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KDM is a professional manufacturer of mill finish aluminum sheets that is with a regular aluminum brush finish. It comes in the following sheeted, leveled, slit, and blankets.

  • Available in different thicknesses
  • Excellent weldability and formability
  • Offers different colors, sizes, and options
  • Widely used for industrial applications

KDM Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

Mill finish aluminum sheets are combined with a full range of options such as brushing, printing, embossing, and doming. It is designed to offer very good corrosion resistance and moderate strength. These sheets can provide longer service life due to the natural grain of aluminum. It is also aesthetically pleasing and can be used for a wide variety of applications such as tags, nameplates, etc.

KDM has a full capacity in mill finish aluminum sheet fabrication according to your requirements. We used different grades of aluminum such as 3000 series, 1000 series, and more to ensure quality. Our fabrication facility has expert engineers to provide the best mill finish to each aluminum sheet. KDM also have a complete range of fabrication equipment to form and cut mill finish aluminum sheet into different shapes. Here in KDM, you can assure a precise and accurate mill finish aluminum sheet fabrication that will satisfy your applications.

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets by Series

5000, 1000 and 3000 Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

The 5000 1000, and 3000 mills finish aluminum sheets are totally free from defects such as oil patches, roll marks, edge damages, holes, etc. It is mainly used for billboards, building decorations, and more.

5052 Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets
5052 Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

Our 5052 mill finish aluminum sheets are strong, durable, and can give long service life. It is made with a surface finish such as a mirror, anodized, brushed, and polished which is suitable for cooking applications.

5083 Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets
5083 Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

KDM 5083 mills finish aluminum sheets are easy to install, have high strength, nice appearance, are anti-oxidation, and are low in cost. It is available on flat surfaces that every piece is covered with PE film.

Customizes Mill finish Aluminum Sheets
Customizes Mill finish Aluminum Sheets

Customize mill finish aluminum sheets are commonly used for electronics, packaging, machinery, and many more. It is made for different such as bending, decoiling, punching, welding cutting, etc.

Mirror Brush Finish Aluminum Plane Sheets
Mirror Brush Finish Aluminum Plane Sheets

The mirror brush finish aluminum plane sheets are made from high-quality brass materials to provide precise, tidy, flat, and smooth surfaces. It is available in customized size, width, thickness, and length.

White Color Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets
White Color Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

The white color mill finishes aluminum sheets are available in different sizes including 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and so on. We can provide white color mill finish aluminum sheets for different thicknesses and temper.

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KDM Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet Advantages


A mill finish aluminum sheets are made with different options and offer an affordable price to meet customers’ specific needs. And by that, we provide a non-stop solution for different industries.


Mill finish aluminum sheets are customizable and can be applicable for a wide range of applications. It is available in different sizes, thicknesses, designs, and materials based on customers’ requests.


Most of our mill finish aluminum sheets are made from robust and sturdy materials to make strong and durable such as stainless steel, aluminum, metal, etc. They can withstand environmental conditions.

High Quality
High Quality

Our mill finishes aluminum sheet is made from high-quality aluminum materials to meet the demand application for building materials, etc. by that we can assure that it gives a high-quality performance.

Application of Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

Mill finish aluminum sheets are widely used for different applications such as:

  • Household appliances and roofing
  • Cooking utensils
  • Base plates
  • Furniture components
  • Curtain wall
  • Ceiling fans and fan blades
  • Caps for cosmetic jars
  • Radiator
  • Heat insulations
  • LED lights
  • Building materials and more.
Application of Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets
Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Options

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Options

There are three aluminum sheets options including:

  • High gloss. It is a design that emphasizes a high gloss mill finish aluminum background and the grain of the aluminum material is evident.
  • Low gloss. It is used the same mill finish background but it illustrates by using a low gloss topcoat.
  • The transparent tint of colors. It also of more color options especially in working with mill finish aluminum which means that colors can be applied overall or selectively.

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Features

Our mill finish aluminum sheets can offer different features that are free for the following:

  • An oil stain and dent free
  • Oxide discoloration free
  • Corrosion
  • Scratches and stain-free
  • Breaks
  • Roll marks
  • Dirt streaks
  • Inclusion and another defect that will interfere with use.
Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Features

KDM – Your Trusted Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Supplier in China

KDM – Your Trusted Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Supplier in China
KDM – Your Trusted Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Supplier in China

KDM is a trusted supplier and manufacturer of mill finish aluminum sheets which are the most popular and economical choice in building, decorations, construction, industry, part processing, and other fields. We perform different processes like CNC machines, punching, and TIG welding.  Our company used advanced equipment for production to make a reliable product including our mill finish aluminum sheets.

We can design and customize any mill finish aluminum sheet to meet your specific requirements. KDM can do research, design, and manufacturing to fulfill your needs.

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Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets Supplier in China – KDM

Different Size of Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets

Our mill finishes aluminum sheets come in different size options, pre-stocked in more gauges. Below are the following available gauges of mill finish aluminum sheets:

  • .024
  • .032
  • .040
  • .050
  • .063
  • .080
  • .090
  • .125
  • And also we offer customization.

