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Top Aluminum Manufacturers in the World

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Aluminum is a well-known lightweight and silvery-white metal alloy. They come with high corrosion resistance, making them suitable for multiple industrial, domestic, and commercial projects worldwide. The industries include aerospace, automotive, electronics, construction, etc. So if you are searching for a professional provider wherever you are in the world, KDMfab lists the recent top worldwide manufacturers.

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Top 10 Aluminum Manufacturers in the USA


1. Arconic Inc.


Address: North America, 600 Kawneer Dr., Springdale, AR  72764, UNITED STATES

Arconic Inc. is the top aluminum product manufacturer in the USA. They work in good partnerships with their customers. Their team provides complex engineering solutions to achieve aluminum supply improvements. They work with expertise and high-tech manufacturing process. That enables them to meet your product quality and delivery efficiency. Among their offered aluminum products are, 

  • Aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Aluminum plates
  • and other innovative architectural products


Aluminum sheets and plates

The company manufactures aluminum sheets with safer, fuel-saving, and lightweight advantages. Their professional people also form robust aluminum-lithium aviation parts. Arconic’s objective is to provide lasting quality aluminum solutions across its value chain.

The company also serves various markets, including

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Packaging
  • Building & construction
  • Commercial transportation

Novelis Inc.

2. Novelis Inc. 

Novelis Inc.

Address: 3560 Lenox Road, Suite 2000, Atlanta, GA 30326 USA

Novelis Inc. is a professional manufacturer of aluminum supplies. They focus on aluminum flat-rolled and recycled can products. The company serves the beverage, aerospace, and automotive industries. They deliver high-quality aluminum parts worldwide with consistency. Moreover, their core values include dedication and sustainability. 

Multiple companies keep recognizing and marking them as trusted business partners. Among the largest brand they support are,

  • Coca-cola
  • Ford
  • Samsung
  • AB Inbev
  • Jaguar LandRover

The company consistently handles the development and production of aluminum products. They work with top-class scientists and engineers, providing versatile solutions. Their manufacturing pieces of equipment lower carbon footprints and reduce landfill waste. 

Novelis Inc. has headquarters in Georgia and works in about 33 facilities with 12,690 employees. They are Hindalco Industries Limited subsidiary – a professional company based in India. 


3. Constellium


Address: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.

Constellium is a worldwide top aluminum product manufacturer, developer, and recycler. They design new alloys and engineer custom products for various applications. The company forms improved aluminum solutions for renewable and annular economies. They have about 12,000 employees with 27 production sites. Constellium mainly offers,

  • Aluminum extrusions
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum plates


Moreover, the company is arranged into 3 business sections- A&T, AS&I, and P&ARP. For innovations, Constellium has R&D centers that continuously research various aluminum transformations. That also helps form a more renewable future. 

The company is committed to forming customers, society, and suppliers’ worth. They are a trusted manufacturer that works with excellent practices and adheres to high ethical standards. You can always count on their satisfying services and quality aluminum products. 

Kaiser Aluminum

4. Kaiser Aluminum

Kaiser Aluminum

Address: 1550 West McEwen Drive, Suite 500, Franklin, TN 37067

Kaiser Aluminum is one of the top semi-fabricated aluminum manufacturers in the US. Most suppliers and producers trust their delivered engineered solutions. They serve various industries, including aerospace, automotive packaging, and other industrial utilization. Kaiser always follows quality dedication, services, and innovations since 1946.

The company handles about 13 manufacturing facilities around North America. They collectively produce a comprehensive range of aluminum products, such as forged stocks, rods, bars, tubes, and aluminum wires. Moreover, the company has a facility that specializes in manufacturing techniques, like

  • Multi-axis CNC machining
  • 3D printing
  • Welding
  • Fabrication 


Multi-Axis CNC Machine

Each Kaiser facility focuses on manufacturing aluminum products for certain industries. That enables them to develop more knowledge about different markets. They also have improved and efficient processes for your operating needs. You can assure effective delivery and innovative aluminum product solutions.

Alcoa Corporation

5. Alcoa Corporation

Alcoa Corporation

Address: 201 Isabella Street Suite 500 Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5858, US 

Alcoa Corporation is an expert in innovating ideas and making impossibilities into reality. They produced their aluminum products with environmental and community concerns. Their aluminum supplies have low-carbon intensity compared to other manufacturers. And most of their aluminum portfolio is supported by renewable energy.


Aluminum Billet

The company manufactures high-quality aluminum castings, like rod, billet, slab, and foundry. Alcoa always prioritizes its employees, contractors, and visitors’ safety throughout the process. 

Alcoa Corporation is looking forward to aluminum industry reinventions for a renewable future. Additionally, the company provides aluminum product solutions for specific applications.


6. Century Aluminum Company

Century Aluminum Company

Address: One South Wacker Drive, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60606

Century Aluminum Company has built a significant reputation for producing premium and quality-grade aluminum globally. The company operated aluminum smelters across the US and Ireland. They engage in a strategic objective to provide various industries with demand for aluminum production. 

The company exclusively produces quality aluminum in its high-volume facilities. They set up each plant designated under ISO 9001 quality standards- a status the company proudly holds. Their line of premium aluminum products includes,

  • High purity 
  • Billet
  • Primary foundry alloy 
  • Molten
  • Natur-Al™
  • Ingot 
  • Sow 
  • Slab 

Century Aluminum Company aims to heighten its aluminum business through investment and development. The benefits they gained directly contributed to the building facilities and production capacity addition. 

Metalmen Sales Inc.

