Custom Mild Steel Fabrication in China

Mild steel fabrication is a manufacturing process that can enhance the quality and appearance of mild steel. It is a popular technique that various industries rely on. For you to start, we provide a guide to help you know the basics of mild steel fabrication. Below are the following topics we discussed:

  • What is Mild Steel Fabrication
  • Various Mild Steel Fabrication Process
  • Mild Steel Grades
  • Custom Mild Steel Fabrication
  • Mild Steel Fabrication Surface Treatment
  • Mild Steel Fabrication Products for Several Applications

What is Mild Steel Fabrication?

Mild steel fabrication is a metal working process using mild steel material. It involves various manufacturing techniques and processes such as welding, shaping, rolling, cutting, bending, and more. Due to its excellent ductility, weldability, and malleability, mild steel is the best choice for several processes and industries.

A form of carbon steel with little carbon content is called mild steel. Mild steel also referred to as low carbon steel, has a carbon content of between 0.05 and 0.25 percent by weight. It is not alloy steel because it only contains small amounts of the components iron and ferrite. Mild steel can easily machine, cut, twist, bend, punch, drill, weld, roll, forge, etc. Compare to stainless steel, working with mild steel is simpler and more cost-effective.

In various manufacturing techniques, KDM can produce various mild steel products such as automotive parts, stairs and hand railings for buildings structures, structural frames for buildings structures, frames for heavy equipment, etc. A broad scope of surface treatments is available to meet different types of applications. If you have unique mild steel fabrication requirements, you can contact us immediately.

Mild Steel Fabrication Techniques and Processes

Mild Steel Forging

A method of shaping mild steel metal using compression forces. It uses rollers, presses, or hammers. Forgings can be produced with extremely tight tolerances.

Mild Steel Machining

Machining process can deliver high precision and accurate mild steel machined parts. We can work with various mild steel grades that withstand various machining processes.

Mild Steel Welding

Mild steel offers excellent weldability and cost-effective option for many welding applications. It is easy to work with advanced welding machines and tools.

Mild Steel Cutting

KDM provide low-cost and high-productivity mild steel cutting process. Mild steel can be cut into small to complex shapes with incredible accuracy.

Mild Steel Cold Rolling
Cold Rolling

Cold rolling processes offers smoother surface products with greater dimensional accuracy and increased hardness. It increased tensile strength and yield strength.

Mild Steel Tempering

KDM is an expert in tempering mild steel fabrication. It provides advantages such as increased ductility, less brittleness, and improved abrasion resistance.

Mild Steel Punching

Sheet metal punching is a cutting technique that removes material from a piece of sheet metal. It uses strong enough shearing force to create holes and cuttings of different sizes and forms.

Mild Steel Bending

Bending process produces a V-shape, U-shape, or channel shape mild steel fabrication. Mild steel has excellent ductility perfect for bending process.

Mild Steel Drilling

Drilling process uses a drill bit to remove material. A drill press, which applies the necessary amount of force, will be used for the drilling. KDM is professional in this method.

Mild Steel Flame Spraying
Flame Spraying

KDM uses mild steel flame spraying to improved durability, corrosion protection, hardness, and wear resistance. It adds protection to damaged materials.

Mild Steel Nitriding

Nitriding is a quick processing and low-temperature process. It can enhance the material’s bending qualities and resistance to abrasion. It is a clean pollution-free operation.

Hot Rolling Mild Steel
Hot Rolling

Hot rolling improved the mechanical properties and remove the microstructure defects of the material such as cracks, bubbles, looseness, etc. KDM has advanced tools and machinery for this process.

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Why Choose KDM Mild Steel Fabrication


Mild steel exhibits excellent malleability and works with various manufacturing processes. It can be assembled into different products perfect for your industry.


You can guarantee a long life of mild steel products in various applications. It is made from resilient and durable steel fabricated by a professional team.

