Sheet Metal Post Caps Manufacturer

KDM provides premium quality sheet metal post caps that come in a variety of materials and features. Protect your fence and deck posts from unfavorable weather and sun damage using this product.

  • Smooth appearance
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Custom sizes and shapes options
  • Available in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Black Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Black Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps
  • Sheet Metal Post Caps

Custom Sheet Metal Post Caps

Size: 2″x2″, 4″×4″ and 6″×6″ , custom size
Shape: square, rectangular, pyramid, round, etc.
Materials: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized or zinc plated, iron, etc.
Finish: Mill finish, powder coating, polishing, galvanized, etc
Use: Timber posts, square newel posts, fence posts, steel gate posts, industrial use
Color: black, silver, brown, red, grey, custom color
Season: All-season
Features:  Smooth appearance, corrosion-resistant, high-strength, water-proof

KDM Sheet Metal Post Caps

Sheet metal post caps provide the best way to protect gate, deck, fence, or yard posts. It can bring character, architectural features, and appeal to any yard or garden. It is made from sustainable and durable metals.

KDM supplies metal post caps in all suitable materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. We manufacture square and rectangular shape posts. It has 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ up to 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ dimensions, or can be customized according to your requests.

Sheet Metal Post Cap Applications

KDM Sheet Metal Post Caps

Pressed Post Caps
Pressed Post Caps

Pressed Post Caps are designed with radius corners, available in steel, copper, and stainless steel materials. It is designed with drive-on mounting, galvanized or zinc plated applied finish.

Cast Post Caps
Cast Post Caps

Cast Post Caps are manufactured from the casting process. It is easy to install, and a very smart and affordable way to protect fence posts. It is accessible in cast iron, aluminum, and bronze materials.

Pyramid Metal Post Cap
Pyramid Metal Post Cap

Pyramid Metal Post Cap is made from durable metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. It can be designed in any size to fit post mailbox, lamp posts, piling posts, etc.

Decorative Metal Post Cap
Decorative Metal Post Cap

Get classy and attractive decorative metal post caps from KDM. It has a classic architectural design, high strength, and ensure a smooth edge. You can send the custom design you want.

Anti-Corrosion Post Cap
Anti-Corrosion Post Cap

Anti-Corrosion Post Cap can prevent premature wood rotting. It is available in 2”x2”, 8”x8”, custom sizes. This will protect your post tops from rain, sun, and other harmful outdoor weather.

Custom Metal Post Cap
Custom Metal Post Cap

Custom Metal Post Cap is available in round, rectangular, square, and more shapes. You can get it in black, brown, white color finish. It is made from high-grade materials for rusting and corrosion prevention.

Wide Range of Options

KDM designed the highest quality metal post caps in a wide range of options. Whether you need classic, decorative, plain, or vintage metal caps for your fence or gate post, KDM got you covered.

Choose from pressed post caps, cast post caps, pyramid point post caps, or anti-corrosion post caps. We can manufacture custom and unique metal post caps in any size, thickness, shape, features, surface treatment, color, and finish you demand.

We offer custom branding and put your logo and brand in the product to boost your business. Contact us immediately.

Sheet Metal Post Cap
Sheet Metal Post Cap Application

Sheet Metal Post Caps Applications

Due to their unique properties, sheet metal post caps are suitable for outdoor applications. It is versatile, long-lasting, and maintains shape and vibrant color in even the harshest weather conditions. KDM sheet metal post caps are perfect for many outdoor spaces:

  • Outdoor Fences
  • Mailboxes & Decks
  • Square Newel Posts
  • Steel Gate Posts, Pool Deck
  • Garden Corners, Steps, And Pathways
  • Patio Area, Industrial Use, etc.

Sheet Metal Post Caps Fabrication

Being a leader in this industry, KDM has a broad range of sheet metal post caps manufacturing capabilities that can satisfy your requirements. We can do various fabrication techniques such as cutting, shearing, bending, folding, welding, high-speed sewing, assembling, etc. You can request secondary processes such as polishing, anodizing, and so on.

Through our sophisticated and high-tech machines, we can support rapid prototyping, mass fabrications, and low-volume manufacturing at a very competitive price. Message us now to start your business!

