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LED Screen Cabinet Manufacturer

Trusted LED screen cabinet manufacturer KDM acquired ISO9001 certification. We manufacture a wide range of fire fighting equipment rendering numerous options and applications. 


Custom LED Screen Cabinet

The KDM LED screen cabinet is a multifunctional advertising and image output tailored to your preference. It is ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. Under extreme and changing weather conditions, the product is customizable to work in any situation.

Moreover, the LED screen cabinet design can support front and rear installation. Each cabinet features a sturdy buckle design on each corner and a convenient handle design for a good grip during installation and maintenance procedures. 

Note that any connection wires or cables are concealed in the cabinet to avoid aging and unwanted damage to wires. Typical applications are plazas, sports venues, corporate affairs, entertainment, conventions, festivals, highway, traffic, advertising, etc.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need additional information regarding product specifications!

KDM LED Screen Cabinet Series

Seamless LED Display Screen Cabinet

The seamless LED display screen cabinet plays a vital role in worldwide LED displays. The dimension of the cabinet is customizable and tailored according to any application.

Aluminum LED Screen Cabinet
Aluminum LED Screen Cabinet

The aluminum LED screen cabinet comprises locks for convenience to assemble and vice versa. Among other cabinets, this is more lightweight. Thus, ideal for rental small and large-scale LED screens.

Outdoor LED Screen Cabinet
Outdoor LED Screen Cabinet

The outdoor LED screen cabinet comprises durable material and undergoes advanced processes. It enables the cabinet to withstand extreme and changing weather patterns ideal for outdoor applications.

Die Casting Aluminum LED Screen Cabinet
Die Casting Aluminum LED Screen Cabinet

The die-casting aluminum LED screen cabinet is ideal for outdoor and rental purposes. The price solely depends on the chosen cabinet dimension, but it is an economical option for many applications.

Easy to Lock LED Screen Cabinet
Easy to Lock LED Screen Cabinet

The easy-to-lock LED screen cabinet is functional and flexible for various applications, and It renders high mobility for installation and maintenance undertakings which can be quick and easy.  

Metal Iron LED Screen Cabinet
Metal Iron LED Screen Cabinet

The metal iron LED screen cabinet specifications are fully customizable and ideal for fixed installations, both outdoor and indoor applications. This cabinet is renowned for its quality coat process that prevents unwanted corrosion. 

Portable Magnesium LED Screen Cabinet
Portable Magnesium LED Screen Cabinet

The portable magnesium LED screen cabinets feature water resistance, high durability, corrosion resistance, and lasting quality. These cabinets have various sizes options, depending on specific applications. They have enough strength to endure impacts.

Simple Indoor LED Screen Cabinet
Simple Indoor LED Screen Cabinet

The simple indoor LED screen cabinets have high precision, strength, and universality. They are designed based on module drawings, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. These cabinets are made from aluminum alloy, resisting corrosion and rust.

LED Screen Stage Display Cabinet
LED Screen Stage Display Cabinet

The LED screen stage display cabinets are suitable for shopping malls, schools, advertising displays, exhibition halls, etc. Various cabinet sizes come with different frame polished finishes. They have rigid frames, ideal for frequent moving locations.

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KDM LED Screen Cabinet Advantages


The LED screen cabinet is what you need in applications where changing location is needed. The cabinet is movable to a certain degree during the installation, allowing a perfect angle.


The utilization of LED screen cabinets renders users a time-efficient installation. The quality visual output lessens the expenses and effectively captures the audience’s attention.

Long Service Life
Long Service Life

Under varying weather conditions- low or high temperatures, the KDM LED screen cabinet has a high cooling feature and heat tolerance, guaranteeing a long service life.

Quick Installation
Quick Installation

Saving time is one of the crucial things to consider in most industries nowadays. Gladly, the versatility of the LED screen cabinet allows a quick installation and disassembly.

LED Screen Cabinet Processes Involved

KDM expertly produces LED screen enclosure components using different processes. We mainly use CNC machines to achieve remarkably finished cabinets. Techniques include:

You can indeed receive accurate and high featured LED cabinet structures and components on time. Choose KDM now!

LED Processes
LED Characteristics

LED Screen Cabinet Characteristics

Having quality LED screen cabinets for every application influences installation and maintenance operations. KDM LED cabinets feature two prominent roles: their static functions and protections.