Low Cost
Low Cost Production

KDM mild steel fabrication services are cost-effective. All products are in-house produced with factory direct price. With KDM, you can save money on production and shipping.

custom design

KDM has an expert team with rich manufacturing experience that can accurately custom your mild steel fabrication demands. You can choose the material, sizes, designs, etc.

Various Mild Steel Grades Suitable for Fabrication

Depending on the qualities your steel manufacturing project requires, there are numerous mild steel grades accessible to you. The following are some of the most low carbon steel grades KDM can work with:

EN 1.0301 – This steel grade has 0.4 percent manganese, 0.1 percent carbon, and 0.4 percent silicon. It is frequently used for cold-headed, extruded, forged, and cold-pressed parts and forms because of its good weldability. It is generally utilized in appliances, furnishings, and automobile equipment.

EN 1.1121 – Due to its unusually high ductility, EN 1.1121 is a widely used low carbon steel grade. It has a carbon content of about 0.1 percent and an average manganese content of 0.45 percent. It can be formed using manufacturing methods such as welding, heat treatment, quenching, and tempering. This process can increase its strength.

EN 1.0402 – Hydraulic components and camshafts are usually made from this material. It also has an excellent blend of ductility, strength, and durability.

Mild Steel Fabrication
Mild Steel Fabrication

Mild Steel Properties

  • High-Strength – mild steel fabrication reduces material thickness, weight, and costs. It undergoes various treatments to produce exceedingly high-quality properties.
  • Resilient – mild steel is resilient material with the long life cycle. It is a cost-effective option when considering life cycle costs.
  • Easy to fabricate – mild steels are easily shaped, machined, cut, welded, and quickly produced.
  • Great Appearance – Mild steel is available in a variety of surface finishes. It produces a beautiful, gratifying appearance.
  • Temperature Resistance – Mild steel finished products withstand extremely high temperatures while still maintaining great quality.

Mild Steel Fabrication Applications

  • Steel buildings and bridges – Mild steel are ideal for the construction industry due to its malleability, weldability and ductility. It is also fire-proof and complies with stringent seismic and wind requirements.
  • Gates and fencing – mild steel gates and fencing provide excellent security and aesthetic appeal. Mild steel is unbreakable and can be surface treated primed or galvanized.
  • Machinery Parts – Mild steel is perfect for manufacturing machinery parts due to its malleability properties.
  • Pipelines made of mild steel are frequently used to transmit gases and liquids. This is because they are exceedingly ductile and are simple to weld. Additionally, under pressure, mild steel pipes do not fracture; rather, they bend to permit the fluids to pass freely.
Mild Steel Fabrication
Custom Mild Steel Fabrication Process

Custom Mild Steel Fabrication

With 10+ years in the metal manufacturing industry, we specialized in full customization services to meet your unique requirements. We can walk you through the mild steel material selection, desired surface treatments, color, sizes, thicknesses, and other specifications to manufacture the exact product. You can send your drawing or sample so we can start the prototyping process.

We adopt high-tech fabrication and sophisticated machines in our facilities. You can ensure fast, efficient production and on time delivery with KDM. Message us now!

KDM – Professional Mild Steel Fabricator in China

Mild Steel Fabrication
Custom Mild Steel Fabrication

For your mild steel fabrication needs, KDM is your ultimate choice. We use high-grade metal materials in production. Due to its unique properties, mild steel has become a popular and in-demand material in different industries. It is more machinable and weldable than other materials which led to a massive increase in its usage.

KDM has 10+ rich mild steel fabrication and manufacturing experience. We have expert engineers and technicians to provide custom mild steel fabrication regardless of which industry your business. We will work thoroughly with our customers from material selection, prototyping, mass production, packaging, and delivery.

With our custom fabrication equipment and advanced techniques, we’ve been serving thousands of clients worldwide. KDM will provide the best solution to your unique requirements. Message us today.

Different Mild Steel Fabrication Surface Treatment


Galvanizing on mild steel material is the lowest overall cost compared to other coatings. The product has a permanently-bonded tough coating, easy to clean surface. It is an environmentally-friendly finishing process that enhanced steel appearance and prevents corrosion.

