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Sheet metal phone stands are small items used to hold a mobile device. They are manufactured to place on a hard surface such as a desk or table. It allows you to be hands-free while watching videos and scrolling pictures. These phone stands can keep phone devices safe and clean.

Our range of phone stands comes in many different metal materials, colors, designs, and styles. From sleek and practical, weird and quirky, to simple and cool design, KDM can satisfy your custom metal phone stand requirements. KDM can design metal phone stand with various features such as:

  • Able to adjust multiple heights and angle
  • Large and sturdy base
  • Folding option
  • Great for charging mobile
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Compatible with phones from 4 to 13 inches
  • Simple and affordable phone stand
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices
More Details

Sheet metal phone stands with cool styles and ergonomic designs are ideal for trade shows, fundraisers, store or gift shop fun accessories, etc. It’s a good marketing strategy to skyrocket your business. KDM as a professional sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, bring the latest and high-end design of metal phone stand. We have 10+ years of custom manufacturing experience.

KDM can do various manufacturing techniques such as blanking, impact molding, chamfering & edge milling. To make metal phones stand smoother and more resistant to corrosion, we also provide different surface treatments. It includes anodic oxidation, electroplating, and painting. You can also choose the color of the phone stand based on your projects.

Our printing technique will give a unique finished product. That’s how we put your custom logo and brand name on the metal phone stand. This includes laser marking or silk screen printing.

Below are some of the materials used in phone stand production. Choose the material of your choice. These materials vary in features and properties perfect for making this product:

For your next sheet metal phone stand needs, contact KDM. We can supply thousands of phone stands with your specific demands.

Sheet Metal Phone Stand: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

As new phones continue to be launched every year, several phone accessories are cropping up.

One of the most functional ones is sheet metal phone stands.

This guide will explain every aspect of these phone stands including price, cost, designs, and more.

Keep reading.

What Are The Benefits Of Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

sheet metal phone stand

sheet metal phone stand

Sheet metal phone stands are very functional and benefit any smartphone user.

Some of the main benefits of a sheet metal phone stand are not limited to;

  • Prevents water damage – A sheet metal phone stand provides a lifted resting surface for your phone.

This prevents any spillage of liquids that might pour on your desk or table.

  • Sheet metal phone stands are lightweight making them easily portable.
  • Prevents breakage – Using your phone with an improvised stand exposes it to risks of falling and breaking.

To avoid such, sheet metal phone stands are designed with an anti-slip pad to hold the phone in place.

The anti-slip pad or non-slip silicone prevents the phone from slipping from the stand and breaking.

  • Facilitates organization and tidiness – In an office setup, for example, having your gadgets all over your desk makes the space appear disorderly.

It’s easy to misplace your phone beneath the office supplies on your desks such as folders and notebooks.

Using a sheet metal phone stand puts your phone in the right spot for easier access. In addition to that, it makes your space tidier.

  • Enhances comfort – Sheet phone metal stands can be used in a variety of situations such as; when cooking, driving, or in the bathroom, just to mention some.

Not only does this enhance comfort but also allows you to perform other activities while safely using your phone.

  • Provides convenience- A sheet metal phone stand facilitates multitasking.

Whether you are driving and need to answer your upcoming calls or cooking as you comfortably watch recipes a sheet metal comes through.

  • Increases productivity – A sheet metal stand allows you to keep your phone away from reach and focus on important issues.

Having your phone nearby as you work or when studying might make you lose focus and decreases your productivity.

  • Prevents scratches – Putting your phone on a desk increases the likeliness of getting scratches from surrounding objects.

Sheet metal phone stands provide a surface to place your phone as you use it.

This in turn minimizes the probability of scratches on your phone.

What Is The Best Material For Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

A couple of materials are used to make sheet phone stands. Some of these include;

  • Mild steel phone stand – Not only does mild steel cost less but it’s also applicable for most operations including making steel metal phone stands.

