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Custom Metal Cabinet Drawer

KDM supplies durable cabinet drawers made from high-quality metal such as heavy-gauge cold-rolled steel plate, galvanized sheet metal, aluminum, etc.

  • Fairly robust and maintenance-free
  • Easy assembling construction
  • Different locks and handles for option
  • Large loading capacity cabinets
  • Reinforced doors for durability
  • Available in white, sky blue, custom colors

KDM Metal Cabinet Drawer Materials

KDM sourced the highest quality materials in metal cabinet drawer fabrications. Some are the common cabinet drawer material used in our facility:

  • Aluminum Metal Cabinet – All our series of aluminum metal cabinet drawers are lightweight and durable. It is sustainable and can last longer than wood.
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet – KDM designs an innovative galvanized steel cabinet from the high accuracy production line and strict measuring. It is easy to install and remove.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Drawer – This cabinet is stunning and versatile. Stainless steel is ideal for making cabinet drawers in residential, medical, food service, and industrial markets.

KDM Metal Cabinet Drawer Applications

Using sophisticated machines and advanced technology, KDM handles even complex products fabrication. At KDM, you can find metal cabinet drawers for

  • home and office use
  • kitchen cabinets
  • office filing cabinets
  • bathroom cabinets, medical use, food service
  • commercial markets.
Metal Cabinet Drawer Manufacturer

KDM Metal Cabinet Drawer Designs

As a professional manufacturer, KDM has the ability to create metal cabinet drawers for a wide range of applications and designs. You can send your specific designs of metal cabinet drawers according to your applications and projects. Below, is the sample metal cabinet drawer we offer:

  • Metal cabinet with multiple drawers and glass doors
  • Stainless cabinet drawer with mobile cart
  • Metal cabinet drawer with louver door option for ventilation
  • Vertical and horizontal surgical storage cabinets
  • Lateral and shelf steel office filing cabinet
  • 3-5 Layers of kitchen stainless steel drawer
  • Outdoor metal cabinet drawer w/ built-in BBQ grill

Why Choose KDM Metal Cabinet Drawer

KDM is a professional metal cabinet drawer in China. We have 10+ years of manufacturing experience, skilled engineering, project management, and fabrication skills. Our expert team uses different metal cabinet drawer fabrication techniques such as laser cutting, bending, shearing, stamping, punching welding, and more. Thus, our company delivers the superior model of metal cabinet drawer at a very low price.

In KDM, you can find premium metal cabinet drawers made from stainless steel, aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, etc. These materials have unique properties and finishes across a broad range of performance. Metals are known for their durability, stability, resistance to impact, and corrosion.

We have provided metal cabinet drawer products for food service, commercial markets, residential, medical, etc. The hardware is manufactured with high-strength and long-lasting features such as locks, adjustable shelves, casters, slope tops, soft close hardware, glass door, etc.

To satisfy your needs, we offer custom metal cabinet drawer prototypes and fabrications. You can choose the designs, materials, color, sizes, features, custom logo, packaging, and other configurations to meet your requirements.

For your next projects, rely on KDM. Just send your specifications, and KDM will handle the meticulous process to support your business. We have 24/7 online assistance and accommodate all clients worldwide.

Metal Cabinet Drawer: The Ultimate Guide

This guide explores everything about metal cabinet drawers.

Whether you want to learn about the design, features, or fabrication process – all information you need is right here.

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Metal Cabinet Drawer?

This refers to storage facilities in which the primary material is metal.

Metal is solid and durable, which reduces the chances of the contents getting lost or damaged.

metal cabinet drawer

metal cabinet drawers

Uses Of Metal Cabinet Drawer

The primary purpose of a metal cabinet drawer is to store your documents. Storage facilitates easy retrieval of the papers when you require them.

You can also use a metal cabinet drawer to protect your documents against external factors.

This includes water leakage or wear and tear of your papers.

You also protect your documents against theft. This is by ensuring you lock them securely and having authorized individuals access the drawer.

A metal cabinet drawer also facilitates the safe transportation of your documents from one place to another.

This is by consolidating the documents and securing them on the drawers before shipping.

Benefits Of Metal Cabinet Drawers

Using a metal cabinet drawer offers numerous benefits.

For instance, you get the safety of your documents since there is a limitation to those who can access your documents.

