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Pet waste station

Pet Waste Station

KDM is a reliable pet waste station manufacturer. All types are customizable in sizes, finishes, and designs to meet your basic needs.


Your Pet Waste Station Supplier

Pet waste stations, also called dog waste stations are detached units that allow pet owners to clean up the mess easily. It is usually composed of a bag dispenser, signboards, and a waste can. KDM offer different types of pet waste station for commercial applications, outdoor/indoor, and industrial applications.

We used good-quality metals during the development process. We used stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and more. They are well-built units with the capacity to stand up to all weather conditions, every application, and vandalism. Plus, these stations are very easy to install, even without professionals or special tools needed.

KDM is your trusted pet waste station supplier in China. We create sleek designs and attractive selections. They are perfect for condos, airports, doggy daycare, restaurants, office structures, restaurants, hotels, malls, theaters, schools, and hospitals.

If you have business or projects that need pet waste stations, you will find the complete line at KDM. We’ve got the most convenient and multipurpose units!

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Dog Waste Station

The dog waste stations are commonly located in dog parks, communities, apartments, and anywhere dogs are existing. It has a better and more solid foundation.

Garden Pet Waste Bag

Garden pet waste bags are very easy to install in the garden. They need only pliers and shovels when installing. It comes in different thicknesses, colors, and structures.

Indoor Station
Indoor Station

Indoor stations are solid pet waste stations typically made from recycled sheet metals. They are made with the ability to resist light vandalism and all-weather types.

Modern Station
Modern Station

Modern stations are pet waste stations with a modern structure. It can be moved anywhere, whether indoor or outdoor locations. Made often from stainless steel.

Outdoor Station
Outdoor Station

Outdoor stations can be used to clean up the mess of dogs, cats, birds, and other pets. It does not stain or corrode easily and has a modern and classic structure.

Commercial Waste Station
Commercial Waste Station

Commercial waste stations are free-standing equipment used to clean up pet waste. It is made of common metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, etc.

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Features of Pet Waste Station


Our complete line of pet waste stations is multi-purpose. They serve industries such as commercial and industrial.


We manufacture these units with handy and convenient designs. They can be moved anywhere there are pets.


All models with different specifications are offered affordably. They are made from reasonable yet quality metals.


Unlike plastic, our metal pet waste station offers weather resistance. They remain rust-free even installed outdoor.

Pet Waste Station Applications

Custom waste stations are applied or installed in places where there are existing pets. Providing convenient access to pet waste is one of its applications. They are intended to keep areas dirt-free and remove impurities. It also comes in post-mounted or freestanding constructions and is mostly used in parking lots. You can find different pet waste stations in locations such as:

  • Walking trails
  • Gardens
  • Apartments
  • Parking lots
  • Vet clinics
  • Rest stops, etc
Pet Waste Station Applications
Sheet Metals Applied

Sheet Metals Applied

Our custom stations are accessible in different sheet metals, such as stainless steel, copper, brass, and bronze. And each metal offers excellent features and advantages.

Copper: This is adaptable material, with excellent electrical energy, and malleable, corrosion-resistant material.

Brass: Corrosion-resistant material, featherweight, and perfect for achieving rust-free pet waste stations.

Stainless Steel: Offers high strength, excellent durability, remains rust-free for years to come

Bronze: Offers a low melting point, suitable for outdoor pet waste stations, and high strength than copper.

Production Line

Pet waste station starts from flat sheet metals. The flat sheets are cut into accurately measured sections.

After that, the measured metal cuts are bent and punched using large metal production machines. This process is mastered with our machining team at our own facility.

Once done with the cutting, bending, and punching process, the metal pieces will undergo coating. Most of our custom stations are powder coated -an electronic coating process, making the final units long-lasting, weather-resistant, heavy-duty, and protected.

The final step will be the welding and riveting process. This can make break-resistant and thick units.

Production Line

About KDM Mission

Pet waste station
2) About KDM Mission

KDM is a leading pet waste station broad line supplier in China.  We deliver complete solutions and services, including inventory management and technical assistance, to save customers money and time.

Here, we thrive on providing a benefits package for your business. We provide better quality pet waste stations and outstanding services at the same time. Along with our team, we strive to meet your diverse and changing needs.

From initiating design to final production, KDM manages the entire process on time. We can customize every pet waste station in simple and efficient ways. And will conduct our production according to your unique requirements and applications.

Depend on KDM anytime you required our pet waste stations for your business. Please contact us today!

Installation Guide

Installing our pet waste station units is simple. Only need around 45 minutes for installation.

No special tools or special skills are needed. Simple requirements only include:

  • Shovel
  • 2 Adjustable pliers
  • Postholes digger
  • A bag of cement & water

Contact KDM for professional installation devices and assistance.

Finishing options

Painting: Choose from any color -blue, yellow, green, red, and more.

Powder Coating: It plays a big role in smoothing out surface defects of custom pet waste stations. As an outcome, this gives matte, glossy, or textured finishes to the units.

Buff Polishing: It gives smoothness and a non-textured surface finish for all the stations.

Brushing Metal: Brushed finish provides a uniform finish on the exterior part of pet waste stations. It is a combination of grinding and buffing, giving a smooth surface.

Pet Waste Station Locations

Parking Lots
Parking Lots

Custom pet waste stations are important to be installed in public places, including parking lots. These units are great in protecting human health from pet waste parasites and bacteria. It collects pet waste in a safe manner.

Public Parks

When installed in public parks, then it will be easy for pet owners disposing of their pet’s mess. Most pet waste stations here have free-standing designs. It is perfect for pets like dogs, cats, guinea pigs, etc.

Residential Apartments

Commonly, pet waste stations are placed outdoor in residential apartments. They are available in different prints, designs, and shapes to blend well in the space.

Vet Clinics
Vet Clinics

Vet clinics are home for sick pets, that is why pet waste stations are necessary. It cleans up the dogs, cats, and other pet messes. They are durable and multi-functional units.


A custom pet waste station is perfect for garden areas. Once the pet poop especially from dogs inseminated in the backyard, they become a nutrient for the garden. This benefits the soil, resulting in healthier plants.

KDM - Pet Waste Station Manufacturer
KDM - Pet Waste Station Manufacturer

We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing pet waste stations. If you need them for your business import, choose our team as your backup.

  • “KDM did a good job in customizing pet waste stations according to my exact requirements. I got the right size, surface finish, and unit designs. All are obviously durable and affordable at the same time!”

  • “We are pleased with our custom pet waste station orders from KDM. The team never disappoint us and always exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend KDM to everyone planning to import pet waste stations from China.”

  • “If you have a business and required pet waste stations like me, choose KDM! I had a great journey with the team. They quickly respond to my queries and assist me all the way.”

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