Wire Mesh Enclosure

Wire Mesh Enclosure Manufacturer in China

KDM is a leading wire mesh enclosure supplier in China with unrivaled strength, flexible designs, and easy-to-install properties. Through our advanced metal fabrication services, we can produce a wide range of wire mesh enclosures with custom designs.

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure Manufacturing Capabilities

KDM has full capabilities to provide wire mesh enclosures through our wide range of sheet metal fabrication services. We produce high-quality wire mesh enclosures through different processes such as welding, bending, cutting, forming, etc. KDM uses 6-gauze or 10-gauze wire mesh for production.

Aside from that, our wire mesh enclosures are easy to install. It features reversible hinged or slide gates for easy door replacements. The welded construction of our enclosures assures clean field cuts.
Custom wire mesh enclosures are also available at KDM!

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure Manufacturing Capabilities
KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure Applications

KDM Wire Mesh Enclosure Applications

KDM offers wire mesh enclosures that are available for different applications including:

  • Locking up valuable tools such as merchandise, supplies, inventories, files, and so on.
  • Ideal for securing HVAC units
  • Securing and storing ammunition from military bases, stores, homes, and more.

Our wire mesh enclosures are customizable according to your application requirements. Contact us!

Materials for Wire Mesh Enclosure

KDM wire mesh enclosure has numerous alloy and metal options such as:

  • Stainless Steel Welded. Are extremely used for any application due to its uniformly superior corrosion resistance and clean appearance. KDM offers a wide array of wire mesh stainless steel welded such as rectangular and square opening mesh sizes.
  • Plain Steel. Plain steel wire mesh material is a viable and economical option due to its rusty look and corrosion resistance. It is also suitable for different surface finishes.

We offer you any custom design and materials which meet your requirements. Just message us now!

Materials Used for Wire Mesh Enclosure
Different Features of Wire Mesh Enclosure

Different Features of Wire Mesh Enclosure

We produced all types, designs, colors, and sizes of wire mesh enclosures with different features such as:

  • Premium surface finish, decorative and cost-effective
  • Sliding or swing door options
  • Optional roof panel
  • Wicket window options
  • Easy to assemble and erect
  • Components alignment assured

If you want a wire mesh enclosure with good quality and features don’t hesitate to message us!

Window Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Enclosure
Window Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Enclosure

KDM provides stainless steel wire mesh insect screen which is used for petroleum, mining, food machinery manufacturing, chemical, etc. We are a manufacturer that also deals with selling all kinds of wire mesh such as wire mesh-further processed products and filter mesh.

Industrial Wire Mesh Enclosure
Industrial Wire Mesh Enclosure

Our industrial wire mesh is made from diamond mesh, stainless steel, steel, and many more. We provide customized weave style, customized color, design, and size with air purifier usage and stretching mesh technique.

Bird Aviary Wire Rope Zoo Mesh Enclosure
Bird Aviary Wire Rope Zoo Mesh Enclosure

The bird aviary wire rope zoo mesh enclosure has important features such as hand knitting, height strength, eco-friendly, long service life, lightweight, rustless, safety, etc. Our bird aviary wire rope is hand-made with high-quality stainless rope and it can be customized to special specifications.

Wire Rope Flexible Net Enclosure
Wire Rope Flexible Net

We manufactured wire rope flexible net it is stainless rope mesh that has a high-performance ratio, high break loading capacity, and heavier wire rope. Our wire flexible net is a diamond type that is good for protection.

Balustrade Wire Ferrule Mesh Enclosure
Balustrade Wire Ferrule Mesh Enclosure

Our balustrade wire ferrule mesh netting enclosure is commonly used for balustrade infilled, fencing, animal enclosure, and so on. It has a ferruled, knotted processing service. It also has high tensile, durable, and flexible features.

Perforated Metal Mesh Enclosure
Perforated Metal Mesh Enclosure

KDM perforated metal mesh has a hole shape of round, scale, hexagonal, triangle, square, slotted, and cross. It is made up of different colors including, golden, red, black white, server, and many more. It also has a surface treatment of galvanized, powder-coated, etc.

