Metal Shim Supplier in China

KDM provides metal shims used as spacers between mechanical components in precision applications to reduce impact and protect a surface layer. Come with thin designs to surely meet your expectations.

  • Significantly lower machining expenses
  • Made of sheet metal such as brass, copper, etc
  • Used in industries like construction, chemical, etc
  • Available in different thicknesses as per request

Sheet Metal Shim Fabrication

Metal shims are thin metal parts that fill in the narrow gap or spaces between two objects. They can provide support, adjust fit, or extend out the rough surface, among other things. Many industry experts make shims from whatever materials are accessible at the time. Higher-quality metal shims, on the other hand, industrially come in a multitude of materials, including aluminum, copper, brass, lead, nickel, and many others.

At KDM, we offer expertise in designing and producing custom shims for industrial OEMs, energy production, and the petroleum industry. We have decades of work expertise in developing custom raw material solutions; we also have a highly qualified production team and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. We generate shims in nearly any form, dimension, or complexity.

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Shim Rings
Shim Rings

Shim rings, also known as tolerance rings, are used to establish a firm grip on bearings in embossed, crafted, or worn housing. They are frequently used in conjunction with securing rings to eliminate play between machined parts.

Arbor Shims
Arbor Shims

Arbor shims, also called slitter shims, are thin discs used to avoid axial movement in constructed parts.  These are machined to certain tolerances for a precise fit. It is used in machinery adjustment uses on rotating blades, saws, and grinding tools.

Slotted Shims
Slotted Shims

Slotted shims are available in many patterns and can be used for a variety of uses. Their most unique characteristic is an open, primarily U-shaped slot. They are used as spacers or fastened all over existing bolts and nuts.

Shim Stock
Shim Stock

Shim stock is a thin precision stock material for making custom shims. It is a durable material that can easily be cut to size with scissors or metal cutters. Shim stock is commonly used to modify support, fit, and level.

Variable Shims
Variable Shims

There are two types of variable shims: shortened version and lengthened. They are used to increase or decrease the overall length of shoulder bolts (also called stripper bolts or shoulder screws). These are frequently used in punch and die assemblies.

Pre-Cut Shims
Pre-Cut Shims

Pre-cut shims are shaped steel parts that are used to raise or lower your machinery in order to maintain shaft alignment. Labeled with their exact thickness, making it simple to determine the shim size required for your needs.

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Metal Shim Features


Begin aligning immediately after opening the package. No need to waste time trying to cut your own shims.


All pieces are obviously laser marking of the exact shim thickness. Making it easy to identify the thickness you need.


Offers a higher hardness than standard metal shims on the market. Able to support the heavy load while keeping its thickness.


We offer custom shims made of metal such as stainless steel, brass, etc. It ensures corrosive prevention and long life.

Our Custom Metal Shim Capabilities

KDM experts offer a wide array of services to assist customers in locating the best metal shim for their uses. Design assistance, CAD design, and automated reverse engineering skills support the development stage, while highly precise waterjet and laser etching capabilities bring the final design to life.

We can make custom shims to the following dimensions:

  • Up to 144 inches in length
  • Up to 144 inches in width
  • Thickness ranges from.001 inches to 5 inch
  • ±.005 inches in tolerances

They come in prototype, low-volume, and short-run production quantities. On request, rush, same-day turnaround, and next-day services are offered.

Our Custom Metal Shim Capabilities
Shim Material Options We Offer

Shim Material Options We Offer

For our custom shims, we offer a wide range of premium-quality metals with full traceability, including:

If necessary, we can also perform with composite materials and polymers. Our skilled team will carefully consider your efficiency and compatibility requirements to help you find the material that fits your needs.

Quality Custom Metal Shims from KDM

Customers in a variety of industries rely on KDM for high-quality custom metal shims and spacers. They gain from our comprehensive manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art production equipment, and competent manufacturing team by collaborating with us for their custom shim requirements. These characteristics enable us to produce custom metal shims of almost any shape and size for different applications.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom metal shim expertise. Request a quote to speak with one of our experts about your specifications.

