PV Combiner Box Manufacturer in China

PV Combiner Box Manufacturer in China

KDM has an expert engineering team that can design and develop PV combiner boxes to meet different customer requirements worldwide. We also have a professional sales team to offer good service from pre-sale to after-sale.

Custom PV Combiner Box

PV combiner boxes are the safest way to link the PV array’s solar lines to the battery charge controller or inverter. To protect the PV string from high currents, the combiner boxes have cylindrical string fuses. All solar arrays with parallel strings require fuses. Its purpose is to combine the output from many solar strings. 

Furthermore, PV combiner boxes are electrical distribution boxes that contain DC breakers. The primary function is to integrate several DC inputs from the system’s panels into a single DC output. Depending on the type of system, this output is subsequently connected to a charge controller or an inverter. Also, the number of breakers that can be placed in the PV combiner box is determined by the number of strings.

As a result, it is secure and dependable. KDM is the ideal source for all of your PV combiner box needs and requests. All of our products have been thoroughly tested and are fully certified. Send your inquiry now.

PV Combiner Box Series

PV combiner box for photovoltaic on/off-grid solar power generation systems. This ensures that the solar panel system operates safely and reliably. PV array input with first-class combination, Quickly turns off circuit, anti-thunder protection, anti-reverse, overload, and other features.

Solar Energy PV Combiner Box
Solar Energy PV Combiner Box

Lightning protection and a circuit breaker are installed on the output side. It considerably simplifies the PV power distribution cabinet and inverter input wiring. Solar energy PV combiner Box provides photovoltaic system goods that are safe, brief, beautiful, and useful. 

Circuit Breakers PV Combiner Box
Circuit Breakers PV Combiner Box

Professional high voltage breakers regulate output, provide anti-circuit protection, and improve system reliability and safety. The installation of a single PV input array with a high-voltage fuse for over-load and over-charge protection. 

High Voltage Protection Solar PV Combiner Box
High Voltage Protection Solar PV Combiner Box

A 6-string solar power combiner with 12 amp circuit breakers and lightning surge protection. The module is already installed and wired. Optimize solar system wiring to enhance PV power efficiency. High-voltage fuses, over-voltage, and over-current protection are included in each string.

Panel PV Junction Combiner Box
Panel PV Junction Combiner Box

Panel PV junction combiner box is compatible with both photovoltaic on-grid and off-grid solar power generation systems. The device is designed to be put on an outside wall and can withstand the elements. Outdoor installation protection against lightning, surge protection module.

Solar Panel 4 String PV Combiner Box
Solar Panel 4 String PV Combiner Box

Plug and play, pre-connected wire, highly durable arranged box to combine your solar panels, making the installation of the solar panel system easier. It’s simple to install, with a mounting buckle, and there’s no need for a key to open and close the box. It will work on any flat surface.

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KDM PV Combiner Box Advantages

Quick and Easy
Quick and Easy

The unique PV combiner box design allows quick and easy integration of additional functions. Short-circuit fault protection, circuit breaker output control, safe and reliable.

Fast Installation

The installation can be carried out without crimping and without special tools. The PV combiner box offers the most straightforward and fastest connection concept for cabling. 

Safely Technology
Safely Technology

The PV combiner box connection technology makes the installation safer and quality assurance easier. Residential and commercial solar systems should be wired safely.


All wires are pre-wired in the box. A solar combiner box uses professional wires that are specifically for solar systems. Wire installation is available with a built-in ground wire.

Choosing the Right PV Combiner Box

When choosing a combiner box, quality is the most important factor to consider. It’s especially important because it’s the first piece of equipment connected to the solar modules’ output. Make sure the combiner box you choose fulfills your project’s technical requirements.

The equipment is weather-resistant and designed to be mounted on an exterior wall. Apart from the core components, the rest can be customized to fit the user’s requirements. Residential and commercial solar systems can be wired easily, quickly, and safely.

Choosing the Right PV Combiner Box
KDM PV Combiner Box Manufacturing Capabilities

KDM PV Combiner Box Manufacturing Capabilities

For mass production of PV combiner boxes, KDM employs high-tech technology and equipment. Increasing the quality value of all products is really beneficial. 

