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Sheet Metal Fabrication for Appliance Parts

With 10+ years of manufacturing experience, KDM has been the #1 go-to source solution for a wide variety of steel appliances, food preparation appliances, and countertop appliances. We use the best metals and high-tech sheet metal fabrication processes. It allows us to design superior quality products in the appliance industry.

Appliance Industry

Our experienced professionals have rich knowledge and expertise in making the various sheet metal products in modern-day machines. We can produce appliances from any metal material such as stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, etc. KDM is popular for strict adherence to quality control, specifications, and tolerances.

Regardless of the kind of appliance that is needed, KDM can tailor and produce it efficiently. Some are the following steel products we manufacture for appliance applications:

  • Residential kitchen countertop appliance
  • Large appliance freezer door skins
  • Mixer and blender housings
  • Stoves and ovens housings
  • Frozen yogurt dispensing equipment
  • Frozen food and soft-serve ice cream equipment
  • Commercial kitchen standard stainless products
  • Memphis wood-fired grills
  • Built-in stationary grills
  • Freestanding portable grills, etc.

KDM custom your appliance according to your specifications. Our team can provide a sample design and prototype. But you can suggest a reference or a drawing that meets multiple configurations. Throughout the years, KDM become a trusted partner for so many appliance manufacturers.

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