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Custom Eyelets Manufacturer in China

Customizing different types of eyelets using various materials is KDM’s expertise. We professionally perform multiple manufacturing techniques to achieve your desired specifications. Your requests are provided using our complete advanced pieces of equipment instantly.

Eyelets Fabrication Factory

The eyelets are metal rings that tighten or reinforce punched holes in sheet metal parts. These devices work very well on light and fibrous materials, such as sheet metal, linen, and similar materials. The lack of eyelets in holes in more delicate fabrics makes those holes more prone to tearing, whereas the presence of eyelets lowers the chance of rubbing and subsequent damage. The creation of eyelets involves various raw materials like metal, plastic, or rubber. 

Eyelets are ideal for a punched hole through other materials. Reinforcing something or protecting it from the jagged edges of a hole is a perfect application for eyelets. Before the invention of a stapler, the eyelet machine was the most common method for an individual to bind documents.

The diameter of the hole is the most crucial factor to consider. The eyelet has to have a suitable diameter to pass through the hole. But it also needs to have the appropriate flange diameter to give sufficient strength in any application you have in mind. Get in touch with us right away for further information on the customizing.

KDM Eyelet Series

Brass Eyelet Tubular Rivets

The brass eyelet tubular rivets are suitable for garments, electronics, bags, shoes, etc. They are typically made from brass materials. However, their designs, materials, and sizes are customizable. These eyelets are also available in various surface finishes, including plated and anodized.

Painted Color Metal Eyelet
Painted Color Metal Eyelet

The painted color metal eyelets are available in yellow, red, blue, or custom colors. They are ideal for various applications, like books, bags, garments, jeans, and caps. KDM provides 1000 pieces per order. Their dimensions and surface treatment are customized according to requests.

Metal Eyelet for Clothing
Metal Eyelet for Clothing

The metal eyelets for clothing are available in different shapes, typically round. They feature strength, excellent appearance, and eco-friendly properties. These metal eyelets are perfect for apparel, like jeans and dresses. They are also suitable for curtains, shoes, and belts.

Custom Fashion Metal Eyelet
Custom Fashion Metal Eyelet

Custom fashion metal eyelets come in various shapes, material colors, and designs. They are applicable for fashion dresses, shoes, pants, jackets, etc. These eyelets are customizable, depending on customers’ projects. They are also accessible for different surface finishes.

Customized Logo Round Eyelets
Customized Logo Eyelets

The round eyelets with customized logos are perfect for branding products like pants, shoes, buckles, stoppers, and ring snap buttons. They feature led free, azo-free, nickel-free, and environmentally friendly characteristics.

Stainless Steel Eyelet with Claw
Steel Eyelet with Claw

The stainless steel eyelets with claws are typically used for sweaters, shirts, windbreakers, shoes, and other apparel. These eyelets are eco-friendly, durable, and washable. They are available in many colors, with engraved, customized logos.

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KDM Custom Eyelet Advantages

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion Resistance

Various eyelet materials typically feature corrosion resistance, especially stainless steel and aluminum. They come with compositions of layers that protect their surfaces from rust and corroding-forming elements that maximize surface resistance.


Manufacturing eyelets with versatile materials comes with various surface finish options, including matte, bright, or engraved. They are also available to be tinted and embossed, making the eyelet achieve a unique appearance.


Custom eyelets made from long-lasting compositions reach the necessities of sustainable buildings, installation with low maintenance. That’s why the durable eyelets are recyclable. The typical material that provides sustainability is stainless steel.


Maintaining eyelet cleanliness is simple, especially when made from aluminum and stainless steel, because brass needs more maintenance. But generally, you’ll just need cleaning agents, like soap powders and detergents, without harming their surfaces.

Eyelets & Grommets Differences

Eyelets and grommets function and almost look the same, but they have typical differences. Consider the following.

