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First Aid Cabinets Manufacturer in China

KDM is a certified manufacturer in China that is specialized in designing weather-resistant, fire-proof, and durable first aid cabinets. We are manufacturing the cabinets using a wide range of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and many more.


KDM First Aid Cabinets

KDM is manufacturing high-quality first aid cabinets for hospitals, pharmacies, homes, schools, offices, and for traveling use. We designed the cabinets with features and advantages such as excellent weather resistance, waterproof, corrosion resistance, lightweight, high-security lock, dust-proof, weather resistance, scratch resistance, high load capacity, and many more.

Moreover, the cabinets can be made using a variety of high-quality materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel, galvanized steel, iron, and other kinds of metal. Some cabinets are designed to be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, and some have a carry handle for easy portability.

Additionally, the cabinets are produced in many different colors, designs, and sizes. There are sizes that are suitable for families, factories, schools, etc. Aside from that, KDM can custom manufacture the cabinets based on your required specifications. Your logo or custom labels can be printed on the cabinets.

If you need a first aid cabinet for your business, you can select from our wide range of products below or you can contact us if you want a specific type of cabinet. You can send us your inquiry today!

KDM First Aid Cabinets Series

Wall-Mounted First Aid Cabinets

The wall-mounted first aid cabinets are ideal to use in the office, hospitals, or at home. They are made from high-quality steel plates and applied with an anti-rust coating. Also, they have a wide compartment and can be stored with a lot of emergency and medical supplies.

Floor-Standing First Aid Cabinets

The floor-standing first aid cabinets are made from strong, high-quality, and rust-resistant steel metal. They also have a durable and clean white powder-coated finish. Moreover, they can be designed with many shelves inside. They also have great stability.

Double Door First Aid Cabinet
Double Door First Aid Cabinet

The first aid cabinets that are designed with double doors are perfect for facilities that need large storage of first aid supplies. That is why they are commonly installed in many hospitals and schools. Also, the cabinets have rust resistance, great sturdiness, and are lightweight.

Full Height First Aid Cabinet
Full Height First Aid Cabinet

The full height first aid cabinets are made from non-toxic, heavy-duty, and corrosion-resistant steel metal. They are designed with large storage space, a stable base, rust-resistant handles, and high-strength hinges. Also, they are widely used in hospitals, hotels, and other facilities.

First Aid Cabinet with Single Shelf
First Aid Cabinet with Single Shelf

The first aid cabinet with a single shelf is great for storing a range of first aid supplies in the office or at home. It has a durable steel construction, security key lock, and enameled white finish. Also, it has great corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and scratch resistance.

Single Door First Aid Lockable Cabinet
Single Door First Aid Lockable Cabinet

The single door first aid lockable cabinets are designed with a high-security lock so only the authorized persons can gain access and the children will not open them easily. They are designed with a clean white finish, easy-to-clean surface, and multiple shelves inside.

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KDM First Aid Cabinets by Materials (4)

  • Stainless Steel First Aid Cabinet

    Different grades of stainless steel such as 304, 316, 430, and other grades can be used for manufacturing first aid cabinets. The cabinets that are manufactured from stainless steel are easy to clean, highly resistant to corrosion, hygienic, and have a long service life.

  • Aluminum Metal First Aid Cabinet

    The first aid cabinet that is made from aluminum metal has a lightweight, high resistance to corrosion, and great durability. They are easy to mount on the walls as a result of their lightweight nature. Also, they have a sturdy carry handle for easy transportation of medical supplies.

  • Galvanized Steel First Aid Cabinet

    KDM can manufacture the first aid cabinets using sturdy, high-quality, and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. They are a nearly unbreakable storage cabinet. Also, they have water resistance, a lockable design, and a clean white finish.

  • Steel First Aid Cabinet
    Steel First Aid Cabinet

    The steel first aid cabinets are powder coated so they will be protected from corrosion, and scratches, and their durability will be enhanced. They are more affordable and have better tensile strength than the cabinets that are made from aluminum. Also, they are not easy to deform under strong force or heat.