Shelf Punching Sheet Protective Wire Mesh Enclosure
Shelf Punching Sheet Protective Wire Mesh Enclosure

Our protective wire mesh enclosures are produced through the punching fabrication process. It features impact-resistance, sound-absorbing panels, anti-theft windows, and decorations. It is customizable based on your needs.

Double Edge Welded Wire Mesh Enclosure
Double Edge Welded Wire Mesh Enclosure

The double edge welded wire mesh enclosure is commonly used for animal enclosures, chicken coops, construction, rabbit net, and more. It is available in different metal plate thicknesses and wire mesh shapes and designs.

Industrial Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Container
Industrial Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Container

Our industrial heavy-duty wire mesh containers are available on galvanized surfaces with foldable and collapsible structures. It comes with a high capacity for logistics, transportation, storage, and warehouse applications.

Bulk Storage Wire Steel Mesh Cage
Bulk Storage Wire Steel Mesh Cage

KDM manufactures a bulk storage wire steel mesh cage that features a stackable and foldable structure. It is made from galvanized carbon steel materials. These are widely used for workshops, industrial, and warehouse applications.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Enclosures
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Enclosures

Our hexagonal wire mesh enclosures are made from stainless steel wire, carbon steel wire, and wire. It features a double twist, reverse twist, and straight twist weaving pattern. These are also available in different surface treatments.

Logistic Foldable Wire Heavy Duty Cage
Logistic Foldable Wire Heavy Duty Cage

Our logistic foldable wire heavy duty cages are used as storage cages, standard storage cages, or steel wire cages. It is made from galvanized steel with foldable and collapsible properties. These are widely used for logistics and warehousing.

Wire Mesh Enclosure Fabrication (3)

  • Shearing and Cutting
    Shearing and Cutting

    The materials for our wire mesh enclosures are sheared or cut with circular, rectangular, or square shapes. We can also cut materials for complex geometries.

  • Welding and Framing
    Welding and Framing

    We used welding and framing fabrication processes to ensure the durability of the wire mesh used in our enclosures. The wire patterns are surely aligned.

  • U-Edging

    With our U-edging process, rest assured that the wire mesh used for our enclosures has an attractive and uniform appearance. Supporting structures are also possible.

Wire Mesh Enclosure for Different Industries (4)

  • Catering and Food
    Catering and Food

    Our superior quality wire mesh enclosures are widely used in catering and food industries as a mesh locker, dollies, trollies, conveyor guarding, and more.

  • Construction

    We manufacture wire mesh enclosures that are used in the construction industry for bridge parapets because of their high strength and durability.

  • Industrial

    KDM wire mesh enclosures are widely used in industrial applications because of their superior mesh aperture that allows free air and liquid flow.

  • Agriculture

    We can manufacture wire excellent quality mesh enclosures for agricultural use. Our wire mesh enclosures are used for pets, cages, zoos, and more.

Wire Mesh Enclosure Production
Custom Wire Mesh Enclosure to Skyrocket Your Business

KDM manufactures a wide range of wire mesh enclosures that are customizable according to your desired materials, designs, styles, mounting options, frame options, and more. It is available in low MOQ to support your business.

Reliable Wire Mesh Enclosure Supplier in China

KDM has professional engineers who manage to make durable and good-quality wire mesh enclosures. Our mesh enclosure system offers efficient design and simplicity with expanded and infill options. The design of our wire mesh enclosures is used for data centers, military equipment, evidence rooms, DEA storage controlled substances, combustible materials, robotics, and vertical lifts.

We are the leading manufacturer of innovative wire mesh enclosures for any wire mesh storage room, industrial wire mesh locker, wire security cage, cage partitions wire machinery guards, animal guards, conveyor machinery guards, and many more. Each wire mesh enclosures are customizable according to your specification.

If you need a wire mesh enclosure for your security and safety applications, KDM is your best choice!

Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Wire Mesh Enclosure: The Ultimate Guide

Whether you are looking for security cages or barriers, considering wire mesh enclosure is a perfect option.