7. Metalmen Sales Inc.

Metalmen Sales Inc.

Address: 31-49 12th St., Long Island City, NY, 11106, USA 

Metalmen Sales Inc is a market leader in aluminum with more than ten decades of experience. They are a reputable bespoke provider as well. Heat treatment, slitting, shearing, and tempering are among their specialties.

The company provides a demand for metal and aluminum with expert expertise. They keep increasing their capability, which causes them to produce unique inventory. Metalmen offers plates up to 2” thick and 4″ in diameter with aluminum 1100 bars. Other typical aluminum grades include, 

  • 2011
  • 2024
  • 5052
  • 6063 
  • 7075


Aluminum Alloy Grades

Metalmen Sales Inc produces numerous aluminum products in a wide range, such as sheets, tubes, rods, bars, angles, plates, foils, and more.

Metal Associates

8. Metal Associates

Metal Associates

Address: 230 West Parkway Unit 3-2. Pompton Plains, NJ 07444

Metal Associates is a renowned manufacturer and distributor of aluminum and other metals in various forms. The company makes every attempt to provide customers with metal products at reasonable costs. They make sure that each project receives exceptional supplies.

The company produces reliable, long-lasting aluminum products. They ensure that the products are in top condition and quality-checked. Metal Associates has knowledgeable representatives who are also adept at handling particular requirements. Their selection of aluminum includes

  • Rod
  • Plates
  • Sheets  
  • Coil
  • Tubes 
  • Foil
  • Pipes
  • Bars (custom)
  • Round, square, and flat wire

Metal Associates’ goal is to offer superior service, from quality aluminum products to the assistance needed. They continue to cultivate good relationships with their partners and clients. The company guarantees maximum satisfaction. 

Erickson Metal Corporation

9. Erickson Metal Corporation

Erickson Metal Corporation

Address: Erickson Metals Colorado, 5045 N. Oakland St. Denver, CO 80239

Erickson Metal Corporation is a dedicated global primary provider of aluminum goods. Following the motivating philosophy of “Whatever It Takes.” They established three significant locations in Minnesota, Colorado, and New Mexico. The company is an expert in any aluminum-related service. They offer

  • Custom extrusions
  • Extruded shapes
  • Plate 
  • Rod 
  • Sheet
  • Slit coil
  • Pipe
  • Tube


Aluminum Slit Coil

The company entirely improved its quality system, complying with the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard. They illustrate the value of being a high-quality, dependable provider in this way. Their branches have ISO registration.

Erickson Metal Corporation encourages the ongoing advancement of teamwork and creativity.  This approach will enhance relationship development and maintenance with their partners. Their dedication to their profession will always be apparent.

Bobco Metals

10. Bobco Metals

Bobco Metals

Address: 2000 S. Alameda St. L.A

Bobco Metals have been in business for approximately 50 years, making them one of Los Angeles’s oldest metal companies. Their continued presence and pristine reputation testify to their adaptability, superior quality, and trustworthy provider. 

The company’s extensive experience in the metals industry has enabled them to meet the high demand for metals worldwide. They fulfill such needs to maintain their position and commitment to overcoming growing competition. Their premium aluminum items include plates, sheets, flat bars, angles, custom-shaped tubes, diamond plates, rounds, pipes, and channels. 

Bobco Metal Company also manufactures fence hardware in addition to distributing metal. They have provided devoted service and cost-effective aluminum products for years. Their nearly five acres of inventory guarantee numerous sizes, styles, and materials. Additionally, they have aluminum grades available, which include 3003, 5052, 6061, and 6063.

Top 10 Aluminum Manufacturer in the UAE


1. Emirates Global Aluminium


Address: PO Box 3627, Dubai, UAE

Emirates Global Aluminium is part of the world’s leading producers of high-grade aluminum. The company’s competitive and ecological products allow them to meet the market’s high demand. Their goal is to create innovative aluminum products with every potential modern purpose and application.

The company developed a closer partnership to provide and support the expansion of metal used in the future. They value a sustainable economy, safety, integrity, cooperation, and profitable results. Their expert technical team provides cost-effective and best-equality aluminum products. 

Emirates Global Aluminium aims to create products with satisfying results. And that was made possible as they have 20 smelters in Al Taweelsh and Jebel Ali. Numerous industries and businesses prefer the company’s great-quality aluminum products. They are trusted by the following field.

  • Airplanes
  • Construction 
  • Transportation systems
  • Car Manufacturers 
  • Packaging companies
  • Electronics products
  • Automotive supply chain
  • Food and drinks industry

Reem Emirates

2. Reem Emirates 

Reem Emirates

Address: Sector No. M-41 Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Reem Emirates is renowned for being a pioneer in the UAE, producing ecological and energy-friendly aluminum products. Their focus is on delivering high-quality products with the best possible productivity. They specialize in architectural facades that use aluminum as doors, windows, curtain walls, and building cladding. 

The company, with a solid standing in the industry, has successfully expanded its projects. They finished many essential projects throughout Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. And that aids in establishing a reputation for excellence in service and dependability.

Reem Emirates is the choice across numerous industries. They offer aluminum sheets, tubes, coils, and various other items. The company’s aluminum products have been utilized in significant developments like 

  • Marina Bloom Development in Abu Dhabi 
  • The Local Hotel in Russia
  • Arzana Hotel & Housing Complex in Morocco 
  • MBS Crowne Plaza in the UK 
  • Golden Mile in Dubai 
  • Urbela Residences in Western Asia
  • Marsa Zayed Parcel T7 Development in Jordan 
  • Barwa Commercial Avenue in Doha, Qatar
  • and many more

Al Barary Aluminum and Glass L.L.C.