  • Grommets’ flange diameter is more extensive compared to eyelets’ flange
  • Grommets provide more strength than eyelets
  • Eyelets possessed an attractive finish appearance than grommets.
  • There are more sizes and designs available for custom eyelets
  • Eyelets made from aluminum have a lighter weight than grommets
  • Eyelets are designed from various materials, including aluminum, brass, stainless steel, etc. 
1 Custom Eyelet
2 Custom Eyelet

Custom Eyelet Applications

The improved and in-demand custom eyelet products are accessible in different shapes and colors. They are typically suitable for craft projects that need eyelet applications. Custom eyelets are applicable for industrial and apparel applications, including labels, belts, hats, and shoes. They are also ideal for:

  • Automotive parts
  • Industrial equipment
  • Electronics
  • Hand tools
  • Decorative drapery
  • Daily wear
  • Decorations
  • Batteries
  • Other multiple applications

Eyelets’ Manufacturing Process

DEEP DRAWN STAMPING:  This process provides various shapes, like cylindrical, square, shell-like, rectangular, and cup-like. The first step is to move the blank, flat metal sheet across the die for molding. The blankholder helps maintain the position of the blank sheet while forming the desired mold. Then the punch is forcibly inserted into the flat sheet, die-cast, and molded into the required shape.

Various materials are suitable for the stamping process of manufacturing custom eyelets, including titanium, steel, aluminum, nickel, and zinc. It is typical that if the stamping is thicker, the substance is softer. Moreover, the stamped-made eyelets are ideal for various applications, including the electronic industries, in which eyelets are used for computer desk drive shells. Eyelets are produced for motor housing and oil pans for the automobile industry.

3 Custom Eyelet

Choose KDM to Customize Your Eyelet Supplies

Custom Eyelet
5 Custom Eyelet

KDM is your go-to authority when it comes to eyelet stamping. Since we have been producing eyelets and offering a wide range of customization options for them for more than a decade, we are ready to take on even the most difficult of your projects. We have obtained the required certifications for our products and services. And we bring the same dedication to everything we do. 

You can trust us to provide you with a high-quality product at a reasonable price, regardless of the stamping you require—whether it be eyelets, washers, brackets, or something else. We are a leading manufacturer of eyelets, and as such, we are thoroughly competent in manufacturing the designed items you require to get your work done.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us, and we will never compromise on the quality of the eyelets we offer. When you do business with KDM, you can rely on our knowledge and service since we are the finest in the industry. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email or browse our website for further information.

KDM - Your Custom Eyelet Supplier in China

6 Custom Eyelet
Custom Eyelet Material Used

KDM manufactures various eyelets made from different materials. The following defines some of them.

  • Aluminum Sheets: The aluminum sheet made for eyelets is highly versatile, making it ideal for various processes and easy to be stamped and formed into desired design. They also have lighter weight, corrosion resistance, and odorless characteristics.
  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a durable material used to manufacture custom eyelets. Various sheets and grades are utilized, including 304 and 410, which have corrosion resistance. The 430 is also available, which provides a lower cost, perfect for eyelet manufacturing projects. This material also offers numerous advantages.
  • Brass: The brass material made for custom eyelets combines copper and zinc. This combination contributes to product strength. The brass-made eyelets don’t require replacements due to rust and corrosion issues. It can also be decorative with a wide variety of finishes.

KDM manufactures custom eyelets with different required specifications. The following includes the distinctive properties of eyelets.

  • They are composed of barrel segments with a flange on end.
  • The barrel is formed to insert into the material hole. It can be rolled or spread out as opposed to the material.
  • Eyelets can be installed by machine or by hand. 
  • Punching the hole into the material and inserting the eyelet into the barrel should be pointed upward.
  • The flange of the eyelets should place on the top side.
  • Hammer is utilized to tap the setting tools inserted on the barrel’s end.
  • Tapping is the technique that is continuously performed until the barrel spreads out into the material.

Contact us for further eyelet specification information and customizing services available!

KDM Eyelet Types Selection

Flat Eyelets
Flat Eyelets

The flat eyelets characterize a cleaner look compared to standard ones. They have a flatter surface, as their name implies. This eyelet type is categorized into two classifications; the one that needs a tip hole and the punched type. They are also available with mesh and with decoration. KDM can customize your needed flat eyelet designs.

Webbing Eyelets
Webbing Eyelets

The webbing eyelets are typically used for daily wear applications, like shoes for dancing, sneaker, or boots. It features lighter weight and provides minimal pressure on the foot, making them suitable for various athletic shoes. However, KDM designs webbing eyelets according to request and ideal applications. 

