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KDM offers numerous types of thin stainless steel sheets. The thicknesses are below 5mm. It can be made by cold rolled and hot rolled. These sheets come in a range of thicknesses and diameters. Also, it is available in different treatments and coatings according to customers’ requirements.

All of our thin stainless steel sheet metal comes with an easy-to-peel protective layer. It is applied to the completed side before installation or fabrication. The other side is delivered unfinished. If you require different material grades or sizes, please get in touch with us. We welcome customization!

Rectangular Plate Stainless Steel Thin Sheet
Rectangular Plate Stainless Steel Thin Sheet
High Precision Thin Circular Stainless Steel Sheet
High Precision Thin Circular Stainless Steel Sheet
304 Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet Ultra-Thin
304 Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet Ultra-Thin
304 Thin Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet
304 Thin Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel Sheet
304L Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Sheet
304L Ultra-Thin Stainless Steel Sheet
Hot-Rolled Thin 410 Stainless Steel Sheet
Hot-Rolled Thin 410 Stainless Steel Sheet
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Wide Uses and Industrial Applications

The thin stainless steel sheets can be extensively used in the food industry, storage and transportation, chemical, oil, and atomic energy industry. It can also be used in bath crock, water heater, tableware, kitchenware, hardware parts, and auto parts. Other applications include:

  • Building materials
  • Medical instruments
  • Industrial decorations
  • Household appliances
  • Electronic equipment
  • Marine hardware, and so on.
Wide Uses and Industrial Applications
Stainless Steel Sheet Ultra-Thin Features

Stainless Steel Sheet Ultra-Thin Features

Whether it’s made through cold-rolled or hot-rolled, these sheets deliver the following advantages:

  • Excellent surface and quite durable
  • It has a good heat resistance and;
  • Good thermal reflectivity
  • It looks good with the silver surface
  • Has effective welding abilities
  • It’s easy to form, cut, and machine
  • Has great corrosion resistance
  • Can keep its properties even at high temperatures.

Thin Stainless Steel Sheets Surface Finishes

The surface of thin stainless steel sheets has the following specifications:

  • #4 Brushed Polish
  • #8 Mirror Polish
  • 2B Mill Finish
  • NO.1, NO. 4, 1D, 2D, HL, BA, and other surfaces.
Thin Stainless Steel Sheets Surface Finishes

Standard and Specialty Grades Available
Standard and Specialty Grades Available

KDM makes thin and ultra-thin stainless steel sheets in a range of grades. Here is a list of the most often requested grades.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 304L Stainless Steel
  • 316/316L Stainless Steel
  • 410 Stainless Steel
  • 430 Stainless Steel
  • 201 Stainless Steel
Available Stainless Steel Sheet Sizes
Available Stainless Steel Sheet Sizes

We stock a wide range of stainless steel sheets in different dimensions. Following are available sizing options.

  • 1 x 4 feet
  • 2 x 2 feet
  • 2 x 4 feet
  • 4 x 4 feet
  • 4 x 8 feet
  • 4 x 10 feet or Can be cut-to-size.
  • “I recently got my thin stainless steel sheets from KDM, and I couldn’t be happier. Both the material and the cuts were flawless. It was undamaged because of the wrapping. You efficiently and expertly handled my order. I sincerely appreciate it.”

  • “Just wanted to let you know that the ultra-thin stainless steel sheets I ordered arrived and are fantastic! I also value the speedy turnaround. We appreciate your assistance and will stay in touch for any future project requirements.”

  • “I recently ordered some thin stainless sheet that was specially cut. The final product exceeds my expectations. Perfect cutting was used. I had underestimated how quickly the package would arrive. Fantastic transactions I’m grateful.”

What are Stainless steel Sheet Cutting Techniques?

There are two frequently used methods for cutting stainless steel sheets.

Laser cutting and shear cutting

The laser cutting produces a tiny heat-affected zone and consequently less part distortion. It is one of its fact advantages.

While shear cutting is utilized for cutting plates and flat sheets. The most common shapes generated are rectangles and squares with straight sides. However other straight side shapes are also possible.

One benefit is faster cutting cycles. Compared to flame cutting, this method is more speedy. Also, it provides cleaner edges compared to burning.

What is the Thinnest Stainless Steel?

