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17 Types of Mailboxes for your Home and Garden


A mailbox is a depository unit or construction, found in residential areas, that allows you to collect mails. Mail items in mailboxes can include letters, envelopes, magazines, newspapers and packages.

This guide explores some common mailboxes types you may consider for your applications.

Types of Mailboxes

The different types of mailboxes can fit into the following classifications:

Classification According to Construction

You find the following mailbox constructions available:

1. Column Mount /Freestanding Mailboxes

Free-standing mailboxes are an outstanding choice consisting brick or stone construction with large capacity. A staple at modern residences, column mount mailboxes can package buzzers for alerting residents.

This mailbox type allows you to send out mail also by providing an extra slot. This construction makes it a large undertaking requiring specialist installation.

Free Standing Mail Box
Free Standing Mail Box

2. Collection / Rear Access Mailboxes

The collection mailbox borrows its unique design from several other common mailbox types with a slot for mail insertion. You retrieve the mail items in your collection mailbox from the rear discouraging access by unfamiliar persons.

The hard part is box installation since you need a location convenient to the postman besides yourself. You can also have a freestanding collection box or incorporate it to your wall.

Rear Access Mailbox
Rear Access Mailbox

3. Mail Slots

Mail slots are built-in, wall or door slits that allow mail items to be pushed through directly into the house. This is incredibly advantageous to the individual mail recipient because they do not have to leave the house.

When using a mail slot, conceal it with a high-quality cover to prevent elemental damage and unwanted entry by animals. The convenience from employing a mail slot mailbox is unsurpassed since there is no need to leave the house.

However, the postal worker has to leave the car to deposit the mail through the mail slot. Another drawback with using a mail slot is that there is nowhere to deposit outgoing mail. Consequently, you need to visit the nearest post office to make shipments or post mail.


4. Wall-Mounted Mailboxes

You install this mailbox type on your exterior wall capable of holding different mail items like letters, periodicals, catalogs and newspapers. Majority are lockable to enhance privacy but do not provide room for sending mail.

This mailbox is the best option when you want to easily receive mail but care less about sending numerous mail. Different colors and designs of wall mounted mailbox are available for your home.

Wall Mounted Mail Box
Wall Mounted Mail Box

5. Post-Mounted Mailbox

A post-mounted mailbox has a single opening that serves deposition and retrieval of mail and typically supported by an upright column. The post is firmly grounded by a concrete mix to provide stability in harsh weather conditions such as strong winds. Such support is also necessary from knocks by road users such as cyclists and drivers.

Post-mounted mailboxes are usually detached from the house at a safe distance by the roadside where the driveway begins. This allows easy access by mail trucks and lessens postal employees’ workload reducing the distance travelled to deposit mail.

Such a mailbox can also handle small packages alongside letters since the opening is large enough. They also feature a side flag that can be raised to indicate mail presence.

Post Mounted Mail Box
Post Mounted Mail Box


Classification According to Material Used

The common materials employed in mailbox construction include wood, plastic and metal resulting in the following mailboxes:

7. Metal Mailboxes

Metal is a fantastic material for mailboxes since it is highly durable given its heat management qualities and resistance to biodegradation. You can employ metal such as stainless steel and aluminum for their low maintenance, strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

A metal mailbox is impermeable to water from rain or snow keeping the contents in their original state of delivery. While the question of rust can be an issue with metal mailboxes, applying a coating periodically helps manage the situation.

You can choose:

  • Galvanized steel mailbox
  • Stainless steel mailbox
  • Aluminum mail box

In short, you will name these mail boxes according to the metal type.

Stainless Steel Mail Box
Stainless Steel Mail Box


Anodized Aluminum Mailbox
Anodized Aluminum Mailbox

Classification According to Features and Functionality

You can have mailboxes made with certain features to suit different functional needs. In this case, you find the following mailboxes available:

8. Locking Mailboxes

Locking mailboxes are convenient to households for safety reasons preventing cases of missing packages through theft. You access your mail by using a key to unlock the box. A slot allows the postman to deliver mail without the need of a key or passcode.

A major limitation in a locking mailbox is their size which makes them unsuitable for packages. Additionally, many locking mailboxes have no slot for depositing outgoing mail.