Mild Steel Powder Coating Process

Powder coating process increases the mild steel’s toughness. The finished mild steel frame endures longer and withstands damage better, consistent quality even if exposed to moisture and humidity. It offers a protective layer that aids in preventing corrosion when applied to steel.

Mild Steel Electroplating Process Electroplating Process
Electroplating Process

A thin metallic layer is created on the substrate during the electroplating process. A positively charged electrical current is passed through a solution containing dissolved metal ions during this process. Aside from mild steel, other metals such as copper, nickel, silver, and zinc are common metals used for electroplating. To improve the performance of almost any base metal that conducts electricity, electroplating can be used.

Mild Steel Painting Process
Mild Steel Painting

Surface treatment painting improves a mild steel product’s look and resistance to corrosion. Some of the most popular ways of applying paint to a component’s surface include dipping, brushing, electrostatic painting, spray painting, and powder coating. These methods protect metal parts in a variety of physical situations and achieve incredibly consistent results.

Various Parts We Made for Our Clients

Gears Fabrication
Gears Fabrication

Gear products are produced by forging, powder metallurgy, blanking process, etc. KDM is a trusted gear fabrication expert that uses superior quality material in the process. No matter what your requirements, we will provide accurate products for your business.

Mild Steel Book Shelves
Mild Steel Book Shelves

Mild Steel Book Shelves can be designed in various colors, sizes, numbers of shelf, rectangular or square shapes, etc. It offers rustproof features, with long-lasting nature, and a superior finish.

Mild Steel Cabinets
Mild Steel Cabinets

Mild Steel Cabinets is perfect to store materials and equipment. It offers easy access and organized any objects inside. It is finished with an environmentally-friendly powder coating, depending on your requests.

Mild Steel Doors
Mild Steel Doors

Mild Steel Doors provide more safety than wooden doors. It offers thermal efficiency, fire resistance, and resistance to bowing. These product is easy to clean and maintain. Used in industrial buildings, commercial facilities, warehouses, workshops, etc.

Mild Steel Enclosures
Mild Steel Enclosures

Mild Steel Enclosures offer strong impact resistance and longevity. Mild steel is flexible, thus easy to machine and shape to your desired shape and types of enclosures. KDM ensures quality, precision workmanship, and on-time delivery for your products.

Mild Steel Fuel Tanks
Mild Steel Fuel Tanks

For storing the oil diesel or other chemical liquid, Mild Steel Fuel Tanks from KDM is the best choice. We use high-grade mild steel that is highly resistant to corrosion and not difficult to weld.

Mild Steel Mailbox
Mild Steel Mailbox

Let KDM design mild steel mailbox in different sizes, designs, surface treatments, etc. Mild steel withstands various harsh and unfavorable weather conditions on outdoor applications.

Mild Steel Table Frame
Mild Steel Table Frame

Avail strong and durable mild steel table frame manufactured according to your unique requirements. We use high-quality metals to design table frames, chair frames, sign frames, etc.

Rivets Fabrication
Rivets Fabrication

Mild steel is good for rivets fabrication due to its properties such as good formability. We can formed various types and sizes of rivets for your business.

Mild Steel Fabrication Process KDM
KDM – One Stop Provider of Mild Steel Fabrication

KDM is a professional mild steel fabricator in China. We’ve been focusing on this industry for more than 10 years. Our team is focused on R&D, designing, and production of various metals for your projects. Complete services, reliable products, and 24/7 online support.

  • “Thank you, KDM for dependable mild steel fabrication services. We’ve experienced outstanding support in every stage of our metal production request. All products are durable, long-lasting, and cost-effective.

  • “KDM uses high-grade mild steel grades for the manufacturing process. They have complete and advanced manufacturing techniques, and support mass production, and technical assistance. Thank you, KDM We really enjoy cooperating with you..”

  • “If you’re looking for superb mild steel fabrication services, KDM got you covered. They are a reliable company in China that works efficiently and accurately. Free design and sample, fast production, and delivery. All products are carefully designed to reach my needs.”

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