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For over 20 years, KDM has manufactured a wide range of metal buckles and other metal products. We design buckles in mild steel, zinc alloy, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.


KDM Metal Buckle

The metal buckle is a piece attached to one end of a belt or strap used to fasten it. It is ideal for harnesses, belts, backpacks, dog collars, and various products. The tensile strength of metal buckles is higher than plastic buckles. KDM has a line of metal buckles in multiple sizes, styles, and finishes to accommodate any project.

Some of the buckles made of metal are harness buckles, belt buckles, luggage buckles, linemen’s safety buckles, roller buckles, and side release buckles. These fastening devices are used for commercial and industrial purposes and applications. Any of these quick-release buckles will boost your business. Our skilled team utilizes cutting-edge technology and quality raw materials to design metal buckles. Every stage of production has been subjected to severe quality control tests.

KDM metal buckles stand out in their bright designs and finishes. In contrast, it adds usefulness to the product while improving its aesthetics. Other advantageous features include water resistance, corrosion resistance, and tough molded.

If you are looking for metal buckles for your product accessories or branding purposes, KDM got you covered. Please get in touch with us for more details.

Metal Buckle By Features

Metal Belt Buckle
Metal Belt Buckle

The metal belt buckle can be designed from aluminum plate, zinc alloy, stainless steel, iron sheet, or copper sheet. Available in various sizes such as 25mm, 30mm, and 35mm. Logos or artworks can be laser engraved.

Metal Buckle Adjustable Slide
Metal Buckle Adjustable Slide

KDM metal buckle adjustable slide is ideal for thick, heavy straps. Can use it to produce straps that can be adjusted for a comfortable fit or convert. Coordinate hardware includes D-rings, triangle rings, rectangle rings, etc.

Metal Side Release Buckle
Metal Side Release Buckle

The metal side release buckle has rounded edges and a small bend. Utilizing high-quality materials and finishes will give your product the strength it needs. The mirror-like surface adds a touch of luxury.

Silver Metal Buckle with Teeth
Silver Metal Buckle with Teeth

The silver metal buckle with teeth is ideal for purchasing clothing, purses, belts, and various other decorative items. KDM offers a range of buckle sizes approximately 1-1/4″ – 1-1/8″. You can also get creative and stamp your design on buckles.

Metal Flip Top Buckle
Metal Flip Top Buckle

The metal flip-top buckle will fit any military canvas, cotton, nylon, or acrylic belt. It makes securing strapping and webbing reliable & straightforward. Each buckle comes with a fashionable webbing tip. Dependable, practical, and simple.

Quick Release Metal Buckle
Quick Release Metal Buckle

The metal buckle features a quick-release perfect for making harnesses, dog collars, and leashes. There are several sizes to choose from. It will withstand regular and strenuous use. They are scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and oxidation-resistant.

Welded Metal Buckle
Welded Metal Buckle

The welded metal buckle can be applied on various items like crafts, belts, bags, and leathers. These are professional-grade quality and simple to install. Composed of metal and have a welded seam to produce a closed loop.

Metal Tongue Buckles
Metal Tongue Buckles

The polish on the metal tongue buckles is mirror-like. This adaptable gear may be used to make collars, harnesses, belts, and much more. The buckles are designed with 1″ webbing and straps.

Metal Cam Buckle
Metal Cam Buckle

The metal cam buckle is built with solid teeth that grasp into strap material and hold it fast. Strength and durability make them ideal for carriers and industrial operations. They may also be easily relocated and reused.

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Metal Buckle Advantages

Aesthetic Design
Aesthetic Design

KDM employs aesthetic designs on the metal buckle to enhance functionality with appealing layouts. It is a terrific choice for any brand to stand out. Versatility and modern design make it a perfect match for any ensemble.


Metal buckle is made of long-lasting metal alloy. Contact with cold weather or water is not a problem. It is extremely resistant to bending, breaking, and breakage. Maintain safe and secure connections.


The metal buckle has a solid structure, making it strong and long-lasting. It may be firmly secured at the waist. Breathable and lightweight material. Perfect for outdoor or heavy-duty tasks.


Metal is a commonly used material for creating products. Because of their low cost and high overall characteristics. Therefore, you can benefit from both functionality and affordability in output.