3. Al Barary Aluminum & Glass L.L.C.

Al Barary Aluminum and Glass L.L.C.

Address: Al Barary Aluminum & Glass L.L.C. Dubai Investment Park 2 PO BOX. 18792, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Barary Aluminium and Glass L.L.C is a leading manufacturer with the most extended history inside the company. They offer other services, including contracting, fabrication, installation, and custom aluminum product design. Their other primary goal is to generate the required demand and continuously satisfy their clients.

The company’s advanced capabilities guarantee the best quality of the products, meeting the necessary demand. Their primary goal is to deliver high-class aluminum products. They work hard to offer well-researched and tested solutions. Among their aluminum products of the finest quality are designed for

  • Unitized Curtain Wall
  • Doors & Windows
  • Sun Breakers 
  • Façade Glazing Systems
  • Automatic Sliding

Al Barary

Aluminum Curtain Walls

Al Barary Aluminum and Glass L.L.C are more than just a manufacturer. They support new ideas or initiatives, as with any service needed. The company shows its adjustment ability to any requirement in the aluminum world. They provide affordable costs and even numerous designs for different applications.

Hussain Aluminium Co LLC

4. Hussain Aluminium Co LLC

Hussain Aluminium Co LLC

Address: o Box: 33373, #19, Baba Hassan Shed, Industrial Area 3, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Hussain Aluminium Co LLC provides aluminum and other metals across the United Arab Emirates for more than 27 years. By working hard in the market, they have built a few industries to hold their aluminum products. Additionally, they own the most extensive aluminum sheets in various sizes and grades. The aluminum product portfolio of the company consists of,

  • Marine Grade Sheets
  • Custom Bars
  • Chequered Sheets
  • Round Tubes
  • Sheets
  • U-Channel


Custom Aluminum Tubes

The company’s endless supply of aluminum products is a go-to source for many industries. They trust in the dependability of the company’s services and aluminum products. The company’s products undergo many tests and examinations to produce an actual dimension or form. They offer the following grades: 1100, 5754, 6063, and 6082.

Hussain Aluminum Co LLC’s aim is straightforward and realistic. To completely satisfy all demands and meet expectations. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides in-demand aluminum products. You can benefit the most from doing business with them. They guarantee to provide you with accurate and thoroughly inspected aluminum supplies.


5. Balexco

Address: P.O. Box No. 1053, Manama Kingdom of Bahrain


Balexco, also known as Bahrain Aluminum Extrusion Co., is a leading aluminum components manufacturer in the UAE. They made them for various uses and applications. The company produces premium-value extrusion for frames, construction equipment, and other required products. They have expanded their aluminum and metal market capacity from the Middle East to West Asia. 

The company also provides other aluminum extrusion services, such as surface finishes and tempering. Balexco has extensive experience and knowledge to meet a critical custom demand for various applications. They follow international standards, ensuring all their customers will be satisfied. The company strictly adheres to the policy. They are preventing defective production and the safety of every employee. Their comprehensive line of products is for industries and usage like

  • Agricultural Systems
  • Commercial
  • Curtain Walls 
  • Sunbreakers
  • Panels
  • Rails
  • And more

Balexco keeps an optimistic future and considers all new approaches to meet the rapidly increasing global demand. They also find solutions to minimize the ecological impact by determining the best reducing environmental waste strategy. Balexco works to protect the environment and you.

Siraj International

6. Siraj International

Siraj International

Address: Building no. 9, 27 ST, Dubai Investment Park 2

P.O Box 26737, Dubai, UAE

Siraj International was developed in the year 1988, and since then they become highly experienced professionals. The company also works with expert technicians with stable sound infrastructure facilities. They completed the fabricating practices and advanced installations of their aluminum products. Their team is expert enough to handle even the complex design and application requirements. 

Siraj International company offers the following services,

  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Provide turnkey solutions
  • Trading


With reliability, high quality, and integrity, they built an excellent reputation in the field. Among their complete project solutions are,

  • Facade systems
  • Cables and rods
  • Structural glazing
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Windows
  • and more

The company’s factory comes with advanced manufacturing equipment. Their in-house design unit uses high-technology 3D and CAD. Siraj International is always open to your requests and satisfying ideas. Moreover, the company successfully delivers its aluminum and glass products internationally.

White Aluminium

7. White Aluminium 

White Aluminium

Address: Mussafah ICAD 1 Plot 48D Opposite Emirates Steel., Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

White Aluminum has more than 45 years of background in manufacturing aluminum products. The company was built in 1973 and became the first aluminum company based in the UAE. They keep improving throughout the years and turned into a leading group in the industry. 

As a one-stop shop provider, the company offers the following services.

  • Fire-rated facades
  • Extrusion
  • Manufacturing
  • Facade project installation
  • Powder coating
  • Design and engineering

White Aluminum company has provided custom aluminum products to an extensive range of satisfied customers. The company’s high-quality products are utilized in iconic projects, such as

  • High rise towers
  • Residential houses
  • Military industry
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Government buildings
  • and more


8. National Aluminium Products Company SAOG (NAPCO)


Address: PO Box 31547, Al Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

National Aluminium Products Company SAOG (NAPCO) has a mission to create shareholder value. They deliver top-quality aluminum extrusion products in innovative and reasonable-cost ways. The company fulfilled such objectives by meeting superior services. Their team also works in the industry with reliability, price control, and safety. 