KDM First Aid Cabinets Advantages

High Corrosion Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance

The first aid cabinets are highly resistant to corrosion since they are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, etc. Aside from that, they can also be applied with an anti-corrosion coating to prevent them from corroding.

Excellent Weather Resistance
Excellent Weather Resistance

KDM designed the cabinets with excellent resistance to weather conditions. Due to that, they are suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, their surface treatment also makes them more resistant to various types of weather conditions.


The first aid cabinets from KDM are made from materials that have high resistance to fire and heat. Materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, steel, and other metal are used. As a result, the inside contents of the cabinet will be protected in the event of a fire.

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

KDM cabinets are made from the finest and most durable raw materials. Therefore, you can assure that they have high durability and will last long. Aside from that, their features such as corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, and weather resistance make them have a long service life.

KDM First Aid Cabinets Materials

KDM uses different types of durable materials for manufacturing first aid cabinets. Some of the materials we use are metals such as:

Galvanized Steel – Galvanized steel can be used for the production of cabinets due to its high resistance to corrosion and durability. It is a metal that is applied with a corrosive-resistant coating to prevent rust formation.

Aluminum – The cabinets that are made from aluminum material have great durability, and corrosion resistance, and are light in weight. They are easy to install since they are lightweight. KDM uses different grades of aluminum when manufacturing the cabinets such as 6063, 5052, 2024, 7075, and so on.

Stainless Steel – KDM uses different grades of stainless steel to produce the cabinets, grades such as 316, 304, 430, and many more. This kind of material has high corrosion resistance, longevity, and great weldability. The cabinet that is made from stainless steel is also hygienic since it can be cleaned easily.

Other than these, KDM can also use other materials such as iron, mild steel, and other materials based on your needs.

KDM First Aid Cabinets Materials
KDM First Aid Cabinets Surface Treatments

KDM First Aid Cabinets Surface Treatments

Applying surface finishing or coatings is essential to protect the cabinet from scratches, harsh chemicals, high temperatures, and weather conditions. KDM offers a lot of surface treatments such as:

Powder Coat Finish – A powder-coated cabinet will make the cabinets more resistant to wearing, scratching, fading, chipping, and various weather conditions. The powder coating will also make the colors stay vibrant for a long time.

Paint Finish – There are many ways of painting the cabinets such as spraying, dipping, electrostatic painting, brushing, etc. Painting adds more durability to the cabinets. It can also protect the cabinets from scratches and physical environments. There are also many colors of paint such as white, red, yellow, etc. An anti-bacterial additive can also be added to the paint finish to prevent molds, and avoid MRSA, and E.coli.

Aside from that, we are also offering electroplating, anodizing, polishing, sanding, and other surface treatments.

KDM First Aid Cabinet Production

When manufacturing the first aid cabinets, KDM uses state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and equipment such as 3D flexible welding platforms, 3000W optical laser cutting machines, bending machines, detection machines, and other equipment. There are also a lot of processes when first aid cabinets such as:

KDM First Aid Cabinet Production

Choose KDM to Custom Your First Aid Cabinets

first-aid-cabinets supplier
first-aid-cabinets application

KDM has more than 10 years of experience in the production of first aid cabinets. Over the years, we are focused on designing and producing quality cabinets to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our experience, expert team, and advanced manufacturing equipment such as high-speed PU foaming machines, detection machines, 3000W optical laser cutting machines, 3D flexible welding platforms, and other equipment enable us to provide quality cabinets and customization services.

All of our first aid cabinet products are quality tested and conform to many international standards such as ISO, CE, and so on. Therefore, you can rest assured that our products are high-quality and safe to use.

We are capable of printing custom logos on the cabinets through engraving, silk-screen printing, UV printing, laser etching, and other printing methods. Aside from that, the sizes, designs, colors, and other specifications of the cabinets can be customized in accordance with your needs.

If you want a customization of first aid cabinets, feel free to contact KDM!

