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Sheet Metal Fabrication for Bus & Recreational Vehicle

Bus & Recreational Vehicle

KDM is a highly experienced manufacturing team located in China. We provide excellent sheet metal fabrication services for different bus and recreational vehicle industries. Our company gains a good reputation and create a one-stop solution to meet the unique business needs of customer worldwide. Known for our rapid prototyping and lead times, unmatched engineering, and dedication to excellent production methods.

We are your bus and recreational vehicle sheet metal fabrication partner you can count on to deliver superior parts, on-time and cost-effective. Together with our experts, we achieved cost reductions and improve the fit and functional rigidity of our products.

KDM can manufacture various sheet metal parts for bus & recreational vehicles precisely. These provide years of durable service. It includes:

  • transit bus doors
  • bus panels
  • access hoods,
  • stainless steel bumpers
  • transit bus skin sets, etc.

Being a leader in this industry, KDM owns advanced manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge technology to meet your custom needs. It includes drill presses, tapping machines and sawmills, 3 CNC turret punches, 10-100 tons press brakes, sanders & grinders, deburring machines, 2k fiber-optic laser, and more.

We can do different surface treatments for a more corrosion-resistant and smooth appearance to your preferred metal production. You can choose whether it’s powder coating, anodizing, painting, etc. Plus, to promote your business, our team will etch your business logo on the product surface. Send your drawing or let KDM custom your bus and recreational vehicle parts.

For more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We have 24/7 online assistance to support your business. Contact us immediately!

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