Professional-Grade Quality 

Metal buckles are better than any other materials. It has a high hardness, is fade-resistant, and is wear-resistant. Lasts for a long time of use and is still as good as new. Whether used in indoor, outdoor, or humid environments.

There is a large selection of metals best for buckles. We list more details on a few:

  • Zinc Alloy – is the most frequent material since its inexpensive
  • Copper Alloys – a good choice for color and appearance
  • Steel Alloys – great high overall characteristics
  • Stainless Steel – virtually eliminates rust while remaining strong and durable
  • Brass – exceptional quality, strength, and resilience
Professional-Grade Quality 
Production Standards 

Production Standards 

KDM has strict production management systems to control every metal buckle’s quality. There are three main categories we comply with – industry, national, and international standards. The following are qualities that our metal buckles exceeded.

  • ISO certification
  • CE certification
  • ROHS
  • ANSI
  • ASTM, and so on.

Perfect Finishing Touch

Each buckle is polished not only to protect and embellish the steel’s surface, but they also age gracefully, to ensure years of tarnish-free use. KDM metal buckles are available in several plated finishes to meet your specific design requirements.

  • Gloss Black
  • Satin Finish
  • Palladium Finish
  • Nickel-plated
  • Mirror-like finish

We’ll be pleased to assist you in selecting the best polishing media for your belt buckles, simply call us today.

Perfect Finishing Touch

Why Choose KDM to Custom Your Metal Buckle

Metal Buckle-1
Metal Buckle-2

KDM specializes in metal buckle manufacturing for more than ten years. We tend to create standard and personalized metal buckles for promoting your brand. Thus, we offer monogrammed buckles to stand out on important occasions.

Find buckles in a range of colors, textures, and sizes. Our product categories include quick-release metal buckle, metal side release buckle, metal slide buckle, metal cam buckle, and so on. Prototypes and small to large-scale production are available.

Our production team and innovation enable us to complete your project in a short lead time. We update our goods regularly to keep up with technological advancements and industry demands. It is our strength to make high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in any of our buckles.

KDM Metal Buckle

Key Features 
Key Features 

Metal buckles have a higher quality than other materials.

It has a lot more traits to offer, including:

  • Fade-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Good resistance to oxidation
  • Stable structure
  • Cost-effective
  • Smooth surface
  • Can be used for a long time
Wide Applications

KDM designs metal buckles to serve various markets and industries.

It is also ideal used on belts, harnesses, pets collar, luggage belts, crafts, etc.

Metal Buckle Uses and Applications


KDM metal buckles for harnesses are built to last for years. There is a large range of metal buckles available to suit your needs. The best part of the entire metal harness buckles collection is they’re both eco-friendly and user-friendly.

Dog Collars
Dog Collars

The metal buckle for dog collars is composed of high-quality, long-lasting fabrics that won’t fray. Its bright colors are also fade-resistant, ensuring long-term appeal. The easy-to-adjust design ensures security and comfort.

Seat Belts
Seat Belts

The seatbelt buckles secure and releases the tongue, which is attached to the webbing (seat belt system). It is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and wear-resistant. They are long-lasting and safe to use. Compatible with most vehicle models.


The metal buckle for luggage features durability, rust resistance, and an extremely strong structure. It is available in different sizes, weights, materials, colors, and designs. KDM offers competitive pricing for all steel buckles.


KDM design metal buckles for handbags feature a sturdy, smooth, and firm surface. It has a delicate appearance, polishing and burnishing are free of burrs. High-precision production, long service life, and dependability and stability.

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  • “I’ve tried all of them, and they’re all stunning. I’ve already ordered another ten of the black ones, and I’ll also need the rose gold ones. KDM has friendly staff to accommodate you and help you with your needs. “

  • “They did precisely what I needed them to do, and they are exactly what they claim to be. If you’re doing a business or project, I highly recommend KDM. Great metal buckle products.”

  • “I used these to construct dog collars, and they turned out beautifully! They did scratch easily, but other than that, they were well worth the money. I’m going to order more for my pet supplies business”

Metal Buckle: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you are probably looking for more information about metal buckle.

The best part – this guide has all information you need to know about metal buckle.

Whether you want to know best material selection, designs, features or any other specifications.

All information you are looking is available right here – let’s dive right in.

