-quality OEM designs.

Loudspeaker Aluminum Box Frame
Loudspeaker Aluminum Box Frame

Loudspeaker Aluminum Box Frame is made to enframe electric appliances, furniture and fitness equipment, etc. Customized surface treatment, color, design, and shape are available.

Custom Aluminum Photo Frame
Custom Aluminum Photo Frame

Get a custom aluminum photo frame to decorate homes, offices, hotels, etc. These are carefully designed from 7075, 6061, or custom alloy grades for your projects.

Custom Aluminum Door Frame
Custom Aluminum Door Frame

We offer custom aluminum door frames with advanced features and advantages such as corrosion resistance, high strength, and fire resistance. It is a long-lasting product with excellent surface treatment.

Custom Aluminum Machine Guard Frame
Custom Aluminum Machine Guard Frame

Custom aluminum machine guard frame allows quick and easy design and assembly of hazard protection equipment for manufacturing facilities, processing industry, etc. It has a polished surface treatment or customized.

Custom Modular Aluminum Frame
Custom Modular Aluminum Frame

KDM builds a custom modular aluminum frame used to enframe cable equipment, modular clean rooms, web dryers, sheet ovens, laboratory equipment, high-speed packaging equipment, etc.

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Custom Aluminum Frame Features


All custom aluminum frames are made from high-quality and resilient aluminum grades. These are sturdy and long-lasting.


We can produce a wide range of shapes and patterns for your specific frame requirements. Aluminum is bendable and malleable maintaining its strength and integrity.


Aluminum metal provides stable performance and is environmentally friendly. It is recyclable and can be used to produce other metal products.


You can guarantee cost-effective processes at KDM. We offer in-house design, economical raw materials, and fabrication.

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Custom metal frame fabrication is an easy process with KDM. Just specify the following;

  • aluminum alloy metal
  • measurements
  • surface treatments
  • sheet metal thickness
  • frame to be configured

KDM designed and fabricate lightweight aluminum metal frameworks and heavy steel frames for numerous applications. No matter what your specific requirements are, you can trust KDM.

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Why Choose KDM to Customize Your Aluminum Frame

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication
Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

For your custom aluminum frame fabrication needs, KDM got you covered. We supply all types of metal frames to many industries. From design, prototypes, engineering, tooling, mass production, and delivery, you can rely on our technical expertise to fabricate aluminum frames for various machines and equipment. All components are functional with an aesthetic appearance. They create aluminum frames used in assembling winding machines, food processing equipment, industrial benches, laboratory equipment, bakery ovens, etc.

KDM is a professional in aluminum forming, aluminum welding, aluminum brazing, cutting, polishing, etc. For frame weldments, we provide post-fabrication processes that deliver aesthetic and durability advantages. It includes powder coating, abrasive blasting, anodizing, and painting. Our company equipped the modern technologies to the line to create aluminum parts and assemblies. We serve OEM and ODM customers worldwide.

KDM Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication
Wide Range of Industries

KDM serves different industry sectors for aluminum frame fabrication. We produce custom frames for structures and equipment used in:

  • medical, healthcare,
  • pharmaceutical, food processing
  • industrial, packaging, transport,
  • manufacturing factory
  • material handling, etc.
Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

KDM offers various surface coatings according to the approved design specifications. Some are the following:

  • Abrasive blasting
  • Powder coating
  • Painting
  • Anodizing
  • Wire drawing
  • Sandblasting
  • Anodic oxidation, etc.
Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication in China
One-Stop Custom Aluminum Frame Fabrication

10+ Years of Experience. ISO, CE, SGS, RoHS certified company. Guaranteed high-quality products, heavy-duty and durable. High Precision and OEM Design. Cost-effective products.

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