  • Fixed Function: The cabinets consist of selected components inside. The parts to be set into the cabinet are modules or unit boards, energy supplies, etc.
  • Protection: Utilizing high-graded metals for cabinets provides precise electronic component protections against outdoor environment tampering.

KDM manufactures effective and beneficial custom screen cabinets, depending on necessities. Please let us know your requirement specifications, and we will provide you with them.

LED Screen Cabinet Applications

Multiple types of LED cabinets are designed to suit specific utilization. KDM can customize along with advanced machines to satisfy your needs. Here are some LED display cases applications:

Whether indoors or outdoors usages, KDM got you covered.

LED Applications

KDM LED Screen Cabinet Production Capabilities

LED Capability
LED Capability

In KDM, ”quality first and service is a priority.” Having this goal in mind makes our enterprise stand out from competitors. We endeavor to beat all odds and supply a LED screen cabinet with a marketable future and quality materials. 

A quality LED display cabinet is perfect for applications where increasing awareness is necessary. The advanced processes and best service we offer render a product that suits every need. We are ISO 9001 certified. 

KDM LED cabinet is ideal in applications where sun exposure and humidity are present. The raw materials (cabinet, screws, and more) will undergo procedures to withstand varying temperatures and pressures.

We offer LED protective cases with different spare parts depending on the application. Some typical components are the following but are not limited to: cooling fan, control card, LED modules, power supply, etc.

Contact us for additional proficient solutions in accord with any project necessities. 

KDM Custom LED Screen Cabinet

LED Structures
Custom LED Screen Cabinets Designs

Our offered metal-made LED display cabinets are formed in numerous types, depending on applications. The following defines some of them.

  • Ordinary Cabinets: These iron-steel-made cabinets are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Curved LED Screen Cabinet: They are formed especially for different curved screens. These are classified into two kinds- the external and internal curves.
  • Frontal LED Cabinet: This cabinet is commonly used for special occasions, where the image or video contents are consistently displayed.
  • Dual-Face LED Cabinet: Both sides are displayed. Cabinet’s center belongs to a set structure, and its two sides are attached to the top part.
LED Materials

KDM uses certified and tested metal materials for LED screen cabinet production. Furthermore, we are not only customizing their shapes and sizes but also the elements used for construction.

  • Aluminum: The aluminum-made cabinets have lighter weight, ultra-thin structure, and excellent strength. They are perfect for sports venues and advertise lighting usages.
  • Magnesium: LED screen boxes made from magnesium alloys are easier to install and feature heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.
  • Nano polymer: This material makes the cabinet resist shock and fall impacts. They are also not heavy, making them convenient to install and handle.
  • Iron/Steel: They are the common materials used for LED boxes. Iron has a versatile advantage, making it ideal for curve cabinet structures.

KDM Custom LED Screen Cabinets for Any Industry

Business Establishments
Business Establishments

The KDM outdoor LED screen cabinets are a low-cost, high-efficiency, and trustworthy modern advertising technique which can provide consumers with substantial returns on their investments. Our experienced employees find joy in executing any profit projects on time.


The KDM LED screen cabinets showcase additional functions, are more durable, have a longer service life, and have a high level of protection than traditional printed billboards and community signages. Also, every LED cabinet model can be tailored to meet your particular requirements.


LED screen cabinets are suitable for several applications, such as appropriate warning signs on major roads, traffic updates displays, warning lights, digital tunnel signage, sustainable urban warning displays, and far more.


The outdoor LED screen cabinet projects dynamic transient and steady-state graphics. Quality display cabinets and a sturdy frame structure make up the plaza LED video wall. It’s easy and inexpensive to set up, and you can tweak it to achieve strategic goals.

Sport Stadiums
Sport Stadiums

Minimal brightness with rich monochrome, cheap maintenance, 160° viewing angles, faster refresh speed, brightness and contrast ratio, and excellent grayscale are almost all features of the LED screen cabinet used throughout sports stadiums.

LED Screen Cabinet Manufacturer
KDM - LED Screen Cabinet Manufacturer in China

Skillfully customize LED screen cabinets, according to requests. Fully equipped and ISO 9001 certified company. Satisfactorily provides OEM and ODM services worldwide.

  • “Very good experience with KDM. I received excellent service with my customized order. I’m very impressed with how my requested LED cabinet was processed & delivered. Great work!”