What Is A Metal Buckle?

There is a piece of metal that is attached to one end of a belt or strap.

The function of a metal buckle is to fasten things from clothes to luggage or lifting.

There are different types for different parts.

metal buckle

metal buckle

Which Material Do You Use For Metal Buckle?

Some of the most common materials you can consider for metal buckle include:

Iron alloys-

These are the cheapest metal to make a metal buckle.

It depends; it could be simple low carbon steels with chromium coating.

Can be stainless steels with chromium coating or stainless contact will ensure the survival of corrosion from skin and sweat from the body.

 Copper Alloys-

It’s also another metal used to make buckles; they include brasses and bronze because of the color it gives.

There is a heaviness, and a more fabulous feel, especially when you touch them, and they are also pricey compared to the iron alloys.

 Zirconium alloys-

zirconium alloys

These include Zamak alloys that have decent properties and are resistant when it comes to corrosion and toughness.


Titanium is a commonly used metal for making buckles because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio and has corrosion resistance.

Titanium can also be polished, and brushed bead blasted with different finishes on the outer layer to have a shiny finish.

Stainless Steel-

Stainless steel is a material that makes a metal buckle, and it consists of metal alloys known as chromium-molybdenum and nickel essential components.

These essential stainless steel components make metal scratch-resistant, nickel component gives smooth polished finished, and molybdenum boosts hardness.

 Zinc alloys –

Zinc properties are soft than steel metal, enabling one to pour melted zinc quickly; it’s affordable and works as the base metal.

Why Choose Metal buckle?

Metal is a durable material-

This metal can resist corrosion and rust and is among the most potent metal that resists bending and scratches.

Metal buckle

Easy to maintain and clean-

It’s simple to clean and maintain, needing a simple dusting with a cloth to get rid of dust.

The cloth removes dust and other debris on the surface, leaving your metal bucket spotless.

Diversity of designs-

It has diverse designs or can be decorated with art designs on it, and you can decorate it with anything on it.

From animal sculpts, flowers, wordings, and the brand you want, you can add attractive germs to it also if you wish.

It is affordable-

It is also affordable depending on the type of metal buckles because these metals are categorized as precious and semi-precious.

These allow you to likely get them on different scales of prices depending on the types of buckles and products within budget.

It’s elegant on eyes-

It is also elegant and very engaging because of its uniqueness and is beautiful and likable just from the eyes view.

It is also attractive from the feel and properties it possesses of being shiny, rust-resistant, and gorgeous.

Very convenient-

Metal buckle provides a quick and convenient method of product installation, and you don’t need to cooperate with other lock fittings.

The reason is that buckles combined need cooperation to tighten around each other, thus convenient and straightforward.

It is already formed to interlock with each other they usually don’t need to be fitted, their installation is straightforward.

Metal buckle

metal buckle

They do not need many processes or positioning to work or tighten anything; it is precise, fast, and straightforward.

Contain metal alloys-

The metal buckle with aluminum alloys is very cost-effective as it will decrease the cost of surface finishing.

You may not need any coating type to protect the metal buckle from environmental factors that might damage it.

What Are The Disadvantages of metal buckle?

The hook breaks or loses its grip with continuous strain or repeated function of metal buckle because of the fatigue effect.

This makes metal buckles less valuable, requiring you to get a new metal buckle, which leads to extra cost.

Repeated insertion or exposure to water on the surface of the metal buckle eventually ends up causing reaction and creating rust.

Rust is not a good indicator as it damages the surface leading the metal to be weak and not pleasing in appearance.

During fabrication, the metal buckle requires a post-fabrication process like debarring, finishing, and painting; these processes are very time-consuming.

The fabrication process is also very costly, and they are limited when it comes to designs and shapes after the solidification process.

Material metals like nickel make some metal buckles, and when they are used and touched, the skin of someone reacts.

The metal buckle will react with chemicals once exposed to chemicals, making them weak, which poses a danger to people.

Chemicals might alter buckle structures, dismantling them in the process of reaction, and this leads to damage of anything used with it.

Which Types Of Metal Buckle Are There?

Cam Buckles

These buckles are utilized to secure cargos, and they come in 1-4 inches, and it has a lever that is depressed.