The company operates with dedication and efficiency. NAPCO also provides a comprehensive range of aluminum extrusions with various designs and finishes. They have complete extrusion lines in manufacturing plants, including vertical and horizontal ones. 

NAPCO’s dedication to aluminum product qualities always adheres to ISO certifications. The company aims to meet your requests and expectations constantly. That vision will be achieved through reliable design innovation and high-standard support.

Extrusion And CNC

9. Extrusion And CNC

Extrusion And CNC

Address: Extrusion and CNC, Sharjah Media City, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Extrusion And CNC produce and supply T-Slot profiles made from aluminum material. They are typically used for numerous projects and machinery facilities. The company also offers a comprehensive range of aluminum fasteners and accessories. Customizing your aluminum products using CNC machines is their expertise. 

  • Designing
  • Milling
  • Engraving 


CNC Engraving Aluminum Plate

The company assures and intends to reach every market requirement. Among their comprehensive extruded aluminum products are,

  • Profiles
  • Brackets
  • Connection plates
  • Leveling feet
  • T-bolts
  • L-connector
  • Corner connectors
  • Anchor connectors
  • and more




Address: Industrial Area 2, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

STARS GLASS AND ALUMINIUM CO. starts its industry operation in 1981. The company always aims to provide you a customized aluminum product solutions. They organized their fabrication processes by categorizing each product and service. Their team specializes in delivering and installing aluminum & glass supplies for;

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Skylights
  • Partition frames
  • and more

The company has extensive years of experience in manufacturing aluminum products. Their professional people also guide you through the whole process and development. Among their offered aluminum products are the following,

  • Angles
  • Tubes
  • 105mm and 125mm Sliding
  • Thermal break
  • Vortex
  • 45mm hinges
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Pipes
  • Curtain walls

STARS GLASS AND ALUMINIUM CO. always intend to meet your expectations. Providing you with satisfying quality aluminum products and services. You can always count on their assistance 24/7.

Top 10 Aluminum Manufacturers in China


1. Chalco (Aluminum Corporation of China Limited)


Address: No. 62 North Xizhimen Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Chalco is a top aluminum product manufacturer in China. The company engages the whole valued process, from exploration, and production to international logistics. They have more than a decade of experience in supplying high-quality aluminum-made supplies. 

The company’s goal is safety, improvement, and use of national strategic resources. They became a trusted supplier of various industrial applications, including rail transport, the defense industry, and aeronautics. The company also developed the initial man-made satellite in China, including its

  • Nuclear reactors
  • Shenzhou spacecraft
  • commercial airplanes
  • Faster trains
  • Long March rockets

Chalco became an outstanding company due to its competitiveness and worldwide operation capacity. They have a fast improvement in structural readjustment and upgrading. Their team has full-force efforts on reforming and promoting innovations for custom aluminum-made products.


2. China Hongqiao Group Limited


Address: Huixian 1st Road, Zouping Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province, China

China Hongqiao Group Limited is one of the world’s top aluminum manufacturers. They are dedicated to restructuring and reliable development. The company constantly supplies its products to over 120 countries. Thus, they have about 11 major manufacturing bases worldwide. And surpass about six million tonnes production capability.

The company mainly imports bauxite- the most typical raw material used to form metallic aluminum. Hongqiao has innovated a total industrial chain, from international mines to domestic establishments. Among their comprehensive product portfolios are the following:

  • Hot aqua aluminum alloy
  • Rolled aluminum alloy
  • Aluminum busbar
  • Precise aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum ingots
  • and other fresh materials


6061 Aluminum Bus Bar


3. Fenglu Aluminium Company


Address: Sanshui Hekou Private Development Zone, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

Fenglu Aluminium Company is an immense manufacturer in China. They integrate production, R&D, and sales of various aluminum alloy supplies. The company owns Nanhai and Sanshui bases with about 900,000 ㎡ total space. They focus on aluminum profile innovation and R&D. Their team is also expert in manufacturing aluminum supplies, like

  • High-end decorative materials
  • Doors and windows
  • Industrial materials
  • and other aluminum alloys for the defense and aerospace industries

The company has built the whole aluminum manufacturing industry chain and management system operations. That includes molding design and RD processing to aluminum surface treatments. Also, they build up their investment and present the immense aluminum processing lines.

Fenglu passes various certification standards, including European Standard Qualicoat, DNV, Low Carbon Products, ABS, etc. That assures you worthy and efficient quality products.

JMA Aluminum Supplier

4. JMA Aluminum Supplier

JMA Aluminum Supplier

Address: Nanhai Nonferrous Metals Industrial Park, Xiao Tang Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

JMA Aluminum Supplier is one component of China’s significant manufacturing industry for aluminum. They produce numerous aluminum products since 1993. Their annual production of aluminum profiles across the globe totals 300,000.

The company has enhanced its manufacturing knowledge of the industry. They have systems for curtain walls, windows, doors, fabrications, and even furniture. And this allows them to welcome new services to the market, proving that their efforts have paid off. Using system-controlled extrusion machinery, they produce a large number of products. They manufacture aluminum products such as

  • Tees and Zees
  • Custom tubes
  • Beams
  • Rods and bars
  • Angles
  • Channels
  • Tube with flange
  • and more


Aluminum Channer Extrusion and Caps

JMA Aluminum Supplier recognizes the significance of high-quality aluminum products. They assign a 200-person inspection crew. They ensure that they know your exact needs and requirements and that they can produce them with accuracy and value.