Punched Eyelets
Punched Eyelets with Plier

The punched eyelets are formed by punching a hole into the shoe’s upper part. They are supported with hidden or visible metals to provide structural integrity and fabric fraying. The hidden eyelets offer cleaner aesthetic shoes due to smaller holes. These eyelet types have reinforcement on the throat underside. They are available in various materials, commonly brass and aluminum.

D-rings Eyelets
D-Ring Eyelets

The D-ring eyelets are commonly hooked into the shoes using the rivets. They have the same function as the webbing eyelets, yet D-ring is more durable. These eyelet types are suitable for hard-wearing and thick shoes. They are applicable for attaching to various boots types, like military, work, and hiking boots. The D-ring eyelet features a larger opening and flexibility.

Hooked Eyelets
Hooked Eyelets

The hooked eyelets are also known as speed hooks. Using these eyelets helps quickens the lacing and unlacing processes. This feature makes them ideal for boots that take a long time to wear. The hooked eyelets are easier and quicker to lace. However, exhibit the least security. KDM can customize your desired designs and colors.

Custom Eyelet Supplier
KDM - Your Expert Eyelet Provider in China

KDM skillfully manufactures and designs custom eyelets for different industrial applications. We have an expert designing team that assures accurate specifications you need for projects. As a responsible supplier, we tend to satisfy our customers worldwide. Choose KDM services now!

  • “KDM provides our requested metal eyelets. It really suits our shoe manufacturing projects. The sizes, designs, and materials used are accurately followed according to our requested details. Thanks to KDM. They really satisfy our needs.”

  • “Our ordered customized eyelets just arrived. We highly appreciate how KDM manage to secure the tiny product’s packaging and delivery. All our needed eyelets are entirely and well done. They indeed help improve our business and project sales.”

  • “From now on, KDM will be our constant supplier. They are the real professional when it comes to accomodating our inquiries to delivering our requested eyelets. Our customers indeed loved to keep on buying our high-quality eyelet supplies from KDM.”

Custom Eyelets: The Ultimate Guide

These are metal rings with flanges that strengthen, reinforce and protects jagged edges of the holes punched in thin fabrics. We make custom eyelets according to unique specifications of customers.

Remember, eyelets helps avoid abrasion and damages because without them thinner textiles will break. This guide takes you through all the fundamental aspects about eyelets



Benefits Of Custom Eyelets
  • They make sturdier through which strings or loops are passed to avoid deformation of the hole or fraying.
  • Holes that are protected by means of metal eyelets make sports footwear safer by allowing laces to slide better.
  • During the sliding of laces through holes of shoes eyelets reduces friction thus reducing risks of flakes and breakages
  • When transparent eyelets are placed on the banner there is no distractions due their transparent nature.
  • Clear eyelets can be recycled when inserted in PE or PP banners without the need of removal hence cost effective.
  • Use of iron and brass metal trimmings adds a touch of color and fashion to the shoe.
  • Galvanizing and painting gives a unique and precious finishing
  • Shoelaces loop to the hooks when made of hooked eyelets, it quickens lacing and unlacing process.
  • Webbing eyelets put less pressure on foot due to their light weight making them most suitable for athletic shoes.
Material For Customs Eyelets

Some of the most common materials to choose from include:

Aluminum Eyelets

Aluminum eyelets

Aluminum eyelets

Here is why you may consider these eyelets:


Aluminum is very durable with high strength and low weight thus a suitable material for eyelets.

It is processed in a variety of ways which allows a smooth stamping.

Light Weight

The metal is very light, strong and long-lasting around 1/3 the mass of steel by volume hence light structure.


Forms thin sheets that makes eyelets.

Corrosion Resistance

A thin film of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface when aluminum is exposed to air, the layer shields it against corrosion. Aluminum metal is impermeable and odorless.


They are cost-effective and beneficial to the environment because they can be recycled and still maintain its initial properties. Sheets are practically available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Stainless Steel Eyelets

Stainless steel eyelets

Stainless steel eyelets

Resistant To Corrosion

When chromium reacts with oxygen from air or water, a passive coat of chromium oxide forms a shield naturally on the surface of stainless steel. Stainless steels regenerates when a scratch is made on its surface.


Clean stainless with simple detergents e.g. soap powders etc. without harming the surface.


Stainless steel is ecologically neutral and inert when it comes into contact with components like water.

It is perfect for building applications like roofs, rainwater recovery systems, facades and residential water pipes that are exposed to bad weather. They ensure an unrivaled service life for the user by meeting the needs of sustainable building like easy installation, erection and low maintenance.

