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Sheet Metal Assembly

Recommend the best material, fabrication techniques, and assemblies to meet your needs.

Custom Sheet Metal Assembly

KDM has provided precise sheet metal parts, fabrications, and an extensive range of final assemblies to exact specifications for more than ten years. As a crucial component of our comprehensive list of internal services, we oversee the manufacturing process from beginning to end. Regardless of the weight, size, materials, or complexity you demand, our team of highly qualified and professional personnel can work with you thoroughly. We can start with your design specifications efficiently. The raw metal material can be assembled after cutting, forming, welding, and other fabrication techniques.

Metal Enclosures Assembly

KDM designed metal enclosures assembly to hold, store, or protect smaller items. Used on electronics or commercial construction waste.

Commercial Toolboxes

Commercial Toolboxes are used to organize and store automotive tool parts, etc. Our range of toolboxes is durable, heavy-duty made from quality metals.

Sheet Metal Cabinets

KDM manufactures a wide range of metal cabinets in various sizes, finishings, and designs. It has a door attached, via bracket and hinge.

Metal Junction Boxes

Choose from a wide range of metals, like stainless steel and aluminum to manufacture metal junction boxes. These are available in any number of sizes.

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Why KDMfab

Advanced Machinery
Advanced Machinery

We are able to create lightweight, long-lasting sheet metal parts through our advanced technology and machinery. We own laser cutting machine, sheet bending machine, etc.

Affordable Production
Affordable Production

We can offer affordable sheet metal fabrication and assembly services to clients worldwide. Our team also supports low MOQ to support your starting business.

Fast Production
Fast Production

Numerous sheet metal prototypes and finished metal products can be produced efficiently at KDM. We provide quick production while ensuring great accuracy.

Wide Range of Materials and Techniques Used
Wide Range of Materials

KDM is a leading manufacturer in China. We have a broad range of materials and techniques that guarantee to create parts with great strength, scratch, and corrosion resistance.

Sheet Metal Assembly Process

KDM offers several assembly methods due to the fact that specific parts vary in size, function, cost, etc. We commonly used:

  • Mechanical Assembly – used in the assembly of chassis, box assembly, and watertight assemblies.
  • Weld Assembly – Weld assembly combines two components into a single product. For products that require enduring strength and structure, it is the best process.
  • Spot Weld Assembly – a less expensive kind of assembly than standard welding. It doesn’t take much time to process and doesn’t require any specific skills or knowledge.
  • Rivet Assembly – KDM is a professional in rivet assembly. Robust and structural assemblies, creating buildings, metal tools, and cars benefit most from rivet assembly.
  • Brazing And Soldering – After joining two distinct materials, we utilize brazing and soldering to retain the strength of the assembled product. Common parts include jewelry, plumbing, electronic parts, etc.
Sheet Metal Assembly
Sheet Metal Assembly

Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly

Sheet metal fabrication and assembly coincide with each other. KDM sheet metal fabrication entails working with flat sheet material to create parts for a particular application. Send your product drawings or samples and we will start the value-added process such as prototyping, cutting, forming, hardware insertion, shearing, laser technology, powder coating, etc. Once the individual components are finished, they are then assembled to form a unit.

Industries We Serve

KDM is an expert in sheet metal assembly widely used in various industries such as aerospace, appliance, bus and recreational vehicle, industrial, electronic, scientific, medical, aviation and military, defense, construction, hardware, agriculture, architectural, etc.

With advanced manufacturing techniques and machinery, we can provide turnkey solutions for metal products for different applications. Thousands of clients worldwide trust our process. Be one of them!

Sheet Metal Assembly

Choose KDM to Customize Sheet Metal Assembly

Sheet Metal Assembly
Sheet Metal Assembly

We have the ability to complete complex weldments and fabrication through TIG welding, MIG, high-frequency spot welders, insert potting, auto riveting, fastener installation, cold bonding, etc. Together with highly trained and talented people, our operations produce unmatched levels of accuracy and precision.

One-Stop Sheet Metal Assembly Supplier -KDM

Sheet Metal Assembly

KDM professionals are dedicated to providing excellent fabrication and assembly for your unique requirements. Whether it’s a large or small metal fabrication project, we can assemble it accurately and fast.

You can send your custom drawings or sample. In order to promptly offer a competitive prices and a production timeline, our professional staff will analyze the designs, materials list, assembly sheet, and quantity needs for your OEM request.

Sheet Metal Assembly

A wide range of sheet metal is available to exceed your unique fabrication demands. Rest assured that the materials used are durable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, etc. KDM can work with various metals and alloys such as:

Sheet Metal Assembly Manufacturer
Sheet Metal Assembly with Professionals

You can rely on KDM for your sheet metal assembly projects. We have complete capabilities in customizing any sheet metal parts through our fabrication and assembly services. Offer mass production, efficient services, low cost, and low MOQ. Message us today.

  • “Thank you KDM for a satisfying experience. We received our products on time in good condition. The products are carefully designed and assembled at a low cost.!”

  • “We are enjoying working with a reliable sheet metal assembly manufacturer like KDM. Their finished products are durable and accurately produced perfect for our business. Highly recommended company.”

People Also Ask:

What Is Sheet Metal Assembly?

It is a process whereby sheet metal components are assembled, welded, straightened, painted, and inspected to meet the requirement of drawing.

When Can You Use Lap Joint In Sheet Metal Assembly?

A lap joint is when two parts of sheet metal are in a pattern overlapping on top of each other.

A lap joint help unite or join two parts that have a different thickness that you weld on either side or both sides.

How Do You Join Thin Sheet Metal?

You can join by various methods such as;


Soldering is where you utilize the melted solder of your choice to seal the thin sheet metal together.

Types of soldering include; soft soldering, hard soldering, and brazing

Soft Soldering

This process seals two parts of sheet metal by solder alloy.

Hard Soldering

This process needs external heat from the blow-lamp to melt the solder.


This process involves the application of heat from the oxy-acetylene flame to help melt solder,

Riveting Method

The riveting method consists of four processes single reverting, double, chain reverting, and zig-zag reverting.

The holes in sheet metal are punched or clamped by bolts along the seam.

Riveting pulls the sheet metal together closely after they cool, and you cannot remove it without chipping the heads off.

Welding Method

Welding is the process of joining sheet metal together after heating by pressure to form a solid joint.

You can weld in positions like a flat and down hand, inclined, horizontal, vertical, and overhead.

Which Is The Best Adhesive For Sheet Metal To Metal Bonding?


They come in two parts, a resin and a harder, to be mixed equally in proportions.

Once they dry, they create a rigid bond and are waterproof; sanded, or drilled.

Epoxy withstands considerable variations in temperatures; it does not conduct electricity and can virtually bond all materials.

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