Quality Custom Metal Shims from KDM

Why Choose KDM As Your Professional Metal Shim Supplier

Why Choose KDM As Your Professional Metal Shim Supplier
Why Choose KDM As Your Professional Metal Shim Supplier (1)

In China, KDM is a leading sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China.  We offer expertise in precision and tight tolerances shims that improve performance.

Custom shims are available in any desired configuration. These are made to order by the best engineers in the industry using the most advanced equipment and best quality materials available.

We also have the most user-friendly system for creating custom metal shims depending on your industrial needs.

Try us with your next order to experience cutting-edge technology, high-quality metal, and on-time delivery!

Wide Range of Industrial Applications
Wide Range of Industrial Applications

Our custom metal shims are used in a variety of industries, including:

Shim Finish Plating Options
Shim Finish / Plating Options

The list consists of common material plating/finishing services that we offer as an extra.

Primer – painting: Shims are commonly painted with primer and finish. We can paint to almost any commercial or military configuration.

Blackening: It is a conversion protective layer that adds mild corrosion protection and appearance.  One of its advantages is it does not change the thickness of the shims.

Chemical film: It is a common method of preparing shims for painting.

Anodizing: It is a regular process for aluminum metals. Anodizing improves abrasion resistance while also serving as a surface treatment for paint primers.

Custom Metal Shim for Specific Uses

Motor Mount Spacing
Motor Mount Spacing

Metal shims are made of finest grade aluminum materials for motor mount spacing applications. Accessible in different thicknesses ranging from .001” to 0.060”. Its thickness label is color-coded for accurate and easy identification.

Aligning Shaft and Motor
Aligning Shaft and Motor

Standard U-shaped metal shims are commonly used for aligning shaft and motor. Comes in different thicknesses and can be adjusted. These are used in numerous industries including automotive, power generation, electrical, and so much more.

Connecting Power Axle Levels
Connecting Power Axle Levels

Steel shims are made of steel that goes between your coil springs and your spring perch. On leaf spring vehicle types, these are used to reconfigure rear axle angles and accomplish appropriate driveline geometric features. They come in different thicknesses for exact fit.

Supports Wear Malfunctions
Supports Wear Malfunctions

The metal shims are cut into different forms in order to support wear malfunctions. When installed between two machined parts, shims can significantly reduce machining costs. This can lead to increased efficiency gains and cost reductions.

KDM – Reliable Metal Shim Manufacturer in China
KDM – Reliable Metal Shim Manufacturer in China

Excellent Supplier of Custom and Standard Metal Shims. Available in Different Shapes, Sizes, and Color-Coded Thicknesses.

  • “Metal shims from KDM are truly great for my needs. All perform well and durably. I’m also amazed at KDM’s services. Their staffs are very responsive, professional, and provide immediate quoting.”

  • “KDM metal shims are excellent for my next projects. They perform well in filling the gap between two machined parts. We are grateful to have this type of service available in our area.”

  • “Metal shims take a great role in our automotive business. All pieces have top quality and reliability. KDM is always willing to work with us on our design in order to provide the best sales and engineering services.”

Metal Shim: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about metal shims. Whether you want to learn about the design, specifications, applications or suitable material – you will find all information right here.

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What Is Metal Shim?

This is a durable and tight tolerance precision‑ made shim from metals; – stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass and spring steel.

Stainless steel metal shim

Stainless steel metal shim

What Is Metal Shim Stock?

Shim stock is a versatile thin precision stock material. We obtain custom shims by cut- using scissors or metal shears to a specific sizes. It is used for leveling, fit adjustment and support.

Uses Of Metal Shim

Some of the main uses of metal shim include:

Custom metal shim

Custom metal shim

Filling Gaps

We use them to close gaps in materials, such as in constructions that are subject to wear. They perfectly flush and level them.

Leveling Of The Objects

Drive a shim between two objects to level the area if the area is not in a proper level.