Mechanical Properties

Stainless steel offers resistance to heavy wear In contrast with other metals due to its elasticity, ductility and strength at ambient temperatures.


With stainless steel a wide range of surface finishes are available making them aesthetic and unique from tinted, matt to bright.  Are used in eyelets for fancy shoes.

Brass Eyelets

Brass eyelets

Brass eyelets

Strong Eyelets

Combination of copper and zinc forms a very strong metal.


Brass is a cost effective metal due to its high resistance to corrosion and rust thus no replacement needed.


For aesthetics, a range of finishes are used.

Difference Between Customs Eyelets And Grommet



Diameter of the inside of an eyelet ring is available in one size 3/16″ Hole while grommets are of various sizes 1/8″ to 1 ½” Holes. Eyelets uses eyelets press machine in installation while grommets use grommet press machine. Eyelet is a t-shaped single piece e.g. brass or metal punched through material while a grommet is made up of two pieces, a grommet and a washer.

Where two metal rings are placed side by side of the material then compressed together e.g. canvas, vinyl etc. An eyelet is a metal, rubber, or plastic ring with flanges are used to strengthen or reinforce holes punched in thin fabrics. It is a smaller counterpart of a grommet that is bigger in size and used for more heavy duty materials.

Grommets are available in more color options e.g. Satin Brass, Antique Grass, Copper Oxide etc. unlike eyelets which comes in only one color. Eyelets are used to reinforce and strengthen thin fabrics due to their small flange diameter e.g. crafting, scrapbooking, clothing and shoelaces in shoes.

While grommets are bigger in size enabling them to reinforce and hold permanent signage and heavy curtains or drapes that last longer.

How To Customize Eyelets

Tools Preparation

Mount the bench pins to the table. Set the tube cutting jig to make tubes that are slightly longer than the thickness of the material you using. Measure and leave approx. 1/16th” on either side of the Phenolic.

Customize Eyelets

Make Eyelets

Cut the tubes to length using bench pin, tube cutting jig and jeweler’s saw.

Insert Tube into a pre-Drilled Hole

Drill the hole in the phenolic 1/8″ a compression fit around the brass tube and outer diameter of 1/8″. Get the tube into the drilled hole forcefully.

Creating Flange Both on Top and Bottom

Round over the top of eyelet using dapping punch, ends of ball will push the brass into a nice rounded over flange. Flip over the work and repeat the same procedure on the bottom. Flanges gives the work a nice appearance and holds the eyelet in place.

Flattening Flanges

Flatten flanges carefully with a peen hammer face. Don’t leave too much material on one side of the work to avoid split and ruining the flanges look.

Uses Of Custom Eyelets

Some of the most common applications include:

In shoes

 Eyelets in shoes

Eyelets in shoes

Are used to make the round holes for looping shoe laces.

In Curtains

Eyelets in curtains

Eyelets in curtains

We use larger eyelets to make holes which we use when hanging the shower curtains. Eyelets gives protection to fabrics and holds different weights on a horizontal rod.

Sewing Clothes

Eyelets in jeans

Eyelets in jeans

Eyelets are used in sewing e.g. they make corsets to loop cord or ribbon through. They decorate fabrics, jeans, flags, curtains, flags and banners by creating holes for hanging.

In Camping Tents

Products such as tents and tarps for camping use eyelets, they form holes in tents through which stakes are pounded at the bottom to secure it to the ground.

Eyelets in camping tents

Eyelets in camping tents

Scrapbooking Uses

Eyelets are used to string ribbon through cards, tags and attach paper decorations e.g. flowers to cards and photographs. They decorate scrapbooking projects due to their different sizes, shapes and colors.

Eyelets in cards

Eyelets in cards

Custom Eyelet Surface Finishing

Some of the most common surface finishing are:


Offers both a beautiful exterior face and corrosion resistance on the eyelets made of aluminum sheets.

Custom Eyelet Surface Finishing


For elegant design and finishing, enamel paint makes eyelets more attractive and in different colors as per the demand.

Brass Plating

Is a post-treatment process done on brass with lacquer that prevents discoloration and tarnishing hence a decorative outlook.

I know you may also be interested in Grommet.

For all your custom eyelets, contact us now.

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