KDM First Aid Cabinets Fabrication

KDM First Aid Cabinet Designs
KDM First Aid Cabinet Designs

The first aid cabinets are available in many different designs such as:

Portable Design – Some cabinets are designed with a carrying handle for easy portability.

Multiple Shelves Designs – The cabinets can be designed with 2 shelves, 3 shelves, 4 shelves, and so on.

High-Security Lock – The cabinets are designed with high-security locks so the children can’t access them easily.

Wall-Mount Design – This design of cabinets is ideal for homes, offices, or hospitals. They are easy to mount on the walls.

KDM can also design the cabinets with a free-standing design, adjustable shelves, double door, full-height design, or custom designs based on your needs.

KDM First Aid Cabinet Features

KDM is manufacturing the first aid cabinets with many features and benefits such as:

  • Easy to install
  • High-security lock
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Scratch-resistant
  • High load capacity
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof & dust-proof
  • Long service life
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Highly durable
  • Wear-resistant
  • Excellent temperature resistance

Choose KDM to Custom Your First Aid Cabinets

First Aid Cabinets with 3 Shelves
First Aid Cabinets with 3 Shelves

The first aid cabinets with 3 shelves are made from durable, eco-friendly, and corrosion-resistant steel. Their piano hinges and hinge pins are also resistant to corrosion. They are commonly used at home or in the office.

First Aid Cabinets with Swing Down Door
First Aid Cabinets with Swing Down Door

The first aid cabinets with swing-down doors are painted with white and glossy powder coating. They are designed with carrying handles so transporting the first aid supplies will be easy. Also, they are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, and durable.

Double Door Wall-Mounted First Aid Cabinet
Double Door Wall-Mounted First Aid Cabinet

The double door wall-mounted first aid cabinets have large storage space. They are designed with many compartments inside and mounting holes so mounting them on the walls will be easy. Also, they have a chromium plating lock and anti-rust powder coating.

First Aid Cabinets with 4 Shelves
First Aid Cabinets with 4 Shelves

The first aid cabinets with 4 fixed shelves have a sturdy carrying handle and keyhole slots at the back for easy wall-hanging. They are featuring high durability, rust resistance, weather resistance, and lightweight. Also, they can accommodate a variety of first aid supplies.

Custom First Aid Cabinet
Custom First Aid Cabinet

The custom first aid cabinets can be made using different types of metal such as stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, and more depending on your needs. They are designed with excellent weather resistance, temperature resistance, and rust resistance. Also, they can be custom your logo.

First Aid Kit Cabinet Production
Custom First Aid Kit Cabinets to Skyrocket Your Business

KDM manufactures high-quality first aid cabinets at affordable rates. We are also capable of providing custom cabinets to suit your business needs!

  • “We are so thankful to KDM for supplying us with high-quality and sturdy first aid cabinets. They are truly corrosion-resistant, weather-proof, and made to last!”

  • “I would highly recommend KDM as a supplier of quality first aid cabinets. All cabinets are manufactured and designed accurately and accordingly to what my specifications are!”

  • “I am looking for a supplier of first aid cabinets and thankfully I found KDM! Their customization services and products have great quality! Partnering with them is really the right choice and I am hoping to build a long-term business relationship with them!”

Packing & Shipping

Packaging and Shippment

First Aid Cabinets: the Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about first aid cabinets.

From design, features configuration, material to quality certifications; you will find all information you are looking for right here.

Keep reading.

What Is First Aid Cabinet?

A First Aid Cabinet

A First Aid Cabinet

A first aid cabinet is a construction that contains supplies for treating minor injuries such as sprains, cuts, burns, bruises and burns. First aid cabinets also contain survival materials, supplies for life-saving emergency, or convenience products like drugs for cold and flu.

The contents of first aid cabinets vary widely depending on factors such as the knowledge and experience of individuals assembling them.

The location of use and regulation stipulations also influence content of a first aid cabinet.

Where Can You Use First Aid Cabinets?

First aid cabinets come in handy in different areas including the home, school and workplace. It is a regulation that all workplaces have first-aid supplies on hand for injured workers.