Medical Devices

Shims helps in maintaining and establishing pinpoint tolerances for imaging equipment, implanted medical devices etc.

Clearance Adjustment

A shim reduces clearance between two objects in manufacturing if there is need to adjust the level of clearance.  Make the shim in part of foil to remove layer and adjust clearance between the objects.

Manufacturing Industry

Shims manufacturing occur in large quantities and commonly applicable in automobile manufacturing, construction purposes and manufacturing purposes e.g. steel. In clearance level of a particular parts such as a valve, shims allow for a greater flexibility.

Plumbing And Repairs Industry

Plumbing And Repairs Industry

When a plumber needs to do some repairs, shims are used to align the pipes.

Computer Equipment

Shims are made of copper or aluminum to protect the processor on a computer by keeping them apart from the heat sink.

Oil And Gas Industry

The shims absorb the accumulation of tolerances by aligning the mated components, pumps and motors and act as thrust washers.

Choosing Metal Shim Material

There are a range of materials you can use for sheet metal shim

Stainless Steel Shim

Stainless steel shim

Stainless steel shim

Stainless steel with chromium alloy element is the most versatile metal. Which offer hardness, strength and excellent corrosion resistance with each fabrication.  It is suitable for corrosive environment or outdoor and marine applications due to its strength durability properties.

Electrical Steel 

Electrical steel is a type of steel alloy containing beneficial electrical and magnetic properties. Resistivity and permeability increases due to the inclusion of silicon in varying proportions hence decreasing magnetostriction. Depending on the method of production, alloys can be grain oriented or non-grain oriented.

Titanium Shim

Titanium is a low density metal, it is highly resistant to corrosion from chemicals like chloride and chlorine-based substances.  Has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio commonly used in aerospace and aircraft applications.

Titanium shim

Titanium shim

Carbon Steel Shim

Carbon is the primary alloy element for carbon steel with Low, medium, and high-carbon steels which is harder but less ductile than low-carbon steel.

 Carbon steel shimCarbon steel shim

Bronze Shim

Bronze is the best choice for electronic applications due to its good electrical properties,      excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance, strong and formable.

Copper Shim

Copper shim stock has high resistance to corrosion, electrical and thermal conductivity and ductility properties commonly used in electronics industry. It is the best in corrosive environments and outdoors.

Blue Tempered Steel Shim

It is a high-carbon steel form with excellent thermal and electrical conductivityknown for its high yield and fatigue strength.

Aluminum Shim

It is corrosion-resistant and highly formable with excellent strength-to-weight ratio thus forming intricate shapes. Where weight is a significant concern, aluminum shim stock is the best.

Brass Shim

For technical applications and electrical conductivity, brass shim stock is popular with non-magnetic, non-corrosiveand highly formable metal properties.

Shim Rolls Vs Shim Sheet

Thin sheets of metal that may be cut into smaller individual piecesmanufactured to precise tolerances is called shim rolls. While shim sheet is a thin and tapered piece of material that is used to fill small gaps between objects.

Single Slot Shim vs. Multiple Slot Shim
The production is from hard tooling The production is from soft tooling
Inflexible flexible

Features of Slotted Wedge Shims

They have shallow angles. The shims can provide any level of thickness.

Easy to install to the host component without having to disassemble.

How To Use Shim Stock

Use feeler gages to determine the thickness of the shim by increasing thicknesses. After determine the ideal shim stock size for the application, select the right shim stock.

Use Shim Stock

For your settings, consider the right type of metal. Cut accurately individual shim stock from sheet or roll. Then, you can position the shim correctly by sliding it into place.

Features Of Metal Shim

Some of the main features of shim you should look for include:

  • Shim thicknesses is from 0.001 inch to 0.025inch
  • Width of the shim is 6 inch wide
  • Length of shim is up to 100 inch and Cut-to-length is also available.

At KDMFAB, we help you get high quality and reliable metal shim for all your applications.

Depending on your unique requirements and specifications, contact us now.

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