  • Multiple PV input arrays each of which has a maximum current of 10A.
  • A customized high-voltage circuit breaker for PV module output regulation.
  • IP65 protection to suit the requirements of outdoor installation.
  • High-voltage photovoltaic protection.
  • Each string has high-voltage fuses, as well as over-voltage and over-current protection.
  • Anti-backflow diodes, anti-backflow, and anti-reverse protection are all available.
  • Non-conductive box and touch-safe circuit breakers.
  • Design that is scalable and extensible.
  • Installation is simple and requires no crimping or special tools.
  • Avoiding incorrect connections and lowering hazards.

KDM PV Combiner Box Primary Purpose

The PV combiner box can be used with both grid-connected and off-grid photovoltaic power producing systems. Its primary purpose is to converge the PV array’s input. 

  • To offer short circuit fault and lightning protection, the PV combiner box is equipped with a photovoltaic dedicated to high-voltage lightning, a DC fuse, and a circuit breaker.
  • When a fault occurs, it has over-voltage and over-current protection to prevent damage to photovoltaic panels and inverters.
  • The PV combiner box is also used to optimize the system structure by reducing the connection between the solar array and the inverter.
  • Improve the system’s dependability and maintainability, as well as the photovoltaic system’s performance.
KDM PV Combiner Box Primary Purpose

Why Choose PV Combiner Box From KDM

Why Choose PV Combiner Box From KDM
Why Choose PV Combiner Box From KDM

For more than a decade, KDM has been producing PV combiner boxes. We provide complete PV combiner box modification services based on the needs and desires of our customers. KDM PV combiner boxes are available in a variety of forms, dazzling profiles, and finishes to suit any application. Each PV combiner box is built to last a lifetime and is quality-assured.

Each PV input array has a high voltage fuse for counterattack avoidance. It uses a professional DC breaker that can tolerate voltages of up to DC1000V. We place a high value on customer service and will never skimp on the quality of our PV combiner box. 

KDM provides a large assortment of PV combiner box to fulfill the needs of customers and clients nationwide. Please contact us straight away for more information on customizing.

KDM - Your Professional and Trusted PV Combiner Box Manufacturer

KDM Offers Advantages of the PV Combiner Box
Advantages of the PV Combiner Box

KDM manufactures PV combiner boxes with a variety of structural designs, sizes, surfaces, and finishes. 

  • Special PV fuse
  • Lightning surge protection
  • 8/12/16/24 input is available
  • A customized design is possible
  • Easy maintenance, and installation is a simple
  • Available in custom sizes, surface finish, and structure
  • High-strength materials are used
  • It’s not easy to break or harm something
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Weatherproof and fireproof
  • Environmentally-safe
KDM PV Combiner Box Services

KDM PV combiner box offers exceptional services such as:

Cost-effective: Affordability is guaranteed with the KDM PV combiner box. This is an excellent option for your projects and businesses.

100% Quality Checked Product: PV combiner boxes are of outstanding quality. KDM follows all product standards and certifications in the industry. To maintain quality consistency, we ensure that all items are subjected to a full examination.

Quick Turnaround and Shipping: The PV combiner box is available for immediate shipment. KMD is known for providing the quickest and safest deliveries of all products, including PV combiner boxes, in the global market.

KDM PV Combiner Box Extra Choices

PV Combiner Box for Solar Power System
PV Combiner Box for Solar Power System

PV combiner box for solar power system bright way should be used for solar pumping systems ranging from 22kW to 110kW, in order to reduce connecting cables and maintain safety and dependability. The combiner box also features a current counter-attack mechanism over-current, voltage, and lightning protection. KDM accepts both OEM and ODM orders. Unique designs and product advancements will be developed by our experienced staff.

PV Solar Array Strings Combiner Box With Monitoring
PV Solar Array Strings Combiner Box With Monitoring

KDM engineers have a lot of experience. We are constantly improving and improving our PV combiner box. PV photovoltaic solar array strings combiner box with monitoring is installed between solar modules and inverters. They simplify the physical wiring between solar panels and inverters and provide fault current protection for each PV string. It is simple to install and maintain. 