You find the supplies relative to the nature of job since different jobs have different types of injuries and first-aid requirements. Having first aid cabinets in schools is also important to ensure safety of both staff and students in case of an emergency.

A first aid cabinet at home is useful in offering you first response to injuries from falls, burns or cuts. Having such a cabinet can also be useful during family trips such as camping where medical response is not as fast.

First Aid Cabinet Can Be Found Both At Work And At home

A First Aid Cabinet Can Be Found Both AT School And At Work

What Can You Store In First Aid Cabinet?

There are specialized first aid cabinets for different areas and activities, which may focus on specific hazards. Items stored in a first aid cabinet are specific to the nature or condition of injury or emergency as follows:

  • For problems related to the airway, breathing and circulation, you find pocket masks and face shields. These allow you to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation as an artificial respiration maneuver.
  • Trauma injuries which include fractures and burns require items such as adhesive bandages and tape, dressings, antiseptic wipes and hemostatic agents.
  • In administering first aid you require personal protective equipment to reduce risk of infection. Search items include gloves, googles for eye protection, surgical masks for preventing airborne transmissions and aprons.
  • Medication in first aid cabinets includes lifesaving drugs such as aspirin and epinephrine and painkillers such as paracetamol, anti-inflammatories, and codeine.

Items Likely To Be Found In A First Aid Cabinet

Items Likely To Be Found In A First AId Cabinet

Why Do You Need First Air Cabinets?

Having a first aid cabinet is critical since first aid can save lives, prevent exacerbation of injury or illness, and improve recovery. Where you have a first aid cabinet, you find it could be the difference between life and death.

A first aid cabinet with the right items is useful in cleaning cuts, reducing infection risk, and accelerate injury healing. Consequently, having a first aid cabinet on hand can help prevent an injury from worsening and save you money on hospital visits.

You find this especially true where the injury results in blood loss. A first aid cabinet can allow you to provide interim assistance to someone who is harmed.

In the long run, having a first aid cabinet brings peace of mind especially where accidents and harm can occur.

Which Features Should You Look In First Aid Cabinets?

When selecting first aid cabinets there are several features that you identify. These features can be standard or custom depending on your needs.

Some standard features of a first aid cabinet include:

  • Chemically Resistance.
  • Compliance with NEMA Rating.
  • Emblems of Standard Classification.
  • Grab Handles in Solid Brass.
  • Hinges made of stainless steel that run the entire length of the door.
  • Quick-Opening Latches and Stainless Steel Rivets.
  • UV-blocking and high-visibility colors.

 Grab Handles Are Some Of The Features To Look Out For

Grab Handles Are Some Of The Features To Look Out For

Features you can customize include:

  • Ability to check contents an acrylic window.
  • Construction that is fire-resistant
  • Grab Handles in Stainless Steel
  • Hasp that you can lock.
  • Latches that you can lock.
  • Shelving with a Custom Design
  • Shocks from gas.
  • T-Handles made of rubber

Personalized Classification Emblems

How Do You Determine First Aid Cabinets Sizes?

You tailor your first aid cabinets to your workplace’s requirements. By assessing the threats, you can determine the size of your first aid cabinet.

Each workplace is unique, with the employers being in the greatest position to evaluate and gage first-aid needs. The following aids in determining first aid cabinet size:

  • Distances from hospitals and other emergency medical facilities.
  • In-house first-aid training and designated first-aiders. Employers should factor in vacations and absenteeism ensuring first responders are always available.
  • Specific hazards and risks associated with the occupational tasks that might necessitate special precautions e.g. exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • The company’s past accident tendencies.
  • The kind of work executed at the workplace.
  • The make-up of a workforce i.e. the personnel number, their job distribution, and the working settings.
  • Traveling, remote, or lone workers’ first-aid requirements.

A First Aid Cabinet ideal For A School

A First Aid Cabinet Ideal For A School

How Do You Mount First Aid Cabinets?

You classify first aid cabinets according to their portability, corrosion and impact resistance, and single position installation. This gives rise to four main types: Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV.