The 0.01 mm SUS sheet is the thinnest stainless steel in China.

Before it, process control made it challenging to maintain control over the product.

How Thin Can Stainless Steel be Made?

Stainless steel sheet metal can be fairly thin. But to qualify as “sheet metal,” it only needs to reach 14 inches in thickness.

After that, the metal is known as a “plate.”

For example, 12-gauge thicknesses are 0.105” thick stainless steel.

What Key Expressions Define Thin Stainless Steel Sheet Sizes?
  • Gauge

A sheet of the metal gauge is a number that describes its thickness; a higher number denotes a thinner sheet.

The weight of the sheet for a certain material is used to create gauge size standards.

The thickness often reduces as the gauge number rises.

  • Thicknesses

Your capacity to cut a metal sheet depends on its thickness. There are many different thicknesses.

In general, a larger gauge indicates a thinner sheet; the thinnest sheets are called “foil” or “leaf,” and parts thicker than 0.25″ are called “plate.”

Designs must retain a constant thickness because parts are manufactured from a single sheet of metal.

Make sure that any interior bend radii are at least 1x the thickness of the material to prevent distortion or cracking in your product.

  • Weight

Weight is expressed in pounds per square foot.  (the metric system uses kilograms per square meter).

This figure represents the weight of a sheet with that particular gauge.

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Thin Stainless Steel Sheets FAQs

If you have any question on thin stainless steel sheets, you will find the answer right here – so keep reading to learn more.

What Is The Thinnest Stainless Steel Sheets?

Stainless steel foils are the thinnest sheets.

Where Can You Use Thin Stainless Steel Sheets?

It is useful in the construction of signage for communication purposes.

Construction of commercial and kitchen exhaust hoods to assist in smoke emission.

They act as connectors and ventilators along the duct system.

thin stainless steel sheet

thin stainless steel sheet

Steel sheets are useful in the making of refrigerators and countertops finishes.

The sheets are easily flexible for moulding and making cookware implements.

How Do You Measure Thickness Of Stainless Steel Sheets?

The thickness is measurable by the application of a gauge wheel or the measuring tape.

How Do You Cut Thin Stainless Steel Sheet?

Preparation For The Working Space.

Set up a stable, strong and rigid working bench/table where you put the stainless sheet for cutting.

Obtain Specific Cut Measurements.

Use a measuring tape to obtain accurate measurement for the cut, and marking the exact lines you want to cut.

Cutting Of Stainless Steel Sheet.

Start by marking accurate parts for cutting.

Then select the best cutting tools such as the Chop Saw and the Angle Grinder for fast and accurate cutting.

thin stainless steel sheet

thin stainless steel sheet

How Do You Manufacture Thin Stainless Steel Sheets?

Manufacturing starts by heating the stainless steel material in an electric furnace until it reaches its melting point.

The molten material undergoes decarburization process to remove excess carbon.

Then there is stirring of the steel in its molten form for uniform and quality distribution.

The molten steel at its cooling stage undergoes hot rolling forming a rough shape.

Steel material then undergoes annealing process where there is relief of the internal stresses.

After the heat treatment, steel undergoes the laser cutting process so as to obtain thin stainless steel sheets.

Lastly, it is the application of favourable surface finishes.

How Does Gauge Size And Thickness Of Stainless Steel Sheets Compare?

Gauge size

Thickness of stainless steel sheet

Gauge size increases with decrease in thickness size. Thickness increases with a reduction in gauge number.
Standard measurement of thickness for the metal sheet. Dimensional measure between two surfaces of the steel sheet
Are Thin Stainless Steel Sheets Bendable?


Stainless steel sheets are easily bendable by use of the hands.

How Do You Reduce Thickness Of Stainless Steel Sheet Metal?

Hot Rolling.

Hot roll the stainless steel metal sheet at 1400 degrees temperature to reduce its thickness to a specific size of choice.

rolled thin stainless steel sheet

rolled thin stainless steel sheet


This is applicable when targeting to reduce the specific areas of the metal sheet, so as to obtain uniform thickness.

Can You Cut Thin Stainless Steel Sheets With A Torch?


By heating the stainless steel with acetylene torch to an extent that it turns red.

Then loosen the cutting liver on the stainless sheet to allow flow of oxygen to concentrate heat on the cutting area.

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