As you shop for wire mesh enclosure, consider design, uses, benefits, lockable options and fabrication techniques, amongst others.

So, before buying or fabricating your next wire mesh enclosure, read this guide.

What Is Wire Mesh Enclosure?

A wire mesh enclosure is a physical barrier made from wire mesh panels joined to form a solid structure.

It is commonly used to section off part of a space to keep people and equipment safe from harm, damage, or security threats.

These structures differ from solid barriers as they allow air circulation through the spaces in the mesh.

Besides this, feature comes in handy when visibility and airflow are necessary.

Therefore, wire mesh enclosures are often used in big spaces with little or no windows.

wire mesh enclosure

wire mesh enclosure

Using a wire mesh enclosure, you also get an unobstructed view of a sectioned space.

The spaces in the mesh allow light to flow through and illuminate the space for better visibility.

It is a useful feature where it is necessary to see what is inside a partitioned area.

A wire mesh enclosure allows standard safety measures without compromising structural integrity and safety.

You can install fire suppression and surveillance systems through the mesh, which would be challenging with a solid enclosure.

Wire mesh enclosures are particularly great for spaces that contain high-value commodities. Additionally, they combine security and functionality for versatile uses.

Features Of Wire Mesh Enclosure

Any valuable item must have the appropriate properties to provide value to the user.

This rule also applies to wire mesh enclosures. These structures have specific features that increase their functionality, including the following.


Wire mesh enclosures are made from a variety of high quality and durable metal materials.

These include steel, aluminum, brass and copper alloys. Therefore, these structures can last for a long time without sustaining damage.

Although the actual material determines the durability of a mesh structure, metal is relatively more durable than most materials.

In cases where the mesh is constructed from a corrosion sensitive metal, protective coatings are applied to deter damage.

The durability of a wire mesh enclosure makes it suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Even when placed in high humidity or corrosive spaces, they will likely last long.


Wire mesh enclosures provide additional security as they restrict unauthorized access to the enclosed space.

For this reason, they are an excellent option for protecting high-value goods from theft or damage.

They are also used to separate people in spaces with security risks, such as prisons or banks.

Easily Customizable

Wire mesh enclosures are versatile and easily customizable for different purposes.

Several mesh panels are welded together to form the enclosure.

Therefore, it is possible to combine panels into different sizes, shapes and features to create a unique design.

Additionally, companies can paint their wire mesh enclosures to match the brand color kit.

This ease of customization also makes these structures appropriate for sorting inventory or creating designated areas for performing different functions.

For instance, you can assign different colored enclosures to specific products in a warehouse to make them easier to find.


The spaces in the mesh allow for an obstructed view of whatever is inside the wire mesh enclosure.

It is specifically useful for large warehouses as it allows workers to manage inventory quantities easily.

Visibility also minimizes theft since all activities inside the enclosure can be monitored from the outside.


Wire mesh enclosures are created from separate mesh panels. Therefore, they are adjustable post installation if their function changes.

Their modular panels and double-hinged joints make it easy to add a new panel that expands the enclosed space.

Even when the enclosure is bolted to the ceiling or floor, this is still possible.

The modular panels also mean that wire mesh enclosures can be installed anywhere from the floor to the walls to the ceiling.

wire mesh enclosure

wire mesh enclosure

Uses Of Wire Mesh Cage

Wire mesh enclosures have versatile uses in both outdoor and indoor spaces.

Regardless of where they are installed, their primary purpose is providing security or safety while also allowing visibility within a space.

Sometimes, these enclosures also help with organizing by grouping different functions or items within one enclosure

Some of the most common uses of wire mesh enclosures include

Store High-Value Stock

Warehouses can section off shelves and racks that store valuable items using wire mesh enclosures.

This protects them from theft and damage. Wire mesh also allows airflow, reducing humidity damage from stuffy or dump air.

Protect Stock Room Inventory in a Retail Space Store

When products leave the warehouse and enter the shop, customers can access the space.

Most shops that sell high-value items place a dummy on display while the genuine items are stored away for safety.