Sheet Metal Copper Post Cap

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As a professional sheet metal fabrication provider in China, KDM manufactures a wide range of sheet metal products for your business. Send your specifications and requirements today!

KDM Sheet Metal Post Caps Materials

Choosing the right material is vital in sheet metal post caps production. But, no worries! KDM can help you and will recommend the best material according to your applications or needs. Some are the metal we work with:

  • Stainless steel post caps – totally seamless and molded into shape. It is accessible in a variety of sizes perfect for finishing gates and fencing posts. This is suitable for both internal and external applications due to its corrosion-resistant, protective coating with no maintenance.
  • Aluminum post caps – high-quality cast aluminum. Available in various coatings and shapes, easy to install. Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance. It can be easily cast and machined to your desired shapes.
  • Copper post caps – will enhance the appearance of your gate or fence post. It is tough, long-lasting, and durable. This maintains their shape and color in even the harshest outdoor weather.

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Post Caps

KDM Sheet Metal Post Caps cover up the top of the posts on a fence or deck. These offer both decorative appearance and protective values. They come in many colors and finishes, including gray, black, green, brown, and more to complement the fence or garden post.

It is an excellent way to prevent rain or dirt from getting into the fence or gate post. If not protected, the fence made from wood will rot or they’re prone to moss growth, splitting, and pest damage. You’ll find your fence looks better and lasts longer using metal post caps. Some are the advantages of using sheet metal post caps:

  • Protection from wind, rain, sun, and snow
  • Protection to homeowners from crack and splinter
  • Offer longevity to your fence
  • Saving you lots of money on the cost of replacement
  • Minimize damage from wildlife animals like birds, squirrels, and other pests

There are various possible uses for sheet metal post caps including:

  • Lampposts,
  • Arbors,
  • Gates,
  • Fences,
  • Mailboxes,
  • Rail posts,
  • Yard and marine decks, etc.

KDM can design custom-fitted metal post caps based on your particular measurements and ideas. Whatever your application, our team is specialize in delivering accurate fabricated parts efficiently and cost-effective.

With 20+ years of manufacturing experience, KDM mastered sheet metal post cap manufacturing. We are your go-to source company for any sheet metal post cap fabrication and services. We focus on innovating our knowledge, allowing us to provide the best products and services to clients worldwide.

We use stamping and casting sheet metal processes to produce metal post caps. Other sheet metal fabrication techniques we offer include laser cutting, forming, metal spinning, etc. Whether you require high or low-volume production, KDM can manufacture the sheet metal parts you demand.

In China, KDM is supported by knowledgeable metal workers, designers, and engineers. We’re dedicated to helping our customers find a better, efficient, and higher overall value sheet metal post caps solution.

We’ve gained the trust of our clients by standing firmly behind our reliable products and services. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We communicate openly and honestly to meet your needs.

Sheet Metal Post Cap: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to sheet metal post caps, choosing the right size, material type, and superior finish can be challenging.

A reason this guide will help you explore many options available in the market.

Let’s explore the fundamental aspects of sheet metal post caps:

What Is Sheet Metal Post Cap

Is a covering that is used to fit the top of posts and it offers both decorative and protective values.

They come in different colors and styles as well as finishes.

Sheet metal post cap

Sheet metal post cap

Benefits Of Sheet Metal Post Caps

Some of the benefits are sheet metal post caps include:

They Are Durable

They are durable and strong and their parts are often able to withstand greater pressure and heat than those made of plastic.

Easy To Replace

Parts are replaceable. The individual components can be removed and replaced without the entire assembly.

That is, if the metal parts are used in making an assembly instead of using one substance to make the whole part.

It’s Cost-effectiveness

Sheet metal post cap is more cost-effective due to its durability and strength features.

Uses Of Sheet Metal Post Caps

Post with caps

Post with caps

Prevent Splinters

They reduce chances of splinters by preventing exposure to sun that will cause cracks and splinters to the posts.

Protection From The Elements

Elements such as sun, wind, rain, and snow are protected from damaging your post caps.

They can be used as the first line of defense against weathering.

