Galvanized Aluminum Sheet

Galvanized aluminum sheets are most preferred over other metal sheets because of their simple to clean nature and anti-bacterial features. These sheets have smooth and hard surfaces. Aside from that, they are widely used in different industries because it has a wide array of advantages, including:

  • Long-lasting condition. They are expected to last for 50+ years in a safe environment and 20+ years when exposed to water.
  • Low initial cost. The galvanized sheets are ready to use when delivered.
  • High corrosion resistance. The aluminum is prone to rust plus when it is galvanized, it becomes 100% protected, 100% safe from damages.
Galvanized Aluminum Sheet (1)
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Galvanized Aluminum Sheet (1)
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Galvanized Forming Steel
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Galvanized aluminum sheet is the most suitable material used in industrial processes. These custom sheets can resist alkaline solutions, making them ideal for applications where corrosive potassium hydroxide and soda are involved.  They are perfect for the construction industry, the kitchen industry, automotive parts, and so on.

When aluminum sheets went through the galvanization process, they can be used widely in construction uses. It is used to create fences, awnings, frames, walkways, and more.

Galvanized Aluminum Sheet Application
Galvanized Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

Galvanized Aluminum Sheet Fabrication

KDM has rich expertise in working with galvanized aluminum sheets. We gain more than 15 years of experience and can work with all types of metal sheeting, including galvanized aluminum sheets to create different construction products. Each type can be manufactured differently as per your applications and requests. Good thing, our machines, and engineers are always ready for this challenge.

What is Galvanized Aluminum?

Galvanized aluminum is obviously an aluminum material that has undergone galvanizing. This process helps the finished aluminum safe against corrosion and oxidation. It is necessary for aluminum parts that are exposed to acidic rain and ocean water.

Which is Better, Galvanized Aluminum vs Steel?

In terms of its strength, we mostly recommend galvanized aluminum since it is stronger. Galvanized aluminum sheets are perfect for creating parts that require durability and more strength.

Does Galvanized Aluminum Sheets Last Long?

Due to durability and great performance properties, this allows the galvanized aluminum for much longer service life. Plus its high rust resistance can make the sheets remain in good condition for about 50 years.

How to Determine a Galvanized Aluminum?

You can differentiate galvanized aluminum from other metal sheeting when it has a spangle design. This design looks like someone dipped a sponge in gray paint and then sponge-painted the metal. You will see lighter and darker spots with them.

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