Sheet Metal Phone Stand
Sheet Metal Phone Stand

Custom Sheet Metal Phone Stand


Sheet metal phone stands are small items used to hold a mobile device. They are manufactured to place on a hard surface such as a desk or table. It allows you to be hands-free while watching videos and scrolling pictures. These phone stands can keep phone devices safe and clean.

Our range of phone stands comes in many different metal materials, colors, designs, and styles. From sleek and practical, weird and quirky, to simple and cool design, KDM can satisfy your custom metal phone stand requirements. KDM can design metal phone stand with various features such as:

  • Able to adjust multiple heights and angle
  • Large and sturdy base
  • Folding option
  • Great for charging mobile
  • Lightweight, easy to transport
  • Compatible with phones from 4 to 13 inches
  • Simple and affordable phone stand
  • Compatible with smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices
More Details

Sheet metal phone stands with cool styles and ergonomic designs are ideal for trade shows, fundraisers, store or gift shop fun accessories, etc. It’s a good marketing strategy to skyrocket your business. KDM as a professional sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, bring the latest and high-end design of metal phone stand. We have 10+ years of custom manufacturing experience.

KDM can do various manufacturing techniques such as blanking, impact molding, chamfering & edge milling. To make metal phones stand smoother and more resistant to corrosion, we also provide different surface treatments. It includes anodic oxidation, electroplating, and painting. You can also choose the color of the phone stand based on your projects.

Our printing technique will give a unique finished product. That’s how we put your custom logo and brand name on the metal phone stand. This includes laser marking or silk screen printing.

Below are some of the materials used in phone stand production. Choose the material of your choice. These materials vary in features and properties perfect for making this product:

  • Mild steel phone stand
  • Stainless steel phone stand
  • Aluminum phone stand
  • Brass phone stand
  • Heavy-duty iron phone stand

For your next sheet metal phone stand needs, contact KDM. We can supply thousands of phone stands with your specific demands.

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