  • “Such a relief that KDM provides service that helped me sort out which type I need for my project. The LED screen cabinet is exactly how I imagine it to be.”

  • “What I appreciate about KDM the most is the speedy shipping, products are well packaged and all are in great condition. Superb!”

LED Screen Cabinet: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are looking for high quality and reliable LED screen cabinet screen.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about LED screen cabinets – from design, features, specification for fabrication process.

You will find all information you need right here.

What Is LED Screen Cabinet?

LED screen cabinets are modular units that are divide into smaller cabinets hence when assembled, we get the full surface of the screen.

The cabinets vary in building material, size and customization hence most LED screens are large that why the easiest way to assemble them is to divide the screen into smaller cabinets.

LED screen cabinet

LED screen cabinet

LED Screen Cabinet Materials

LED screen cabinet can be manufactured depending on what the screen will be used for hence it can be manufactured from different materials such as;


It is treated with paints to prevent corrosion thus resistance and fully customizable hence it is commonly used in both fixed installation screens both indoors and outdoors.


It is a light material thus it is used on mobile installations for easy movement of the cabinet from one place to another.

It can also be used to build fixed installation screens hence for indoors and outdoors though the material is not recommended due to its high price.

led screen cabinet

Magnesium Alloy.

The material is commonly used for indoor display cabinets compared to aluminum material and other materials.

Benefits Of LED Screen Cabinets

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Reliability.

They usually withstand all sorts of weather conditions such as strong winds and rainy seasons hence they are durable and they can serve for a long lifespan.

  • Quick installation.

As the cabinets are made of aluminum, they are easy to install since they are lighter with higher precision ensuring the disassembly to be quick.

  • Long Service Life.

Cabinets made from aluminum has a good cooling capability and thermal conductivity.

Therefore, can stabilize the temperature of the service environment hence increasing the service life of screen.

  • Portable And Ultra-thin.

The cabinets manufactured using aluminum material are always lightweight hence they are easy to move from one place to another without any difficulties.

  • Small deviation and seamless splicing.

Because of the large deviation of the manufacturing techniques, the screens deviation exists in millimeter level hence its frequent deformation after processing.

The deviation can be limited within 0.1 millimeter due to the module forming machine applied in the manufacturing of the aluminum cabinets of LED screen.

Fabricating Cabinets For LED Screens.

Fabricating sheet metal cabinet involves the following key stages:

Fabricating Cabinets For LED Screens

  1. Choosing a good design of LED screen cabinet
  2. Use appropriate software to design the LED screen cabinet and share the design with the manufacturer
  3. Choose suitable material for fabricating cabinet for LED screen
  4. Cut material using appropriate cutting tool and method – you can opt for Laser cutting, water jet cutting, cutting with saw etc.
  5. Forming sheet metal to a suitable shape and design – you will use appropriate mechanism to bend or twist metal to form a suitable shape.
  6. Assembling or joining parts – you can use welding or adhesive to join various LED screen cabinet component
  7. Inspect quality of the assembled LED screen cabinet
  8. Apply appropriate surface finishing
  9. Inspect quality of the final LED screen cabinet
Types Of LED Screen Cabinet

You can choose any of the following:

Personalized Cabinets.

These cabinets are manufactured according to how are requested thus they are manufactured in customized sizes.

customized LED screen cabinet

customized LED screen cabinet

The process requires a longer delivery and manufacturing times since it is able to adopt and design the cabinets to the requested size.

Cabinet For External Facades.

It is a light cabinet thus it is designed for outdoor screens placed on walls or facade hence the cabinet uses front access and has better linkage systems compared to other models.

The cabinet is also costly compared to other models.

Cabinet for external facades

cabinets for external facades

Fixed Cabinets For Outdoor Installation.

The cabinets are designed to withstand all sort of weather conditions since they are placed in outdoor areas.

fixed cabinet for outdoor installation

fixed cabinet for outdoor installation

The cabinets are always heavier hence their average weight is around 40-54kg/m2.

Fixed Cabinets For Indoor Installation.

These cabinets tend to be thinner and have more openings hence they are used in indoor areas and weighs around 20-35kg/m2.

fixed cabinet for indoor instalation

Fixed cabinet for indoor installation

They are also cheaper compared to other models.

Features Of LED Screen Cabinets

Some of the main critical features to look for are:

Structure Design Of Modularization.