5. Zhongwang


Address: No. 299, Wensheng Road, Liaoyang City, Liaoning, China

Zhongwang is the second largest developer manufacturer in the world at present. They are committed to the advancement of sustainable future development and innovation. Their team is actively working to improve such innovations by thoroughly developing rigorous research. 

The company utilizes numerous systematic technologies to ensure successful production implementation. They have advanced machinery for melting furnaces, casting, pusher-type, plate aging, hot rolling, and other finishing equipment. And the aluminum products that they specialize in are 

  • Large plates
  • Sheet 
  • Stretched plates
  • Coil
  • Ingot 

Zhongwang understands the advantage of using aluminum in the industry of transportation. That’s why they also created and produced aluminum for such a purpose. Aluminum has superior qualities to other traditional materials, and the company is aware of its positive effects. Zhongwang works to make the world greener and lighter.


6. Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd.


Address:  Asia Aluminum Industrial City, Dawang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province, China

Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. provides aluminum profile solutions. They are one of the leading sophisticated building suppliers in China, following the modern world’s advancing future. They can provide aluminum products for windows, doors, or curtain walls and profile categories for 

  • IT
  • Rail transportation
  • Industries 
  • Electronics 
  • Aviation 
  • Communication technology 
  • Automobiles
  • and more


Aluminum Applications

The company’s main objective is to import more advanced systematic equipment for production capabilities. They have automated machines for surface treatment, mold making, and extruding. It dramatically increases their production by up to 600,000 tons annually.   

Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Factory Co., Ltd. was recognized for its work for excellency nationally and internationally. They have built an outstanding reputation in their business management. The company continuously provides satisfying products to society.


7. Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd.


Address:  5 Industrial Section D Leping Town Foshan, 528137 China

Xingfa Aluminium Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles worldwide. The company was developed in 1984 and turns a successful shareholder in 2018. It is a well-known immense-scale enterprise that focuses on architectural aluminum profile production. The company continuously keeps pace with modern times and innovation. 

Moreover, Xingfa constantly expands markets and headquarters to reach high demand. They have professional team staffs that handle every process of manufacturing and services. The company covers the aluminum extrusion profile industry and solutions.

  • Aluminum windows & doors
  • Curtain wall system
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Aviation
  • Rail transportation
  • Other construction projects

They combine autonomous R&D and international research institutes, to offer high-quality aluminum products. Among their aluminum products are the following:

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum curtainwalls
  • Industrial profile
  • Aluminum windows
  • Aluminum doors




Address: No.638, Hengfeng Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai

NANSALU is one of the leading aluminum manufacturers worldwide. They are committed to supplying excellent aluminum products for customers. With over three decades of specializing in the development, they already serve the largest international clients. They manufacture custom aluminum supplies, like

  • Aluminum tubes
  • Aluminum coils
  • Aluminum circles
  • Aluminum strips
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Aluminum bars
  • Aluminum profiles 

The company comes with advantageous features, including integrity, services, vision, respect, and transparency. They believe in open communication with you throughout the procedure. Their employees always work with equity and trust. NANSALU‘s disciplined workers assure efficient and reliable quality products. They are a trusted manufacturer that provides exactly according to your demands.




Address: No.5 Minhong Road, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

WEIYE company was founded in 1992. They are an extensive-scale extrusion operation enterprise with social responsibility. The company manufactures aluminum extrusions used for various applications, like

  • Transportation
  • Custom home decoration
  • Construction
  • Electronics
  • and other industries

For over 30 years in the industry, the company has undergone quick improvements. They established about 4 primary industrial bases around China. Recently, the company has about 83 state-of-the-art aluminum extrusion manufacturing lines. WEIYE fabricates handrail system profiles, casement windows, sliding windows, thermal breaks, etc., made from aluminum materials.


10. Foshan Shenghai Aluminum Co., Ltd


Address: Hongling 2 Road, Shishan Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China (528200)

Foshan Shenghai Aluminum Co., Ltd was established in 2010. Since then, the company has obtained a high reputation as a top aluminum products manufacturer in China. They work according to the ISO9001 standards. That enables their products to be nailed and trusted worldwide. The company assures to meet your custom-made profile requirements, suitable for your projects. Among their products are 

  • Aluminum handles
  • Wardrobe profiles
  • Pipe and tubes
  • Thermal break profiles
  • Rail and tracks
  • and more

Foshan manufacturing processes and quality products that adhere to the following certifications.


  • Utility Model Patent
  • Work Safety Standards
  • Quality Management Systems 
  • High-Tech Enterprises

The company also accommodates OEM services. It is required to have large order quality. Printing your brands or trademarks is also accessible. You can provide your samples or drawings to satisfy your needs. 

Top 10 Aluminum Manufacturers in India


1. Hindalco Industries Ltd.


Address: Hindalco Industries Limited Birla Centurion, 7th-floor Pandurang Budhkar Road Worli, Mumbai – 400 030

Hindalco Industries is a primary aluminum and copper manufacturer in the industry. They gain high ranks on global aluminum majors that provides low footprints in other countries. Their primary aluminum products are,

  • Aluminum ingots
  • Flat-rolled supplies
  • Extrusions and aluminum foils
  • High-grade alumina
  • Billets
  • and wire rods


Flat-Rolled Aluminum

The company’s vision is to excel in its manufacturing expertise, form stakeholders’ worth, and achieve premium metal majors. Their team aims to innovate aluminum supplies and meet your profit expectations. 

Hindalco’s core values include integrity, passion, seamlessness, and commitment. Their manufacturing processes and qualities strive to fulfill your speed standards. That ensures their reliability and outstanding customer service. Moreover, the company assures ISO 9001 and ISO 45001-certified aluminum products. 


