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KDM Sheet Metal Handle

KDM is a manufacturer of sheet metal handle with an extensive selection of designs, sizes, and thickness.

  • Made from carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel sheet metal
  • Available in a wide range of mounting styles
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Rust-proof
  • Customizable according to your requirements

Your Professional Sheet Metal Handle Supplier in China

KDM offers a wide range of sheet metal handles for doors, cabinets, windows, and more. We used different sheet metal fabrication processes for producing high-quality handles. Aside from that, KDM also offers sheet metal handle with different mounting options available. It also comes in customized sizes, thicknesses, and designs. KDM can manufacture sheet metal handles according to your specification, details, and requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

KDM Sheet Metal Handle Fabrication

Sheet Metal Materials
Superior Quality

Sheet Metal Materials

KDM uses different sheet metal materials for handle productions such as:

  • carbon steel, aluminum
  • stainless steel, copper, brass, and more.

If you want specific sheet metal materials for the production of your sheet metal handle orders, we can customize them for you. Send your inquiries!

Hygienic and Safe

Sheet Metal Handles

KDM manufactures sheet metal handles with anti-bacterial properties. Its anti-microbial feature can kill various bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.

Our range of hygienic handles is manufactured using 99.9% pure copper and brass. Rest assured that all our sheet metal handles are safe-to-use.

For custom orders, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sheet Metal Handles
A Wide Range of Applications
Sheet Metal Handles

A Wide Range of Applications

Our sheet metal handles are suitable for the following applications:

  • Doors and Cabinets
  • Drawers
  • Windows, and more

KDM can provide custom-designed handles to suit your application requirements.

Send us your inquiries today!

Why Choose KDM Sheet Metal Handle

Hygienic and Safe to Use
Hygienic and Safe to Use
Light in Weight
Light in Weight
With Rust Proof Coating
With Rust Proof Coating
Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes
Customized Thickness
Customized Thickness
Wide Range of Designs and Styles
Wide Range of Designs and Styles
Available in Different Mounting Options
Available in Different Mounting Options
Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery on All Your Orders
Affordable and Cost-Effective
Affordable and Cost-Effective
Broad Size Selections
Broad Size Selections
Low Minimum Order Quantity
Low Minimum Order Quantity
Quality Guaranteed
Certified and Quality Guaranteed

KDM Featured Sheet Metal Handle (4)

Sheet Metal Handle Factory

Custom Designed Sheet Metal Handles

KDM offers customization services for your sheet metal handle needs. We can produce custom handle fabrications for replacements or new installations.

Custom Designed Sheet Metal Handles

KDM Sheet Metal Handle Fabrication

Roll Forming
Roll Forming
It is done without using heat, therefore, this process is energy-saving.
Tubular Hydroforming
Tubular Hydroforming
This process is used for forming the materials into desired shape.
Tubular Stamping
Tubular Stamping
It is used for producing sheet metal parts with complex shapes.
This process is used for producing solid sheet metal parts like handles.
It is used to achieved the desired part shape using a die.
This process involves removing the metal from a solid block.

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Sheet Metal Handle: The Ultimate Guide

In this guide, you will find all information you are looking for about sheet metal handle.

Whether you want to learn about material type, design or features – you will find all information right here.

Keep reading.

What Is Sheet Metal Handle?

Sheet metal handle is a handle built using metals that are thinner than 6mm but thicker than a foil.

Figure 1 Sheet metal handle

Which Features Should You Look For In Sheet Metal Handle?
  • It should be lightweight
  • It should have rust proof coating
  • It should be pre-drilled
Which Are The Material For Sheet Metal Handle?
  • Steel

It is commonly used because it is cheap and easy to wield although it is less ductile and harder to cut. Steel is an alloy of carbon and Iron and vulnerable to corrosion

  • Carbon Steel

Sheet Metal Handle

Because of its high content of carbon, it gets its name Carbon steel. This makes it stronger but this also makes it harder to get it into the right shape.

  • Stainless Steel

It is popularly used because of its high content of chromium content that prevents it from rusting. Stainless steel is much heavier than other standard steel.


However, there are other materials that can be used such as

  • Aluminium

This is a lightweight metal that is expensive than the standard steel and responds well with machining. It also does not rust

  • Copper

This material responds well to bending creating beautiful shapes and does not rust.

