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KDM is a reliable pet waste station manufacturer. All types are customizable in sizes, finishes, and designs to meet your basic needs.

  • Used for cleaning pet messes
  • Ideal for indoor spaces
  • Maintain germ-free and clean spaces
  • Made from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc

Your Pet Waste Station Supplier

Pet waste stations, also called dog waste stations are detached units that allow pet owners to clean up the mess easily. It is usually composed of a bag dispenser, signboards, and a waste can. KDM offer different types of pet waste station for commercial applications, outdoor/indoor, and industrial applications.

We used good-quality metals during the development process. We used stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. They are well-built units with the capacity to stand up to all weather conditions, every application, and vandalism. Plus, these stations are very easy to install, even without professionals or special tools needed.

KDM is your trusted pet waste station supplier in China. We create sleek designs and attractive selections. They are perfect for condos, airports, doggy daycare, restaurants, office structures, restaurants, hotels, malls, theaters, schools, and hospitals.

If you have business or projects that need pet waste stations, you will find the complete line at KDM. We’ve got the most convenient and multipurpose units!

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Pet Waste Station Series

Dog Waste Station

The dog waste stations are commonly located in dog parks, communities, apartments, and anywhere dogs are existing. It has a better and more solid foundation.

Garden Pet Waste Bag

Garden pet waste bags are very easy to install in the garden. They need only pliers and shovels when installing. It comes in different thicknesses, colors, and structures.

Indoor Station
Indoor Station

Indoor stations are solid pet waste stations typically made from recycled sheet metals. They are made with the ability to resist light vandalism and all-weather types.

Modern Station
Modern Station

Modern stations are pet waste stations with a modern structure. It can be moved anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor locations. Made often from stainless steel.

Outdoor Station
Outdoor Station

Outdoor stations can be used to clean up the mess of dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. It does not stain or corrode easily and has a modern and classic structure.

Commercial Waste Station
Commercial Waste Station

Commercial waste stations are free-standing equipment used to clean up pet waste. It is made of common metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.

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Pet Waste Station Features


Our complete line of pet waste stations is multi-purpose. They serve industries such as commercial and industrial.


We manufacture these units with handy and convenient designs. They can be moved anywhere there are pets.


All models with different specifications are offered affordably. They are made from reasonable yet quality metals.


Unlike plastic, our metal pet waste station offers weather resistance. They remain rust-free even installed outdoor.

Pet Waste Station Applications

Custom waste stations are applied or installed in places where there are existing pets. Providing convenient access to pet waste is one of its applications. They are intended to keep areas dirt-free and remove impurities. It also comes in post-mounted or freestanding constructions and is mostly used in parking lots. You can find different pet waste stations in locations such as:

  • Walking trails
  • Gardens
  • Apartments
  • Parking lots
  • Vet clinics
  • Rest stops, etc
Pet Waste Station Applications
Sheet Metals Applied

Sheet Metals Applied

Our custom stations are accessible in different sheet metals, such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze. And each metal offers excellent features and advantages.

Copper: This is adaptable material, with excellent electrical energy, and malleable, corrosion-resistant material.

Brass: Corrosion-resistant material, featherweight, and perfect for achieving rust-free pet waste stations.

Stainless Steel: Offers high strength, excellent durability, remains rust-free for years to come

Bronze: Offers a low melting point, suitable for outdoor pet waste stations, and high strength than copper.

Production Line

Pet waste station starts from flat sheet metals. The flat sheets are cut into accurately measured sections.

After that, the measured metal cuts are bent and punched using large metal production machines. This process is mastered with our machining team at our own facility.

Once done with the cutting, bending, and punching process, the metal pieces will undergo coating. Most of our custom stations are powder coated -an electronic coating process, making the final units long-lasting, weather-resistant, heavy-duty, and protected.

The final step will be the welding and riveting process. This can make break-resistant and thick units.

Production Line

About KDM Mission

Pet waste station
2) About KDM Mission

KDM is a leading pet waste station broad line supplier in China.  We deliver complete solutions and services, including inventory management and technical assistance, to save customers money and time.

Here, we thrive on providing a benefits package for your business. We provide better quality pet waste stations and outstanding services at the same time. Along with our team, we strive to meet your diverse and changing needs.