2. Vedanta Aluminium Limited


Address: 1st Floor, Module C/2, Fortune Tower, Bhubaneshwar, Odisha – 751023, India

Vedanta Aluminum remains the trusted aluminum producer in the world with the idealistic goal of creating the “metal of the future.” The company takes a unique approach, ensuring a sustainable future for the world. They offer excellent-grade aluminum in every application in the industry and construction. 

  • Wire rods
  • Primary foundry alloy
  • Low carbon aluminum 
  • Slabs 
  • Billets 
  • Rolled products
  • Flip coils
  • P1020 Ingots

The company’s core values revolve around promoting sustainability, staff health, environmental safety, and security regulations. They continue to communicate openly and engagingly. The company became a leading provider and an advocate of ecological change and social society.

Vedanta Aluminum Limited continuously produced the highest aluminum grade to meet the world’s high demand. The company was recognized for its goals and products, thus earning them many awards. Vedanta genuinely promotes positive change.




Address: Core-4, 5th Floor, South Tower, District Centre, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092

National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO)is an integrated manufacturer of aluminum in India. Part of the company’s core value is providing its customers and partners with service satisfaction. They ensure that their products and processes adhere to quality standards. 

The company also pursues the sustainability of the environment. They engage themself in the communities that practice positive impacts. Their manufacturing processes also follow the ecological safety response. To build trust, they conduct every procedure with integrity, transparency, and accountability.

NALCO owns smelters for their aluminum and another metal. They can produce numerous products at once with their specialized machines. Most of their products include 

  • Ingots
  • Wire rods
  • Billets
  • Sows
  • Alloy Ingot 
  • T-ingots  


4. Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO)


Address: Aluminium Sadan, Core – 6, Scope Office Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003

Bharat Aluminium Company is the very first integrated aluminum company in India. They are the initial company that has a Power Plant for an energy source. And the company that produces roll materials and alloy rods in India. Presently, they can produce large quantities of aluminum, such as 

  • Wire rods
  • Ingots 
  • Rolled sheets
  • Foundry


Aluminum Wire Rods

The company promotes aluminum as a suitable replacement for other metals. They encourage them to the construction and power transmission industry. Also, they advocate for sustainability. Bharat follows their established strategy. Their strategic pillars include responsible stewardship, building solid relationships, and effective communication.

Bharat Aluminium Company is committed to addressing issues with sustainable development. Their framework such as zero harm, waste, and discharge. They have well-specified and consist of governance structures and policies. Allowing them to adhere the environmental sustainability. 


5. Sacheta Metals

Address: Sakseria Industrial Estate, Chincholi, S. V. Road, Malad (West), Mumbai


Sacheta Metals is one of the top producers in India. They manufacture aluminum products in numerous forms. The company is well-equipped with machinery. Therefore, they can produce specific shapes, thicknesses, weights, and other options. However, the few items they do have in stock are 

  • Utensils, 
  • Sheets,
  • Coil Circles, 
  • Foils PP Closer Stock, 
  • Non-Stick sheets


Aluminum Kitchen Wares

The company makes products for cooking in addition to those mentioned above. They create culinary tools that are safe. These utensils are made with great care, adhering to strict quality control and hygiene standards. The cookware heats up quickly, is durable, and cost-effective. Some are milk cans, rice stainers, saucepans, and cups. 

Sacheta Metals and their utensils product are well-known in the market. They are popular in India, South Africa, Yemen, France, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and more.


6. Hind Aluminium Industries Limited (HAIL)


Address: Regd.Off: B-1, Tulsi Vihar, Dr. A.B Road, Worli Naka, Mumbai – 400 018, India

Hind Aluminum Industries Limited (HAIL) is the largest manufacturing company division in India’s Associated Group. They worked on the production of power distribution and transmission. The company mainly manufactures aluminum products. Currently, the business handles more than 40.000 MT of aluminum annually. They are for various applications in the industry of steel, construction, and power. It consists of 

  • Conductor
  • Wire rods 
  • EC wires
  • Flipped wire rods

The company aims to produce excellent quality metal and energy power. Keeping the customer’s needs in mind. Their mission is to innovate and advance constantly. HAIL’s all-encompassing value proposition benefits the ecosystem and partners that promote expansion.

Hind Aluminum Industries Limited’s client-centered approach provides complete solutions that address all needs. From logistics, pricing, and manufacturing. They made an effort to uphold their essential beliefs on every level.


7. Jindal Aluminium


Address: Jindal Nagar, Tumkur Road, Bengaluru – 560073, Karnataka, India

Jindal Aluminium’s long-standing aluminum extrusion legacy has been associated with some of the world’s most outstanding companies. They have established and achieved success after five decades of journey in this field. They also hold the leading position of flat rolled-in aluminum producer in India. And they are awarded an HSB certificate. Their objective is to become the largest supplier in the market. 

The company manufactures numerous aluminum alloys in series of 1XXX to 8XXX. Facades, solars, defense, electronics, and aviation commonly use these grades. Their products adhere to IS/ISO 9001:2015, guaranteeing high quality and precision. Their line of products includes

  • Partitions
  • Billets 
  • Foil 
  • Sheet 
  • Slit coils
  • Slugs
  • and others


Jindal Aluminium strives to deliver products that exceed the expectations of customers and other industries. Their superior aluminum products meet the required standards. They are accessible nationwide to ensure that customers and enterprises can acquire their products. 