You also get to transport your documents without misappropriating them safely. Safety helps in easy retrieval when you require these documents.

metal cabinet drawer

metal cabinet drawer

Metal Cabinet Drawer Parts.

An ideal metal cabinet drawer has the following critical parts:

Outer Frame

This is the outer part of your metal cabinet drawer. It holds the entire metal cabinet drawer preventing it from falling.

The outer frame also gives your drawer its design. You, therefore, need to apply a surface finish to enhance its appearance.

Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is what secures your metal cabinet drawer. Securing your drawer protects the contents therein.

There are different types of locking mechanisms that you can have on your drawer.

The choice of which one to use depend on the functionality of your drawer and the cost of installation.

Drawer Pull Handle

Drawer Pull Handle

This is what you use open and close your metal cabinet drawer. The handle can be of different materials like wood or metal, depending on the design of your drawer.

Holding Base

This is where you place the content of your drawer. The outer frame holds the frame in its position.

Holding bases are available in varying capacities depending on your preference.

Fabricating Metal Cabinet Drawer

The several steps involved in the fabrication of your metal cabinet drawer are:


You have to understand the design you want to have for your metal cabinet drawer.

A design gives you an idea of the material you are to use.

You can have a drawing, either a soft copy or a hard copy of the representation of your drawer. The drawing should include the drawer’s dimensions and size.

Selection And Machining Of Materials

Various metals for the fabrication of your metal cabinet drawer exist with varying properties and performance output.

The main ones are stainless steel and aluminum.

It is crucial to consider the material’s cost and machine it before selecting it. You also have to consider the area of application for your drawer.

Cutting the right size of your material is vital in fabricating your metal cabinet drawer.

When cutting, check with your design to ensure you give it the necessary allowance.

There are various cutting methods that you can use in cutting your metal during the fabrication period.

The choice of which one to use depends on multiple factors like the cost of the cutting method.

fabricated metal cabinet drawer

fabricated metal cabinet drawer

You also have to consider the thickness of your method. This is because specific cutting techniques are viable on thicker metals.

Using such metals on thinner metals can result in deformation, which affects its quality.

Common cutting techniques available here are grinding, laser and plasma cutting, and drilling.

The next step is bending the various metal parts into the necessary shapes.

Besides, the advantage here is you have different bending techniques to choose from for your metal.

Factors that affect the selection of a particular bending technique include cost since they are not uniform.

This is due to the different performance of the bending method on your metal.

Also, the thickness of your metal is also a consideration.

Using specific methods on thinner metals can result in its deformation, while it can be strenuous to use some bending methods on thicker methods.

The design and size of your bend dictates which bending method to use on your metal cabinet drawer.

It would help if you bent the metal as per the design specifications.

Fabricating Metal Cabinet Drawer

Joining The Different Parts

You have to join the various parts for an adequate metal cabinet drawer.

Joining can be as simple as using latches to connect to interests or complex, requiring methods like welding.

The joining technique you use depends on several factors like the joining area and level of security. You also have to consider the cost of joining the parts using a particular technique.

It is essential that your joints are secure and one cannot easily interfere with them. This prevents theft or damage to your documents.

Surface Finishing

Surface finishing enhances the visual appeal of your metal cabinet drawer. Choosing which surface finish to use depends on your preferences and other factors.

For instance, you have to consider the functionality of your surface finish.

Some surface finishes offer protection to your metal cabinet drawer, while others enhance the visual appeal of your drawer.

You also have to consider the cost of the surface finish and its application to your drawer.

This depends on your financial budget since a particular surface finish can cost more than another while offering the same purpose.

The compatibility of your metal cabinet drawer and your surface finish is also a consideration for durability purposes.

Features Of Metal Cabinet Drawers.

The following features are critical when selecting a metal cabinet drawer for your use:


You need to evaluate the dimensions of your metal cabinet drawer before selecting it. Accurate measurement helps during the installation process.

Dimensions include the measurements and the design of your metal cabinet drawer.


Security determines the type of documents you are to store in your metal cabinet drawer. An ideal metal cabinet drawer should have an appropriate security system.

This includes indicating those who have authority to access it and those who dont. It should also be difficult to tamper with the security system.


