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We fabricate various aluminum sign blanks and aluminum sublimation blanks. These are special aluminum sheets often used for road signs and can be in portrait, landscape, square, and octagonal shapes. They are UV-stable, and we can add surface treatments, gloss, and vivid colors. These industry stock blanks are excellent for producing personalized lettered signs.

These aluminum sign blanks come in all of the most popular designs, and many of them include radius corners, borders that have already been applied, and mounting holes that have already been drilled. Each size is offered with standard sign industry hole and corner configurations. Our own sign panels are punched and cut.

We can help, whether you need novelty aluminum sign blanks for your artwork, printing real estate signs for a client, or using them for municipal street signs.

Aluminum Blank Landscape
Aluminum Blank Landscape
Aluminum License Plate Blanks
Aluminum License Plate Blanks
Aluminum octagon Sign Blank
Aluminum Octagon Sign Blank
Aluminum Portrait Sign Blank
Aluminum Portrait Sign Blank
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Types of Stair Steps We Offer (4)

  • Anti-Slip Serforated Steps

    The perforated pattern leaves much of the tread intact, while offering light anti-slip traction.

  • Serrated Open-Diamond Steps

    Serrated open-diamond steps offer heavy-duty traction and increased anti-slip security.

  • Bar Grated Steps

    Aluminium bar grated steps are lightweight and great for general-access stairs.

  • Custom Pattern Steps

    Request a custom tread pattern to suit your needs, such as anti-slip properties and appearance.

Aluminium Stairs Cost

We offer a variety of aluminium stairs, so the price ranges. Wholesale aluminium removable stairs cost around $50-150. A tread costs about $8-20. If you want to commission a safety staircase or aluminum scaffolding stairs, they can cost around $400-900. Some of our most expensive aluminium stairs go for as high as $2000-3000. It all depends on your requirements, so contact us for the exact quote.

KDM Aluminum Blank Fabrication

Aluminium Stairs Installation

Our support team can help you with modular attachment, installation and maintenance advice for your KDM aluminium stairs. Pre-fabricated stairs are easy to install with some bolts or welding, reliably serving for a long time. Alternatively, we offer seasonal portable aluminium stairs that can be installed with hooks or simply placed on the ground. These stairs are perfect for any application: general-access, waterfront, construction, and more.

Custom Options for Aluminium Stairs

As a professional aluminium stairs manufacturer in China, we offer many ways to customize your order. You can specify the approach angle, tread depth, stair width, aluminum alloy, tread surface (bar grating), rails, and surface treatment. Anodizing aluminium stairs is always a great option, but you can choose to powder-coat your KDM stairs as well. We can fabricate stairs with any number of platforms or even spiral stairs. The possibilities are endless with our engineers.

Added Features for Aluminium Stairs

We offer a range of added features that we can fabricate along with aluminium stairs. For instance, we can manufacture aluminium railings, stair platforms, and various safety accessories. Safety features include mechanisms to retract flights and lockable doors. Finally, we can also include features to accommodate stair climber mechanisms and more:

  • Non-skid treads
  • Marine-grade aluminum
  • Easy installation & removal
  • Custom approach angle (~45°)
  • Custom tread depth (~7”) and stair width (~34”)
  • Custom stair riser height (~8”)

KDM Aluminium Stairs Fabrication

In fabricating aluminium stairs, KDM adheres to international standards of safety like OSHA and ADA. You can choose many stair dimensions and the aluminium grade for commercial, marine, industrial, and residential applications. Our precision machining, laser cutting, forming, drilling, and welding allow us to fabricate all sorts of aluminium stairs.

As for the specifics, we can manufacture aliminium tread-riser pans, grating treads, and custom tread pans. You can request extra features for your design, and our welding capabilities will fulfil your order.

You can rely on our aluminium stairs to offer a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution because they are made with lightweight, high-strength aluminium.