It contains material properties such as weldability and being machinable which make it suitable for various applications.

Mild steel phone stand

mild steel phone stand

Mild steel is used if the final product won’t display the steel surface but rather be painted or coated.

  • Stainless steel phone stand – Stainless steel is corrosion and stain-resistant material making it ideal for sheet metal phone stands.

stainless steel phone stand

stainless steel phone stand

  • Aluminum phone stand – Aluminum is a suitable option for making a lightweight metal sheet phone stand.

Aside from that, Aluminum offers excellent corrosion resistance and can not only be cut and welded but also can undergo machining.

Aluminum phone stand

Aluminum phone stand

 All these properties make it a suitable material to make sheet metal phone stands.

  • Brass phone stand – Apart from being corrosion-resistant, Brass has a shiny, smooth, and yellow/brass finish.

These features make it fit for creating attractive and unique sheet metal phone stands.

Brass phone stand

Brass phone stand

  • Heavy-duty iron phone stand – Heavy duty iron phone stands are strong and durable owing to their heavy-duty iron properties.

Heavy duty iron stand

Heavy duty iron phone stands

Which Components Make Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

A sheet metal phone stand comprises components such as;

  • Anti-skid – Anti-skid is designed to prevent your phone from slipping from the phone stand.

Also, it keeps your phone is an upright angle to facilitate charging recording, or streaming among other activities.

  • Rubber cushion – Not only does a rubber cushion protect your phone from scratch but also slides.
  • Anti-slip silicone pad – An anti-slip silicone pad assumes a similar function as a rubber cushion.

It protects the point of contact between the sheet metal pone stand and your device.

An anti-slip silicone pad prevents your phone from scratching, bumping, or sliding from the phone stand.

  • Non-slip silicone – Located at the bottom of the sheet metal phone stand, a non-slip silicone prevents the phone stand from sliding.
  • Adjustable and foldable -Some sheet metal phone stands are adjustable, meaning they can be tilted to different angles.

Adjustable facilitates the easy tilting of the phone stands to different angles.

Can Sheet Metal Phone Stand Support All Types Of Phones?

Yes, a sheet metal phone stand is designed to support all types of phones.

What’s more, some phone stands are also designed to hold iPads as well as other tablets.

Which Sheet Metal Phone Stand Designs Can You Recommend?

Sheet metal phone stands come in several designs. Some are based on the price, versatility, stability, aesthetics, and portability among others.

The most common type of phone stand is the standard phone stand.

This is the design that comes to mind when you think of a phone stand as they’re literally designed to hold phones up.

Some of the types or designs of standard phone stands include;

  • Foldable – As the name implies, it can be folded and this also facilitates its portability.
  • View Angle Adjustable – View angle adjustable phone stands allows you to tilt or rotate your gadget to a suitable angle.
  • Height Adjustable – This phone stand allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs.

So really, you can select any of the designs based on your personal preferences.

How Does Sheet Metal Phone Stand Compare To Plastic Phone Stand?

The main difference between a sheet metal phone stand and a plastic phone stand is the material used.

While a sheet metal phone stand is designed using sheet metal, a plastic metal phone stand is made from plastic.

Plastic phone stand

plastic phone stand

How Do You Manufacture Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

Here are 7 steps used in the manufacture of Sheet metal phone stands;

  • Blanking – Involves removal of the shaped metal from the primary metal sheet.
  • Impact molding – Impact molding is done to bend the flat metal into your desired shape.
  • Chamfering and edge milling – In this step, a machine is used to smoothen the sharp edges of the sheet metal.
  • Treatment of surface – Surface treatment is done to polish the sheet metal surface and make it smoother and more resistant to corrosion.

Color might also be added in the process.

In this step, surface finishing such as Electroplating, Painting, and Anodic Oxidation is done.