From initiating design to final production, KDM manages the entire process on time. We can customize every pet waste station in simple and efficient ways. And will conduct our production according to your unique requirements and applications.

Depend on KDM anytime you required our pet waste stations for your business. Please contact us today!

KDM: Pet Waste Station Manufacturer

Installation Guide

Installing our pet waste station units is simple. Only need around 45 minutes for installation.

No special tools or special skills are needed. Simple requirements only include:

  • Shovel
  • 2 Adjustable pliers
  • Postholes digger
  • A bag of cement & water

Contact KDM for professional installation devices and assistance.

Finishing options

Painting: Choose from any color -blue, yellow, green, red, and more.

Powder Coating: It plays a big role in smoothing out surface defects of custom pet waste stations. As an outcome, this gives matte, glossy, or textured finishes to the units.

Buff Polishing: It gives smoothness and a non-textured surface finish for all the stations.

Brushing Metal: Brushed finish provides a uniform finish on the exterior part of pet waste stations. It is a combination of grinding and buffing, giving a smooth surface.

Pet Waste Station Locations

Parking Lots
Parking Lots

Custom pet waste stations are important to be installed in public places, including parking lots. These units are great in protecting human health from pet waste parasites and bacteria. It collects pet waste in a safe manner.

Public Parks

When installed in public parks, then it will be easy for pet owners disposing of their pet’s mess. Most pet waste stations here have free-standing designs. It is perfect for pets like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc.

Residential Apartments

Commonly, pet waste stations are placed outdoor in residential apartments. They are available in different prints, designs, and shapes to blend well in the space.

Vet Clinics
Vet Clinics

Vet clinics are home for sick pets, that is why pet waste stations are necessary. It cleans up the dogs, cats, and other pet messes. They are durable and multi-functional units.


A custom pet waste station is perfect for garden areas. Once the pet poop especially from dogs inseminated in the backyard, they become a nutrient for the garden. This benefits the soil, resulting in healthier plants.

KDM - Pet Waste Station Manufacturer
KDM - Pet Waste Station Manufacturer

We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing pet waste stations. If you need them for your business import, choose our team as your backup.

  • “KDM did a good job in customizing pet waste stations according to my exact requirements. I got the right size, surface finish, and unit designs. All are obviously durable and affordable at the same time!”

  • “We are pleased with our custom pet waste station orders from KDM. The team never disappoint us and always exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend KDM to everyone planning to import pet waste stations from China.”

  • “If you have a business and required pet waste stations like me, choose KDM! I had a great journey with the team. They quickly respond to my queries and assist me all the way.”

Pet Waste Station: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about pet waste station.

Whether you want to learn more about design, specifications, color options, sizes or and other feature – you will find all information you need right here.

So, keep reading to learn more.

What Pet Waste Station?

A pet waste station is also known as a dog waste station.

It is a free-standing structure that you can place anywhere and enable the owners of pets to clean up after their pets.

This means it is a self-service unit that will allow pet owners in public locations to clean up after their pets.

Pet waste stations are simple to use and offer suitable solutions for pet owners to be responsible in public spaces.

They enhance the environment by containing pet poop.

A Dog Waste StationA Dog Waste Station

Which Is The Best Material For Making Pet Waste Station?

There are various materials you can use when making a pet waste station.

Furthermore, the materials can either be heavy-duty or lightweight.

The main materials you will use to make a pet waste station may come from the following products:

  • Metal materials such as steel and aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Recycled wood

The most recommended material to use is aluminum.

This is because aluminum will not rust whereas steel will rust.

Also, plastic material may crack and the color may face quickly and look unappealing after some time.

In terms of durability, the lightweight material construction is prone to falling.

This means you will need to conduct periodic replacements compared to heavy-duty material construction.

In the long run, you will end up spending more when you make pet waste stations with plastic, wood, or lightweight materials.

A Plastic pet Waste Station

A Plastic Pet Waste Station

Where Can You Install Pet Waste Station?

A pet waste station should be installed in an easily accessible and visible public area.

There are several areas where you can install a pet waste station and you should consider areas where pet owners are likely to walk their pets.

Also, to maximize the advantages of a pet waste station, ensure you strategically place them within your environment.

Besides, the pet owners will use a pet waste station if they are in a convenient location.

When the pet waste stations are far apart, pet owners may fail to clean up after their pets due to the long distance.

