Stainless Steel Dome

Stainless Steel Dome Fabrication

Developed with maximum strength and cost efficiency in mind.

We have the necessary machinery to produce stainless steel domes in a variety of sizes and shapes using a range of grades and thicknesses. Stainless steel domes are fabricated at our facility using special one-piece flow manufacturing methods with a very short throughput time, producing domes of the highest quality. For clients, this results into speedy delivery times and affordable prices.

We produce unique domes and can provide ASME VIII and AS1210 certifications. Our area of expertise covers stainless steel double curve forming, which includes bends, domes, hemispheres, and spheres. Prior to delivery, all goods undergo a quality inspection in our workshop that normally includes dimensional inspections, ultrasonic thickness testing, and verification reports from SGS M&I.

Not only do we manufacture large domes for pipes, tanks, and chambers, but also small tactile indicator domes. Contact us today, and we will design the right domes for your application.

Stainless Steel Domes by Diameter

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Tactile Warning Stainless Steel Dome Styles

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Domes?


Our advanced CNC machining and laser-cutting equipment provides the ideal tolerances for any design. Your steel domes will be accurately fabricated according to your specifications.


You can select from a variety of diameters, patterns, stainless steel grades, and colours to design your stainless steel domes. Simply contact us, and we will help you.


We manufacture stainless steel domes according to necessary standards like ASTM. Additionally, our fabrication is certified with SGS and ISO.


We support worldwide shipping of your products. At our facility, workers will package your stainless steel domes, and forward your order anywhere in the world.

Stainless Steel Dome Features

  • Custom thicknesses
  • Range of stainless steel grades
  • Custom hole punching
  • Custom finish
Stainless Steel Dome Fabrication

Stainless Steel Dome Fabrication

Our deep drawn, stamped, and formed stainless steel domes come in a range of straight wall heights. With the help of our unique dome piercing unit, holes can be made in the domes. In our dome manufacturing cell, we can also polish and colour your product. We are able to manufacture metal domes with an incredibly fast output time and of the highest quality thanks to our exclusive production techniques.

Our engineers can assist you in designing a custom metal dome part and selecting the best method for producing high-quality domes at a competitive and reasonable cost.


Stainless steel domes can be installed using welding, bolting, or by drilling holes in the base. If the dome is for a large pipe or chamber, you can easily weld it in place. Also, we can drill holes for bolts that you can use to put the dome together with any vessel. If you need tactile warning domes, you can drill holes and screw the domes into place, additionally securing them using an adhesive. Installing stainless steel domes is easy, and our online support team can advise you if necessary.



Food Manufacturing Stainless Steel Domes
Food Manufacturing Stainless Steel Domes

Our stainless steel domes are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, military, ordnance, plastics, lighting, pharmaceuticals, dairy, etc.

We manufacture tori-spherical and hemispherical domes, dished ends, and flanged ends for a variety of applications, such as pressure vessels, pharmaceutical tanks, vacuum vessels, manure spreader tanks, plastic moulds, cement silo ends, marine buoys, dome bottom silos, air receivers, and pipe end caps. Further applications are:

  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Vacuum Domes
  • Fire Pit Covers
  • Food Manufacturing Domes
  • Steel End Caps
  • Car Wash Vacuum Domed Sweeper Tops
  • Domed Garbage Can Tops
  • Deep Drawn Domed Enclosures
  • Metal Basins
  • Domed Metal Lids

In addition, we manufacture small tactile indicator stainless steel domes, which are installed in hazardous places to warn people of danger as they step onto these domes. Such applications include:

  • Ramps
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Escalator approaches
  • Transit Platforms
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