  • Laser marking – Laser marking is used to put the logo or brand name on the sheet metal phone stand.
  • Assembling and sticking silicone sheet on the gadget – All workpieces are put together and the base silicone sheet is installed.
  • Packaging – After ensuring all parts are present, the products are put in packing boxes ready for shipping.
How Much Do Sheet Metal Phone Stand Cost?

The cost of sheet metal phone stands varies depending on factors such as;

  • MOQ
  • Materials used
  • Customization

You can purchase sheet metal phone stands from as low as $0.20(for products with high MOQ) to as high as $13 and more (For products with low MOQ).

Be ready to spend more if you want customization services included.

Bulk buying and buying your sheet metal phone stands directly from the factory is what most importers practice to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Which Are The Available Surface Finishes For Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

Some of the available surface finishes for sheet metal phone stands are not limited to;

  • Gold and silver plating
  • Powder plating
  • Metal finishes
  • Bead blasting
  • Anodizing
  • Electroplating

Your choice will not only depend on the cost and coating thickness but also the type of material and turnaround time.

Your manufacturer can advise you on the best choice suitable for your sheet metal phone stands.

Which Features Should You Look For In Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

Some of the features to look out for in a sheet metal phone stand include;

  • Compatibility with different types of phones –

Most if not all sheet metal phone stands are designed to be compatible with a variety of phones.

Sheet Metal Phone Stand

  • Portability – If you are purchasing a sheet metal phone stand to help you when traveling, settling for a portable gadget is recommended.

It should be lightweight and easily fit in most of your bags or spaces.

  • Instructiveness (i.e. Can switch angles, heights, and more to suit your needs)
  • Placement – Sheet metal phone stands are suitable for staying on flat surfaces.
  • Functionality – Some sheet metal phone stands are adjustable while others are not.
How Can You Test Quality Of Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

Performing the cupping test is one of the common quality tests to determine varnish quality, ductility, and porosity of paint coatings among others.

Other tests that you might consider include; tensile test, hardness testing, hole expansion test, and fatigue tests.

Are Sheet Metal Phone Stand Durable?

Yes. Sheet metal is a strong and durable material and this explains why sheet metal phone stands are strong and durable.

Sheet metal phone stands can withstand pressure and heat as compared to plastic ones.

Not forgetting that they are resistant to corrosion.

All these properties enhance the durability of sheet metal phone stands.

Is There Difference Between Sheet Metal Phone Holder And Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

No. A sheet metal phone holder is the same as a sheet metal phone stand. Both are used to hold a phone in place at an angle or height.

sheet metal phone holder

sheet metal phone holder

What Are The Benefits Of Adjustable Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

An adjustable sheet metal phone stand has a tilting feature which facilitates flexibility when using the gadget.

The main benefit of an adjustable sheet metal phone stand is that you can use your phone in different places and at different angles.

sheet metal phone stand

sheet metal phone stand

Why Should Sheet Metal Phone Stand Have Anti-slip Silicone Pad?

An anti-slip silicone pad is present in most if not all phone stands to prevent your phone from sliding off the sheet metal phone stand.

Which Features Make Sheet Metal Phone Stand Stable?

To begin with, sheet metal phone stands have a flat bottom surface which facilitates stability.

Additionally, the non-slip silicone located at the bottom of the flat surface prevents the sheet metal phone stand from sliding.

As compared to plastic phone stands, sheet metal phone stands are heavier and stronger. Therefore, they can withstand more pressure and force.

Where Can You Use Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

Sheet metal phone stand can be used in several places some of them including;

  • In the kitchen
  • In the Bathrooms
  • When driving
  • When playing golf
  • In the office
  • During presentations
  • In your bedroom
  • When getting groceries
Why Should You Consider Double Fold Sheet Metal Phone Stand?

A double-fold sheet metal phone stand is easily portable.

It can be folded which in turn makes it consume less space, especially during travel.

double fold sheet metal phone stand

double fold sheet metal phone stand

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