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Custom Folded Sheet Metal Box - KDM

Folded sheet metal boxes are high-strength enclosures. It is formed by sheet metal folding – a stage in the metal fabrication process. As your professional manufacturer, KDM fabricates metal boxes ranging from small, and large to complex designs. We use high-tech equipment and manufacturing processes that allow us to work with 0.4mm up to 5.0mm gauge in a range of steel, up to 15mm aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel, etc.

Our range of folded sheet metal boxes features outstanding electrical conductivity, resistance against harsh industrial environments, corrosion-resistant and emission reductions. KDM guarantees excellent overall design success and a positive customer experience. Custom folded sheet metal box at KDM!


Aluminum 5052 Folded Box

Aluminum 5052 are highly malleable materials. It is easy to fold and bent as desired to produce a versatile box. The folded box features high strength and toughness.

304 Stainless Steel Folded Box

304 stainless steel has good malleability and higher tensile strength. It is ideal for sheet metal enclosure designs for high-impact purposes.

Annealed Steel Folded Box

Annealed steel folded box has great foldability. It is available in different grades such as 4140 steel which exhibits good weldability and machinability.

4003 Stainless Steel Folded Box

4003 Stainless Steel has high stiffness and excellent malleability features. It is great for making a four-sided box shape that ensures easy access for service.

Copper Metal Folded Box

Copper is great for making metal boxes. It is highly malleable and offers excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. This is easy to form and fold to various sizes and thicknesses.

Custom Folded Metal Box

KDM custom folded metal box according to your request. We can fold and bent sheet metal boxes into different sizes and shapes. KDM help design complex folded box.

Galvanneal Metal Folded Box

Galvanneal metal box is coated with zinc and annealed. Thus, you can ensure no flaking off during forming or bending. It is a perfect metal enclosure in wet conditions.

Mild Steel Folded Box

Mild steel folded box has good ductility and weldability, high tensile strength, and high impact strength. It has great malleability with cold-forming possibilities.

316 Stainless Steel Folded Box

316 stainless steel folded box contains chromium and nickel. Thus, it features increased corrosion resistance with longer life. You can request different enclosure designs at KDM.

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