You can mount the first aid cabinet on walls, secure it to the floor, handrails or bulkheads. Additionally, you can mount such internally on the bodies of vehicles and large vessels such as watercraft.

A Wall mounted First Aid Cabinet

A Wall Mounted First Aid Cabinet

Wall mounting has the advantage of increased visibility and accessibility by many persons.

A mounted cabinet typically has a prominent white cross for aiding identification increasing their awareness, useful in emergency situations.

However, mounting the first aid cabinet creates the challenge of transporting the necessary supplies to the emergency scene.

The Type I first aid cabinet is portable with a mounting option and suitable where environmental damage and rough handling is low.

For the Type III that offers portability and optional mounting, mobile and both indoor and outdoor use is possible.

The Type IV first aid cabinet is portable but must possess an option for mounting finding use both indoors and outdoors.

Type III First Aid Cabinet

Type III First Aid Cabinet

Which Are The Best First Aid Cabinet Material?

Construction of a first aid cabinet needs to be such that it offers durability and adequate protection of the contents. Some of the common materials employed in the construction of a first aid cabinet includes: plastic, wood, metal or fiberglass.

Aluminium and steel are the common metals you employ in the construction of first aid cabinets. While these offer you strong first aid cabinets, they are prone to environmental factors such as corrosion and moisture.

Wooden First AId Box

Wooden First Aid Box

First aid cabinets fashioned from wood are a cheap option for many workplaces and office environments. Their use is however limited to indoors and water free environments due to their susceptibility to damage by water.

Plastic is a convenient option obtainable at low cost and with great tolerance for wet environments. Additionally, first aid cabinets made from plastic are highly durable exhibiting resistance to corrosion and requiring low maintenance.

Plastic First Aid Box

A Plastic First Aid Box

Fiberglass material is another material option when constructing first aid cabinets. It is the most preferred material over metal, plastic and wood for the following reasons albeit at higher cost:

  • Corrosion: Fiberglass offers strong corrosion resistance with a considerably longer life expectancy over metal, plastic or wood.
  • Dielectric: Fiberglass is a poor conductor and RF transparent aiding in insulation against electromagnetic fields.
  • Durability: Fiberglass’ inherent strength makes it extremely durable in harsh situations.
  • Environmentally Tough: Fiberglass is effective where you desire resistance to UV light, severe temperatures, and chemicals such as acids.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Fiberglass can achieve twenty five times the steel’s strength per pound and thus convenient where weight is an issue.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike metal cabinets, fiberglass first aid cabinets demand little maintenance as they are resistant to rust and rot.
  • Molded Appearance: While metal produces a plain box, fiberglass offers you a better molded appearance with highly visible colors for distinguishing them.
  • Pre-Finished: Instead of painting, you can coat fiberglass with gel which offers more resilience than conventional paints in very corrosive situations.
  • Sound Dampening: When compared to plastic or metal, fiberglass has greater acoustical qualities.
  • Stability: Compared to plastic, metal, or wood cabinets, fiberglass has the least coefficient of thermal expansion. Thus, they possess high dimensional stability maintaining their shape even when subjected to extreme mechanical and environmental forces.

A Fiberglass First Aid Cabinet

A Fiberglass First Aid Cabinet

What Are The OHS Guidelines For First Aid Cabinets?

OHS stands for Occupational Health and Safety which provides guidelines for the maintenance of a safe work environment.


Regardless of the job types at the work place, all industries need to have sufficient and readily available first aid supplies.

You observe that different work environments pose different dangers and thus require different first aid interventions. Therefore, you have to tailor your first aid cabinet to the anticipated work place threats.