These can include phones, laptops, watches, or clothes. Wire mesh enclosures are installed in the storeroom to protect and organize this inventory.

Data Security Firms

Data security companies often use wire mesh enclosures to protect servers and other equipment from human interference.

Malicious or accidental tampering creates a high-security risk and disrupts operations.

Wire mesh cages keep people away from these machines while keeping them visible so that it is easy to identify any issues from the outside.

Data servers are also quite expensive, and there is the added advantage of securing the servers.

Mesh enclosures also allow air circulation, which helps with cooling the processors. It increases the life and functionality of the machines.

Partitioning An Office

Some organizations have departments that handle sensitive information, and they need extra protection to minimize errors, theft, or tampering.

Departments that handle data, money, medication, other controlled substances, or valuable items may be separated using wire mesh enclosures.

This way, only those with authorized access may enter.

Such a set-up performs the additional function of deterring crime by monitoring and tracking who goes into this space.

Machine Guarding

machine guarding

Wire mesh enclosures create a barrier that separates people from dangerous machinery.

The structure prevents injuries to workers, thus promoting a safe workspace.

Mesh enclosure is also preferred to solid barriers as it allows airflow to cool the machinery.

In cases where the machines are installed outside, the wire enclosure also keeps it safe.

Fabricating Wire Mesh Enclosure

Fabricating a wire mesh enclosure involves three main steps

Creating The Wire Mesh

A sheet of metal passes through rounded dies to thin it into the desired diameter and make wires.

The wires are then arranged in parallel intersecting rows and columns. A machine either welds or weaves the wires together at the intersections.

Machine cuts the mesh to produce an individual panel when the desired height is reached.

Some machines will place the mesh in a roll, especially if it is made from a pliable metal such as aluminum or copper.

fabricated wire mesh enclosure

fabricated wire mesh enclosure

Cutting The Mesh

The next step is cutting the mesh to the specified measurements for the enclosure.

You can use a rotary tool, bolt cutters, or a laser cutter to cut the mesh.

The best choice depends on the material the mesh is made from and the availability of a specific tool.

Actual method used depends on whether the mesh comes in panels or a roll.

The entire enclosure’s perimeter is measured and cut as one piece as the mesh comes in a roll.

With individual panels, whole pieces will be used where possible.

However, specific measurements are taken and cut out for places that cannot use an entire panel.

Welding The Wire Mesh Panels Together

The last step is welding all the panels together to form the enclosure.

First, the framework, usually made from metal pipes or poles, is secured to the existing structure using cement or bolts.

The wire mesh panels are welded to the frame. Hinges are used for the door and any other openings.

welded wire mesh enclosure

welded wire mesh enclosure

Designs Of Wire Mesh Enclosure

Wire mesh enclosures come in various designs depending on several factors, such as:

  • The size and shape of the enclosure.

There are big and small enclosures depending on their use and the space available for installation.

Most wire mesh cages are either squares or rectangular, but custom shapes such as pyramids and domes are also available.

  • The materials used to make the enclosure may also produce various designs.

This refers to the type of metals used, any special features, and whether the mesh is woven or welded.

  • Function of the enclosure can determine the design. A storage enclosure is likely to have racks and shelving.

One meant as office space will likely be bare to leave room for furniture and movement.

  • Custom features requested by the customer may also influence the enclosure’s design.

In such cases, the enclosure will be designed to fit the customer’s specifications

Some popular designs of wire mesh enclosures are:

  • Wire mesh enclosures with a ceiling panel. These design enclosures are covered on the walls and top to restrict access completely.
  • Open top wire mesh enclosures have mesh panel walls and no ceiling so that someone can climb in from the top.

When security is not prioritized, these designs are used for machine guarding and office partitions.

  • Freestanding wire mesh enclosures are usually bolted to the floor or ceiling.

All their walls are made from mesh panels to resemble a freestanding structure.

The alternative would be enclosures bolted to the wall of a room so that they share a wall or two with the main structure.