 Locking Mail Boxes
Locking Mail Boxes

9. Newspaper Mailboxes

In order to accommodate newspapers which are larger than regular mail, these mailboxes employ a substantially larger mail slot. Having such prevents your paper from being dropped on the ground where it easily soils or muddies in case of rain. It also frees up space in the regular mailbox.

News Paper Mailbox
News Paper Mailbox

10. Outgoing Mailboxes

Majority of mailboxes can support both mail deliveries and departing mail. However, homeowners with mail slots or locking mailboxes require another option since these mailbox types offer no option for outgoing mail.

Outgoing mailboxes hold outgoing mail for a home avoiding the need to make frequent post office visits. It is important to ensure approval for your outgoing mailbox providing an easily accessible location.

Outgoing Mailboxes
Outgoing Mailboxes

11. Anti-Pry Mailboxes

An anti-pry mailbox presents enhanced security features than a locking mailbox providing considerable proof against burglary tools such as crowbar. Using such a mailbox is essential where you receive valuable mail such as paychecks and personal documents.

Anti-pry Mail Boxes
Anti-pry Mail Boxes

12. Novelty Mailboxes

This mailbox type is a unique and stand out addition to your home given the features it heralds. You can have a mailbox in the shape of your favorite team mascot and in a variety of colors and designs.

Novelty mailboxes can be custom made or ordered from specialist shops. Ensure your mailbox is spacious enough to accommodate the volume and type of mail you anticipate.

Novelty Mail Boxes
Novelty Mail Boxes

13. Interlocking Mailboxes

With regular mailboxes, the door is not held in place and can swing open making the contents vulnerable to eternal conditions. When you use an interlocking mailbox, a latching system helps to hold the door in place preventing such sudden breaching.

Interlocking Mail Box
Interlocking Mail Box

14. Parcel Mailboxes

This type of mailbox is essential especially where persons heavily engage in online retail shopping. It is a more secure choice for people anticipating delivery of packages as opposed to leaving them on the portico.

Parcel mailboxes have increased mail room compared to conventional mailboxes. Having a parcel mailbox capable of locking offers you better security to avert pilferage.

Parcel Mail Box
Parcel Mail Box

Classification for Multiple Users

Some mailboxes are setup to serve multiple units or users such as in shared residences and office blocks.

15. Apartment Mailboxes/ Cluster Mailboxes

Establishments with multiple individual units such as residences or offices find apartment mailboxes useful and convenient. With this mailbox type, the mailboxes are securely provided at a designated common area of the building.

An apartment mailbox consolidates all mailboxes into a centralized area accessible to everyone in the building. Otherwise, the alternative to allocate every resident a separate mailbox is an unpleasant and ineffective undertaking.

For instance, having a mailbox by the door of each individual unit will give the courier a hard time during delivery. Additionally, having all the mailboxes at the building front like in traditional stand-alone homes will make it an eyesore.

Apartment mailboxes enable secure mail delivery and access without sacrificing valuable space and money. For easy access, you find many apartment mailboxes mounted to one side of the building’s lobby wall, rarely outside.

Installing a cluster mailbox system can be costly, however, considering the cost of putting up individual mailboxes makes economic sense.

Appartment Mailboxes
Appartment Mailboxes

16. Recessed Lobby Mailboxes/4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Recessed lobby wall-mounted mailboxes serve the same purpose of holding mail in an apartment lobby. These units, like cluster mailboxes, enable couriers to deposit mail to numerous recipients in an orderly manner.

These mailboxes typically feature a separate parcel locker where parcels can be stored to prevent them from remaining outside. This mailbox type can be presented in different wall designs usually featuring separate sections for enveloped mail and packages.

Recessed Lobby Mailboxes
Recessed Lobby Mailboxes

17. Private Delivery Mailboxes

These are multi-unit mailboxes allowing access from both ends, front and back, but with restricted master locks. Private delivery mailboxes find popular use in multi-unit establishments that sort out their own mail such as schools.

Such establishments regularly receive mail and other correspondence while also disseminating large volumes of mail saving space and time.

Private Delivery Mailboxes
Private Delivery Mailboxes

KDM Capability in Sheet Metal Mailbox Fabrication

At KDMFAB, we design and fabricate all types of sheet metal mailboxes according to your specifications. We help you make the best designs, and choose the right material.

Our technical staff which adopt a cost effective and reliable sheet metal mailbox fabrication technique.

Additionally, we apply a suitable surface finish – whether you want painted, galvanized, powder coated or hairline finish.

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