Some of the OSH guidelines for first aid cabinets are:

  • Address the need for first-aid training which should be specific to the workplace needs and conducted at regular intervals. Additionally, change training regiments and references that are no longer relevant or eliminate them.
  • Choose a leader in charge of the first-aid cabinet and process. Such a person oversees the content of the first aid cabinet as well as managing these supplies.
  • Consult with close emergency medical personnel or fire department.
  • Determine the average response time for medical emergency for specific locations and times of day and night.
  • Document policies and procedures and distribute them to all staff regularly.
  • Examine the first-aid program on a regular basis to see if it still meets the workplace demands.
  • Keep track of changes in workplace safety, health risks, and employee scheduling. Any changes in this regard should necessitate an addition or modification of the first aid cabinet supplies, training, equipment, and interventions.
  • Perform a risk assessment and develop a first-aid program tailored to your workplace.
  • The first aid cabinet should be in a location where access is quick in the event of an emergency.

The types of injuries that occur at the job area should reflect the supplies in the first aid cabinet.

How Does ANSI Classify First Aid Cabinets?

ANSI is the American National Standard Institute which suggests a catalogue of minimum standards for first aid cabinets in the workplace.

These standards are non-mandatory and focus on minor and major wounds, sprains and strains, burns and eye injuries.

The standards provided by ANSI include specific information on the first aid cabinet’s supply type and quantity considering the workplace environment.

ANSI classifies first aid cabinets in two: Class A and Class B. When considering a suitable class, the following factors are helpful:

  • The severity of the situation and the chances of it occurring
  • Whether you require more than one first-aid cabinet based on employee count.
  • The work place’s physical layout.
  • The distance between the workplace and closest emergency service provider.

Class A first aid cabinets are for routine job injuries like sprains, minor cuts, and abrasions. You find these cabinets in offices, shops, warehouses and light industries.

A Class A First AId Cabinet

Class A First Aid Cabinet

Class B first aid cabinets serve more serious injuries and/or high-risk situations.

These include industries such as heavy manufacturing, welding and fabrication workshops, and woodworking and milling.

You should fill your first aid cabinets with a sufficient quantity of the required items. This allows you to keep the first aid cabinet stocked even after use of an item.

Class B First Aid Kit

Class B First Aid Kit

Why Is IP Rating Critical For First Aid Cabinets?

IP (International Protection) Ratings are a two-digit designation that categorizes the level of protection provided against solid objects and liquid incursion.

ip ratings

You also refer to this as the IP Code or the Ingress Protection Rating.

The International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) established the IP ratings test as a global standard.

Besides, the test and scores compare an electronic device’s capacity to survive dust and water exposure with a higher score indicating better resistance.

The first value indicates your first aid cabinet’s resistance against solid item entrance or penetration. Such objects might include tools, body parts, and even dust particles.

You find the first IP digit ranges from 0 to X described as follows:

  • 0: Not protected
  • 1: Solid object protection exceeding 50 mm e.g. body parts and large tools.
  • 2: Solid object protection for objects over 12.5 mm.
  • 3: Solid object protection for over 2.5 mm e.g. wires.
  • 4: Solid object protection over 1.0 mm
  • 5: Limited dust ingress protection.
  • 6: Total dust ingress protection.
  • X: Not rated

The second value in the rating usually describes the water protection level and is as follows:

  • 0: Not protected
  • 1: Dripping water such as rain or condensation.
  • 2: Water dripping at a 15° inclination.
  • 3: Spraying water.
  • 4: Splashing water.
  • 5: Jets of water.
  • 6: Powerful jets of water.
  • 7: Immersion reaching 1m.
  • 8: Immersion exceeding 1m.
  • 9k: Powerful water jets at high-temperature.
  • X: Not rated
How Much Do First Aid Cabinets Cost?

You can either purchase a stocked first aid cabinet or assemble one by collecting the necessary components.  You find pre-assembled home first aid cabinets range in price from $10 to $50, contingent on the size and intended purpose.

The more the components the higher the cost and thus some first aid cabinets can set you back up to $200. When making your own cabinet, you can spend anywhere from $20 to $200, depending on the content.

Are There Standard Guidelines For First Aid Cabinets?

When handling first aid cabinets, some of the standard guidelines are as follows:

  • Ascertain that everyone is aware of the location of the first aid cabinet and that they are conveniently accessible.
  • Check for use-by dates on a frequent basis as some things such as solution have expiration dates.
  • Replace items as quickly as possible upon use including items such as disposables and those past their expiration dates.
  • You need to locate first aid cabinets in a cool and dry place.
What Are The Components Of First Aid Cabinets?