In addition, ensure the pet waste stations are not too close together or too far apart from one another.

Ensure you evaluate the area to understand the suitable spots for installing a pet waste station.

That is why a pet waste station is best installed in high-traffic areas thus, making it easy for pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Also, ensure the pet waste station will not block traffic when pet owners are using it.

These include the following:

  • Dog parks
  • Apartment buildings
  • City parks
  • Rest areas
  • Greenways
  • Hiking trails
  • Common areas
  • Pet-friendly restaurants
  • Walking streets

A Pet Waste Station Should Not Block Traffic Where Located

A Pet Waste Station Should Not Block Traffic Where Located

  • Veterinary offices
  • Schools
  • Downtown sidewalks
  • Pet supply stores
  • Residential backyards
  • Neighborhood sidewalks
  • Townhomes
  • Kennels, etc.

A Pet Waste Station In A Park

A Pet Waste Station In A Park

Since we have an idea of where to install a pet waste station, it is also important to understand where not to install a pet waste station.

Areas that are unsuitable for installing pet waste stations include the following:

  • Close to a buildings windows or doors
  • Close to park amenities
  • Near playgrounds

Within the line of sight of a homeowner

Which Pet Waste Station Designs Are There?

There are several pet waste station manufacturers and this can make selecting one suitable for you somehow challenging.

Here, we shall look at the various designs of a pet waste stations in the market.

We shall take a look at the center post design, dispenser box design, and trash can design.

This is because they all impact the overall design of the pet waste station.

Center Post Design

This is the central post that will hold the pet waste station high making it visible to pet owners.

Some of these designs include the following:

Box-channel Post

There are two versions of post designs you can use on a pet waste station and either will operate well when you place them in concrete.

A box-channel post design comes in two pieces thus it is simple to transport.

Also, it will allow you to easily adjust the height of the sign.

Box-channel posts are usually powder-coated, which entails electrostatically painting them and then setting them with heat.

This makes them able to withstand the environmental elements.

Furthermore, a box-channel post design is more durable.

Box Channel Post Design Of A Dog Waste Station

Box Channel Post Design Of A Dog Waste Station

U-channel Post

This post design also comes in two pieces making it easy to ship and adjust the height.

Furthermore, if you have little time, you can install a U-channel post by pounding it in the dirt.

When hitting it in place on the dirt, ensure it is in a vertical position.

Since it is easy to install, you can place a pet waste station in less than an hour.

After you hit the lower half, you will attach the top half until it overlaps the preferred height.

However, a U–channel post design is less likely to withstand the sideway forces when you install it in the dirt.

Since a U-channel post design is less durable, it may start leaning one way or the other after a while.

Besides, it is ideal to install center posts in concrete.

Dispenser Box Design

This is a locking metal box that you will fixate on the central post support using bolts.

The dispenser box will cost anywhere from 50 USD but the cost is nothing to worry about since it is a one-time expense.

This is because the dispenser box will last you several years before needing replacements.

Furthermore, it is suitable to purchase commercial-grade aluminum dispenser box designs.

This is because plastic material is prone to vandalism.

Dispenser boxes come in various designs depending on the pet waste bag you are using for the pet waste station.

Dispenser Dog Design

Dispenser Dog Design

Some of these designs include the following:

Side-by-side Standard Rolls

The vertical layout of a side-by-side standard roll will cause minimal friction meaning binding is less likely to occur.

A side-by-side dispenser box design has several openings that sit side by side.

Stacked Standard Rolls

The design of this dispenser box has a horizontal arrangement.

Some contain tiny shelves within them to separate every roll while others lack these segment separations.

Besides, rain can enter the design layout via the holes causing the cardboard boxes to become soggy and collapse.

After rain causes cardboard boxes to get soggy in dispenser boxes with no internal shelves, they will collapse.

This weight will put more pressure on the bottom rolls thus making it difficult to remove a bag for use.

Besides, you can place more than two rolls on the upper shelf within the dispenser box.

Mitten And Strap Bag Fashion Dispensers

This dispenser box design has prongs inside where you will hang the trash bags.

Furthermore, they have large openings which are not suitable for other users.

This is because the large holes can allow rainwater to enter the dispenser box easily.

However, it is aluminum and plastic materials thus water is not much of a big deal.

The main issue is the possibility of wasps building their nests inside the dispenser box.