Accessibility is a feature that facilitates accessing the contents of your metal cabinet drawer easier. Your drawer should be simple to open and close.

Partitioning of the drawer makes it easier to retrieve the documents. You also need to check on the installation site and procedure.

A metal cabinet drawer with a complicated installation procedure can be hard to access. This includes making repairs and maintenance on the drawer.

Metal Cabinet Drawer Designs

You have different designs for your metal cabinet drawer in the market. The advantage here is a good manufacturer can customize an ideal design for you.

However, you must ensure your design meets the set quality standards.

Metal Cabinet Drawer Surface Finishing

Different surface finishes are available for your metal cabinet drawer. The choice of an applicable surface finish depends on certain factors.

For instance, you have to consider the cost of applying the particular surface finish. This is because not all surface finishes have the same price.

You also have to consider the compatibility of a particular surface finish with your metal material. Compatibility determines the durability of the surface finish on your metal drawer.

The different surface finishes have varying effects on your metal drawer. You, therefore, have to check on these effects before picking the one you deem fit

Common surface finishes you can apply on your metal cabinet drawer are:

Engraving And Embossing Metal Cabinet Drawer

Engraving and embossing the graving of images or words on the surface of your metal cabinet drawer.

Checking on the thickness of your metal cabinet drawer

Painting Metal Cabinet Drawer

Painting Metal Cabinet Drawer

Painting refers to applying a layer of paint on the surface of your metal cabinet drawer. The type and color of paint to depends on your considerations.

There are two main methods of applying paint on the surface of your metal cabinet drawer, hand and spray painting.

Hand painting involves using a painting brush to apply paint to your drawer.

It is a simple and less costly process. However, using a brush results in a thick layer of paint that is not uniform on the surface of your drawer.

A thick layer means you need to use a lot of paint to complete the painting of your drawer. This increases the overall painting cost.

Spray painting is an economical process that involves using a spraying machine to apply paint to your drawer.

Spray painting gives you a thin, uniform layer of paint on the surface of your metal cabinet drawer.

It is a fast process which makes it ideal to use in large-scale painting of these drawers. The main limitation of using this method is it is costly.

metal cabinet drawer

metal cabinet drawer

This is in terms of purchasing the spray machine. However, you can compromise this on the lower operating cost.

Sanding Metal Cabinet Drawer

Sanding is a cheap option to apply to your metal cabinet drawer since it only requires the use of the sandpaper.

Sanding is available in different grits to give your metal surface a level of smoothness.

It is possible to apply sanding with other surface finishing options like painting and powder coating.

Powder Coating Metal Cabinet Drawer

Powder coating involves spraying your metal cabinet drawer with powder foam. It is easy to apply since you only require a spraying machine.

Powder coating gives your drawer a matte finish which enhances its appearance.

You, however, need a professional to apply a uniform layer of powder to your drawer.

It is also difficult to mix the powders during spraying, limiting your color options.

Locking Mechanisms For Metal Cabinet Drawers.

Locking mechanisms determine the level of security of your metal cabinet drawer. This can help you determine which documents to store in your drawer.

You can select one of the following locking mechanisms to use on your metal cabinet drawer:

Magnetic Lock For Metal Cabinet Drawer

Magnetic locks consist of powerful magnets which you install on the inside of your drawer. The magnets attract each other when you close your metal cabinet drawer.

Additionally, the advantage of this lock is they offer a simple and stylish way of locking your drawer.

However, the security of these drawers can quickly be tempered.

This is because one only needs to pull the drawer open. It is, therefore, an ideal locking mechanism for storing essential items.

Cam Lock Metal Cabinet Drawer

A cam lock has a cylindrical base with a keyhole and a cam that sits at the base end in a perpendicular position.

You require a key to open the cam lock making it secure by limiting those who can access your drawer.

Side-mounted Multi Lock Metal Cabinet Drawer

This type of lock is ideal for multi-drawers. You only require one key to open three drawers once. The advantage of this type is you can use it with other types of locks to enhance the security of your drawer.

Slide Locks For Metal Cabinet Drawers

Slide Locks For Metal Cabinet Drawers

This is a common lock if your metal cabinet drawer has two doors. The locking mechanism features locks that slide around an adjacent knob closing it.

This locking mechanism offers a secure option for your metal cabinet drawer since you require a key to unlock it.

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