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Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet

Aluminum checker plate sheet is a metal tread plate that has a unique diamond design that provides anti-slip features. They are commonly applied for safe flooring, ramps, tool boxes, and even cladding. Also referred to as “chequer plate or thread plate”, it is known for being simple to fabricate, lighter than other materials, and rust-free.

KDM offers a wide range of aluminum checker plate sheets for use in different industries, covering from the food industry to fabricating marine and vehicle equipment. Please contact us by email or phone for more details.

Embossed Aluminum Checker Plate
Embossed Aluminum Checker Plate
Anti-Slip Aluminum Checkered Plate
Anti-Slip Aluminum Checkered Plate
Decorative Aluminum Checker Plate
Decorative Aluminum Checker Plate
Aluminum Flooring Checker Plate
Aluminum Flooring Checker Plate
Five Bars Aluminum Checkered Plate
Five Bars Aluminum Checkered Plate
Aluminum Diamond Checkered Plate
Aluminum Diamond Checkered Plate
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Measurement Guide for Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet

KDM aluminum checker plate sheet is sold according in the following sizes only:

SizesKgs. per meterLengths
5.0mm40.6, 20.31200×2400 , 1200×1200
3.0mm12.99, 3.25, 0.821200×2400, 600×600, 300×300
2.5mm21.6, 2.7, 0.681200×2400, 600×600, 300×300
2.0mm17.28, 8.56, 2.14, 0.541200×2400, 1200×1200, 600×600, 300×300
1.6mm14.4, 7.2, 1.8, 0.451200×2400, 1200×1200, 600×600, 300×300


Measurement Guide of Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet (1)
Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet Uses

Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet Uses

Since made of anti-skid and easy-to-clean aluminum, they are popular for used in flooring constructions, walkways, industrial use, ramps, dock flooring, fire trucks, stair treads, and so on.

However, aluminum checker plate sheets are often used as walls protection and cladding.

Other Highlighting Features

Aluminum checker plate sheets have numerous other features, making them a top choice in many industries, environments, and purposes. Its features include:

  • Flexible
  • Robust
  • Lightweight
  • Great forming/welding/drilling capacity
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Remains good condition for longer time
  • Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Recyclable without decreasing its quality
  • Eco-friendly material
Other Highlighting Features

Why Choose KDM for Your Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet Requirements?

Our aluminum checker plate sheets deliver benefits to different projects, companies, and industries. The following below are our advantages:

High-Quality Aluminum Material and Production Techniques

KDM is a professional aluminum checker plate sheet manufacturer and we used only high-quality aluminum. Due to these, the product itself can resist corrosion, high temperatures, and more.

Quick Production & Fast Delivery

We can manufacture your aluminum checker plate sheet since our company consists of advanced production machines and skilled staff. We offer fast production while also guaranteeing high accuracy. Our team also can deliver your orders on time.

Various Surface Finish Options

KDM aluminum checker plate sheet is available in a wide range of finishing options. You can choose from mill finish, polished, clear anodized, black anodized, surf mist, woodland grey, galvanized, and more. Just tell us your exact design and let us cater them for you.

Is There Standard Thickness For Aluminum Checker Plate?

In most cases, the thickness range from 3mm to 12.5mm.

However, this may vary depending on your custom requirements.

For instance, the thinnest aluminum checker plate can be 0.6mm.

Which Alloy Grade Is Aluminum Checker Plate Sheet Made From?

Alloy 5052 and 3003 are popular for most checker plate designs.

However, depending on your specific needs, you can choose any other aluminum alloy.

For marine applications, always choose alloy 5052 due to its excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

What Are The Sizes Of Aluminum Checker Plates?

There is no standard size for an aluminum checker plate. For instance, depending on your specific requirements, you may find 4 by 1200 by 2400 mm.

How Are Aluminum Tread Plates Made?

First, you will choose a suitable aluminum alloy – mostly 3003 or 5052.

You will use hot rolling, semi-continuous casting to cold rolling to transform aluminum ingots to suitable dimensions. That includes thickness, length, and width.

You will emboss the tread pattern or checker on the aluminum during this stage. You will achieve this during the cold rolling operation.

After this, you can apply finishing depending on the customers’ unique requirements.

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