PV Combiner Box for Lightning Protection Systems
PV Combiner Box for Lightning Protection Systems

PV combiner box for lightning protection systems made of IP65 design. It features waterproof, anti-dust, and anti-ultraviolet protection. A strict temperature test is routinely utilized. The box body is built of cold-rolled steel and other metal materials for ease of installation, simplified system wiring, and convenient wiring. From research and development through manufacturing, KDM offers a broad spectrum of services.

Wall-Mounted PV Combiner Box
Wall-Mounted PV Combiner Box

Wall-mounted PV combiner box has a PV power distribution cabinet and inverter input wiring a lot easier. Protect against lightning, short circuits, and grounding. Intelligent and non-intelligent PV combiner boxes are the two types available. A monitoring unit is included in the smart PV combiner box. KDM will create one-of-a-kind designs and product innovations. Request yours right now!

PV Array Combiner Box
PV Array Combiner Box

The PV array combiner box makes connecting a series inverter to an AC power distribution cabinet or a boost transformer easier. Reasonable wiring requires a simple and transparent internal structure. High dependability and ease of maintenance. Outdoor wall mounted can withstand the elements. Choose KDM for your PV combiner box business.

KDM - Your Reliable PV Combiner Box Supplier in China

KDM is a leading PV combiner box manufacturer, offering high quality, reasonable costs, quick delivery, and excellent customer service. Require now!

  • “The level of quality, suitability, and sturdiness of their PV combiner box is outstanding. KDM provides all the products, services, and assistance you require. Working with KDM was the best decision our company ever made.”

  • “We have never regretted selecting KDM as our business partner and supplier. They customize all the PV combiner boxes we require. The product that we receive is very reliable and has a unique quality. All of KDM employees are really helpful and always offer us professional services.”

  • “Every effort and hard work that KDM puts in is much appreciated by our firm. All of our PV combiner boxes ordered were delivered on time. We get the exact product structure we require. The quality is very exceptional.”

PV Combiner Box: The Ultimate Guide

I know you are looking for more information about PV combiner box. A reason this guide explores fundamental aspects about PV combiner box. Whether you want to learn about design, features, quality standards and benefits – you will find all information right here.

What Is PV Combiner Box?

It is a box where many DC inputs are combined electrically from the panels in the system into one DC output connected to the charge controller.

It helps bring the output of several solar strings together; hence, each string conductor is attached to fused inputs and combined into one conductor.

PV combiner box

PV combiner box

However, the conductor then connects the box to the inverter.

PV Combiner Box Function.

Combiner box are usually needed for a larger system but when but in small PV system, it can make wiring and monitoring much easier.

  • The combiner box can reduce the amount of power outages in the event of a PV system failure thus it limits power loss.
  • Its central role is to bring the output of several solar strings together from the solar panel into a single box for easy installation, disconnect and maintenance.
  • It reduces the labor costs since it consolidates the amounts of cables running into the inverter thus wiring reduction
  • The combiner box protects the inverter from overvoltage and overcurrent flowing to enhance inverter protection and reliability.
Types Of PV Combiner Boxes.

The following are the common types of PV combiner boxes;

  • PV DC combiner box.
  • 6 String combiner box.
  • Solar PV combiner box.
  • 2 String combiner box.
  • AC PV combiner box.
  • 4 String combiner box.
PV Combiner Box Vs Junction Box

PV combiner box is an equipment where many DC inputs are combined electrically from the panels in the system into one DC output connected to the charge controller.

PV combiner Box

PV combiner box

A junction box is a piece of equipment that unites multiple wires and cables through different ports of entry in the panel system.

 junction box

junction box

Choosing Material For PV Combiner Box.

Material selection and lifetime prediction service are essential considerations; hence, there are two types of material combinations that are used to make a combiner box.

PV combiner boxes are made of thermoplastic materials such as polyester or polycarbonate.

A combination of polycarbonate and ABS is more common because it is very cheap compared to using polycarbonate only.