  • Brass

It has very strong acoustic properties since it is a combination of zinc and copper.

How Do You Fabricate Sheet Metal Handle?

There are different methods one can use to fabricate sheet metal handle such as: –

  • Roll forming

This process is done by bending or rolling cold sheets into desired shapes. Punching of handles is done through roll forming which can be incorporated into the assembly line process

This process is less expensive as it uses no heat energy and flexible too

  • Tubular Hydroforming

This method provides better bending and stiffness properties while using minimum amount of stainless materials. pieces also emerge while in nearly finished state since no supplementary wielding and machining is needed.

This method leaves the stainless steel handles with better qualities.

  • Tubular Stamping

Tubular Stamping

This method is used to produce more complex tubular parts. It is more superior since it produces class-A finishes, less weight and cost saving compared to other methods.

What Are The Components Of Sheet Metal Handle?

Sheet metal handle comprises of different components that gives it the desired end result such as carbon and chromium.

These components make it strong, durable, corrosion resistance and prevents rusting also.

What Are The Possible Surface Finishing On Sheet Metal Handle?

Surface finishing is important because it provides protection against corrosion and many more.

  • Hot Dip Galvanizing

Hot Dip Galvanizing

This is where steel is immersed in molten zinc to form a coating with the zinc.

  • Continuous Galvanizing

This involves passing through molten zinc in an automated plant

  • Thermal Spraying

Here a special gun is used to spray molten zinc on the steel surface. However, this method cannot be used inside hollow tubes

  • Cathode Protection

Zinc anode is connected to steel components in the presence of an electrolyte

Where Can You Use Sheet Metal Handle?

Figure 2 Sheet metal handle

Depending on the type of material used, sheet metal handle can be used in various parts.

These can range from cookware handles, boats components, pharmaceutical processing components, food handling equipment etc.

Are Sheet Metal Handle Strong?

Sheet metal handles are as strong as the materials used, sheet metals can be made stronger by bending process.

Reinforcement also can be done to improve its strength.

How Do You Mount Sheet Metal Handle?

Mounting a sheet metal handle might require only a screw and screw driver to be mounted.

However, there are cases where rivet gun is used to mount the sheet metal handle on surfaces of an appliance.

Do You Custom Sheet Metal Handle?

Sheet metal handle can be accustomed to meet your specifications.

When doing this certain information like material, measurement, colour and total linear footage.

What Is The Recommended Thickness Of Sheet Metal Handle?

Just like any other design, sheet metal handle has a specified thickness.

The thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 6mm.

Which Dimensions Are Critical In Sheet Metal Handle Design?

Figure 3 Sheet metal handle dimension

Sheet metal handles have critical dimensions which must be considered in order to achieve a standardised result.

These critical dimensions include: –

  • Bend Line

This is the straight-line on the sheet surface that defines end of the level flange and starting of the bend.

  • Bend Radius

Bend radius is the distance from the bend axis to the surface inside between the bend lines.

  • Bend Angle

This angle is measured between the ben flange and original position. It can also be specified into the bend radius and sheet thickness

  • Neutral Axis

It is neither stretched nor compressed hence remain at constant length. The location of a neutral axis is calculated as ratio of neutral axis(T) to material thickness(t).

  • K- Factor

This depends on factors such as material, bending operation and bend angle. It can be greater than 0.25, however it cannot exceed 0.50.

K-Factor is given by T/t, where T is the distance of the neutral axis and t is the material thickness.

K-factor is important as it is used to calculate flat patterns as it is related to how long the material is stretched during bending.

  • Bend Allowance

This allowance when added to the flange length should be equal to the total flat length.

  • Minimum Hole Diameter

Holes diameter should not very small since they may lead to breakage of materials during operation. The hole diameter needs to be equal or more than the sheet metal thickness.

What Are The Benefits Of Sheet Metal Handle?
  • Strong And Durable

Sheet Metal Handle

They have the ability to withstand high pressure and heat than other materials like plastics. Those made from aluminium or stainless steel also have the ability to resist corrosion, wear and tear

  • Malleable

Using the right equipment, they can be bent into numerous shapes yet it still retains its strength. They also have the ability to be compressed and stretched without breaking or cracking.

  • Sustainability

Metal can be recycled back to something else and also environmentally strategic

Are There Limitations Of Sheet Metal Handles?
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