  • “My house renovation business got an incredible boost with your aluminium stairs. Their durability and ease of installation helps improve lakeshore access for many cottage owners in our community. Awesome work!”

    TH, Canada
  • “Your custom aluminium stairs are perfect for general access, maintenance, and construction work. Looking forward to continue working with KDM.”

    AD, Australia

  • Anodized Aluminium Metal Shaped
    Anodized Aluminium Metal Shaped
  • Aluminum Silvery White Glossy
    Aluminum Silvery White Glossy
  • Dog Tag Anodized Aluminum
    Dog Tag Anodized Aluminum
  • Aluminum Discs Blank
    Aluminum Discs Blank

People Also Ask:

What are aluminum asset tags?

Aluminum asset tags are dentification tags that display data to make it simple to identify the item they are attached to. Serial number information, barcodes, and text-based information are generally printed, embossed, or chemically etched into the surface of the tag.

What are photo-anodized aluminum asset labels?

During the process, a printed image is sealed under the anodic layer of the tag, resulting in higher durability and resistance.

What advantage does an aluminum tag have over a polyester tag?

In applications requiring abrasion and scratch resistance as well as resistance to strong chemicals, high UV exposure, outside weather, or high temperatures, aluminum asset tags typically outperform plastic or polyester tags.

Are Anodized Aluminum Suitable For Aluminum Sign Blank?

Yes. Anodized aluminum is suitable for aluminum sign blank.

Anodized aluminum sign blanks offer unique properties for your uses. For instance, they have anti-scratch properties which allows for use in application with adverse conditions.

Which Standard Should Anodized Aluminum Blanks Comply With?

The main quality standard that anodized aluminum blanks should comply with is ASTM B 499. This specification allows for proper treatment of your anodized aluminum blank before using it.

Another quality standard that your anodized aluminum blanks need to comply with is MIL-A-8625F. This standard specifies the corrosion resistance measures that the blank needs to comply before using on your application.

MIL-A-8625F also specifies the surface finishes type to use o your anodized aluminum blank.

What Are The Shapes Of Aluminum Blanks?

Aluminum blanks are available in different shapes depending on your area of application. customization of these shapes is also possible depending on your specifications.

Common aluminum blanks shapes that you can find in the market are circular, prism, rectangular and triangular.

Which Colors Are Available For Aluminum Blank Tags?

Aluminum blank tags are available in various colors to suit the various market demands. Color customization is also possible depending on your manufacturer and the design of your aluminum blank tags.

Where Do You Use Aluminum Blank Tags?

The main uses of aluminum blank tags are:

  • Identification purposes

You can use aluminum blank tags in identification of various products and equipment. For instance, you can identify pipes, cables meters, nameplates and meters.

Identification facilitates easy working on your project.

  • Inspection purposes

Aluminum blank tags are useful in the inspection purposes. the function of the blank tags here is to identify and label you product for easy inspection process.

Inspection allows for the identification of quality compliant and non-compliant of your products. This facilitates quality product production.

  • Allows for easy storage of products

Aluminum blank tags are useful in tagging various products for storage purposes. This is to facilitate for easy retrieval of these goods.

  • Advertising purposes

You can use aluminum blank tags for advertising your products. This is by e=indicating the details present on your products on the aluminum blank tags.

Painting your aluminum blank tags with different colors enhances their visual appeal which attracts potential customers.

What Are The Benefits Of Aluminum Blank Tags?

Using aluminum blank tags offers the following benefits:

  • Aluminum blank tags are cheap

The purchasing price for aluminum blank tags are relatively cheaper compared to other blank tags. These tags also have a lower maintenance cost since you they don’t easily break.

You therefore get to save when you purchase aluminum blank tags.

  • Aluminum blank tags are durable and lightweight

The durability of these aluminum blank tags ensures there is maximum return on investment. The lightweight nature of these tags allows

  • Flexible designs

Aluminum blank tags are available in different designs for different application. flexibility allows you to design these tags as per your specifications.

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