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Sheet Metal Cap Manufacturer in China
KDM is a leading sheet metal cap supplier that offers a wide range of sizes, designs, surface finishes, and thicknesses. Customization is also available to meet your needs!
  • Custom Sheet Metal Cap Manufacturer in China
  • Custom Sheet Metal Cap

Custom Sheet Metal Cap Manufacturer in China

KDM offers standard and custom sheet metal caps. We offer a wide range of architectural sheet metal caps made from different materials. Including:

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KDMExpert Sheet Metal Cap Supplier

KDM offers a wide range of sheet metal caps that are used for roofing. Radius and straight-end metal caps are available at KDM. Our wide range of sheet metal caps includes parapet wall caps, cover plates, splice plates, and more.

We manufacture different sheet metal caps for masons, roofers, contractors, and more. Each cap can be created or matched with any profile to meet your requirements. KDM provides custom-made sheet metal caps for your requirements.

  • Sheet Metal Cap Supplier
  • Expert Sheet Metal Cap Manufacturer in China

KDM Featured Sheet Metal Caps

Lamp Housing Shell Caps

We provide lamp housing caps which are made using surface treatment of polishing, electric plating, chrome plating, brushing, powder coating, and so on. To get a good quality product, we used testing equipment such as a tool microscope, and more.

Sheet Metal Chimney Caps

KDM manufactured stainless steel sheet metal chimney caps using laser cutting, bending, punching, coating, shearing, welding, and other processes. We provide customized materials, colors, diameter, thickness, style, design available, and height.

Sheet Metal Deep Drawn Caps

The sheet metal deep-drawn cap is manufactured using different grades of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, steel, and other materials. It is produced using deep drawing, cold forming, and other sheet metal fabrication processes.

Sheet Metal Lids Cover Caps

Our sheet metal lids caps are made from stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, zinc, bronze, brass, and so on. KDM offers complete capability engineering, tools, precision stamping, die casting, machining, fixtures, prototyping, sheet metal cutting, welding and assembly and etc. We manufactured every part with your specifications.

Sheet Metal Home Flue Caps

KDM produced sheet metal home flue caps which are commonly used in an indoor kitchen, BBQ Island, commercial kitchen, and so on. It has waterproof features and is made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel grades. It provides durability and rigidity which is effective to prevent the winds, rains, and dust from coming in. It also provides a clean appearance.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Exhaust Cap

Our stainless steel sheet metal exhaust caps are made based on the requirements of our customers including drawings, design, samples, and so on. We also check every raw material before coming into the warehouse and check the machine, process, and other detail of the production in line.

KDM – Your One-Stop Sheet Metal Cap Supplier

KDM is a professional manufacturer of sheet metal caps for roofing and other purposes. We produce different sheet metal caps through cutting, bending, and other sheet metal fabrication processes. Our engineers fabricated metal caps using different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, and more.

We have advanced sheet metal fabrication tools and equipment to produce metal caps. Aside from that, our factory is well-equipped with advanced machinery and high-technology processes for sheet metal cap production.

Each sheet metal cap is customizable according to your requirements. We offer low MOQ to support your business. A special discount is also possible for bulk quantity orders. For your project or business, don’t hesitate to choose KDM as your manufacturer!

KDM Sheet Metal Caps Advantages


KDM sheet metal caps are durable. It is designed to withstand great pressure and heat. These are made from aluminum, surface-treated steel, or stainless steel to make them strong and durable.


Our sheet metal caps are malleable using the right equipment. It can be bent in a lot of shapes while the strength and structural integrity still remain.  It can be effectively and efficiently used in custom applications.


Our sheet metal caps are replaceable.  We make an assembly product from several parts of metal or individual components. Thus, can be removed and replaced for your modifications and upgrades.

Long Lasting

Our sheet metal caps will serve you a long-lasting period of time and can be replaced and maintained. The durability, strength, and material used are the reason that our products can be stayed with for many years.


KDM sheet metal products like sheet metal caps are made from sustainable materials. It is a perfect choice for both economic and environmental applications since it can be recycled to make other parts.


Our sheet metal caps are an economical choice in the market in terms of materials used like stainless steel, metal, aluminum, and so on. We evaluate that the cost of our products depends on the materials used to make parts for your requirements.