Century Extrusion

8. Century Extrusion

Century Extrusion

Address: 113, Park Street, ‘N’ Block, 2nd Floor, Kolkata – 700 016, India

Century Extrusion was developed in 1991. The company is one of the known aluminum extrusion manufacturers in India. They have in-house equipment used for manufacturing, casting, extrusions, and melting. CEL has inventories of over 4500 dies, manufacturing more than 3000 aluminum profiles. Among their offered aluminum products are

  • Equal angles
  • Round tubes
  • I-sections
  • Oval tubes
  • Custom profiles
  • Hexagonal tubes & bars
  • Channels
  • and more

They are a trusted supplier of custom aluminum products for the following applications.

  • Hardware
  • Vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Architectural
  • and more

CEL strives to constantly extend its aluminum extrusion markets. They also aim to be the best provider and your first choice. Among their values are integrity, efficiency, dedication, teamwork, and courtesy. You can guarantee satisfying services and high-quality aluminum products.

PG Foils

9. PG Foils

PG Foils


PG Foils is an experienced and dedicated company in the aluminum production industry. All their operations are regularly managed and inspected. That means, the company keeps on developing a reputation as a top aluminum manufacturer worldwide. 

The company focuses on manufacturing aluminum foils, used for numerous industries, like

  • Communication
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health products
  • Food & beverages

PG Foils extends its operative manufacturing capability for aluminum foil production. They install balanced equipment and transformation in their base plant. 

The company comes with a quality management system, assuring quality raw materials, manufacturing, and after-sale services. Their professional team always listens to your requests or ideas. You can always count on their satisfying services. 


10. Maan Aluminium


Address: 4/5 1st Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi -110002, INDIA

Maan Aluminum is an expert trading and manufacturing company in India. Their mission is to supply you with excellent quality aluminum products. They also aim to deliver them with satisfaction and form solid partnerships. With organized operations, your requested aluminum products indeed have a safe delivery.

The company also aims to help its customers create a great future for themselves. They are also looking forward to becoming a top aluminum extrusion brand. Maan Aluminum mainly operates extrusion in which aluminum alloys are shaped into specific forms. Their skilled manufacturing team assures a unique appearance and malleable finished aluminum products.

Top 10 Aluminum Manufacturers in Canada

Aluminerie Alouette

1. Aluminerie Alouette

Aluminerie Alouette

Address: 400, chemin de la Pointe-Noire, C.P. 1650, Sept-Îles G4R 5M9, CA

Aluminerie Alouette is a professional manufacturer committed to excellence. The company has a well-trained management team that works with its employees. They manage to increase high-quality aluminum products and optimize operations. Their manufacturing staff gives the best they can do to manufacture top-class aluminum products. And that specializes in innovation and reliable development.

The company is dedicated to sustainable improvement principles. They always ensure their employees’ health and safety, adhering to environmental standards. Aluminerie Alouette also makes their innovative ideas into fulfilling masterwork. To achieve it, the company trusts all its stakeholders.




Address: 22 Finley Road. Brampton, Ontario L6T 1A9, CA

ALMAG is an expert manufacturer, that specializes in designing, fabricating, extruding, and finishing aluminum products. They have a complete set of equipment for every fabrication process. That enables them to offer you a complete solution. They have in-house fabrication capabilities and reliable partners working together. And that ensures you exact manufacturing processes in the short time possible.

The company utilizes precision cutting saws to operate cutback extrusion processes. Their fabrication capabilities include the following:

  • Cutting
  • Punching
  • Bending
  • Drilling
  • Forming
  • CNC machining
  • and more


Aluminum Sheet Bending

ALMAG has a comprehensive range of making CNC machining techniques. Whether you need smaller sizes of components, they got you covered! They have the strength to offer 3 to 5-axis machining internally and with partners. Moreover, among their finishing capability offers are anodizing, polishing, brushing, wet paint, and more.

Apex Aluminum Extrusion

3. Apex Aluminum Extrusion

Apex Aluminum Extrusion

Address: 9767 201 Street, Langley, BC V1M 3E7, CA

Apex Aluminum Extrusion is one of the leading manufacturers with design and 3D prototyping capabilities. They have the vision to constantly improve their techniques, qualities, and machines. The company is among the top technological state-of-the-art companies. They always ensure precise aluminum products that meet your needs and quality standards.

The Apex Aluminum Extrusion company started in 2011. Throughout their fresh and valuable experiences, they have drawn on reliable resources. They have senior professional staff that comes with a deep understanding of extrusion processes and marketing. 

The company has innovative software systems and high-tech automation that controls the whole factory. It handles die storage, extrusion, surface treatments, and even product packaging. The aluminum finished products are stocked in their fully-automated warehouse. Their storage management system utilizes robots to control all stored procedures. And that decreases potential finish product damages caused by manual handling.

Rio Tinto

4. Rio Tinto (Canada)

Rio Tinto

Address: 400-1190 Av Des-Canadiens-De-Montreal, Montreal Quebec H3B 0E3, CA

Rio Tinto is a worldwide manufacturer of aluminum products. They have an immense scale and vertical combination markets. The company also manages from the beginning to the end of the process. That enables their team to deliver quality aluminum products efficiently. Rio Tinto manufactures the lowest-footprint aluminum with excellent qualities. 

The company’s manufactured comprehensive alloys are designed to reach your requirements. They offer ASI-certified aluminum products worldwide. That assures you of product performance assurance. Their provided aluminum parts are suitable for,

  • Airplane parts
  • Smartphone components
  • Car parts 
  • Other products with low-carbon emission


Aluminum Car Components

The companies that worked with them shared concerns, curiosity, and strength. Their core values include safety, anti-corruption, a good environment, financial capability, and human rights. Rio Tinto is professional enough to help the suppliers fulfill their needed standards.