For this reason, it is important to spray a coat of non-toxic repellents that will keep out bugs, insects, and wasps.

This dispenser box design works well but will add some additional maintenance costs.

Mitten Bag Dog Waste Station

Mitten Bag Dog Waste Station

Tie-handle Dispensers

This dispenser box design can hold more rolls.

Or instance, they can hold large rolls with two 400 rolls of bags against the 200 rolls of bags for the standard dispenser box design.

Tie-handle dispenser boxes are specially sized and cannot fit normal roll bag dispensers.

However, the tie-handle bags are costly, almost 50% more than the standard version of roll bags.

The operation of these dispenser box designs allows one bag to come out at a time when you pull one out.

Also, the raised tab will prevent the other bag from exiting the dispenser box.

Standard designs need you to use two hands to rip off bags whereas a tie-handle dispenser design enables you to use one hand.

Trash Can Design

There are various trash can designs to choose from, and they include the following:

Open-mesh Flip-lid Trash Can

It is a liability when you have a trash can design that can collect rainwater.

This makes open-mesh flip-lid trash can design a low solution version.

The top part can prevent the entrance of some rain whereas the lid edge will let in some water into the trash bags.

Furthermore, when you open the lid, you can experience flies and mosquitoes which is uncomfortable.

An Open Mesh Flip Waste Station

An Open Mesh Flip Lid Dog Station

This experience can make pet owners not cleaning up after their pets.

However, the pet waste station is durable and can last you for several years.

Besides being an affordable alternative, the savings compared to the discomfort when using the trash can makes no economic sense.

Also, this trash can design can fill up with trash other than pet waste.

These include bottles, fast-food trash, etc.

Meanwhile, they will not seal in the bad odor due to their open mesh design.

This trash can design has a lot of flaws so be weary when you want to purchase it

Flange-lid Trash Can

This design is better as it has a 3/8 inch flange around the lid.

Furthermore, the flange design will securely cover the top lid thereby inhibiting rainwater from entering the can.

However, it does not fit tightly and will enable insects and bad odor to pass through easily.

Another design flaw allows anyone to dump anything into the trash can meaning it can overfill easily.

This means the trash can will contain trash other than pet waste, which is its original design purpose.

Flange-lid Metal Trash Can

These designs have a larger capacity than their Flange-lid trash can counterpart.

It also has a suitable seal against the wind and the trash bags will remain in place.

The flaw of this design is that anyone can dump trash inside that is not pet waste causing it to fill up quickly.

Vault-style Trash Can

This design is highly effective as it has a top chute allowing small items to fit in this preventing large trash.

Furthermore, this design will seal the odors while keeping bugs and rainwater out.

The material construction is commercial-grade powder-coated aluminum meaning it is free from rust.

However, they are more expensive than the other designs but that comes with several benefits.

Unlocking the front part allows you to easily remove and replace the trash.

Also, it is tightly sealed from wind and it has several benefits over the other designs.

Why Install Pet Waste Station?

Pet Waste Stations Keep The Environment Clean

Pet Waste Stations Keep The  Environment Clean

It is important to install a pet waste station as you will have a good environment free of pet waste.

Furthermore, it helps keep the surrounding neighborhood clean as pet waste contains lots of bacteria, parasites, and viruses,

These will cause harm to both humans and other pets and especially harmful to kids with a forming immune system.

A pet waste station will also help maintain water quality as the pet waste will not wash into and pollute water bodies.

It also helps in teaching pet owners to be responsible for cleaning their pet waste in public areas.

Also, the pet waste station allows pet owners to comply with the law to avoid fines.

What Are The Color Options For Pet Waste Station?

Pet waste stations come in a variety of colors with the main color being green.

Other colors you may find it in are black, orange, blue, grey, yellow, brown, and red.

A Green Pet Waste Station

A Green Pet Waste Station

What Are The Components Of A Pet Waste Station?

A pet waste station has four main components:

  • Waste receptacle

This part has large plastic liners and will hold the pet waste once the pet owner drops it off.

  • Station post

These are durable backbones that will hold the station to the ground firmly.

  • Bag dispenser

This is the part of the pet waste station that has trash bags.

A Pet Waste Station

Pet owners will grab a bag when cleaning after their pets and then dump it in the station.