Preventing water from sitting on top of your post and being absorbed, your posts will last longer and won’t need much upkeep.

Damage From Wildlife Is Minimized

They protect birds and other wildlife such as squirrels from damaging the post and also save you from the task of cleaning after them.

Choosing Material For Sheet Metal Post Caps

Some of the most common sheet metal materials to consider include:

Aluminum Post Caps

Aluminum post cap

Aluminum post cap

Aluminum is less-corrosive. It keeps the sheet metal post caps from making a developed contact with the environment.

This is because it naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating. Aluminum is recyclable and a light weight metal making it a much more cost-effective.

It is also ductile and has a low melting point and density.

Stainless Steel Post Cap

Stainless steel is seamless and molded into shape.

Due to its resistance to corrosion and protective coating without maintenance, it’s suitable for both external and internal applications.

It’s also accessible in a variety of sizes perfect for fencing posts and finishing gates.

Stainless steel post cap

Stainless steel post cap

Copper Post Cap

Copper is durable, tough and long-lasting which maintains the color and shape of sheet metal post caps in even the harshest outdoor weather.

It also enhances the appearance of your sheet metal post caps.

Copper post cap

Copper post cap

Galvanized Steel Post Cap

Galvanized steel is easy to maintain and it provides the most reliable protection from corrosion for some reasons.

First, the natural metallurgical reaction makes the coating performance and life predictable and reliable.

It is ease to inspect due to the nature of the galvanization process.

Besides, it is tightly and strongly bonded to steel itself and it can be inspected by eye without using destructive testing.

Galvanized steel post cap

Galvanized steel post cap

Iron Post Cap

Iron is durable, long-lasting and it is great for high security settings since it does not break or get damaged easily.

Also, it has low maintenance and it is good for wear and tear.

It provides a tight security to the home area because it’s hard to cut or even to damage by impact.

Iron post cap

Iron post cap

Sheet Metal Post Caps Fabrication Process

There are two techniques you can consider:

First Technique: Moulding Metal Post Caps

Make mould resembling shape of the sheet metal post cap without changing its size or the volume.

Melting: Metals are melted to a uniform, processable object to be later flattened and pressed into a sheet.

Pouring: The metals are poured into a rectangular mold and out of the crucible once the metal is completely liquified.

During this process, the sheet metal should stay in a liquid state so that it does not begin to harden outside the mold.

Cooling: Allow the sheet metal to cool. Once cooled, it forms a rectangular object and into the shape of the mold.

Remove the sheet metal through a repetitive motion by applying a strong force.

Sheet Metal Post Caps Fabrication Process

Second Technique Of Fabricating Sheet Metal Post Cap


Cut the sheet metal according to the sizes and dimensions by apply a strong force. Cutting of the metal is done by using shearing machines or through waterjet cutting, plasma cutting, blank-cutting and laser beam cutting.

Bending/ Forming

Bending the metal involves to change a piece of sheet metal shape without its volume being affected. Use a press brake technique for bending by shaping the material into the required angle.

Welding/ Joining

Here you fuse the metals and they will solidify in the new shape as they cool by heating them to a high temperature.

Surface Finish For Sheet Metal Post Caps?

You may consider any of the following surface finishes:

Polished Surface

A thin layer of the material itself and a layer of oxidation is ground off using this surface finish. When doing this it removes imperfections, smooths out the sheet metal post cap, and it makes it gleam once more.


It’s used to remove surface defects from sheet metal post caps.

The brush moving against the metal surface in one direction results in the creation of a uniform parallel grain surface pattern.

Abrasive Sand Blasting

It is an operation of propelling forcibly a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure.

This roughens a smooth surface, removes contaminant surface, smoothen a rough surface or shape a surface.


An object of different types of metal is coated using a layer of metal through this surface finish. Plating is commonly done for more practical reasons such as corrosion resistance and wear and tear protection or for aesthetic purposes.

Powder Coasting

Powder coating makes a great custom finish method when both aesthetic and durability are desirable finishes. This is because powder coating comes in any color.

Surface Finish For Sheet Metal Post Caps

It creates a tougher hard finish than conventional paint.

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