The design structure should be easy to be maintained hence to be inevitable to carry and transport from one place to another without any problem.

Lightweight Cabinet.

The LED screen cabinets made from aluminum material is very lightweight hence easy to carry, install and dismantle.

The material also Is anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and shock proof.

The material is also suitable for outdoor harsh environment.

Waterproof IP65.

Outdoor environment is more complicated hence the LED screen cabinet should be able to withstand the harsh weather.

That’s why we recommend IP65 because it is waterproof.

Easy And Affordable.

The LED screen cabinets should have fast locking system, precision and light weight hence for affordable maintenance with access from the front side of the display.

Surface Finish For LED Screen Cabinet

There area number of surface finishes you can apply on LED screen cabinets depending on the specific requirements of the end users.

Besides, it will also depend on specific areas where you intend to use the fabricated LED screen display.

Remember, the surface finish should protect the entire structure from various environmental conditions. That is, it can protect it from rusting or corroding.

Additionally, it should also add the aesthetic value to the fabricated cabinet for LED screen.

Some of the most common options you can consider are:

  • Painting – you can choose from a range of color options available
  • Cladding
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder coating
  • Anodizing

Remember, the choice of any surface finish will depend on the specific requirements of custom LED screen cabinet.

Why You Need Cabinets For LED Screen
  • LED screen cabinets are used to protect the electronic components from harsh environment hence they have excellent protective effect.
  • All components like power supply, unit board and other display components are fixed inside the cabinet hence to enable the connection of the whole display.
  • it uses an array of light which allows their brightness to be used outdoors where they are visible in the sun for store signs and billboards.
  • It is environmentally friendly compared to other similar products thus they can easily increase their powers hence they offer a long lifespan.
Applications Of LED Screen Cabinet.

Here are the applications of aluminum LED screen cabinets;

Fixed Display Cabinets.

These cabinets are applicable for indoor installations because of less expense and require front maintenance cabinets which are using die casting process.

Fixed indoor display cabinets are used in cinemas because of long -term use.

Indoor Die Casting Aluminum Cabinets.

These cabinets require high brightness, top maintenance thus they commonly appear in the LED display screens placed in offices, hotels and malls hence they are quick to install.

Rental Display Screen.

Rental Display Screen

They are cost-effective display cabinets and lightweight hence companies use them for their indoors advertising services.

Outdoor Display Cabinets.

They are applicable in LED screen that are put up in external places like highways hence they are good where high brightness LEDs with water resistant and have dustproof qualities.

Outdoor LED Display Screen Vs Indoor LED Screen Cabinet

The following are the difference between indoor and outdoor LED screen cabinet;

Design Integration.

Indoor LED display screen can be styled and designed in many ways thus it does not require a cabinet for installation hence takes place panel by panel.

Outdoor LED display screen are not assembled panel by panel hence the whole installation is according to the design as placed on a building or a billboard.

Weather Resistance.

Outdoor display screen is usually leak-proof, dust-proof, anti-high temperature and waterproof hence they are designed to withstand all harsh weather conditions.

outdoor LED display screen

outdoor LED display screen

Indoor display screen is not exposed to the elements so all the weather protections are not necessary.


Indoors display screens are smaller and are widely used inside places like offices, malls, restaurants and churches.

Outdoor display screens are larger hence the are commonly used for outdoor applications such as billboards and in stadiums.


Outdoor display screens are for advertisement thus they are needed to be seen from a far distance hence resolution needs to be low.

Indoor display screen requires higher resolutions compared to outdoor because they are used for up-close viewing inside malls, hospitals and churches.


Outdoor display screens are optimized to use as a little energy as possible hence they compete with natural light sources.

Indoor display screens are dimmer than outdoor screens hence they need to only be about a fourth as bright as an outdoor screen.

Indoor LED screen cabinet

indoor LED screen cabinet

Quality Considerations For LED Screen Cabinet

If there is one fundamental aspects you cannot ignore is the quality of LED screen cabinet.

At any instance, the LED screen cabinet must conform to all the relevant quality standards and specifications.

For instance, you should check the mechanical strength and integrity of the LED screen cabinet.

You can conduct:

  • Tensile test
  • Fatigue test
  • Hardness testing

Of course where necessary, ensure the LED screen conforms to the IP rating.

Other Related Information:

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