  • Movable wire mesh enclosures are not fixed and can be moved from one space to another. The structure may be on wheels where the structure can be pushed to a different location. However, with some designs, the panels have collapsible locks and hinges.

It means it can be disassembled and reassembled elsewhere without welding and cutting.

While these are some of the most common designs, the designs are not limited to this. Custom wire mesh enclosures can also be created.

Benefits Of Wire Mesh Enclosure

Some of the advantages of using wire mesh enclosures instead of solid-walled enclosures are:


Wire mesh cages are cheaper to buy and install than solid panel enclosures, yet they serve the same function.

They do not provide less security than solid-walled enclosures despite the lower cost.

Wire mesh cages make it easier to monitor an enclosure and harder for someone to steal something without being seen.

This feature makes wire mesh enclosures a preferred option for protecting high-value goods while decreasing costs.

Allow Visibility

They provide a clear view inside the enclosed space. Additionally, light from the rest of the space can reach the inside of the enclosure.

This feature increases security since all activities can be monitored from outside.

Increase Ventilation And Airflow

The spaces on the wire mesh grid also allow air circulation in and out of the enclosed space.

It helps keep the air dry and fresh, thus, minimizing inventory damage. Wire mesh enclosures store sensitive products in an environment prone to humidity.

Additionally, well-ventilated enclosures are more suitable for use by humans working in large warehouses.

They minimize the claustrophobic effect since you can see other activities happening elsewhere on the warehouse floor.

Easy To Install

It takes a relatively shorter time to assemble, customize, and install a wire mesh enclosure than to construct a solid structure.

The enclosure can also be disassembled easily if no longer in use.

Therefore, you can easily add these barriers to an already built space to increase safety, security, shelving, and storage options.

Unlike other builds, installing a wire mesh enclosure in an already functional space takes little time. Therefore, it minimally disrupts productivity.

Wire Mesh Enclosure


Another advantage of wire mesh enclosures is that they restrict access. They can therefore keep people safe from what is inside the enclosure.

They can also keep what is in the enclosure safer from damage or theft by people.


Wire mesh enclosures are often made from durable materials, usually metal alloys with weather-resistant coatings.

It means they can withstand environmental factors without damaging them easily.

This reduces the cost of maintenance and replacing these structures regardless of their use or location of the installation.

Increase The Aesthetic Appeal Of Space

Wire mesh enclosures are sleek, modern, and minimalist, creating an attractive aesthetic. They also help organize a space.

Since they let light through, spaces enclosed are less likely to be disorganized as you cannot hide the mess.

Materials To Use For Wire Mesh Enclosure

Wire mesh enclosures are formed from thin wires welded or woven together to form a grid mesh. These wires come from a variety of materials, including:

  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel
  • PVC coated steel
  • Galvanized
  • Aluminum
  • Copper alloys
  • Other metal alloys

Other features of the enclosures, such as joints and hinges, are usually made from similar materials as the mesh.

They can also be made from other metals and welded to the mesh panels to make the final product.

The features of a wire mesh enclosure are therefore dependent on the specific quality of its materials

Customs Features For Wire Mesh Enclosure

A client specifies custom features to fulfil a specific purpose or meet particular preferences. Some custom features that customers ask for are:

A Custom Lock

A wire mesh enclosure usually contains a locking system that helps keep it secure. These are the available options

  • A simple door lock that uses a padlock to stay secure
  • A deadbolt lock
  • An electronic lock with a keypad or fingerprint sensor

Protective Coating

Protective Coating

A client may want to use an enclosure outdoors or in a corrosive space.

You can request painted, PVC coated or metal-plated mesh panels. This increase the durability of the wire mesh enclosure,

Custom Racks Or Shelves

Warehouses often request this feature on their wire-mesh enclosures. An enclosure with these custom features is best suited for storage.

It organizes inventory and makes it easier to reshelf and retrieve items.

Color Branding

A company can order a custom wire mesh enclosure painted with the brand colors. Wire mesh panels come in a variety of colors for this reason.

Banners and nameplates can also be welded on to label the cage.

wire mesh enclosure

wire mesh enclosure

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