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Sheet Metal Cable Tray

Manufacturing varieties of sheet metal-made cable trays is KDM’s expertise. We offer customization services to ensure suitable specifications for every application. Your requests are our priority!


Custom Cable Tray for Your Project

Cable trays support and secure the wiring systems. They typically have a perforated design with base ribs. That enhances load resistance. These metallic-made cable trays are designed with round upper edges for the safety of cable and workers. Also, they are ideal for industrial and commercial fields.

KDM manufactures sorts of steel metal-made cable trays, including light, medium, or heavy-duty. We assure high-quality cable trays along with our strict quality management. KDM experts design them with a high level of security from external damages and heat ventilation.

Metal Ventilated Cable Tray

The metal ventilated cable trays have customizable measurements and materials. They are perforated types of cable trays with galvanized or powder-coated finishes.

Metal Trunking Cable Tray
Trunking Cable Tray

The sheet metal trunking cable trays are typically made from aluminum materials yet are customizable. They are utilized for supporting, protecting, and managing particular cables.

Power Strip Metal Cable Tray
Power Strip Metal Cable Tray

Power strip metal cable trays typically have hot-dipped galvanized finishes. There are customizable colors available. These trays are solid through type and neatly hide power strips.

Steel Grounding Cable Tray
Steel Sheet Grounding Cable Tray

Steel sheet grounding cable trays have customizable dimensions, depending on requests. They are available in various accessories, like covers, connectors, and fittings.

Horizontal Metal Cable Tray
Custom Horizontal Metal Cable Tray

The horizontal metal cable trays are suitable for under-desk applications. They are typically made from steel sheets that guarantee durability and a smooth appearance.

Sheet Metal Ladder Cable Tray
Ladder Cable Tray

Depending on customers’ requests, the sheet metal ladder cable trays have customizable load strength and side rail height. They come with various accessories like bolts and nuts.

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A cable tray wiring system has fewer distinct components than other systems. And a reduced parts quantities that need to be specified, ordered, and distributed save cost. 


Sheet metal cable trays are customizable, accommodating various applications. They are available in different sizes, designs, and materials based on customers’ requests.

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

A sheet metal cable tray reduces the risk of insulation failures in wiring systems. For a small extra fee, you can expand the capacity of a cable tray to take on additional cables in the future.

Saves Space
Saves Space

The utilization of cable trays is a fundamental requirement for effective wiring systems implementation. As a consequence, it reduces the amount of space that is required.

Sheet Metal Cable Tray Standard Finishes

KDM manufactures a comprehensive range of sheet metal-made cable trays with standard finishes, including the following:

We do surface treatments according to your preference. Please send us your customization details, and trust our services.

Sheet Metal Cable Tray Finishes
Sheet Metal Cable Tray

Metallic Cable Tray Materials

KDM fabricates various cable trays using different metallic materials. That includes the following:

  • Aluminum: This metal is lightweight material typically used for manufacturing cable trays. It features high strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless Steel: It is high rust resistance material and endures high temperatures.
  • Steel: This material is also suitable for forming cable trays due to its electric shielding capacity and low thermal expansion.

Choose the most suitable material that suits your specific cable applications.

Customize Your Sheet Metal Cable Tray with KDM

Sheet Metal Cable Tray
Sheet Metal Cable Tray

KDM performs different manufacturing processes using advanced CNC machines, TIG welding, and punching machines. Fabrication techniques include sheet metal cutting, bending, welding, surface treatment, etc. That guarantees well-processed and precise cable tray supplies.

Trust KDM customization and pre-sale services now!

Your Sheet Metal Cable Tray Supplier in China

Sheet Metal Cable Tray
Sheet Metal Cable Tray-Supported Wirings

KDM expertly manufactures all types of sheet metal cable trays to fit specific wiring usages. Below are some cables or lines that metallic trays can handle.

  • Control Cables
  • Fiber Optical Cables
  • Power Distribution Wirings
  • High-Voltage Power Wirings
  • Telecommunication Cables

Let us know your specific usage, and we will provide you with the ideal cable trays.

Sheet Metal Cable Tray Application

The various industry utilizes metallic cable trays for their projects or business. KDM can customize sizes, materials, and types to suit the following applications.

  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Construction
  • Public Facilities
  • Underground Park 
  • More

Communicate with our service team now!

Sheet Metal Cable Tray Supplier
Your Sheet Metal Cable Tray Provider in China

KDM is your fabricated sheet metal solution provider. We mainly introduce sheet metal-made cable trays, which are in markets demands. That assures fast return investments. Now is the time to do business with us!

  • “KDM provided all the details we needed to decide which metallic cable tray best suits our needs. People who work there are knowledgeable and experienced in their field. KDM comes highly recommended.”

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