Below are some process that we are doing in making high quality mill finish aluminum sheets:

Why Choose Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets from KDM

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

At KDM we always make sure that all of our products are made from high-quality raw materials such as stainless steel, metal, aluminum, alloy, etc. by that we assure you to give a high-quality product including our mill finish aluminum sheets.

Our mill finishes aluminum sheet is one of the top sellers due to its being less expensive to produce and can be used for a large number of applications including electronics, ships, aerospace, automobile industry, and many more.

Professional Tea
Professional Team

KDM has a professional team that offers a wide range of products and services. We are trained to have knowledge of different steel products and provide a fast reply that you need to fulfill your most complex and original requirements.

Furthermore, we process large and small orders including OEM and ODM services, and also provide the most comprehensive and reliable services to all industrial applications.

International Certifications
International Certifications

KDM is national and international certified including ISO9001, CE, SGS, RoHS, and other certifications that are accredited by the KDM factory. We assure you that all of our products including the mill finish aluminum sheets meet the quality and standard.

Our mill finish aluminum will work on a lot of projects, by international certification, we can offer a ton of options and a large variety of products for different applications.

Skyrocket Your Business with KDM Mill Finished Aluminum Sheets
Skyrocket Your Business with KDM Mill Finished Aluminum Sheets

KDM can provide mill finish aluminum sheets of different sizes, colors, designs, and thicknesses. We can offers customize depending on customer’s requirements together with fast delivery, low MOQ, and affordable price. Message us now!

  • “After many years of finding a reliable supplier of mill finish aluminum sheets to suit my business, gladly I found you KDM. Thank you so much for giving strong, high-quality, and very useful products for different applications. “

  • “Thank you so much KDM your product mill finish aluminum sheets are very useful for building my dream house I really like it. I will give five stars to you and your team.”

  • “The mill finishes aluminum sheet from your KDM are very useful for automotive, aerospace, and other industrial applications. Thank you so much for giving me a chance to purchase your products with free samples.”

Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet FAQs

Today, I will explore everything you want to know about mill finish aluminum. Whether you want to learn about features, available options, or applications – everything about mill finish aluminum is right here.

What is Mill Finish in Aluminum Sheets?

Mill finish on a metal sheet is aluminum’s natural finish as it comes out of the rolling mill. This finish is used in situations where an anodized finish is not required.

aluminum sheet mill finish

aluminum sheet mill finish

The texture is coarse and dull.

Is aluminum Sheet Mill Finish Prone To Scratching?

Aluminum mill finishes are prone to surface quality defects caused by scratching lines.

The aluminum mill finish is prone to scratching. That is why the top side is protected during production to reduce scratches. But still, some scratches may occur.

Additionally, the opposite side may have light scratches which occur when during the production of sheets and run off down the rolling tables

How Does Stainless Steel Mill Finish Compare To Aluminum Sheet Mill Finish?

a). Stainless Steel Mill Finish

2B is achieved by cold rolling, heat treating, and pickling.

Also, light rolling is applied at the end to achieve a smooth and reflective look.

It provides a basis for other finishes, such as polishing and brushing.

2D is achieved by cold rolling, heat treating, and pickling but does not undergo light rolling.

It achieves a low reflective surface appearance.

stainless steel mill finish

stainless steel mill finish

 The finish is ideal for industrial and engineering applications.

Stainless steel mill finishes have the following characteristics

  • It is a dull grey finish.
  • Has very few imperfections on the top side.
  • The reverse side may have very few scratches.
  • It is compatible with a further surface treatment to improve the appearance.

b). Aluminum Mill Finish.

Mill-finished aluminum is a top seller because it is affordable to produce and has a wide variety of uses.

Aluminum mill finishes have the following features;

  • They feel rough to touch
  • Lackluster
  • Have signs of oxidation and rust spots.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and wears.
  • Has low density and lightweight
  • Easily welded and fabricated

This finish is used where an anodized finish is not required.

aluminum mill finish

aluminum mill finish

Which Color Is Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet?

The standard mill finishes aluminum is a very light grey finish in color.

The aluminum sheet maintains its natural color after coming out of the mill.

Additionally, it is bare aluminum.

Mill finish usually oxidizes with a light white powder (aluminum oxide) when exposed to moisture and air.

No mechanical or chemical finish has been subjected to it as surface treatment.

Will Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet Corrode?

Although aluminum does not rust, it will oxidize.

This oxidation looks like white residue and pitting.

You can prevent oxidation in aluminum, either by anodizing or powder coating.

Oxidation on mill finished surfaces takes place over a long period.

Mill finish aluminum sheet will rust if you do not take proper precautions against electrolysis.

The precautions are proper storage of your mill finish aluminum in a climate-controlled environment and proper maintenance.

Can You Apply Powder Coating On Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet?

Yes, you can apply powder coating to mill-finished aluminum.

Depending on the final application you want to achieve.