  • Station sign

This component has information that reminds pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Which Features Should You Look For In Pet Waste Station?

Important factors to consider when purchasing a pet waste station include the following:

  • Ensure it will prevent bad odor from escaping and bugs from entering the station
  • Make sure it is waterproof
  • Ensure it is made of durable rigid material that will inhibit vandalism and rust
  • Depending on the location of use, ensure it has a suitable capacity to handle the traffic
  • Ensure it is resistant to external environmental elements
How Much Do Pet Waste Station Cost?

The cost of a pet waste station depends on the design.

For instance, vault-style trash can designs cost more than open-mesh flip-lid trash can designs.

Taking these into account, you can purchase a waste station anywhere from 200 USD.

Are Outdoor Pet Waste Station Weather Resistant?

Yes, it is recommended that outdoor pet waste stations be made from an eco-friendly weather-resistant material.

This will ensure it remains durable for several years.

Are There Quality Standards Pet Waste Stations Should Comply With?

Yes, pet waste stations should comply with ISO9001 certification.

What Are The Available Sizes Of Pet Waste Station?

The available sizes you can find are 10 L, 12 L, 15 L, 20 L, 30 L, etc.

How Do You Mount Pet Waste Station?

The mounting process is simple, as all you need are pliers, a shovel, level, water, and quick setting cement.

Start by digging a hole in an easily accessible spot while keeping an eye on underground utilities like water pipes.

Afterward, place the post in the hole and use the level to ensure it is leveled.

Then you will pour the quick setting cement at the bottom of the post and add water which will make it harden quickly.

Wait for about 45 minutes before installing other parts of the pet waste station.

Use nuts, bolts, and washers to secure the sign, bag dispenser, and pet waste can on the post.

Fill the bag dispenser with pet waste bags then fill the trash can with commercial-grade liner.

 A Well Mounted Dog Waste Station

A Well Mounted Dog Waste Station

How Do You Fabricate Pet Waste Station?

Here are the steps to making a pet waste station:


In this phase, you will design the type of pet waste station.

Besides, you can use design software to make accurate measurements that you will feed into the machines when cutting.

Selecting The Dimension

In this step, you will decide on the size of the pet waste station.

Pet waste station comes in different capacities that can hold varying capacities of pet waste.

For instance, high traffic areas require pet waste stations with a larger capacity than closed neighborhoods.

Selecting Construction Material

The next step entails choosing the material construction for the pet waste station.

For instance, aluminum is durable, rust-resistant, and prevents vandalism.

Other materials such as plastic are not durable.

Cutting Materials

In this stage, you will use the dimension of the design to cut precise parts that you will joint to make the pet waste station.


Once you cut the parts, you will bend them to the desired shape before joining.


In this final stage, you will join the cut and bent parts to form a secure pet waste station.

One method of joining parts is by welding.

Afterward, you will inspect the pet waste station before shipping.

What Are The Available Surface Finishes For Pet Waste Station?

These include:

Are There Lockable Pet Waste Station?

Yes, these pet waste stations have keys that you must use to open the station to access the bags.

After cleaning up, you will place it inside the trash can and then lock the station.

How Do Pet Waste Station Reduce Odor?

Dog Waste Stations Are Airtight Thus Prevent Odor

Dog Waste Stations Are Airtight Thus Prevent Odor

This includes the use of the following:

  • Locking handles to create airtight seals
  • Employing silicon gaskets that seal odors once you close the lid
  • Using non-toxic charcoal deodorizer
Why Should You Buy Pet Waste Station From China?

This is because China offers the following benefits:

  • Variety
  • Affordability
  • Large order fulfillment
  • Quality products
  • Timely delivery
Do All Pet Waste Stations Have Signs?

Yes, the sign is to indicate the use of the pet waste station and remind pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Are There Custom Pet Waste Station?

Yes, you can make a custom pet waste station as per your preference.

Furthermore, you need to communicate with the manufacturer and this may cost you more.

How Should You Clean And Maintain Pet Waste Station?

Monitor the pet waste station weekly or bi-weekly.

Deodorize and disinfect the internal parts of the pet waste station, as well as the eternal chute handles.

Ensure you keep the bag dispenser stocked at all times and install a clean trach liner.

Regularly empty the cans to avoid the buildup of trash.

Repair broken parts to ensure bags do not tear during usage.

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