Combiner box enclosures doors are made of gaskets; hence the material is prone to mechanical and thermal degradation.

Poured polyurethane seamless gasket provides a watertight, dust-tight environmental seal.

Other materials used are;

  • Hot compression-molded fiberglass-reinforced thermoset polyester.
  • Stainless steel is used on all external hardware.

Multiple maintenance and replacement may be done over lifetime due to ageing which allows water to enter into the junction box and may affect the inner properties of the box.

Combiner boxes occupy disconnect switches exposing the polymeric handle to the elements outside the box.

The polymeric handles are usually prone to UV. Humidity and thermal degradation.

Main PV Combiner Box Components

Here are the main components of the PV combiner box;

  • DC Surge protector device.

When there is lightning, a sudden voltage increase occurs, which may harm the electrical equipment; thus, it protects electrical devices when there is overvoltage.

  • DC disconnects.

When power is no longer needed, DC disconnect is used to help flow the direct current from the solar system to the device.

  • Rapid-disconnect contacts.

It reduces the voltage or stops the current by de-energizing a rooftop panel system from a PV array; hence it helps avoid electrical hazards.

  • Enclosure.

All components of the PV combiner are installed in this physical box.

  • Fuse.

This typically separates the circuit, causing problems; hence they are not always mechanical since it depends on a tiny wire that burns through when the rating is exceeded.

  • DC fuse holder.

It is a device that allows the incoming power; thus, it safely helps the fuses integrate into the electrical circuits and helps the current flow through a full path.

  • Bridge bar.

They mix several inputs into one output; thus, they are mounted on the circuit breaker’s side opposite the positive wires.

  • Busbar.

It is a multi-connected metal strip, enabling you to integrate many incoming wires into one component and combine them from solar panels.

  • Circuit breaker.

Circuit breakers usually have one contact for usage with one incoming wire that is used to disconnect or separate a circuit manually.

It can also be used automatically when a short circuit opens or disconnects the circuit.

  • A terminal strip.

The strip is made of ABS composites; hence, they combine incoming wires into one component from the solar panels.

How To Specify PV Combiner Box

Enclosure is usually the first element to be considered when specifying a PV combiner box since most string combiners are available in outdoor-rated enclosures.

Primarily typical enclosures are; NEMA 3R,4 or4X although the most common is NEMA 4 steel.

The enclosure is significant because it directly impacts the combiner’s life and can affect the internal temperatures with its size, mounting position and color.

The inner temperatures can be affected by increased direct sunlight and decrease the reliability and life of inner equipment; hence mounting the combiner in the shade is recommended.

Size can also impact since the combiner in the larger enclosure allows, the larger air volume and surface area inside the enclosure to help fantastic inner equipment.

However, larger enclosures allow more space to work and making work more accessible during installation and repair.

The second element is the output wire bend radius and we have all its requirements in the string that have NEC and UL certification.

We have an adjacent wall bend radius and output wire which determines the opposite wall bend radius.

A combiner design that allows a straight shot to the output terminal without a bend can save installation time. It is preferable to bending prominent conductors that often waste material.

A long-term maintenance plan is the last element when specifying a PV combiner box; hence, ensure you maintain and monitor the electrical connections frequently.

This helps with high reliability and lasting field installation.

Electrical Enclosure Vs PV Combiner Box
  • PV combiner box is an equipment where many DC inputs are combined electrically from the panels in the system into one DC output which is connected to the charge controller.

An electrical enclosure is a piece of equipment that prevents shock, mounts switches and displays and protects them from an unfriendly environment.

electric enclosure

electric enclosure

  • The combiner box protects the inverter from overvoltage and overcurrent flowing, while the enclosure protects personnel and enclosed equipment against harsh weather.

PV combiner box

pv combiner box

PV Combiner Box Quality Standards And Certifications

The certification of fuses, holders, and combiner boxes are presented by UL solutions which is a balanced system equipment.