There is no set catalogue of items that you should have in a first aid cabinet. However there are a few essentials that you need to include in most cabinets.

Knowing what to include in a first aid cabinet is dependent on factors such as, prevalent dangers and the cabinet size. You can also buy refills for first aid cabinets to replenish supplies that you used or got expired.

Making a checklist of basics and keeping an eye on the supplies on a regular basis is desirable. The following is a list of some of the essential first aid cabinet components:

  • A booklet for first aid describing safety measures and treatments.
  • Antiseptic creams and sprays.
  • Cleansing wipes, disposable gloves and safety pins.
  • Crepe bandages, adhesive tape and strapping.
  • Plasters, sterile dressings and gauze pads.
  • Solutions such as eyewash, baths and pads.
  • Tweezers, scissors and a thermometer.

 Components Of A First Aid Kid

Components Of A First Aid Cabinet

How Do You Fabricate First Aid Cabinets?

Step 1: Choose First Aid Cabinet Design

Selection of the first aid cabinet design is dependent on several factors. These include the nature of injuries at the area of use, the number of people and the supplies quantity.

Step 2: Specify Dimensions For First Aid Cabinet

Your design your first aid cabinet according to the quantity of supplies it will hold which you base on the population served. You will need a large first aid cabinet for a large population with increased safety concerns and larger dimensions.

Step 3: Choose Material For First Aid Cabinet

Several factors influence your choice of material for your cabinet such as cost, environmental factors and durability. Common materials used are: wood, plastic, metal and fiberglass.

Step 4: Cut Material For First Aid Cabinet

When cutting your material for the first aid cabinet, you consider your selected dimensions. It is important to fabricate an appropriately sized cabinet to suit your needs.

Step 5: Bend Material To Make Any Shape Of First Aid CabinetsFirst Aid Cabinets

Cabinets typically come in cuboidal shapes. However, you can curve out the edges for a smooth cabinet outline.

Step 6: Join Or Assemble Different Parts Of First Aid Cabinets

After cutting the pieces and bending necessary ones, you join them in an assembly process of presenting a compete cabinet. You use fixtures such as hammers, welding wires, nails and rivets in this process.

Step 7: Apply Appropriate Surface Finish For First Aid Cabinet

You typically apply a surface finish on the cabinet when using materials such as wood and metal. Surface finishes offer protection to the cabinet against environmental factors such as corrosion while also offering aesthetic appeal.

Step 8: Quality Testing And Check For First Aid Cabinets.

Testing is typically a mandatory process in any fabrication exercise to determine the conformity of the product to the design. You test first aid cabinets for their response to external factors such as temperature changes, physical shocks and induced stresses.

How Do You Maintain First Aid Cabinet?

You should check your cabinets on a regular basis and replenish your supplies when due. You need to assign the responsibility for maintaining the first aid cabinet to a designated individual.

Additionally, ensure the first-aid supplies are adequate, reflective of the injury types that occur, and stored in an easily accessible location. Also, appraise the first-aid program regularly ensuring it meets the workplace demands.

One Way Of Maintaining The First Aid Cabinet Is ensuring The Supplies Are Adequate

One Way of Maintaining A First Aid Cabinet Is Ensuring The Supplies Are Adequate

Carrying a first aid cabinet inspection once a month is reasonable although the period can vary based on risk level and usage. High risk environments with frequent occurrences require a more frequent inspection, say weekly.

Why Should You Buy First Aid Cabinets From China?

First aid cabinets from China are ideal for several reasons as follows:

  • You find these first aid cabinets are readily available with a short ordering time.
  • These cabinets constitute different materials to meet your specific environment needs.
  • Additionally, these cabinets come at affordable costs.
  • The quality of first aid cabinets from China conforms to the prevailing standards.
  • You can have first aid cabinets of different sizes to meet your needs with the option for customization.

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