The depressed lever follows the strap through the fastener bott when tightened belt, release cam lever until the waistband is desirably taut.

cam buckle

cam buckle

Ratchet Buckles

These ratchet buckles are utilized when much great strength is needed, and they are usually used on tie-down straps.

It lets you keep the strap tight while In use; it’s passed through buckle faster until it comes around on itself.

Ratchet buckle

Ratchet buckle

When you pull right on the strap, you can remove slack; this ratchet is utilized when you want to achieve the desired tension.

Roller Buckles

These buckles reduce buckle friction when tightening, and it becomes more accessible, adding durability to these buckles when you add a roller.

You add it at the buckle point when the belt is threaded, and they are standard on briefcases, handbags, purses, and belts.

Roller buckle

roller buckle

Slide Release Buckles

These slide release buckles are precisely made from plastic material and metal, and they come in many different sizes.

They are usually adjusted and released by pining the male side end to remove it from the female side of the buckle.

Examples of the styles employed in these slide release buckles are recreational activities like camping and climbing.

slide release buckle

slide release buckle

 Hiking, sailing, scuba diving, and boating or in fire rescue, hunting, or towing are safe and easy to use.

Slide Buckles

These buckles are utilized when it’s vital that buckle moves quickly on straps; these adjustable buckle types have functions.

slide buckles

slide buckles

 They make it easy to size purses, belts, bags because sliders have fixed pins at the center and in various sizes.

Snap Buckles

These buckles are easily fastened with one hand; they are available in large widths and materials finishes.

They are utilized for leashes, bags, harnesses, and horse saddles; the kind of snap you choose can be customized or standard.

snap buckles

snap buckles

Tie Buckles

They are used in industrial places and agricultural settings to help secure ducts, sleeve pipes, poles, tubing, and hose.

They are manufactured of plastic or metal utilized when fastening stainless steel bands, bale ties, plastic strapping, and wire.

tie buckle

tie buckle

Safe lock buckle

These are metal buckles with a side release that can be opened with two-finger.

  1. Other buckles classifications

Buckles are also classified by the type of material used like brass buckle, metal buckle, military metal buckles, plastic bsuckles, wire buckles.

safe lock buckle

safe lock buckle

Buckles are also classified according to the role of buckle or application examples include shoe buckle, luggage buckle, and suspender buckles.

 Which Components Makes Metal Buckle?

A metal buckle has four main components: chape, frame, bar, and prong.


This is a visible part that holds other components together, and it comes in different shapes, sizes, decorations, and forms.

The shape can be made either in triangle square or rectangle, oval or circular shape depending on the function.

When you actually have a reverse curve on the frame, it indicates that the buckle is intended to be utilized for securing.

It secures thick material like leather; reverse shape usually makes it easy to thread the thick material end over the bar.

Because the frame is the most significant component of basics, any kind or all beautifications are precisely drawn or placed on the shelf.

The decorations will actually range from pictures references to people, wedge shapes and animals, and a logo of the organization you want.

Part of the frame that strap goes through before putting tongue through-hole is end bar; part holdings tongues is a center bar.

The part holding the tip of the strap in place is called the keeper bar; these describe buckle designs.


Also called caps, different designs are fitted to the bar enabling one strap end to be secured before tightening the adjustable end.

This allows buckle removal to be easy and interchangeable, thus being advantageous in cost.

These are frequently fabricated in the form of plate, thus named buckle plate, on the semi-circular shapes.

Semi-circular spikes or teeth damage straps or belts, but those fitted with T-anchor avoid these damages.


Another name for these is a pin made out of steel and other metals; the prong usually fits through the buckle.

It secures the material at length preset in conventional belts; this is utilized when the tongue is fixed in position.


The role of these is holding chape and prong to frame once they are removed from the design.

The design of the buckle incorporated a movable bar that relies on the tension of the belt adjusted to keep it in place.

Which Features Should You Look For In Metal Buckle?

Durability, functionality, design, and price of metal buckle


Material made for metal buckle is of quality and can withstand any trauma from corrosions, scratches, bending, and breaking.

There is durability for more prolonged utilization with solid material without constant repairs or replacements; it is cleaned easily without causing corrosion.


As the feature is vital,  ensure that you consider the functions or the buckle’s role in working conditions.

The metal buckle must work efficiently and complete the tasks on hand with absolutely no problem to it.