It is tested and, if applicable, certifies BOS to:

  • The standard for combiner boxes is UL 1741.
  • UL 5081 and UL98B for disconnect.
  • For fuse holder are UL 4248-18 and UL subject 4248-19
  • UL subject 248-19 and UL subject 2579 for fuses.
  • Circuit breakers is UL 489B.
  • cETLus 1741 listed.
  • cETLus Listed to CSA standards C 22.2 NO.31 and NO.107.1
  • NEMA 4 (powder coated)
  • Stainless steel and fiberglass are NEMA 4X.
  • NEMA 3R (painted steel for vertical mounting positions)
Can You Use DC And AC Breakers In One Combiner Box?

No, and yes.

The combiner box is for combining, but it can still be used for breaker, so if you put both DC and AC in the combiner box, it will be strictly for breaker housing and not combining.

Both AC and DC put together in one combiner box help to reduce wiring, and it will not pass code since they cannot be combined this way.

How To Choose PV Combiner Box.

A failing combiner box can be hazardous since it can cause smoke and fire; hence when choosing the best combiner box, you should ensure it is UL471 certified.

Ensure it has enough fuse terminals to contain all your panels to handle all voltages for your system.

The combiner box must be able to safeguard the system; thus, you should ensure everything you choose complies with the code standards in your jurisdiction.

It would be best if you considered surveillance since monitoring gives real-time feedback on the inherent benefits of the installation, hence noticing any errors or faults as early as possible.

It is good to inspect them periodically for leaks or loose connections but if installed properly it should continue to function for the solar project.2

Ensure you know how the PV combiner box functions since the combiner may need to do more than combine circuits and fuses; hence some can box can handle multiple tasks without issues.

Choose a PV combiner box that you can be able to install; hence it can bring a limited number of strings to one area for convenient installation, disconnect and maintenance in residential applications.

Also pick a combiner box that meets the technical requirements for your project.

PV Combiner Box Mounting Options

If the PV combiner box is installed well, it can function for a very long time without any issues and will require little maintenance.

It is mounted between the solar modules and inverter; hence it can limit the power loss if placed in the array.

PV combiner box can also be installed on the rooftop or other areas where there is exposure to harsh weather conditions.

Benefits Of PV Combiner Box

Here are the benefits of the PV combiner box;

  • They are not expensive compared to other devices in a solar since many DC inputs are combined electrically from the panels in the system into one DC output.
  • Provides overcurrent and overvoltage protection because of DC Surge protector device which protects electrical devices.
  • Ensures on-site delivery.
  • Improves safety of solar panels
  • Enhances inverter protection and reliability.
  • Saves labor and material costs through wire reductions.
  • Different enclosure sizes.
Safety Features In PV Combiner Box

These safety features enable the manufacturers to troubleshoot the problems that will help improve the performance of the system.

However, many of the designs and the operation of the combiner boxes have grown due to much concern on safety.

Companies are now able to troubleshoot the problems that can improve the performance of the system and enough money for use in the company needs.

The safety features are as follows;

  • Cost-effective monitoring.

Power loss occurs from all the strings whose power curve is not in line with the maximum power point track which stands for all the arrays.

The inverter alone is not capable of giving out enough data thus String-level monitoring is added to combiner boxes to provide discrete data.

  • Streamlined installation.

Combiner boxes will continue to evolve hence to be able to change application needs since they are the key element of solar balance of system solutions.

The innovations like whips, quick-connect boxes and pre-punched enclosures have helped to reduce installation time and cost.

However, big companies are concern with the performance of the solar PV installation and are determined to  bring economies of scale and research resources to lower the system cost.

  • Optimized safety.

National Electrical Code (NEC) 2011 code required a clear disconnect switch to be installed near the fuses.

It improved design practices, and a visible means of disconnect was required to be within sight of the fuses.

The inverter without a disconnect switch were far from the combiner boxes hence 2011 NEC 690.16(B) changed the safety concerns.

The code 2011 NEC requires arc-fault protection which is provides by modern switched combiners equipped with contactors.

During repair procedures, Integral disconnects improve operator safety by opening the circuit and serving as a (LOTO) device.

All the integral must go under testing  hence to qualify the certification quality standard so a visible blade disconnects provide safety that the circuit has been opened.

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