Signature Aluminum Canada 

5. Signature Aluminum Canada 

Signature Aluminum Canada 

Address: 1850 Clements Rd, Pickering, ON L1W 3R8, CA

Signature Aluminum Canada has more than five decades of experience in manufacturing and supplying aluminum products across North America. They are experts in casting, extrusion, and manufacturing aluminum-made supplies. Their team can exactly form even the complicated shapes of aluminum parts you need. 

The company supports you through the whole process from product designing to finishing. During production, they always focus on reaching your requirements at reasonable costs. Signature Aluminum Canada provides customization services to suit their customers’ supply chain requirements. On the other hand, the company also has extensive fabricating services, including

  • Manufacturing and machining
  • Precision machining
  • Cutting and stamping
  • Bending
  • Deburring
  • Assembly
  • Welding


Deburring Aluminum Tube

Brand X Metals

6. Brand X Metals

Brand X Metals

Address: 1641 S SINCLAIR ST., Anaheim, CA 92806

Brand X Metals manufactures a wide range of aluminum products for architectural projects. They provided trims and flashing in numerous sizes. In their fabrication, finishes, and extruded parts-they use a specific grade of each product in every application. Their offered extensive product selections are

  • EIFS casing bead
  • Top cap
  • Metal cap with clips
  • Sheet
  • Custom demand

The company is dedicated to finding solutions to its customers’ needs. They complete their service by accepting custom requests with quality and precise measurements. Their team aims to deliver with the fastest delivery time at the best price.  

Brand X Metals can assist you by ensuring a project succession with their services. With no problems, you may obtain the best aluminum products. For your request, they have an unlimited production capacity. They also have qualified experts in manufacturing standard aluminum products. And comes with unique profiles for the construction industry.

Advantage Aluminum

7. Advantage Aluminum

Advantage Aluminum

Address: 14488 Knox Way #143, Richmond, BC V6V 2Z5, CA

Advantage Aluminum is one of the leading aluminum product manufacturers in Canada. The company has been in this industry for over two and a half decades. They provide the highest quality aluminum for industries, specifically designed to meet the required applications. Their complete success is appreciated mostly in private utilization. 

The company designs its products with added appeal for use in homes. If you want to improve your home appearance, you may benefit the most from them. They feature aluminum profiles, which capture the eyes. Additionally, pay great attention to every detail, adding the view and safety of your upgraded choice.

Advantage Aluminum has a professional staff team, ready to assist with your needs. They work with absolute enthusiasm on every project to ensure it’s worth nothing but satisfaction. So if you are looking to work with aluminum projects applications, Advantage Aluminum is the best for you.

Superior Metals & Alloys Inc.

8. Superior Metals & Alloys Inc.

Superior Metals & Alloys Inc.

Address: 1315 Pickering Pkwy, Suite 300, Pickering, ON CA

Superior Metals & Alloys Inc. has been in the aluminum industry for over 30 years. They are an experienced manufacturer and distributor from Europe to North America. And also a specialist at representing world-class aluminum and other metals solutions. They can supply high-volume quantities of metals for large and small warehouses. Their available aluminum grades are 

  • 1350
  • 2011
  • 2024
  • 3003
  • 4043
  • 5356
  • 6262

The company provides numerous shapes, including hex, square, rectangles, rounds, and customer demand. They also offer finishes that include anodized, painted, and cold finishes. And tempers of 0, H14-H16, H18, H32, and T3-T6. Their aluminum wire can be used in screw machines, wielding, shaped, and cold heading. The company supplies products in industries like

  • Aircraft
  • Petroleum tankers
  • Ferries

Kromet International Inc.

9. Kromet International Inc.

Kromet International Inc.

Address: 866 Langs Drive, Cambridge, ON, CA

Kromet International Inc. manufactures quality premium aluminum for all applications. They are certified with ISO 9001:2015 standards. Most of its aluminum products are used in 

  • Decorative trim
  • Handles
  • Shelf assemblies
  • Structural components 
  • Wall partitions
  • And more 

The company improves its system to meet the demands of the customers. They are more than committed to exceeding expectations. They develop to provide solutions for tooling and prototyping methods. Assisting customers with the highest quality of services is their primary objective. Their services include 

  • Design 
  • Optimization
  • CAD, and 3D modeling 

Kromet International Inc. provides satisfying solutions for aluminum needles with a thoroughly integrated process and inspections. You can ensure that they will provide you with optimal value and high-quality aluminum products.


10. Alfiniti


Address: 1152 Rue de la Manic Chicoutimi, QC G7K 1A2, CA

Alfiniti is a large producer of aluminum products, mainly for tubes and pipes. The company is also known for its work on cold-drawn tubing. They also offer various aluminum types for major industries. They are the suppliers of countries such as Asia, Europe, and South and North America. Some of their customers are great innovators in the markets. 

The company believes in and promotes the unlimited development of innovation. They are prepared to implement new methods, technology, and information for their customers. Additionally, they also ensure to provide prices at a competitive value. And their commitment to quality and satisfaction guarantees that the aluminum product meets every requirement as best. 

Alfiniti’s production services provide even more complex solutions for various applications. They offer finishes, fabrication, and logistic support for alternative solutions you need. With their years of experience in this field, creating solutions is their expertise. They offer aluminum solutions for 

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Electrical
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Distribution
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