The powder is applied as a solid to the aluminum extrusion. As it goes through the oven process. Solid particles fuse to form the film

Powder coating has the following benefits;

  • It gives you a wide range of bright colors to choose from.
  • Powder coating is environmentally friendly
  • Due to its thickness and bonds with aluminum well thus, it does not easily chip off.
  • Powder coating gives the metal a strong  and long-lasting quality finish
  • Powder coating provides a safe environment for the workers. It is less combustible and has a low electrical requirement.

The process of powder coating involves;

i) Pre-treatment of the aluminum surface removes grease, dust, and foreign particles.

Any dirt or grease on the surface of the aluminum will prevent the powder coat from clinging to the sheet metal,

ii) Application of the powder on the aluminum extrusion.

iii) Heating of aluminum profiles in the curing oven for the powder to bond with the aluminum sheet.

iv) Cooling of the extrusion after baking in the oven.

You will end up with a smooth and hardened coating on the aluminum surface.

Is Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet Finish Durable?

Yes, Mill finish aluminum is durable.

It is because of its properties of non-corrosiveness.

Its alloys make the material resistant to rust and other material damages.

Aluminum materials fare well outdoors, even without surface protections or coating.

Due to aluminum oxide forming on the aluminum surface, a natural layer is added to the metal surface.

It protects the aluminum sheet making it last longer.

How Do You Manufacture Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet?

Here are some critical steps:

  • Aluminum sheet slabs are heated to over 400 degrees Celsius. It makes aluminum malleable for the mill to process but not molten,
  • The sheet is then taken through a breakdown mill.
  • The sheet is fed back and forth at the breakdown mill to decrease its thickness.
  • The mill finish is the natural surface left on the sheet surface after the process.
  • Mill-finished aluminum sheets can be further finished in various ways.
  • These include anodizing, powder coating, brushing, and polishing.
  • These finishes protect against corrosion and a better look to aluminum sheets.
Where Can You Use Mill Finish Aluminum Sheets?

The major benefit of mill finished aluminum sheet is that it can be produced a variety of products, including

i). Food storage and packaging industry- to produce food and drinks cans.

ii). Home appliances such as washing machines, phones, laptops, refrigerators, and dryers.

iii). Cookware such as saucepans

iv). Construction –rainwater goods (gutters), metal roof panels, and cladding

v). pharmaceutical industry such as wall panels

vi). Industrial warning and safety tags are usually printed on a mill finish substrate,

How Do You Cut Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet to Size?

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals.

It does not pose a challenge when cutting because it is easily workable.

It is important to have the right tools with the right blade when cutting mill-finished aluminum; this gives you a perfect aluminum sheet cut.

Mill finish aluminum sheets come in several sizes; they range between 4 ‘x 10’dimension.

You can have customized cutting services that suit your needs.

Some of the tools you can use are;

a) Metal shears for small quick jobs.

b) Circular saw for straight cuts .good for sectioning aluminum.

c) Table saw- best for cutting straight edges

d) A jig saw is capable of cutting curves and shapes.

e) Metal brakes this machine bends to flex and score the metal so that it breaks cleanly along a straight line.

f) CNC machine- provide finer and more detailed work pieces.

The steps to cutting mill finish aluminum are;

i) Set up your mill finish aluminum correctly by clamping it in place.

ii) Layout and measure your cut. If you use a CNC machine, program it to the exact sizes you require.

iii) Before cutting, ensure the blades are well lubricated to reduce friction and make clean cuts.

iv) As you cut the mill finish aluminum, use more than one clamp to hold the sheet in place, so it doesn’t slide away from the blade during sectioning.

v) Remember to deburr the holes and cut edges for your safety

Is Brushed Aluminum the same as Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet?

Brush finish takes place after the aluminum has gone through the mill

The brushed aluminum finish is commonly used for decoration in small appliances and white ware and features in architecture and automotive design.

Brushing is done using a small wire brush

Brushed aluminum

brushed aluminum

Aluminum gets a distinctive look from a brushed finish.

It maintains some of its lusters and gets some pattern of fine lines parallel to the brushing direction.

Brushed finishes can easily be damaged.

How Does Mill Finish Aluminum Sheet Compare To Polished Aluminum Sheet?

Polished Finish

It is a mechanical process that is abrasive.

It gives the aluminum surface a brushed and glowing finish.

The process presents different properties and benefits of aluminum, such as;

  • Improved beautiful appearance.
  • Aluminum properties of reflection are improved
  • Decreases the bonding of the product

polished finish

polished finish

Also, it makes the surface easy to clean.

Additionally, a polished finish increases the durability of the aluminum sheet.

Aluminum Mill Finish

This is aluminum in its natural form without a mechanical or chemical finish.

It is semi-dull/semi-reflective.

The mill finish is aluminum’s standard finish when coming out of the mill.

The benefit of aluminum is the variety of uses and applications

aluminum mill finish

aluminum mill finish

It is widely used in the decoration of inner parts of finished products.

Applications include;

  • Gutters
  • Metal roofing panels
  • Gutter accessories
  • Conductor boxes

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