Sheet Metal Caps Fabrication Process

Sheet Metal Bending

Our sheet metal caps are manufactured using a bending process. It is done by using hammering and pressing the brake. It deforms the materials to change their shape.

Sheet Metal Stamping

The sheet metal caps are made using a stamping process which turns sheet metal into useful components. It is also known as a die which creates our desired shapes.

Sheet Metal Blanking

KDM used blanking to make sheet metal caps products. It is a process where the sheet metal parts are cut out and all material around the parts are discarded.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

We also used the cutting process for our metal caps. It is done using shearing, sewing, or chiseling manually and using power tools like laser cutters.

Sheet Metal Deep Drawing

We used deep drawing for our sheet metal caps using mechanical action of punch. Our sheet metal caps is formed over a rigid, single, shape defining tools.

Metal Surface Treatment

KDM used surface treatment where metal parts are ready for painting. we are using aluminum anodizing, nickel coating, zinc coating, blackening, and tinning.

Sheet Metal Cap Fabrication

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What Types Materials Are Used To Make Sheet Metal Caps?

We have different materials used to make sheet metal caps including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, steel alloy, copper and so on.

Do You Offer Customized or Standard Sheet Metal Caps?

Yes. We offer customized and standard sheet metal caps to meet your requirements. You can check our gallery for standard sheet metal caps also you send us your design if you want a customized.

How does Sheet Metal Caps Forming Work?

KDM sheet metal caps are formed using bending, spinning, drawing, punching, welding etc. It is mostly performed in a press parts.

In What Industry That Sheet Metal Caps are Commonly Used?

Our sheet metal caps are commonly for different industry such as in mining, farming, medical, aviation, construction and many more.

How Many Days to be delivered if I Purchase Sheet Metal Frame?

Mostly after production process, it will take up to 10 days delivery time.

What Are Sheet Metal Caps?

Sheet metal caps are coverings used to fit the top of posts, fences, flashings, roofs, beams, lamps or duct systems.

They offer both protective and decorative values.

Besides, they come in different colors, finishes, and styles.

sheet metal cap

sheet metal cap

Sheet Metal Post Caps Vs Sheet Metal Beam Caps?

Sheet metal post caps are coverings that are used to fit the top of posts.

They offer both decorative and protective values.

sheet metal post caps

sheet metal post caps

On the other hand, sheet metal beam caps are galvanized sheet metal covers that are custom-made and installed at the top of a roof beam.

sheet metal beam cap

sheet metal beam cap

Benefits Of Sheet Metal Caps?


Sheet metal caps are malleable, meaning they can be cut or formed.

They can also be bent to various shapes while retaining their structural integrity and strength.

Sheet metal caps can be stretched or compressed without cracking or breaking.

The malleability of Sheet metal caps allows them to be efficient and effective.

It can be used in complex and highly specialized applications or custom-design to meet any specification.


Tooling cost for sheet metal caps is cheap compared to plastic which is very expensive.

Most companies move to sheet metal from cast or molded parts due to the overall reduction in costs and material waste.

Durability and strength features contribute significantly to sheet metal caps as a more cost-effective option.

When evaluating the cost of the material, you must consider its longevity and lifespan.


Using sheet metal caps is very advantageous because of their replaceable parts.

The individual components can be removed and replaced without the entire assembly.

It happens when using various metal parts in making an assembly in place of the entire part created from one substance.

Durability And Strength

Sheet metal caps are durable and strong, and their parts are often able to withstand greater heat and pressure than parts made of plastic.

Additionally, aluminum, surface-treated steel, and stainless steel are all resistant to corrosion, pressure, and wear and tear.


Metal is the most responsible and sustainable as far as materials go. It’s a natural resource strategically economic and environmental.

The parts can be frequently recycled and turned to other parts when not needed.

Plastic is limited to recycling and can’t be disposed of easily and safe once it gets to its endpoint.

Low weight

Sheet metal caps are easy to work with and easy to transport since they have a low weight to thickness ratio.

Features To Look For In Sheet Metal Caps Material

There are some factors to consider before choosing a material for custom sheet metal caps, they are as follows;

custom sheet metal cap

custom sheet metal cap

Corrosion Resistance

This factor should be a high priority for you if your custom parts come into contact with alkalis and acids, salts, or moisture.

At some point, all metal alloys will rust during use, although some are more resistant to rust than others.

