Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet

The magnetic stainless-steel sheet is efficient and sustainable for different purposes due to its magnetic characteristics. The life of this sheet is limitless and need minimal maintenance. It is available in numerous customizable options and are verified, tested for workshop and commercial uses. The magnetic stainless-steel sheet has a contemporary look with an appealing brushed finish. Since it is produced from stainless steel, this sheet is more corrosion-resistant compared to mild steel.

KDM offers stainless-steel sheet in distinct sizes, features, and shapes depending on your requirements. In China, we are one of the leading suppliers of magnetic stainless-steel sheet in all grades. KDM has in-house slitting and cutting machine. Our engineers can cut your sheet based on your requirements. All of these are supplied with mill test certificate.

Grades 430, 420, 410, 409
Thickness 0.25mm to 30mm, custom
Surface BA, 2B, HR
Length 1000mm to 10000mm, custom
Width 600mm to 2000mm, custom
Cold Rolled Magnetic Stainless Steel
Cold Rolled Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
2B Finish Magnetic Stainless Steel
2B Finish Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
430 Magnetic Stainless Steel
430 Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
304 Magnetic Stainless Steel
304 Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
BA Finish Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
BA Finish Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet
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Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet Advantage

  • Beautiful ground surface finish
  • Perfectly fit as magnetic board
  • Can be cut to requested size
  • Easy to cut using shears or angle grinder
  • Shipped with protective foil
Magnetic Stainless-Steel Sheet Advantage
Common Application

Common Application

  • Display Boards
  • Crafts
  • Modern and safe replacement for conventional pin board
  • Can be used in the school, study, office, home, shed, or garage
What Type of Stainless Steel is Magnetic?

The following are the stainless-steel types that are magnetic:

  • Ferritic Stainless Steel (409, 430, 439 grades)
  • Martensitic Stainless Steel (410, 420, 440 grades)
  • Duplex Stainless Steel (2205 grade)
Is 316 SS and 304 SS More Magnetic?

The small particle of 304 SS is more likely to be detained in the flow compared to 316 SS because of its moderately more magnetic nature.

Can Stainless Steel 304 Grade Become Magnetic?

All stainless steel, except austenitic SS is magnetic. This austenitic SS is actually 300 series stainless including 316 and 304. But, the 300-series is non-magnetic only after freshly created. So, 304 stainless will become magnetic after cold process like blasting, pressing, cutting, and much more.

Why Are Some Stainless Steel Non-magnetic?

Some stainless steels are non-magnetic because of the high austenite content in them.

Non-magnetic stainless steels have high nickel content that results in their alloys retaining high temperatures within the structure.

Is Non-magnetic Stainless Steel Better Than Magnetic Stainless Steel?


Non-magnetic stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion due to the large contents of molybdenum and chromium as opposed to magnetic steel.

Which Steel Has the Best Magnetic Properties?
The Martensitic stainless steel.
This is because it contains a crystal structure that has iron existing in it in its form of chemical composition.
The iron component sufficiency in it makes it ferromagnetic.
Can Magnets Stick On 316 Stainless Steel?


Grade 316 is an austenitic stainless steel containing nickel and chromium in large quantities.

The high nickel content makes it non-magnetic hence magnets cannot stick to it.

What Makes Some Stainless Steel Non-magnetic?

Stainless steel containing high austenite contents automatically becomes non-magnetic.

The high content of nickel on stainless steel makes it non-magnetic.

The microstructure of some stainless steel consists of atoms with wide spacing that disrupts the alignment of magnetic forces.

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