The design is a vital factor, too; consider when looking at features of the metal buckle, look for your desired format.

Ensure the design is functional according to your taste and projects; you may need to use specific strategies for different functions.


Ensure you check whether the metal buckle is pocket-friendly or expensive according to your budget; the price may vary.

Depending on the type of material used to make and design and role will be used for price varies.

What Makes Metal Quick Release Buckle Unique?

Formed by a male buckle at the hook end and a female buckle at the insertion end, the male end consists of three rods attached.

Center rod and two spring prongs spaced equally from the center rod; spring arms have retaining block terminating at front-end.

The insertion end contains two holes on the side and front open sides that secure and hold two spring arms of the hook end.

These connect many strapped items like pet harnesses, safety harnesses, fanny packs, belts, gun slings, and some boots.

Where Can You Use Metal Buckle?

Metal buckle is utilized in different places depending on the type of buckle example include-

Side release buckle- Is used in recreational activities like hiking, climbing, sailing, scuba diving, boating or fire and rescue, hunting, or towing.

Slide buckles- are used in sizing belts, purses, bags, backpacks, luggage, and more leashes.

Snap Buckles- is used for bags, harnesses, and horse saddles.

Tie buckles- are used to secure tubing, hose, ducts, sleeves, pipes, and poles.

Roller buckles- are used to tighten things by reducing buckle friction; they are used on belts, handbags, purses, briefcases.

Ratchet buckles – are used to reach desired tension on tie-down straps.

Cam buckles – are used to secure cargo.

Which Are The Best Surface Finish Options For Metal Buckles?


You use a wide scale of polishing compounds to polish the buckle, but it depends on the type of material the buckle is made of.

For example, brass buckles have a finishing layer called renaissance wax, a museum-grade product that helps protect the surface from tarnishing faster.

Satin Finish

Satin Finish

This is a more matt finish on stainless steel buckles and brass buckles.


This gives flexibility in the finish of buckles

Color Hardening

This process hardens and protects the steel buckle and creates a beautiful shade of blue, purple, grey, occasionally red, and many more.

How Much Does Metal Buckle Cost?

It depends on the manufacturers; it becomes cheaper when you order from the factory directly, but it also varies a lot.

It varies with different sellers; you can get them even on online markets at a meager and affordable price.

How Does Metal Buckle And Plastic Buckle Compare?

A plastic buckle is made of nylon, polypropylene, polystyrene, or polyethylene; a metal buckle is made from alloys of copper, zinc, brass, iron bars.

Metal buckle is solid to carry heavyweight and offer more protection or safety when using them, unlike plastic buckle.

metal buckle

metal buckle

Plastic ones have a weak structure and break easily, and are used on life jackets, bags, purses, etc.

The plastic buckle is cheaper than the metal buckle, and they don’t last for long compared to metal buckle ones.

Plastics don’t rust, unlike metal buckles, which can withstand harsh calamities and don’t break or crack easily, unlike plastic buckle ones.

Production of the plastic buckle has ease of forming because of its low melting point with high malleability creating complex geometries.

Metal buckle has elevated melting point and low malleability once confined into shape, cant is remodeled again, unlike plastic ones.

Plastic buckles are produced faster in quick time cycles with fast turnover rates, unlike metal buckle, which takes longer in production.

plastic buckle

plastic buckle

Plastic buckles also have decreased finishing process, but metal buckle has a variety many finishes after the fabrication process to beatify.

Metal buckle is suitable for heat resistance, while the plastic buckle is good electric resistance, thus protecting the user timely.

The metal buckle is not resistant to chemicals as it ends up reacting with chemicals, while the plastic buckle is resistant to many chemicals.

The structure of the plastic buckle is weak because of the material used, and it is unsuited when it comes to strength.

Application involving high structural strength like heavy equipment lifting is not for plastic; metal buckle is solid and withstands weight.

Plastic buckles are waterproof; metal buckle with constant exposure to environmental conditions leads to damage of the outer layer periodically.

Do Metal Buckle Rust?


Sometimes these types of buckle can rust too, like any other metal, especially when it’s exposed to water repeatedly, it will be damaged.

When manufacturing metal buckle, combine aluminum, zinc, copper, and steel to form strong metal that’s durable from rust and breakage.

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