Outdoor parts should consider metals with corrosion resistance properties.


You should know the properties of each metal so as to make informed decisions.

A few parts might require moving starting with one spot then onto the next on the field.

In the case of such components, lightweight metals such as aluminum should be considered. The extra weight of a component may be a disadvantage following its final build.

Price Of The Material

Always note that the price is not limited to not only the initial cost of the material but also the component upkeep cost.

It may include the replacement cost in case of damage.

If the suitable alloy will overextend or increase your budget, you will have to reassess the whole design.

Choose a material that is within your budget.


Choose a material that can withstand bending, cutting, and welding without losing its form.

The fabrication process for sheet metal caps can be complicated since some metals can be hard to machine or form.

For example, to machine steel is easier than stainless steel.


The thickness and strength of the sheet metal cap for your custom are critical.

It will be hard to enable it to handle tension and some degree of machining during the process.

Consider the amount of force that will be required for metal snapping. For example, stainless steel handles pressure better than aluminum.

Finishing Technique

We have various finishing options for metal components. It is important to note that not all finishes can be taken by all metals.

Ensure that the metal will have a perfect look with the finish you have in mind. If it can’t match, rethink about the choice of metal or finish.

Once you consider all these, you can consider whether to choose:

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper or brass
  • Galvanized steel
Fabricating Sheet Metal Caps?

Here is the best way to manufacture sheet metal caps:

Step 1: Designing Sheet Metal Cap

It is the first step which is the planning. The client will have to provide the design or estimate what they want.

A final product is designed before touching a sheet of metal.

The blueprint is created first, and then it will get used to creating a rough draft for the final design.

Step 2: Cutting Sheet Metal For Caps

Since sheet metals come in big coils of materials, the coils are cut or removed by applying a strong force.

We cut a flat sheet metal out of a large sheet metal through the blank-cutting process.

We match the final product by cutting sheet metal blank.

The cutting is done using shearing machines or through plasma cutting, laser beam cutting, or water jet cutting.

Step 3: Assembling Or Joining Sheet Metal Cap

All the parts are joined together and assembled into a final form.

The parts are fused together by riveting, welding, adhesives, brazing, and bonding.

Spot welding or CO2 can be used to join or alter parts.

Step 4: Applying Suitable Surface Finish On Sheet Metal Cap

We apply surface finishing such as coating, galvanizing, cleaning, painting, or other last steps.

The project can be completed through additional heat treatment in some other cases.

Unique properties of sheet metal, such as resistance and conductivity are enhanced through various automated surface finishing treatments.

Sheet Metal Cap Features?

Some of the main features include:

Corrosion Resistance

They are less-corrosive because the material used are mostly nickel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, tin, and titanium.

In case of any condition exposed to it once placed, they can resist.

Tougher Finishes

Finishes for sheet metal caps have a no-fade surface that prevents wear and tear for a long period.

This is due to its toughness and hardness.

All-Weather Protection

Sheet metal caps protect elements such as rain, wind, snow, and sun from water damage. They can be used as a defense against weathering.

High Strength

Besides, they are durable and strong as they can withstand great pressure and heat than those made of plastic.


The lifespan of sheet metal caps is longer because of their high quality.

Fire Resistance

Sheet metal caps are best known for resisting fire for longer.

Lower Maintenance Requirements

Due to their durability and strength, you will not need much upkeep since the sheet metal caps will last longer.

Uses of Sheet Metal Caps?

Some of the main uses include:

 Protecting Wood Beams

Wood loses moisture immediately after they have been cut.

Losing moisture results in cracking, thus allowing insects and moisture to get into the woods.

Sheet metal caps such as the beam caps protect exposed beams from insects and moisture.

The beam caps contain Ms. colorfast 45, which resists color change, and the beams will perform exceptionally over the years.

There is no painting or staining since the beam caps are maintenance-free.

Minimize Damages To Animals And Birds

Wildlife such as squirrels and birds are known to sit on top of posts leaving a mess or causing damage.

Dome-shaped post caps will help protect the posts from damage and reduce the task of cleaning them.

Prevent Splinters

When posts are exposed to the sun, they can splint, creating possibilities of injuries.

Sheet metal caps such as the post caps reduce the chances of splinters, thus avoiding this exposure.

I know you may also be interested in sheet metal post cap.

For all your sheet metal caps, contact us now.

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