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KDM supplies all kinds of money safe box such as stainless steel money safe box, aluminum money safe box, iron metal money safe box, etc.

We design this box according to your specifications. Get yours now!

  • Durable and strong construction
  • Portable or mountable designs
  • Great security and protection
  • Economical rates

KDM Money Safe Box

For extra security and protection, use KDM money safe box. It provides safety for your money or cash. It can also be used in storing important personal and legal documents, collectibles, family photos, or any valuable items. These are designed from unbreakable and strong metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

KDM designed the superior quality money-safe box on the market. Our expert team can design this type of box for small businesses, banks, hotels, pawnshops, homes, offices, and more. It is user-friendly, modern, and made using the latest technology.

You can choose from a wide range of money safe box from KDM. We manufacture single-door or double-door money boxes, with fingerprint access, key lock, or digital lock. This box is available in different colors and compartments you want.

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KDM Money Safe Box Series

Aluminium Money Safe Box
Aluminium Money Safe Box

The aluminum money safe box is built heavy-duty with a 4mm thick front door for more security with tamper-proof hinges. It can quickly secure your money or other small valuables.

Stainless Steel Safe Money box

The stainless steel-safe money box is suitable for storing coins, and money. It is made from high-grade materials, with stainless steel coating that provides corrosion-resistant features strong and durable.

Iron Metal Solid Safe Box
Iron Metal Solid Safe Box

Iron metal solid safe box has keylock features, is robust, and longer life. This is safe and reliable to use in the office, and homes installation.

Mild Steel Drawer Cash Box

Get a mild steel drawer cash box at a lower price at KDM. It is built from 4-6mm mild steel material thickness, square shape, 10-15 Inch width. A custom cash box is available here.

Security Nickel Steel Money Cash Box
Nickel Steel Money Cash Box

Security nickel steel money cash box is extensively applied in offices, hotels, business places, etc. This can accommodate an expansive range of items, including legal documents, money, passports, etc.

Carbon Steel Money Cash Box
Carbon Steel Money Cash Box

Carbon Steel Money Cash Box is made with a 3 mm thick door and concealed door hinges. This provides reliable protection for your valuables. It is pry-resistant, fireproof, dustproof, and anti-theft.

Digital Access Money Cash Box
Digital Access Money Cash Box

Find the excellent digital access money cash box made from reinforced solid steel wall construction. It has a corrosion & stain-resistant powder coat finish, available in different colors of your choice.

Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box
Biometric Safe Box

Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box is designed with fingerprint recognition technology. It assures rapid response in one touch. KDM can make either by fingerprint, face recognition, or retinal scanners biometric safe box.

Fingerprint and Digital Combination Safe Box
Fingerprint and Digital Combination Safe Box

KDM designed a unique fingerprint and digital combination safe box. No need to carry keys and add an extra layer of security. It is convenient and simple to use.

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Money Safe Box Features

Theft Protection
Theft Protection

Each money safe box is intended to be fully secured against theft. They are not easy to unlock. It totally keeps your money protected from theft incidents.


We produce money safe boxes that can offer maximum security. It is built with a security lock system that helps your money be private and secure.

Break Resistant
Break Resistant

When accidentally falling, these safe box remain safe because of their durable properties. They are totally break-resistant since made of high-end metal.


No worries when it comes to fire exposure. Our custom safe box is made of fireproof metals and can keep your money safe and damage-free.

Money Safe Box Features

KDM is an expert manufacturer of different types of money-safe boxes in China. We designed a money safe box with a larger vault, passwords, fingerprints, and many more. Our money safe boxes are harder to break, with an alarm, top-notch lock, and video cameras for theft.

Our money-safe boxes are also reinforced to withstand floods, fire, tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. We offer the best money-safe box that is accessible in an emergency. It is a suitable box that is used for any legal purposes.

Do you want a quality, durable, fire-resistant money safe box? Message us now!

KDM Money Safe Box Fabrication Process

We offer customized money-safe boxes such in size, color, design, etc. Here are the following processes to make our money safe box:

  • Sheet Forming. Sheet forming is required to form the structure of the money safe box such as the door plate, the bottom plate, and the backplate of the body. It is made using various machines and equipment including bending, die machine, or puncher.
  • Welding Processing. It is the process of connecting the money-safe box door to its body through different welding technology.
  • Surface treatment. It is the whole process of finishing the rough money-safe box through various processes such as powder coating, spraying, and more.
  • Assembly. This is the process of combining the accessories to form a complete and usable money-safe box.

Why Choose KDM Money Safe Box

KDM manufactured money safe box that is fire-resistant. It is commonly used in homes, hotels, etc. for valuables safety. We offer money-safe boxes for your business and projects in customized sizes.

Our money safe box is strong enough to withstand a flood. It can protect money from being stolen by burglars. Aside from money, it can also give secure storage to important items including family heirlooms like jewelry, work of art, rare coins, and other collectible materials.

KDM can customize money safe box according to your business or application requirements. We can also provide your logo, packaging, or customized label. Contact us today!

KDM Money Safe Box Fabrication Process

KDM – Trusted Money Safe Box Manufacturer

KDM – Trusted Money Safe Box Manufacturer
KDM – Trusted Money Safe Box Manufacturer

KDM has more than a decade of providing money safe box that is made from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron metal, nickel steel, carbon steel, and so on.  We provide complete technology and production process for your desired money-safe box.

KDM offers general inspection to check the quality process of our money safe box to meet the standard requirements including the anti-theft performance. We manufactured a standard and customized money-safe box that is more convenient for your security need.

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KDM Money Safe Box Design

KDM money safe box has a different design and quality features from the manufacturing process. Our money safe boxes are efficient, cost-effective, long-lasting, durable, and so on. Here are some customizable features of our money safe box:

  • Body thickness
  • Material used
  • Door thickness
  • Special design
  • Specification

Our money safe box is a secured container that stays in a safe or vault. It has an important application which is used to keep valuable items and important documents including:

  • Personal Paper
  • Military Records
  • School transcript and diploma
  • Important business papers and records
  • Collectible items and Valuable jewelry
  • Important contracts

KDM Money Safe Box For your Business

Custom Metal Money Box
Custom Metal Money Box

KDM offers a custom metal money box that is safe storage to deposit your money. It is made in customized colors, designs, and sizes to suit your requirements.

Custom Cash Box with Lock
Custom Cash Box with Lock

The custom cash box with lock is a personalized cash box with a combination of lock and key. It is made from metal, steel, stainless steel, etc.

Custom Digital Security Cabinet Safe Box
Custom Digital Security Cabinet Money Safe Box

Our custom digital security cabinet safe is available in gold, coffee, and black color. It is used in homes, hotels, offices, and other applications.

Money Safe Box Production
Skyrocket Your Business with KDM

KDM has more than 10 years of manufacturing customized money-safe boxes with sturdy, secure, and modern design construction. We supply a wide range of money-safe box to customers around the world. Our team can customized money safe box with your specifications for your business.

  • “I purchased a high-quality money safe box at KDM. The passwords, locks, and keys are working. The materials used are excellent. Thank you KDM!”

  • “Thank you KDM for the very secure money-safe box. The body of the boxes is very sturdy and thick. It’s very easy to install and use. Five stars for KDM.”

  • “I am glad that I found KDM as my supplier of money safe box for my business. The orders arrived with high quality and defect-free. Plus, they are very durable at an affordable cost. Thank you, KDM!”

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